Capitol Police to reinstall fence for State of the Union address

(The Hill) – The fence around the Capitol building will go back up for President Biden’s State of the Union address this week. Capitol Police Chief … Capitol Police to reinstall fence for State of the Union address Capitol Police to reinstall fence for State of the Union address

FEATURED: Happy Halloween – Is that a knife in my back or are you just happy to see me? // yadadarcy yada #Donnamazing

Your day starts off well. It’s Halloween (Happy Halloween!). Everyone is excited, talking about costumes, candy, going to parties… But suddenly, you find yourself alone, maybe in the woods, or a cemetery, or another dimension, a hell-spawn universe, basement, attic, abandoned summer camp, alley, decaying amusement park, no matter the location, it’s dark and foggy, […]

Fans of this legendary musical are mourning the tragic loss of a historic figure of the stage

#AceMediaNews – Aug.31: Kyle Jean-Baptiste, the first African-American and youngest person to ever play the role of Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables” on Broadway has died after falling from a fire escape, according to a show spokesman. He was 21. Jean-Baptiste died Friday night following the show’s evening performance at the Imperial Theatre, said representative […]

New ‘Police State’ USA Low – Cop Pulls Gun On a Kids Snowball Fight

By @ShaunyNews Via: I don’t know what’s worse, someone calling on kids having a snowball fight or the Cop getting his gun out on playing in the snow. Actually I jest, people are sad enough to call the police here too, but for a grown man, a police officer, a cop, who you in America pay his […]

Anonymous relaunch #OpDeathEaters to expose international paedophile networks

By @ShaunyNews Via: ATS Thread: by user AnonSocialNetwork With my own words and links below as usual Friday 13th February is “Deatheater’ day, a day when we can all take to the streets to demand a proper investigation into a global paedophile sex ring involving young kids, often murder attached. I wrote a year or so ago it would surpass the […]

Ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan Dies

By @ShaunyNews VIA: Strange or just a crazy coincidence here, I have been reporting on the UK Political Sex Abuse story, same as a few main stream media and I said in an article a few weeks ago “They threw the TV Personalities out to the wolves first, who will die to keep this out the court’s” […]

Stephen Hawking pictured on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Island of Sin’ As Clinton & UK Royal Family continue to deny involvement

By @ShaunyNews Via & various sources and images sent to me, and my own words. Links below of the whole story from start till today Quick Refresher course: This is the guy who has an Island, an Island the Royal Families ‘Duke of York’ Prince Andrew has been accused of under age sex. He is good friends with […]

Video: US Cop Weeps After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man As Another US Cop Goes Free!!

By @ShaunyNews Via and few sources and words of my own This happened April 14th 2014 and went under the radar. Yet again we see (The Video below) a Cop shooting an innocent man to death. Now on the face of the aftermath of the video you will see the Cop on his car crying. On […]

New Twist: Charlie Hebdo Police Investigator Turns Up Dead, ‘Suicided’

By @ShaunyNews Via Often when we hear a story it makes no sense at all, this one is no different. I had a bad few days with my Fibromyalgia flaring up over the weekend I missed all of this live. Only now as I look at what happened and came across this story. I have tried HARD to research […]


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews I DO NOT HATE, I CARE, I HAVE LOVE, I DON’T DEBATE HATE, THESE ARE MY OPINIONS, NOT #AceNews – DON’T HATE! Please I will leave the title above, and say again “Majority of Americans WILL NOT debate these images” Many will dismiss them as fabrication, many […]