Wisdom ⚜️⚜️

As she was buried deep in her thoughts

She heard a still small voice ask her

“If you could go back in life,
What would you have done differently?”

And without missing a beat

She answered, “I would have chosen me”

And finally, she made the choice

If you want to be happy

Or if you want to be miserable

Either way is your choice

Choose to be happy

Make inner peace your mission

This is the best way to live life

Now organize your life to attain these 

Wisdom ⚜️⚜️

Thoughts on Today’s Verse⚜️⚜️

Life can be very difficult at times. Anyone who has lived long knows this. At the same time, even our worst nightmares are staging periods for our great redemption. Our loneliest moments are the waiting room for our final adoption into the very presence the King of Ages. With the Spirit living inside us, we are assured of the ultimate destination of our lives, no matter where the current scene in life’s drama places us. So let’s live as those who are assured of their final destination but just have not yet finally arrived, not those who have made their home and placed their hope in what is present. Our best days lie ahead!

My Prayer

Almighty and Faithful God, loving Abba Father, bless me with courage today so that I can face whatever obstacles that may lie in my path. Please give me the spiritual strength to do so with grace, dignity, and integrity so that others may see my demeanor and bring you glory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Thoughts on Today’s Verse⚜️⚜️

Kindness comes naturally

I am self and secure

Paying it forward – a great habit.

Try to do something everyday to pay it forward however big or small. An act of kindness “unconditionally” – the key word.

Examples may include:

🔹️Help an old lady cross the road
🔹️Pay for the next persons coffee or even food
🔹️Hold the door open for someone
🔹️Give someone a genuine compliment
🔹️Smile to a stranger
🔹️Pay for someones parking meter
🔹️Show your appreciation for someone’s work
🔹️Give way to pedestrians at the round about
🔹️Offer help to someone in need
🔹️Give to a charitable organisation
🔹️Listen and be interested in people
🔹️Mow the next door neighbours lawn
🔹️Welcome the new person at work

I’m certain you can think of many other examples🧐

Even kindness takes practice, the more you do it, the better your muscle will be for kindness.
It may just lift up someone’s day from a dull one to a more joyful one!

Again the key is to do so “unconditionally” its simply just a way of “being” that positive spark in your own environment.

A quote that resonates with this 👇
“People won’t necessarily remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel”

Kindness comes naturally

Life is sweet 💖

Harmony in life is possible.

I truly wish that your life be sweet and beautiful. We all know life is not easy at times, but I have learned that incredible things are made possible simply by the way we choose to think. I have been made an unshakable believer in possibility, because of the profound blessings of life, health, and wealth, which poured into my life because of the way I decided to think about and see life. You could call it faith and a quest for beauty. The beauty was actually there all along; I just had to see it. Beauty is in your life too; awaiting the moment of your realization. It is my earnest desire to show each of you how I made it to the other side with grace and ease. No one has all the answers, but what I have discovered, that worked for me, I feel obligated and delighted to share with you. And when the words that flow through me occasionally meet your mind, and possibly speak to your heart as truth, then in that moment my calling is fulfilled. I have learned that it is a high spiritual truth, that when you reach to touch something beautiful, something beautiful reaches back and touches you; such is the relationship between writers and readers. Thank you for this relationship. I will continue to do my very best to always share with you what speaks to my heart! 

Life is sweet 💖

Jesus ⚜️⚜️

Dear beautiful souls bound in God’s Love

In times of sheer exhaustion, where the mind and the body seem to be giving way to nothingness, we echo with the psalmist when we cry out to the Lord for help.

When we are healthy and sound, we take pride in our own strength.
We go ahead, through, with our journey – full steam, daring ourselves.
But the road ahead may be twisted and crooked. Not what we expected.

Before long, we are at our wit’s end and know not what to do.
When we seek help from human hands, there seems to be none, as everyone is busy solving their own messes in Life. Each of us have our own limitations.

Then, our Ultimate Source of Comfort and Refuge is God himself.
Only the Love of God❤️ survives throughout our hard times, and finally we find Strength and Joy in Him..

Our God and Our Lord, Our Sufficient Refuge, Our Hope, Our All.
In Him We Become Complete 

God bless us and all our loved ones.🙏

Jesus ⚜️⚜️

milieu #HouseOfHeart ❤️

You want her to be real
A half smile curve of lips
a glide of a hand through hair
You want to be her clothes
falling as she unfolds to the
sound of heels on a marble floor
her feet have formed the shape of her
shoes and when she arches her back
she soars as high as imagined
wings can fly. 

Luigi Quarti

art by Luigi Quarti “fallen angel”


When Was It ?

When was it you talked to your loving God ?

When was is you listened to your favorite song ?

When was it you carried the weight of the weak ?

When was it you helped someone to cross the road ?

When was it you wipped the tears from someone’s eyes ?

When was it you brought smiles to a child’s face ?

When was it you gave a helpless perosn an aid ?

When was it you called your family and your friend ?

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh .Mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

When Was It ?

Red Riding Hood and Cub #StarlitDen

Folklore stories have been told to us at a young age and listening to them again decades after, the characters remain in that Time standstill, forever remaining as they always were, since the first time the story was told and as it registered on our memory.
But, what if… Time could be scrambled and played with? Well, that’s exactly what we bring you today! A not so small Red Riding Hood holding a cub Wolf.

The question remains: Nurture or Nature? Is he already a bad Wolf in the making? A bright mind eager to learn and empathize? We leave that to you and your own imagination.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Red Riding Hood and Cub