Oh my Harry Urban you talk the walk as a grand Gentleman . One our beautiful friend’s lost her race with time last week. 32 years completing her journey . She left us with so much history and wonder. God bless you Sir💫


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JUST IN: First Pirated Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disk’ Appears Online. AACS 2.0 Cracked? The Smurfs 2 #AceNewsDesk – @AceFriendsNews

#AceNewsDesk – May.03: While there is no shortage of pirated films on the Internet, Ultra-high-definition content is often hard to find #TorrentFreak reports #AceNewsDesk

First Pirated Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disk’ Appears Online. AACS 2.0 Cracked?Posted: 03 May 2017 02:35 AM PDT Not only are the file sizes enormous, but the protection is better than that deployed to regular content. UHD Blu-Ray Discs, for example, are protected with AACS 2.0 encryption which was long believed to unbreakable.

A few hours ago, however, this claim was put in doubt. Out of nowhere, a cracked copy of a UHD Blu-Ray Disc surfaced on the HD-focused BitTorrent tracker UltraHDclub.

The torrent in question is a copy of the Smurfs 2 film and is tagged “The Smurfs 2 (2013) 2160p UHD Blu-ray HEVC Atmos 7.1-THRONE.” This suggests that AACS 2.0 may have been “cracked” although there are no further technical details provided at this point.

UltraHDclub is proud of the release, though, and boasts of having the “First Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc in the NET!”

Those who want to get their hands on a copy of the file have to be patient though. Provided that they have access to the private tracker, it will take a while to download the entire 53.30 GB disk.

At the time of writing, there are still very few seeders available, which means that progress is slow.

TorrentFreak reached out to both the uploader of the torrent and an admin at the site hoping to find out more, but thus far we have yet to hear back. From the details provided, the copy appears to be the real deal although not everyone agrees.

TorrentFreak spoke to an expert at a well-known torrent distribution group who reviewed the media information and compared it to the retail UHD Blu-Ray Disc.

While the audio seems to match, the Maximum Content Light Level and Maximum Frame-Average Light Level listed in the media infoappear to be different, and the colors in the screenshots are off too. This means that it’s warranted to remain reserved when it comes to definitive “cracked” claims at this time.

The potential ‘breakthrough’ release hasn’t gone unnoticed though, and in various discussion forums people are suggesting that AACS 2.0 must have been broken. Hundreds of downloaders have jumped on the release too, congratulating the uploader.

“Great job! Congratulations to the person/team who achieved this awesome milestone. I’ve got nothing but love for you!” one downloader writes.

“This is history in the making and Im proud and glad to be able to participate and experience it first hand. This is so freakin amazing and it feels sort of unreal but yet it isnt which is the best part,” another one notes.

If the encryption has indeed been broken it will be bad news for AACS, the decryption licensing outfit that controls it. The company, founded by a group of movie studios and technology partners including Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft and Intel, has put a lot of effort into making the technology secure.

If more information becomes available, we will update the article accordingly …

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FACEBOOK: AI ASSISTANT Simply Known As M will now OFFER SUGGESTIONS inside MESSENGER on YOUR CHAT but learn how YOU can TURN IT OFF – @AceFriendsNews

#AceNewsDesk – Apr.06: Facebook’s AI assistant, known simply as M, will now pop into your Messenger chat windows to suggest actions it can take on your behalf, the company announced today.

The Verge reports that Facebook’s AI assistant will now offer suggestions inside Messenger

The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android users in the US, with a broader expansion around the globe in the coming months. Facebook first began testing this feature in December, and it appears ready to be unleashed on the public.

M is an AI assistant designed to automate tasks

The current system works by analyzing your conversation and looking for key words to trigger M’s suggestive capabilities. Those include sending stickers, payment requests through Messenger, ride-hailing with Uber and Lyft, starting a poll for group chat participants, and sharing your location with others. M will also look for key words that suggest you’re trying to make plans with a friend and jump in to help coordinate that.

