Air Asia Indonesia flight QZ8501 to Singapore missing

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Links below Broke a few hours ago this.  An AirAsia Indonesia airliner flying from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board has gone missing. Flight QZ8501 lost contact with air traffic control at 06:24 local time (23:24 GMT Saturday) over the Java Sea. The plane, an Airbus A320-200, […]

MH370 was ‘shot down by the USA military’, former airline CEO claims

Via a few links and what I have added myself and the link here where AceNews Services and myself wrote about the story:  So many things are happening just now that are pointing at the USA. They are as a country, through Government and Media now a total War Machine. When Countries stop buying Oil […]

Airline Boss: MH370 May Not Be In Indian Ocean

In a World where we hear the word ‘Conspiracy’ and look the other way, we see here a ‘Conspiracy’ a great huge one at that. What happened to this plane? Where are the people? I have heard many theories but as yet we don’t know. For an Airline boss to say this is “Suspicious” tells […]

WikiLeaks publishes ‘unprecedented’ secret Australian court suppression order *EXCLUSIVE* RELEASE: #Australia bans reporting of mega corruption case involving #Malaysia, #Indonesia and #Vietnam Just got wind of this, THIS HAS to be about missing flight Malaysia flight MH-370 that went missing  a few months back, Some of the info I stumbled onto is a hard one to sell, but this is all legal […]

Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebel leader warned of flying over Ukraine air space – as McCain warns there will be ‘Hell to pay ‘

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed Ukraine for the Malaysian Airlines tragedy that claimed the lives of all 298 people on board, including around 100 children – but didn’t deny Russian-backed separatists were to blame for shooting it out of the sky. Flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200 aircraft on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, […]

UK – Russia 'Must Reflect' On Shooting Down Of Plane

Britain says “searching questions” must be asked, as it emerges a quarter of the 298 people on board the downed jet were children. Britain has said it is “clear” where responsibility for the shooting down of a passenger plane with 298 people on board lies, saying Russia must “reflect carefully on the situation it has […]

https www youtube com watch v=EZFAFTI8ORQ 27 Dutch…

27 Dutch people, 23 Americans on board..So far from what I am hearing Video and Images coming from this crashed flight. I think it is well known now it was shit down. I Don’t think the Ukraine could have, so that leaves Russia. Developing story. The plane was at 30,000 to 31,000 feet. 295 people […]