I Wish I Could Stop Dreaming

Beautiful words thank you 😔


A Stroll Down Memory Lane

The idea of not being able to dream anymore, to stop dreaming altogether, might seem a bit disconcerting to some folks. For me, the idea of no longer dreaming would be a wish come true.

Before I explain why I wish I could stop having dreams, here is my backstory of dreaming.

I remember, as a preteen, being at full attention and sitting in utter amazement, listening to my younger brother as he recounted his dreams. The reason for my fascination was twofold. First, I found it mind-blowing that my brother was able to control his dreams. Secondly, the fact that he had nightly dreams was even more remarkable.

The palpable excitement, however, was not mutually shared. While I enjoyed listening to my brother’s epic dream adventures, how he used his might to stop monsters in their tracks or fly swiftly and effortlessly to the…

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