This isn’t the official launch of M, which remains in an invite-only beta period. M first began in the summer of 2015 as a standalone AI assistant that you could chat with independently. The software is linked with a team of real humans who oversee conversations, annotate data to improve M through machine learning techniques, and step in to take over when neccesary if the task involved, say, placing a phone call to Amazon customer service. Because of how resource-intensive all of that is, Facebook has yet to expand the standalone M to the broader public. (As a member of the M beta test, I still have access to the assistant. I asked yesterday if I could invite more users to try M and the chatbot politely declined my request.)

M suggestions, on the other hand, seem to be the fruit of all that beta testing labor. By analyzing the multitude of conversations and requests its handled over the last 18 months or so, M has improved to the point where Facebook feels confident in letting it handle lightweight automation responsibilities on its own. It’s all an extension of the social network’s grander bot ambitions, which seek to layer in very subtle, yet powerful predictive capabilities powered by an understanding of human language.

In Messenger, this won’t be the kind of AI you’d actively tap for distinct tasks, like translating English to Mandarin, or categorizing your photos by the contents of the image. Rather, it’s going to weave its way into your everyday conversations and try to be useful when appropriate. Of course, if you’re not interested in having some random chatbot slide into your private conversations, you can mute the software in the settings panel, Facebook says. You can also mute certain suggestions so they don’t continuously pop up if you’d like to only use M for stickers and not Uber requests.

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PAKISTAN: Tribute in Quotes: Even a single word uttered by Abdul Sattar Edhi used to make a huge impact on people Here are 10 to inspire your life – The Express Tribune – @AceTweetNews

#AceTweetNews – July.09: 10 Abdul Sattar Edhi quotes that will leave you inspired for life

Even a single word uttered by Abdul Sattar Edhi used to make a huge impact on people; that was the stature of Pakistan’s greatest philanthropist

Throughout his life, Edhi sahab set examples for the world to follow through his actions. In fact, more work and less talk remained his principle till the very end.

Although there’s no dearth of great quotes by perhaps the greatest Pakistani who ever lived, we share with you ten which we believe will leave you inspired for the rest of your lives.

1. “My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.”



2. “I do not have any formal education. What use is education when we do not become human beings? My school is the welfare of humanity.”



3. “Never take anyone’s death to heart Bilquis. Remember God by the equality with which He implements it. Nobody is different, the richest to the poorest, from here to the end of the globe face it equally. What an example of equality.”



Celebrities mourn as Pakistan’s famed philanthropist Edhi dies

4. “So, many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ And I was saying, ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you’.”



5. “Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.”



6. “Chasing after desires creates inner turmoil. When the devil becomes guide, dacoits and gangsters are manufactured. He makes men fight against their souls to survive expensive items and most lose everything in the face of his strength. The internal enemy can only be overcome by a personal revolution.”



Pakistan mourns Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death

7. “The dead has only place to go… up. Wherever you bury them, they will go the same way, up.”



8. “The Holy Book should open in your souls, not on your laps. Open your heart and see God’s people. In their plight you will find Him.”



9. “Those who believed in changing the world were either hungry by circumstance or practiced deprivation by choice.”



The angel we called Edhi

10. “Appearance is a distraction, surrendering it develops truth and humility in abundance.”



Rest in peace, Edhi sahab. You indeed were the richest poor man.

The Express Tribune

All about his funeral PAKISTAN: Tribute: Thousands of mourners started to gather at Karachi’s National Stadium to bid fare well to philanthropist and social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, who breathed his last in the late hours of Frida y – @AceNewsServices | Ace News Services


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Herbie actor Dean Jones dies, aged 84

#AceMediaNews – Sept.03: Dean Jones, the actor best known for his role in Disney’s original Herbie film The Love Bug, has died at the age of 84. During a career that spanned more than five decades, Jones appeared in nine other Disney films, including 1965’s That Darn Cat! opposite Hayley Mills and one of several Herbie sequels, 1977’s Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo.

Earlier in his career, he had won a small role as a disc jokey in the 1957 Elvis Presley vehicle Jailhouse Rock. Later on, he appeared in 1992’s Beethoven and 1997 remakes of both That Darn Cat! and The Love Bug.

