#Ace says …….Thou Shalt NOT Kill ……

Hello Readers ……I’m back with what will seem a very different understanding of what this really means and the affect or is it effect is has on the way we act out in our life before and after but …..there’s more ……

Now lets start with the word THOU God was talking in the sense of a question but look at how it sounds THOU could be saying if you do this could or might be the consequences ….so God gives us a WARNING over the future but ……..there’s more ……

Seek and you will find, now that’s a question or once again an answer to the true meaning of the word of God …..we are told he moves in mysterious ways ……..but doesn’t everything we say have a double meaning bar a single word ….AND God is the word and the word is GOD but …….there’s more ……

Lets return now to what we kill ….when we break this commandment we kill the ‘ Word of God ‘ we corrupt it so we are told and in corruption their is EVIL intent and with INTENT comes HATE & PAIN but …..there’s more …….

Who RECEIVES the PAIN first is it someone else or the GUILT that the one who inflicts the PAIN suffers first and the one who the PAIN has been inflicted upon suffers in silence OR plans revenge ….so in the end brother fights brother and eventually without warning it goes too far and someone gets KILLED but …..there’s more ……..

So if we return to the BEGINNING of what was said and we reverse everything inside OURSELVES we find that its either a QUESTION & ANSWER all rolled into one but ……..there’s more …….

Its not the KILLING but the affect/effect that the ACT of DAMAGING someone or something in creation ….end up causing a situation that may become IRREVERSIBLE in the END as in the BEGINNING but …….there’s more ………..

But NO MORE for today …so Friends, Followers & Readers so until next time God Bless ….Amen


In Conversation With Arun. Take time to read this Author. 🕊🕊🕊

Yeah,You Read It Right. It’s My Conversation With Arun. Arun Is Not a Philosopher, Scientist,Actor, Writer Or Politician. He Is Surely Not Tom Cruise, Donald Trump Or Albert Einstein. He Is Not The One Whose Opinion Matters Or Even Heard. But I Decided To Hear It. Me and Arun However Belong To The Same Social […]

In Conversation With Arun

Here I go again

This Author is a young 25-year-old Author in India

We have been following him for some time and excited to call him our Friend of substance. Wise beyond year’s.

After dialogue with this Author we are planning showcasing his words of wisdom

We reach out with gratitude to be part of this life of youth in India a culture Westerners don’t comprehend.