The Parallels between the 1933 Hitler Reichstag Fire and 2001 9/11



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

This is an article many will read the headline and move along and that is a real pity. Before I suggest ANYTHING I must say I pray for all who died on 9/11 and the millions who perished at the hands of Hitler and his SS and say ‘Rest in peace’ The events that took place in both were shocking, horrific and both events changed our World in ways I don’t think many understand. I am asking a simple question, ‘What are the The Parallels between the 1933 Hitler Reichstag Fire and 2001 9/11’ Something you might want to learn is ‘Problem reaction Solution’ it was first used by the Roman Empire. Create a problem, react to it gaining public support to then impose the solution.

Problem reaction Solution is a manipulation technique illuminati uses to:
1) shape public opinion about current events
2) condition desired attitudes about our future agendas

This technique works in the following way:
A) We create or invent a problem.
B) We want a desired reaction from the public (e.g., fear)
C) we offer our desired solution to the problem;
a solution that will always further our goals.

In this presentation, we will give you a few examples of this technique in practice; to enlighten you about this technique in the best possible way:

Example 1

Let us say I want the ice cream that belongs to a child. I cannot just ask the child, “can I have your ice cream?” I know he will most certainly say “no”. So I use the following technique to manipulate him into wanting to give me his ice cream:

Stage 1. I invent a fake problem:
“If you dont give me your ice cream, a ghost will haunt you in the night”.
“If you dont give me your ice cream, God will send you to Hell”
“If you don’t give me your ice cream, you will be very unlucky”
(of course I know it is not true, but the child doesn’t)

Stage 2. I get a desired reaction from the child:
Fear: “please save me from this danger”

Stage 3. I now offer the solution to the problem I invented:
I will save you from this danger if you give me the ice cream.
“I will talk to God”
“I will chase away the Ghost”

Agenda behind solution:
I want the child to give me his ice cream.

Example 2

Let us say we want the oil in Iraq. We cannot just say to the countries of the world: “hey, let us go to iraq and take their oil”. The public as well as the countries of the world will not agree to such a thing. So we use the PRS manipulation technique:

Stage 1. We invent a fake problem:
We use the media to say: “Iraq has nuclear weapons and poses a threat to the world”

Stage 2. We get a desired reaction from the public:
Fear: “please big brother America, save the world from destruction”

Stage 3. We offer the solution to the problem we created / invented:
“You must let us invade iraq in order to save the world”

Agenda behind solution:
After the countries of the world have agreed to our invasion and occupation of the target country (Iraq), we can then use the occupation as a way to secretly steal oil in the target country.
During the occupation, the oil companies – owned by illumicorp members – may secretly fund and even bribe some of the military forces within the occupied areas to kill innocent civilians that get in the way of our plans.
Illumicorp then silently takes possession of the oil within the occupied territory without the world ever knowing about it.

Example 3

We want the oil in Afghanistan

Stage 1. Problem:
We create a 9/11. We blame 9/11 on Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Stage 2. Desired Reaction from the public:
Fear: “please America, save us from Usama Bin Laden.”

Stage 3. Solution to the problem we created:
The people demand the big brother of the world – America – to step in and invade & occupy Afghanistan.

Agenda of the solution:
We want the oil in Afghanistan.

Example 4

Let us say we want the people to behave the way we want them to behave. We cannot just say to people: “Behave the way we want you to behave”. People would not obey us. They would rebel against such a statement. So we use the PRS technique in order to manipulate the public into behaving the way we want them to behave.

Stage 1. We invent a fake problem:
“There is an invisible, jealous, vindictive and judgemental God in the sky. If you dont behave, he will send you to a place called Hell.”

Stage 2. We get a desired reaction from the public:
Fear / guilt

Stage 3. We offer the solution to the problem we created / invented:
“If you behave, we will talk to God and he will forgive you. And do not forget to pay the church tax.”

