Cookin’ With Beth: Oatmeal Pancakes/Waffles

Beth Overmyer, Author

Mm. Waffles–and pancakes! What a delicious way to break your fast in the morning. But wait. This is an author blog. What have pancakes and waffles got to do with anything fantastical or historical or writer…ical? ‘Hem.

While neither pancakes nor waffles appear in THE GOBLETS IMMORTAL books, pancakes (at least) existed in that universe. Let me explain….

GOBLETS is set in a quasi-Medieval/Georgian mash-up of a pseudo-England. And pancakes have been around since at LEAST 600 BC. They first show up in Greece, and later make an appearance as the means to using up dairy before Lent fasting in 1100 AD. And need I mention pancake races of Olney, Buckinghamshire, UK circa 1445?

If you want to learn more about pancakes, click here to visit Betty Crocker’s proclaimed “Unofficial Happy History of Pancakes.”

Anyway, there is a very good chance that the Spinning Cup Inn whipped up a…

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