I loved your post about…

I loved your post about Aged Care, and I cried. We share a common bond. I am nursing our loved ones ❤️ Twice. I have been the daughter caring for two loved ladies in my life and thank God for the lesson of ” the gift of sacrifice.” is no sacrifice at all, living without remorse the most incredible gift of all. Lessons Learned once again. Treasured memories colour your own life.
As I sat silently beside my Mother and Grandmother fading away, I watched in silence, sharing spiritual love beyond human understanding. How blessed I have been. To have had the privilege to meet death head-on.
I pray for forgiveness to the ” Dementia Family ” who ran away in fear of death. This is the real tragedy of the ” Dementia Family ” left behind living in remorse.
Parents need a safe refuge to close down with love and respect. Don’t be afraid to love without reserve. Sacrifice is a blessing, a gift from the Lord. Use Sacrifice wisely and lovingly. Trust in the Lord he knows best. My gift from the Lord Jesus Christ set me free. Both my Mothers are in the arms of Lord Amen.
Many people ask me ” how can I adore God who took my Two Mums, my Son, father, Husband four Brothers and Two sisters from you, 😔 I smile. I thank God for his loving home in heaven safe. God is not a God of greed. Humans die in only two ways. Either by human-made the accident or disease.
The Truth will set you free 😔