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There are two inescapable truisms in relation to modern history: nothing but nothing destroys social glue and civilised cultural behaviour like hyperinflation. And when it happens in Germany, it dictates the future for anything up to and exceeding three quarters of a century.

Below I offer a considered update of events in the UK and EUNATO…the main theme being the largely irrelevant nature of the former, and the determination of mad people to use the latter as a stepping stone to the New Normal New World Order New Labour Good Health Bad Climate Very Happy Zero Liberty Globalist Interactive Virtual Monopoly Board available from a Games retailer close to you.

But first, we really do need to talk about Deutschland……über alles.

In the flurry of bewildering carnage taking place among the NWO collaborators at the moment, the central importance of German angst has somehow been overlooked. This is how…

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