Agenda behind solution:
We want the people to behave the way we want them to behave, and no other way.
We want to maintain our dominance and control over the population.

Example 5

We use the same technique when we want
the public to vote for new laws that give us
more control over the people; laws they
would normally not vote for had it not been
for the PRS technique.

Let us say we want to introduce a new law that further our control over the population (i.e., more CCTV cameras and surveilance). We cannot just say to the people: “let us have more cameras so that we can have more control over you”. They will say “no”. So we have to scare the public into demanding the cameras themselves – democratically -. We use the Problem Reaction Solution Technique:

Stage 1. We invent a fake problem:

Stage 2. We get a desired reaction from the public:
Fear: “please America, save us from the terrorists”

Stage 3. We offer the solution to the problem we created / invented:
“allow us to have more cameras in order to prevent future terrorist attacks within the country”
(The people democratically demand that they are controlled, in order to be protected from the terrorist)

Agenda behind solution:
We want more cameras and more police control over the people, to further our control over the population. So we have to give the public a valid reason to democratically vote for it.

I got that from a well know website, it saved me typing it all out, if you scanned it you will understand ‘Problem reaction Solution’ more. I want to keep this short so I will just ask the questions. Why did Hitler burn down the Reichstag? He did so to blame the other party and curry favour with the German people who blindly followed him. Job done. Many, including family of the people who died on 9/11 want the truth, this is their website: I am not making this up. Fire Fighter, Cops and people in the are were not allowed to testify in the 9/11 commission. I have read it cover to cover and it’s laughable. So we ask, why were Fire fighters, Cops and people on the streets not allowed to testify to the 9/11 commission?



A UK Man took the BBC to court and WON saying the BBC lied on 9/11


Not allowed to speak at 9/11 commission

Not allowed to speak at 9/11 commission


More than 50% of Americans don’t trust the official story.






Not allowed to speak at 9/11 commission





Firfighters want the proof and have a site












Different story, but we see it for what it is, apply logic, you see it differently. Why no laptops on? Staged? You tell me..The small details often become the biggest



They say images speak 1,000 words and many of these images above and the ones below do as such. So why the connection between Germany 1933 and USA 2001? Well I believe and so do millions of others that 9/11 was a ‘Black Ops’ to get the USA into the Middle East at ANY COST. I have proven or at least told you the USA started and funded Al Qaeda and ISIS. We all know the USA started Al Qaeda to fight Russia in the Afghan Russian War 1979, today  the USA says it is against Al Qaeda and ISIS/IS so I ask your opinion on the following images, again the smallest detail can often be the biggest right?  I ask, who are the US armed forces speaking to here and who are “America’s Al Qaeda?” Not one American person has an answer for this. Why? Fear? Outrage? NSA Concerns? Really, who are your Army/Navy and Air Force asking to wake up? Why is George McCain hanging with ISIS? Why is Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussain? THE SAME REASONS AMERICA!





The US constitution does NOT protect you if you live in the orange part, 83% of the USA's 4.6 Million people live in the ORANGE!

The US constitution does NOT protect you if you live in the orange part, 83% of the USA’s 4.6 Million people live in the ORANGE!

I WILL ASK ONE MORE TIME "America's Al Qaeda" and who is to "Wake up" ?

I WILL ASK ONE MORE TIME “America’s Al Qaeda” and who is to “Wake up” ?

Why did the USA order 20 MILLION 3 PERSON COFFINS?

Why did the USA order 20 MILLION 3 PERSON COFFINS?


This is easy to understand

This is easy to understand


America have history of funding future enemy or making the enemy, here is proof. Again, one hand shake, nothing big but in the bigger picture, HUGE


Al Qaeda did 9/11 right?

Al Qaeda did 9/11 right?

McCain with the ISIS Leader. He did it in full front of the media. Let's see where the story goes

McCain with the ISIS Leader. He did it in full front of the media. Let’s see where the story goes

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, strong story he died, I am yet to be convinced. This isn't the same guy!

