The Importance of Savings


From the Wreckage, Saved.

God wants our success and fruitfulness to abound us in heavenly gifts. The more we can store away and put in savings the more we are able to donate to other wholesome causes. Having a savings plan and some money stored away will allow you the security in life. Safety through out life is important to tread carefully and spend on the things that will empower the holy spirit to work in and with you. Yeshua needs vessels here on Earth to grow his kingdom.

When we are able to slow down and take everything in. If we look at our surroundings and pay attention; we can then make small changes that have a real impact spiritually. It’s all about what we are doing right here, right now.

Where is our mind invested?

What do you save your money for?

What are your investments?

What are your partners bringing to…

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