God gave you a reason for being!

Shalom 🦋

God gave you a reason for being!

Achieving mindfulness during your daily activities will reveal great rewards, even in the most mundane of tasks. 

Mindfulness is that space where you are in touch with life-experience, and you are brightly aware. 

Do not allow precious moments to pass-by full of unnoticed experiences. 

When you are unaware and lack mindfulness, you feel empty because life’s experiences are passing you by, leaving you hungry.

Experiences are meant to fill you. 

When people do not partake of natural, common and essential experience through mindfulness, they often seek to fill their hunger artificially by chasing empty and destructive experiences. 

The world is full of alluring, flashy and thrilling experiences, which are illusionary traps – they are paths to nowhere. 

Once you transcend the illusions you will discover that – you – are the most thrilling experience you will ever have.

You are the greatest undiscovered adventure of your lifetime!