He also took on numerous Broadway roles, appeared in an array of TV movies and starred in the short-lived 1982 TV series, Herbie, The Love Bug. In 1995 he was inducted into the Disney Legends Hall of Fame.

Director Edgar Wright is among the many to have paid tribute to the late actor, tweeting: “RIP Dean Jones. Hoping you ride Herbie into Valhalla.” RIP Dean Jones. Hoping you ride Herbie into Valhalla. https://t.co/yffp4sM9Z7— edgarwright (@edgarwright) September 2, 2015 Jones’ publicist confirmed that he died on Monday following a battle with Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his second wife, Lory, to whom he had been married for 42 years, as well as three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Original Article: http://www.nme.com/filmandtv/news/herbie-actor-dean-jones-dies-aged-84/387076


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FEATURED: ‘ How to protect your iOS jailbroken device from malicious tweaks ‘

iOS jailbreak

#AceSocialNews – Sept.03: The internet is abuzz with news of several iCloud accounts being hacked recently, wherein nearly 220,000 accounts were allegedly exposed to potential compromise. Although avid jailbreakers would be aware of the inherited risks involved with iOS jailbreaking, not many would seem to know of potential ways to protect their device from external threats.

Nevertheless, folks at iDownloadBlog have shared some effective ways to safeguard jailbroken devices by reinforcing the security mechanism built into the devices via a few simple tips and tricks.

Say no to piracy

As has been the case with pirated jailbreak tools such as Pangu, that often carry shady apps and tweaks as bundled packages, jailbreakers should exercise caution with standalone apps and tweaks, although they are available for free.

Some of the most common risks involved with the pirated tools and apps are listed below:

  • Developers of pirated repos and apps often get paid by advertisers, since they generate traffic for them
  • Hackers could hide away malware inside some of these repackaged apps with the intent of stealing credentials and selling them off to the highest bidder
  • Infect your device with ad-hijacking Trojans or in worst case hijack the user control itself

Change Root password and avoid installing OpenSSH

It’s always a good practice to avoid installing advanced jailbreak features such as OpenSSH, which could compromise security on your iPhone, especially if you are not aware of the consequences associated with using such tools. Besides, you should always change the Root password of your iOS device to enhance security, especially after jailbreaking it.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the primary step to protect your device with an additional level of security, which goes beyond authorising your login with user ID and password. For instance, your iPhone could be used as a 2FA agent to reauthorise your login credentials, with an authorisation key sent to your iPhone to complete the login successfully.

Avoid installing shady jailbreak tweaks

A malicious tweak could be inadvertently installed through third-party tools like iFile or via command line, even without using an infected repo. So, users need to exercise caution while downloading jailbreak tweaks with file download managers like iFile and be wary of imitations and fake apps that are often responsible for malicious attacks.

Avoid installing untrusted and unknown repos

Avoiding third-party, untrustworthy repos will further reduce the risk of compromising your device to external threats. It is recommended to stick to standard Cydia integrated repos such as ModMyi and BigBoss to minimise potential risk with malware and other security risks, which often arise through questionable repos like Unflod, KeyRaider and AppBuyer.

However, you could always trust some popular third-party repos such as Ryan Petrich’s beta repo.

Data Miners and Trojans on Cydia repos

Beware of data miners and Trojans floating around with reputable sources such as Cydia’s BigBoss or ModMyi or even the popular Apple Store by filtering out what you want to download and ensure that you scan every file that you download with any robust anti-malware and anti-virus software, before installing the same.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]

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SOCIAL-ALERT: ‘ Chrome update that blocks Flash ads ‘

HTML5 Tiled

#AceSocialReport – #Breaking Sept.02: Google’s Chrome browser began blocking ads on the web if they used Adobe’s Flash animation software from September 1.

Google warned the advertising community on its AdWords blog back in June that the change was happening, and again late last month. Flash is often unpopular because it slows down web pages and browsers.

