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Sept.21, 2021: @acenewsservices

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  • It was a Dark and Stormy Morning, Afternoon, and Night…
    Dear Reader: This will be a short post. It is just after 1:00 on Friday afternoon/and Hurricane 🌀 Ian is certainly letting himself be known. We are under emergency hurricane alert until 4:00 and Mother Nature is getting 🧐 serious with the amounts of wind and rain… Lost power right after noon… but found a […]
  • Can I Be Free From Worry?
    Originally posted on Women of Worth Worldwide :
    by Jo Umberger There was a time in my life when I thought I would scream if one more person said to me, “Just don’t worry about it.” “Just,” I thought. “Apparently you think refraining from?worry is a simple proposition!” Honestly I had no idea how to stop…
    PART A Part A: TYPES OF JAPANESE POEMS What are the types of Japanese poems? Japanese poetry forms. Since the middle of the 19th century, the major forms of Japanese poetry have been: tanka (the modern name for waka) Tanka is the modern name for classic Japanese poetry, meaning “short poems“. Tanka poetry is non-rhyming. There are five lines in a tanka with […]
  • The Necromancer’s Daughter: Aster
    With a book launch on the horizon, I’ve started introducing my three main characters. This is Aster, a young woman who was born dead and resurrected by Barus, the necromancer. He’s raised her as his own, and though he’s warned her away from dragons… she can’t find it in herself to be afraid. I hope […]
  • More July and a few August Book Reviews
    Yes, it’s only the middle of August, but travels have messed up my schedule. Fortunately, my reading hasn’t suffered, and I have some great books for you, all read between tromping up the trails. I need to share the reviews before they pile up any higher. This bunch of reviews is for 4 and 5-star […]
  • Google wants YouTube to be your streaming hub of choice
    Google 🐦
  • The Bible and its Story: The Removal From the Cross
    God needs you to understand 🙏
    Originally posted on The Slog:
    There are two inescapable truisms in relation to modern history: nothing but nothing destroys social glue and civilised cultural behaviour like hyperinflation. And when it happens in Germany, it dictates the future for anything up to and exceeding three quarters of a century. Below I offer a considered update of…
  • V Helpful Video if You’re Still Confused
    Originally posted on Deep Fried Bits: via
  • Cookin’ With Beth: Oatmeal Pancakes/Waffles
    Originally posted on Beth Overmyer, Author:
    Mm. Waffles–and pancakes! What a delicious way to break your fast in the morning. But wait. This is an author blog. What have pancakes and waffles got to do with anything fantastical or historical or writer…ical? ‘Hem. While neither pancakes nor waffles appear in THE GOBLETS IMMORTAL books, pancakes…
  • The Sigh – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon
    Originally posted on parallax:
    Photo by?Alex Green?from?Pexels “The conflict between the will to deny horrible events and the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma.” Judith Herman The Sigh How do you measure a life, by success or failure or, perhaps, what if it were by sighs, sighs of yearning…
  • Thieves – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon
    Originally posted on parallax:
    Photos: I apologise for ruining your moment with this but … left to right (no pun intended) Scott Morrison former PM of Australia; Donald Trump former president of the US; Boris Johnson caretaker PM of UK for three months having resigned as leader of the Tory Party. Found at Leaders…
  • Calgary Stampede – Haiku 2022

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