Ascension Time🕊🕊

Ascension Time🕊🕊

We see that many of you are wondering why the Ascension process takes such a heavenly time. 

And some of you have been reading and following these channelled messages for decades are beginning to lose faith. 

But today we come forward with the messages of maintaining your own faith, such as the rise of humanity. 

And understand very well, that from just a few dimensions higher than you, no linear time exists. 

There is thus only one NOW, and in this now all that is channelled through us is happening directly to a great extent right now. 

And it happens within yourself as you read and match your own vibration with the vibrational message behind the words. 

To a very high degree, this is your divine life task. 

To consciously manifest the new timelines that lead the Earth to its ascension. 

And with it create a collective space for humanity to awaken in. 

It is your light work. 

To raise your vibration and consciously manifest the new Earth, BY keeping the vibration steady and stable in love. 

And it is your ability to withstand the vibration that determines how long the “ascent” process of ascension will take. 

At the same time, it is happening to the highest degree right NOW. 

And with all its glory, you can feel the love vibration and freedom within you, JUST as if you have already ascended. 

This is to keep the vibration of the new Earth in its creation. 

And when you read our messages, you feel it vibrate through your being. 

And remember that the love is the way. 

Your own path, such as the humanity’s ascension. 

And remember that so simple are the laws and beings of our existence. 

With our humble love, we have all been here. ⚜


Story Teller⚜

How will I find you in heaven⚜

Story Teller⚜ We must never forget that the world, as it is, is not a permanent reality, but is a temporary product of our choices as creators. We are sitting on top of a vast cultural and historical pyramid of accumulated misconceptions, lies and myths, built one on top of the other. Every symbol, word, concept, discipline and field is only a temporary rest stop on the highway of discovery. ⚜
The highway of human possibility extends on forever into unknown territories, which have not yet been imagined. Some possibilities exist beyond our present “knowing”, and to see those possibilities, we must abandon that which makes us feel safe. ⚜

Discovery requires courage and acceptance that we are not in control and that the future is uncertain. The world is starving for original and decisive leadership. The world is starving for leaders who are not afraid to dismantle the sacred and precious, yet wretched beliefs, which hold us as prisoners of the past.⚜

We all desire a safer and better world; a world with more harmony and goodwill. All people want to be safe and feel loved unconditionally.⚜
The ethos in the world is changing before our eyes, and the time has come for us to take responsibility for one another. As the master creators on this planet, we can improve conditions for all and learn greater respect for others. It is a responsibility for those that see and have the understanding and choose to not be bridled by fear, to step forward and lead the way. ⚜
And how does one lead? We lead by doing; we lead by being. The only way is to teach with love, which requires looking beyond what seems, and remembering we create with our judgements.⚜

Everyone who has an abiding reverence for the sanctity of life wants to promote as much non-violence and safety for people as possible. We are the world, both the good and the bad. We are responsible for what we are creating. Even the cultural momentum which is sculpting us through propaganda and advertising was first our creation. ⚜

It comes from us, and it is us. The full mantle of responsibility is on our shoulders, and the great thing about life — the most magnificent thing about being these sentient human beings – is that we have been given the power of choice.⚜
That is one thing that we do have is the power to choose. We can change the world one thought at a time, one child at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, one city, one state and one country at a time. Let the change begin with our choices this very moment. ⚜
You are creating through your choices, even now. ⚜
Choose wisely ⚜