PART A Part A: TYPES OF JAPANESE POEMS What are the types of Japanese poems? Japanese poetry forms. Since the middle of the 19th century, the major forms of Japanese poetry have been: tanka (the modern name for waka) Tanka is the modern name for classic Japanese poetry, meaning “short poems“. Tanka poetry is non-rhyming. There are five lines in a tanka with […]


The Necromancer’s Daughter: Aster

With a book launch on the horizon, I’ve started introducing my three main characters. This is Aster, a young woman who was born dead and resurrected by Barus, the necromancer. He’s raised her as his own, and though he’s warned her away from dragons… she can’t find it in herself to be afraid. I hope […]

The Necromancer’s Daughter: Aster

More July and a few August Book Reviews

Yes, it’s only the middle of August, but travels have messed up my schedule. Fortunately, my reading hasn’t suffered, and I have some great books for you, all read between tromping up the trails. I need to share the reviews before they pile up any higher. This bunch of reviews is for 4 and 5-star […]

More July and a few August Book Reviews

GREAT Read 😁

The Bible and its Story: The Removal From the Cross

Jesus was dead. Such friends as had not deserted Him desired that at least His body might have honorable burial. One of them, Joseph of Arimathæa, was a senator of the city, a man of wealth and importance. He had not dared announce openly his faith in Christ “for fear of the Jews.” But now […]

The Bible and its Story: The Removal From the Cross