The company encouraged advertisers to switch their rich media ads over to HTML5 instead, saying this format provides better performance in terms of the impact on browser speed and battery life. Vulnerabilities in Flash software have also seen Flash ads being compromised by hackers, putting consumers at risk.

But despite the warnings, and the tools to help brands and their marketing and ad tech partners automatically convert their Flash ads to HTML5, some advertisers have still been caught out by the update. In the brief time I’ve been using Chrome since September 1, I’ve noticed brands including Amex, PayPal, and Pepsi all still continuing to run Flash ads.

I updated my Chrome browser to the latest update today. I was surprised to see that Chrome wasn’t blocking Flash ads by default straight away, as all the correspondence had suggested it would happen from September 1.

I had to manually go into my Chrome preferences, then hit “Content Settings,” then under “Plugins” I had to make sure I had selected “Detect and run important plugin content.” After I had restarted Chrome, the Flash ad blocking began.


(A Google spokeswoman confirmed Flash blocking on Chrome will be a gradual rollout, and the shift to default blocking should happen automatically at some point soon, so I won’t need to manually update again.)

I then began browsing some of the world’s biggest online news websites, according to Alexa’s global traffic rankings. This isn’t a comprehensive study, but here are some of my findings in the short time I’ve been using the setting since September 1.

You notice a Flash ad straight away that has been blocked by Chrome because it’ll appear gray and have a big “play” button over the top of it. So few people actually click on ads anyway, and they’ll be even less likely to click play to watch the ad move briefly. But advertisers are still delivering those ads.

Here’s what should have been an eBay ad on HuffingtonPost.co.uk


When I clicked this ad on ABC News, it was actually a video for Pepsi Max.


An Amex ad on NBC News.


This ad for UK mobile carrier EE was served on the Fox News website.


I was served an ad for P&G’s Fixodent (and was a little dismayed at why I was being targeted by a dentures adhesive brand) on CNN.


This Transferwise ad was on Mirror.co.uk.


Business Insider contacted all of the above advertisers for comment. We’ll update if we hear back.

Of course, it’s not necessarily the brands themselves at fault here. The finger of blame could also be pointed towards the creative agency partners they work with for not moving ads over to HTML5, and their ad tech providers who are still serving their ads in Flash, despite the Chrome update.

More than one in two (51.74%) internet users run Chrome on their desktop computers, according to StatCounter. And more than 90% of rich media ads on desktop use Flash, according to Sizmek.

While the rollout of Flash ad blocking on Chrome is a slower process than some people might have expected, it seems many brands and their marketing partners haven’t been quick enough to take notice. If they don’t take action soon, they might see a proportion of their digital ad budgets needlessly going to waste.

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Original Article: http://www.businessinsider.com/chrome-update-blocking-adobe-flash-ads-catches-out-brands-2015-9?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=referral


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Fans of this legendary musical are mourning the tragic loss of a historic figure of the stage


#AceMediaNews – Aug.31: Kyle Jean-Baptiste, the first African-American and youngest person to ever play the role of Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables” on Broadway has died after falling from a fire escape, according to a show spokesman. He was 21.

Jean-Baptiste died Friday night following the show’s evening performance at the Imperial Theatre, said representative Marc Thibodeau, who called it a “tragic accident.”

“The entire ‘Les Misérables’ family is shocked and devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of Kyle, a remarkable young talent and tremendous person who made magic — and history — in his Broadway debut. We send our deepest condolences to his family and ask that you respect their privacy in this unimaginably difficult time,” a statement from the production reads.

The actor was an ensemble member of the company and an understudy for Valjean, going onstage as the ex-convict in a history-making appearance July 23. His last performance in the role was Thursday.

The Broadway community took to Twitter on Saturday to mourn the loss of a young talent.

“Shocked and saddened to have lost one of Broadway’s youngest treasures,” tweeted Tony Award-nominee Joshua Henry. Former “Glee” star Matthew Morrison, starring in “Finding Neverland,” called him “such a pure voice. Heartbreaking.” Patina Miller, a Tony winner for “Pippin,” said: “My heart goes out to all who knew and loved this incredibly talented young man.”