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, strong story he died, I am yet to be convinced. This isn’t the same guy!

Go check John McCain's Twitter, these images are still there. Why did he meet IS/ISIS/Islamic State

Go check John McCain’s Twitter, these images are still there. Why did he meet IS/ISIS/Islamic State

Again HUGE images nobody wants to debate in the USA. I don’t blame the people, I don’t blame you in the USA. I blame the Media, the image at the very top of this article speaks all the truths I am trying to prove here. I am showing you America, it is up to you to look further. Ask why American families, Firefighters, Cops, Family of the passed have websites demanding the truth and were also not allowed to speak at the official 9/11 commission? Yes I asked again because I NEED ANSWERS. I am human, like others I need to know, the World needs to know. I have forever said our Politicians are hand picked. Hillary Clinton will be POTUS in 2016, trust me it’s been decided already.


Many of the men we were told were in the planes and died on 9/11, the terrorists, ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY! Go check, please





Guess this must be asked right?






Bush and Hiltler History Repeats

History is repeating. The start of WWII is playing out almost EXACTLY the same guys






Check behind ‘W’ THE GOLD EAGLES








Remember 'Problem reaction Solution'

Remember ‘Problem reaction Solution’








This is huge in the story being confusing..Look at the next image…





That is 100% proof the steel was cut with thermite, 10000%





Sound familiar in a strange sort of way



images (2)

NOW! Obama I am told and have read is in the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember this by John Kerry a few days ago, I watched in disbelief as many Americans should be! America under Obama has made Israel 2nd place behind the Muslim World!


Staged and changed our World because the German people were asleep and believed Hitler

Staged and changed our World because the German people were asleep and believed Hitler




This speaks for itself



It ALL led to prison camps after 9/11



Spot the difference from above..There is none

Spot the difference from above..There is none





images (1)


images (2)


Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 full documentary, a MUST watch via Dawahcorp on You Tube

9/11-WTC7 Larry Silverstein says ‘PULL IT’ (INSIDE JOB) Via TUMNIAISETU on  You Tube- He owned the site, why PULL building 7? Same one the UK man won a case against the BBC for lying!


Halliburton made Bush and Cheney billions in the Iraq war, both have family who take the profit, George Bush Senior is one. 

This is what War does, it makes the greedy and people in power money. We are being ruled by greedy people who will kill their own to gain money.

This is what War does, it makes the greedy and people in power money. We are being ruled by greedy people who will kill their own to gain money.

Where the Money trail went to

Where the Money trail went to

And to sum up on why the USA is behind Muslim Countries



I could go on and on and on, but the rest is up to you, these are my thoughts and mine alone, but I ain’t alone in my thinking…

For now…


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‘Saudi prince paid for 9/11 pilots to learn to fly’: Incredible claims of ’20th hijacker’

Claims: Zacarias Moussaoui, who is serving a life sentence for terror charges, has said Saudi Arabia financed the 9/11 attacks

Claims: Zacarias Moussaoui, who is serving a life sentence for terror charges, has said Saudi Arabia financed the 9/11 attacks

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Since this awful day 13 years ago now, conspiracists ‘As we are known’ Who are really “Truth Seekers” for a better term of what we do. Many stories have been told and the gray area for me on this terrible day was, no plane hit the pentagon. I have looked for 13 years now, gave up a long time ago, because there is NO coverage of the pentagon getting hit. So when we can call into question one part of a “Theory” we can search the rest of the story for other inconsistencies. The real pity is this story has already hit a dead end, nobody will question this ‘Saudi Prince’ Mainly because something in the region of 22% of the American Economy is Saudi Oil Money. So don’t expect this to hit Fox News, BBC News, Sky News, CNN or anywhere, Only alternative media like myself bother. First we define “Conspiracist” Then we look at the story. You be the judge, I just share news

This is a site by the family/friends of those who we lost on 9/11. The family don’t believe the 9/11 commission. They were not allowing people on the ground on the day, firemen, police officers, port authorities, the public and more to testify in the 9/11 commission. So all along the story has been suspicious, it really depends how open minded you are here…

A Jihadist serving life in prison on terror charges brought in the wake of 9/11 has claimed the Saudi Arabian royal family helped finance the plot. Zacarias Moussaoui, 46, says an unnamed Saudi Prince paid for flying lessons for him and the 19 terrorists who hijacked planes in the September 11 attacks in the run-up to the atrocities.

