Daniel Whyte III Says This President (Along With the Last Two Presidents, Obama and Trump) Does Not Understand Why His Administration Is Having So Many Problems, Including a War Out of Nowhere That He Can’t Do Anything About, Being Threatened With Nuclear Weapons Like Never Before, and Threats to Nuclear Facilities Like Never Before That Could Destroy Not Only America But the Entire World, Because He Does Not Understand How God Rebukes and Chastises His Church and Judges a Nation, Nor Does He Understand the Biblical Principle of UNRAVELING, Where God Who Holds Things Together by His Power Punishes His People by Causing Multiple Things to Unravel at the Same Time Producing a Sense of Powelessness, Helplessness, and Hopelessness to Do Anything About It. After Appointing an Out-and-out Homosexual Transvestite Who Walks Humans as Dogs in So-called “Pup Play” to Oversee Nuclear Waste, Now He Threatens to Take Action Against Texas Because Texas Designates Puberty Blockers and Castration as Child Abuse, and Texas is Right. President Biden Does Not Understand That When We in the Church and the Government, and He Claims He Is in the Church, Support and Promote Abominations and Sins Such as Homosexuality and Worse Than That, Trying to Change Boys Into Girls and Girls Into Boys and Making Human Beings Walk on All Fours Like Dogs and Treat Them Literally as Dogs, Our Loving God Is, to Say It Nicely as My Grandmother Tempie and My Aunt Rebekah Used to Say, God Is “Going to Whip Our Cans.” God Loves Everybody, but He Does Not Play With People Doing Such Evil and Foolishness in His Sight.

President Joe Biden put Texas officials “on notice” in a strongly worded statement Wednesday, calling recent investigations into the families of transgender youths “discriminatory actions” that “put children’s lives at risk.” The statement, which was released alongside a list of actions that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said it would take to […]


Words matter ! It is not “child pornography,” it is CHILD EXPLOITATION MATERIAL, or CHILD ABUSE MATERIAL, or even EVIDENCE OF CHILD SEXUAL ASSAULT! Stop minimising the harm that abuse does to our children ! It is 2019 and WE still have to endure the mainstream media and others, getting it all wrong, over and […]

Twitter Communications Dorsey has told journalists and employees they are removing the ❤️ LI KE BUTTON as they feel it des not really show how person feels about the post or person …. but how this wi ll be achieved is still under wraps #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsDesk – Oct.30: Those are your three options when it comes to engaging on Twitter. But apparently Twitter’s founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey (@jack), no longer likes … Likes. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ …… or 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 At a recent Twitter event, Dorsey told a room full of employees and journalists Twitter would be removing the heart-shaped Like button […]

Internet Trolling in 2015 was “the year angry won the internet,” 2016 could well be the year the internet fought back and Facebook needs to look to their laurels and be more aware of the need to prote ct their existing pagers and stop trying to be the biggest – @AceTweetNews

#AceNewsDesk – July.16: Can Facebook flush out the media trolls in the war on hate? If 2015 was “the year angry won the internet,” 2016 could well be the year the internet fought back. In 2015, feminist writer Clementine Ford was subjected to a surge of online abuse; dubbed a “whore” and a “bitch who […]

FEATURED: ‘ Woman hits back at 10 years of harassment online by sharing messages of abuse on Instagram ‘

Mia is hitting back at online abuse (Picture: Mia Matsumiya/Twitter/Perv_Magnet/Instagram) #AceSocialNews – Oct.13: After 10 years of shrugging off daily predatory, abusive, and graphic messages from strangers online, one woman is fighting back – by posting every single message on Instagram. Last month, 35-year-old LA-based violinist Mia Matsumiya started the Perv Magnet Instagram account, where […]

Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? – The Trews

By @ShaunyNews Via:  http://shaunynews.com/?s=Sex+Abuse&submit=Search and http://shaunynews.com/?s=Sex+Scandal&submit=Search link below and video, are where I have written as much as I could regarding this ‘Elite’ (Alleged) Sex abuse case, a Worldwide one at that. We will see it get exposed in more countries, too many people know, so this will 100% get worse. They will blame the dead guys for a bit then the […]

Secret ‘Unnatural Sex’ File Names Top Diplomat – Sir Peter Hayman

By @ShaunyNews Via: http://news.sky.com/story/1418172/secret-unnatural-sex-file-names-top-diplomat My words and links below. I wrote a few days ago to expect other names to come out soon and here we are, a dead guy! Expect more dead guys to come out to take the blame over the coming weeks. Sadly the dead get away with it and are used to keep the living […]