The Prayer

I Pray 

(A police officer’s prayer during the pandemic and otherwise)

During the voyage of my existence,

wherever my calling takes me,

whichever passageway,

my feet embrace,

let me leave

the very best of me,


regardless of return or gain,

I pray.

I am a police officer,

my calling to serve and protect,

at times,

comes at the cost of,

my own protection,

and life.

Let me not deviate,

from my call of duty,

I pray.

No human eye can perceive,

the vision of my inner eye,

and the depth,

 of the light,

Of my heart.

Let this light likewise,

 gleam through my soul,

I pray.

I’m blessed like,

 no other human,


In my giving is my gain.

Let this reality be mine,


I pray.

©Samina Iqbal. 2020

Dear bloggers and friends, At these challenging times when I become overwhelmed with the reality of the pandemic, I often listen to this amazing ‘Prayer» and it comforts me and I feel as if the words of this beautiful prayer are touching my heart and the inner depths of my soul. I thought I’ll share it with you. Bless you all.

The Prayer