The incredible claims were made in documents filed to a federal court in Oklahoma, in which Moussaoui says a prince ‘was assisting me in my Islamic terrorist activities… and was doing so knowingly for Osama bin Laden’. He also said that bin Laden provided assistance from Saudi leaders in planning the attacks, and that he was involved in a plot to shoot down Air Force One with President Bill Clinton on board.

The Saudi government has flatly denied any involvement in 9/11. Moussaoui’s own credibility is also suspect – as even Osama bin Laden has denied he had anything to do with his terrorist plots. Lawyers for the Federal government have taken him seriously enough to interview him over the claims at the maximum security Colorado prison where he is serving a life sentence without parole. They say he had ‘relevant’ material to contribute.


However, officials in Oklahoma have said Moussaoui’s requests to be allowed to speak in open court and to be assigned government lawyers will probably be denied, as his claims have nothing to do with any existing cases.’Even if he somehow got to the point where he could testify, there would be a credibility issue,’ said Carl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond School of Law. ‘Would his testimony be valuable? That’s doubtful.’

Court battles: Moussaoui cut a bizarre figure in his three-year-long trial on terror charges. Above, a court sketch shows him celebrating as he is sentenced to life in a maximum security prison

Court battles: Moussaoui cut a bizarre figure in his three-year-long trial on terror charges. Above, a court sketch shows him celebrating as he is sentenced to life in a maximum security prison

The offers are also clouded by his record of changing his account of his involvement in the Sept. 11 plot and his erratic behavior in court. In court papers filed in Manhattan in September, lawyers for Saudi Arabia said flatly: ‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had no role in the attacks of September 11, 2001.’ They also noted that the United States ‘has said often and vigorously that Saudi Arabia is an important ally in the fight against terrorism.’ Even so, his attempts to cooperate in the civil cases stand in contrast to the defiant attitudes of other al-Qaida defendants who have endured after years of confinement without volunteering information except for claims they were tortured. Moussaoui, who is 46 and refers to himself in writing as ‘Slave of Allah,’ was first arrested on immigration charges in August 2001 after employees of a Minnesota flight school became alarmed that he wanted to learn to fly a Boeing 747 – even though he had no pilot’s license.

Atrocity: According to Moussaoui, an unnamed Saudi prince supported him, and the 19 hijackers who flew planes into buildings on September 11, 2001, while they were training to fly

Atrocity: According to Moussaoui, an unnamed Saudi prince supported him, and the 19 hijackers who flew planes into buildings on September 11, 2001, while they were training to fly

'Nothing to do with me': A 2006 video message, above, purportedly from Osama Bin Laden, featured a voice saying Moussaoui was nothing to do with 9/11

‘Nothing to do with me’: A 2006 video message, above, purportedly from Osama Bin Laden, featured a voice saying Moussaoui was nothing to do with 9/11

He was in custody on September 11, 2001, and pleaded guilty in April 2005 to conspiring with the hijackers to kill Americans. During his three-year legal fight, Moussaoui repeatedly insulted the judge and tried to fire his lawyers. At one point he was facing the death penalty, which jurors decided against. During the hearing he spontaneously declared that he had planned to pilot a plane into the White House on September 11. A psychologist called by his lawyers testified that Moussaoui had paranoid schizophrenia. Moussaoui mocked the testimony, shouting as he left courtroom, ‘Crazy or not crazy? That is the question.’ In 2006 a recording emerged online of Osama bin Laden distancing himself from Moussaoui. He said: ‘He had no connection at all with September 11. I am the one in charge of the 19 brothers, and I never assigned brother Zacarias to be with them in that mission.

