Jesus ⚜️⚜️

Dear beautiful souls bound in God’s Love

In times of sheer exhaustion, where the mind and the body seem to be giving way to nothingness, we echo with the psalmist when we cry out to the Lord for help.

When we are healthy and sound, we take pride in our own strength.
We go ahead, through, with our journey – full steam, daring ourselves.
But the road ahead may be twisted and crooked. Not what we expected.

Before long, we are at our wit’s end and know not what to do.
When we seek help from human hands, there seems to be none, as everyone is busy solving their own messes in Life. Each of us have our own limitations.

Then, our Ultimate Source of Comfort and Refuge is God himself.
Only the Love of God❤️ survives throughout our hard times, and finally we find Strength and Joy in Him..

Our God and Our Lord, Our Sufficient Refuge, Our Hope, Our All.
In Him We Become Complete 

God bless us and all our loved ones.🙏

Jesus ⚜️⚜️