End of the Weak 10.8.2021

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Struggle Street

Good reason to pull your hair out, but don’t – Shipping delays. Be sure to order those silk undies early or your Christmas gift exchange will be next Summer. My 5-htp is hung-up. Expect a delayed report.

Causing high anxiety – The new dental adventure. Three different dental professionals are going to work on me over the course of 2 years. Debating whether to drag you through it with me or not. Please comment – yea or nay.

Excerpt from theRainmemoir – This latest act in my play, earning me a lifetime ban from a good therapist, forcing me to eat a shit sandwich from the plate on which it was served. The hell ofitwas, I liked this therapist, and it was completely my fault she was firing me from her care. I wasn’t yet sure how all this came to be, but it did. So naturally…

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