Response: The Saudi Arabian government said it had nothing whatsoever to do with the September 11 attacks

Response: The Saudi Arabian government said it had nothing whatsoever to do with the September 11 attacks

Last month, lawyers in a federal lawsuit against Saudi Arabia were permitted to interview Moussaoui in prison. What was said can’t be shared publicly until the U.S. government finishes sifting through the transcript to ensure it contains no secret messages that could pose a threat to Americans. Jerry S. Goldman, a lawyer who interviewed him, said: ‘I will say that we believe it was relevant and material to our case.’

Moussaoui also wrote to the clerk in federal court in Brooklyn in September, saying he had seen a report on Fox News about another suit accusing the Jordan-based Arab Bank of helping finance suicide bombings in Israel. He said he was willing to testify, but the plaintiffs never took it seriously. The communication wasn’t relevant to the Arab Bank case and ‘don’t make clear what his motives are,’ said one lawyer, Gary Osen. ‘I don’t know his state of mind at all.’ At Supermax – known as the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ – Moussaoui is subject to restrictions requiring screening of any attempt to communicate with the outside world. However, there are exceptions for court filings.

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Disturbing Parallels Between America & 1930s Germany



He made his people see lies, he brainwashed his people, it wasn't till after WWII the German people seen the camps with Jews in it. Shocked they were

He made his people see lies, he brainwashed his people, it wasn’t till after WWII the German people seen the camps with Jews in it. Shocked they were

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

The practice of invoking a comparison between your opponent’s argument and Nazi ideology is such a common occurrence in internet discussions that, years ago, an author and attorney named Mike Godwin coined a tongue-in-cheek adage known as “Godwin’s Law.” Strictly speaking, this tactic constitutes an informal fallacy in that it relies upon hyperbole in an attempt to derail a person’s arguments via guilt by association. I’ll be the first to admit that it is overused. A case in point is how the president of any nation that refuses to submit to the demands of Americas own national policy makers is invariably labeled as “the next Hitler.” As the political ramp up to a war with Iran continues, we’ll all have plenty of opportunity to see this practice in action. The sad thing about Godwin’s Law is that legitimate comparisons can be drawn between 1930’s Germany and the American populace today. That’s not the same thing as saying that the US government is led by Nazis or that modern day leaders are rounding up the undesirables to be systematically exterminated. It simply means that the same types of trends that blinded Germans to the potential of Adolf Hitler can be found within US society today. Too many Americans believe that Germans as a whole were arrogant and evil and knew what Hitler was capable of from the very beginning.

But that’s not the case at all. We forget that Germany in the 1930’s was a turbulent place economically and politically. With hyper-inflation ravaging the value of the German mark, a wheelbarrow full of money was required to purchase a mere loaf of bread. On top of the financial unrest was the fear of takeover by the Bolsheviks who had recently succeeded in turning Russia into a giant Soviet prison camp. In 1933, a terrorist fire bombing of the German Reichstag building added another dimension to the panic felt by many German citizens, history tells us now it was a false flag operation by Hitler.


Hitler burnt the Reichstag building to blame others

On top of all this fear of economic distress, communism and terrorism, were the humiliating terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which was still punishing the Germans for their part in the First World War. With their dignity in tatters, encompassed by trouble on every side, it is understandable that a charismatic leader might come forward–especially if that leader offered strong solutions to the problems vexing Germany. But in order to accomplish the monumental task of fixing the problems and leading Germany to what many Germans considered its proper status among the nations, that leader would require that the German people trust him with absolute power. By playing upon their fears, Hitler persuaded the German people to grant him unprecedented power and the long downhill slide to their well documented destruction began.

