Ace Social & Media News  is all about the rise of Social & Media in today’s marketplace and how it has affected business decisions, payment schemes on computers,mobiles and tablets.  

This site has gone through a number of changes recently, one such is the departure of my good friend and ‘ Ace News Reporter ‘ Shaun Gibson, that a number of you of as Shauny or Shauny News. He will be sorely missed by myself and a number of you that enjoyed his excellent work. Though as with all evolving and growing news services things change and this site will be featuring hand-picked social media tweets and post.       

journalismThese will be promoted on our new and improved `Ace Publishing Platform’ of news and views and as an example, our first social media site was ‘ Ace News Group ‘ services site that has now expanded to nine of which we concentrate on the `Getting to the Truth Behind the News’ our social media Twitter sites cover all aspects of Breaking & Important, Featured & World, Food & Health, Sales & Marketing, Friends & Followers, Finance & Markets, Debt & Management, History & Research, Britain & History …….. plus more the full list is below.      

Publishers device from a volume of articles, T...

Publishers device from a volume of articles, The Passenger Pigeon, 1907 (Mershon, editor). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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