Making Light in Dark Places

Amen 💥

From the Wreckage, Saved.

Let’s take a second to breath.

I once believed light filled every corner of this world from the soaring eagles to the bushels under our boots. All day now I spend longing to believe that light again. I quickly realize that there is a need to be the light not just wait for it. As we have plenty of opportunities to watch others light creations and enjoy the energy and change creativity brings. So, maybe we can join in and create something new. Something that shines a glistening light across the bedrooms and hallways of this world. A glimmer of hope, a feeling of peace, and being a part of something more.

With the adaptation of the internet we have found a way to express our imaginary silhouettes. Blending and shaping into the dimensions across the seas and plains. After a while we blend into the rest of the world…

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