So where are the parallels in American society?

US economy is–to put it mildly–on shaky ground thanks to a dollar that has lost over 95% of its purchasing power since 1913 and mounting public and private debts have the markets as twitchy as a tightrope walker juggling hornet nests. The solution pursued by those who make the nation’s monetary policy is to sell more bonds (go further in debt) to the Federal Reserve and have it print more money which will, in turn, further reduce the buying power of the dollar through inflation. Those industries that have stronger political connections than others (read fascism) are treated to taxpayer-funded bailouts for being “too big to fail.”


Who got blamed here and where is our World today?

Since September 11th of 2001, the American people have lived in an unending cycle of fear and a corresponding expansion of government powers to address terrorism abroad while building a garrison state here at home. Consider that in 2001, we lost just under 3,000 U.S. citizens in the 9/11 attacks, but during that same year homegrown American criminals murdered FOUR TIMES that number. Statistically, your likelihood of dying in a terrorist attack is about the same as that of dying of a spider bite. But when your leaders tell you that they need to spy on our phone calls, e-mails, bank accounts and library transactions, a surprising number of modern Americans fall into line just as their German counterparts did during the ascendancy of the Third Reich. When the government claims power to kidnap, torture, detain indefinitely or even murder American citizens without due process–in the name of fighting terror–many consider it their patriotic duty to support these actions just as the Germans of the 1930’s did. Just as Hitler justified his aggression against other nations as acting in Germany’s self defense, too many Americans view any use of military force as automatically righteous and justified without measuring such actions against the standards of Just War. And just as patriotic Germans shouted down those who questioned Hitler’s aggression, self-styled “great Americans” consider it their patriotic duty to silence those who question our leaders’ actions. One of the most telling similarities between Nazi Germany and modern America is a growing acceptance of the practice of marginalizing and dehumanizing a targeted group of people who are blamed for the ills of our nation. In Germany it was the Jews who bore the brunt of this treatment as German society methodically marked them for destruction, first by innuendo, next by legal sanction and finally by the direct action of rounding them up and exterminating them. Other groups including gypsies, communists, homosexuals and those with permanent disabilities were labeled as being a danger to the Fatherland and likewise targeted for elimination. We must remember that the process by which the Final Solution was implemented was as gradual as it was deliberate. Had Hitler started rounding up the Jews in the spring of 1933 the German people could have quickly discerned what he was doing and withheld their support. By first carefully sowing seeds of distrust for the Jews and then implementing laws that forbade them to be a legitimate part of German society, the Nazis were able to convince enough Germans that Jews were somehow not really people at all.

It’s easy to picture a majority of German people as possessing a fanatical hatred for the Jews, but in reality it was primarily their calloused indifference that allowed the atrocities of the Third Reich to move forward virtually

Boy In The Striped Pajamas Movie

Boy In The Striped Pajamas Movie

unopposed. Too few Germans took the time to give serious thought to the official propaganda they’d been fed regarding the Jews and Hitler’s efforts to “defend” the Fatherland. By the time some Germans realized what was being done in their names, it was too dangerous to speak out. The current hysteria in America over Muslims in general is disturbingly familiar to those who have studied the methods used to dehumanize the so-called undesirables in 1930’s Germany. The propaganda flows daily from various media sources who are vigorously trying to inflame public opinion against Muslims everywhere, not just those in America. Thus far the propaganda campaign to convince Americans that Muslims are an existential threat to the USA as a nation has succeeded in rousing the right wing through its highly contrived tale of a so-called “Victory Mosque to be built at Ground Zero” of the 9/11 attacks. Given the vast amounts of information that are readily available to most of us in a matter of milliseconds via our computers or even our cell phones, it’s astonishing that so few Americans are willing to challenge the outrageous claims and do even the most rudimentary fact-checking. Never has information been so easy to come by, and yet the tried and true methods of sowing seeds of distrust, and the urging of legal disenfranchisement are being employed at this moment.