A spokeswoman for the New York Police Department said investigators believe Jean-Baptiste’s death was accidental.

According to police, Jean-Baptiste was sitting on a fourth-floor fire escape of an apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn with a 23-year-old woman Friday night when he stood up, slipped and then fell backward to the ground.

The city’s medical examiner will determine his official cause of death, police said. A spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment late Saturday.

Jean-Baptiste was born in New York and graduated from Baldwin Wallace University. The 6-foot-2-inch tenor had recently landed two musical roles at Playhouse Square in Cleveland — in “Murder Ballad” and “Love Story.” He also had played Enjolras last year in a production of “Les Misérables” at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

After making stage history as the first black Valjean, he told Playbill: “I did not immediately think of it as making history. This was my dream since I was a little boy. This incredible team of creatives presented an opportunity to play a part I have dreamed of playing since I was introduced to theatre, and I am forever grateful. I felt a huge amount of responsibility to do right by them and to honor this iconic material.”

In one of his last tweets, sent Tuesday, Jean-Baptiste showed gratitude for his friends and fans: “I thank everyone who supported me and still does. I will never forget this experience. Onwards and upwards,” he wrote. “Nothing but love.”

The current “Les Misérables” on Broadway is the second revival of the hit show. It debuted in 1987 with Colm Wilkinson in the role of Valjean and lasted until 2003. A revival in 2006 lasted just a few years and the latest reimagined version landed on Broadway last year. In a few days, British opera star Alfie Boe is due to take over Valjean.

Original Article: http://rare.us/story/fans-of-this-legendary-musical-are-mourning-the-tragic-loss-of-a-historic-figure-of-the-stage/


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Jay Z Joined Instagram But Quit After 14 Hours


#AceMediaNews – Aug.31: Jay Z appeared to join — and quit — Instagram over the weekend, posting a tribute to the late Michael Jackson and briefly surprising fans accustomed to the rapper’s typically quiet online presence.

“Happy birthday to the King!” the record label owner captioned a split photo showing the legendary pop star and him that was posted on Saturday. “This may be my first and last post.” Music exec Michael Kyser, a friend of Jay Z, also encouraged his Instagram followers to follow the rapper in a photo showing him posting his first Instagram post:

A photo posted by G (@littleburger) on Aug 29, 2015 at 5:41pm PDT

But Jay Z’s Instagram experiment appeared to last for only a brief 14 hours. The the account, Hovsince96, was deactivated on Sunday morning. For now, it seems, the only option to catch a glimpse into his private life may be the Instagram account of his wife, Beyoncé.

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Resist Nostalgia to Improve Your Outlook For the Future

Resist Nostalgia to Improve Your Outlook For the Future

#AceMediaNews -Aug.28: Nostalgia is a tricky feeling. Sometimes, it brings us exciting new Star Wars movies. Other times it brings us yet another damn Transformers film. For your own life, nostalgia for the old days can feel nice, but it can also hold you back from improving your future.

As business blog Inc. explains, getting too nostalgic for the “good old days” can make us neglect our own futures. After all, if you’re convinced your best days are behind you, you’re less likely to invest in what comes next. As long as you’re alive and physically able, you can always look forward to a new job, relationship, or stage in your life. You just have to look for it:

It’s a terrible, self-defeating temptation, Siebold says, to believe that your best days are behind you. Instead: “Self-made millionaires get rich because they’re willing to bet on themselves and project their dreams, goals, and ideas into an unknown future.” The past, he says, is only there for them to learn from.

Of course, nostalgia isn’t inherently evil. Remembering your college days fondly, or reminiscing about an old exciting job is fine. The problem arises when the longing for your past convinces you that your future won’t measure up to those old times.

Your attitude can affect your reality. If you want to invest in your future, don’t idolize your past.

Photo by Bruce Fingerhood.

Original Article: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/vip/~3/hkbUP7GxKlw/resist-nostalgia-to-improve-your-outlook-for-the-future-1727147679


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