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A Very Sobering Statistic For The USA!


 By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

ISN’T THAT AN INCREDIBLE FACT. Checked and yeah, it’s true. WOW! 


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Horror in Israel: 30,000 Mossad spies exposed


Last week, the hacker organization “Anonymous,” symbolized by the famous “Guy Fawkes” mask, hacked Israel’s Mossad. The hack, initially exposing a hidden network of 30,000 covert operatives, some openly labelled “hit man,” came only days after Israel admitted to their 2010 act of piracy and terrorism against the Freedom Flotilla.  Now the Israeli regime has filled the internet with threats against “Anonymous,” if detailed information on their terror cells is leaked.  After all, who is better to carry out acts of terrorism than an organization with 30,000 covert operatives around the world, almost all trained in use of explosives and demolition, building IEDs, car bombs, kidnapping and assassination and with a long and very public history of, not just murdering people but getting away with it as well.  Every day we see it in the news, dozens killed in Pakistan, dozens more in Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, the covert army of 30,000, planning terror, building a dozen car bombs a day and then being able to, not just write the lies blaming others but, in most cases, direct public officials, controlled through blackmail, threats or bribery, to “respond as directed.”







BvKM2glIMAAh78J - Copy
Did I forget Syria? 

The army, more correctly the “cells” exposed by Anonymous include:

  1. Direct Action: Assassins, explosives experts (for the Mossad “signature” car bombs) and kidnap/rendition teams
  2. Espionage: Made up of trained agent handlers and signals intelligence personnel, often specially trained while posing as doing their “national service,” this group runs the Pentagon and White House, makes up Congressional employees, most think tanks, AIPAC and the ADL/SPLC. Key espionage operatives are seldom Israeli. Many are Turkish, Saudi, Jordanian and even Cuban diplomats.
  3. Controlled opposition: Most obvious are the White Supremacist/Neo-Nazi groups recently exposed as being funded through Merkel’s government in Germany at the direction of the Likudist Party in Israel. Nearly every individual or organization, with few exceptions, that describes itself as “holocaust denial,” “anti-Zionist” or “historical revisionist” is now funded and directed through Israel.
  4. Thought Control: No textbook, no university chair, no broadcast executive nor any news editor is ever employed unless a member of the “30,000.” All belong, all are, not just “answerable,” but actively involved in creating cover stories to shift blame for mass killings, political assassination, economic crimes or simply to put forth a continual “drumming,” of the big lie.

Birth by Murder

The first major act of terrorism by Israel’s Irgun, the predecessor to the Mossad, was in 1949. America’s first Secretary of Defence, an office Chuck Hagel only recently assumed, a man under 24-hour protection against Mossad assassins even today, was James Forrestal.  Forrestal was an enemy of Stalin and his inner circle of Zionists who, with the influence of Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau, took control of President Truman, pushing him to back the occupation of Palestine by Communists, establishing a Soviet foothold in the Middle East under the guise of a “Jewish state.”  Under the guidance of Morgenthau, one million German POWs were starved to death, Germany was de-industrialized and Stalin was allowed to move into Eastern Europe and gain de facto control of France, Italy, establish broad terror and espionage cells that spread across the world, particularly in Washington.  When the now reviled Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed the State Department was filled with communists, he was totally correct. Bernard Baruch told Forrestal that Zionists were going to kill him. The Irgun had tried to kill British Foreign Secretary Brevin in 1946.  Forrestal, though Secretary of Defence, was continually attacked by the media, Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson, the most influential columnists of the day, wrote scathing attacks against Forrestal continually.

Assassination teams following Forrestal were arrested more than once but released on orders from President Truman who, in March of 1949, finally fired Forrestal over his opposition to Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.  Soon afterward, Forrestal was poisoned and taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital. While there, he was thrown out of a 16th story window, his body showing signs of a desperate struggle, the room in disarray.  Walter Winchell, an accused Stalinist agent, called Forrestal’s death a “suicide,” a verdict certified later despite evidence to the contrary. The control of the press, likely 10,000 of the identities Anonymous accessed, seen today was “alive and well” many decades ago.   As, decades later, the public became aware that the killings of Forrestal, the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, even prominent American Jews like Senator Paul Wellstone and his family were Mossad operations.  The Hollywoodism “spin” on the Forrestal assassination is the classic. We are told that Secretary of Defence Forrestal killed himself because his brain had been taken over by one of the aliens that crash-landed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.  Jeremy Kagen, producer of the 1981 film, “The Chosen,” depicting New York’s Hasidic community, is responsible for the 1994 film, “Roswell,” which implies Forrestal was murdered by aliens.  We have seen it for over 60 years, if the trail leads to Tel Aviv, it must have been “little green men.”

Is the Story Dead?

As soon as the story hit, press assets, both “blogosphere shills” and the MSM passed on the word, “Mossad assassination teams know where to find ‘Anonymous’ and are ready to kill family members, pets, blow up neighbourhoods or even shoot up another elementary school.”  Those passing on the threats are guilty as co-conspirators, covering for espionage and terror groups, using terrorism to protect terrorists.  Thus far, we have only seen the email accounts, a horror in itself, revealing what may only be the “tip of the iceberg.”  What if only 5,000 of the 30,000 are “agent handlers?” Does this mean there are tens of thousands of additional “deep cover agents” armed with dirty bombs or ready to kill public officials if, let’s say, there is a threat to cut aid to Israel?

Wait, isn’t this exactly what brought on 9/11?

2,500 Ground Zero workers have cancer

911 Helpers (1)

More than 2,500 Ground Zero rescuers and responders have come down with cancer, and a growing number are seeking compensation for their illnesses, The Post has learned. The grim toll has skyrocketed from the 1,140 cancer cases reported last year. In its latest tally, the World Trade Center Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital counts 1,655 responders with cancer among the 37,000 cops, hard hats, sanitation workers, other city employees and volunteers it monitors, officials told The Post. The tragic sum rises to 2,518 when firefighters and EMTs are added. The FDNY, which has its own WTC health program, said Friday it counts 863 members with cancers certified for 9/11-related treatment.

A retired FDNY captain, 63, who toiled non-stop at Ground Zero for a week after 9/11, and months in all, recently received a $1.5 million award from the federal 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund for lung disease and inoperable pancreatic cancer. The emaciated Bravest brought VCF Special Master Sheila Birnbaum to tears when he testified at a hearing in May — expedited because of his dim prognosis — telling how he loves his grandchildren and worries about his wife of 40 years. “I’m hoping they rush more cases like mine, where we’re not expected to last long,” he told The Post.

On 9/11, he commandeered a city bus and got the Brooklyn Bridge closed so he and his crew from Ladder Co. 132 could race to the towers, where they joined the dig for victims.“I knew that day that a lot of us would get sick,” he said. He was forced to retire in 2008 after lung damage left him wheezing after fires. Last year, doctors found a huge tumor entwined around arteries: “They couldn’t take it out without killing me,” he said. “I knew that day that a lot of us would get sick,” he said. He was forced to retire in 2008 after lung damage left him wheezing after fires. Last year, doctors found a huge tumor entwined around arteries: “They couldn’t take it out without killing me,” he said.

The 6-foot-2 firefighter — a muscle-bound 240 pounds on 9/11 — now weighs 160 after chemotherapy and radiation. “I was a very active guy. Now there’s not much I can do,” he said, adding that his three toddler grandkids give him joy, though he’s often too weak to play with them. “I’m grateful for it,” he said of his VCF award, which is mainly based on lost earnings but includes $250,000 for pain and suffering. “I just don’t understand why they’re making everyone wait two years.”

VCF recipients get 10 percent immediately, with the rest due in 2016. As of June 30, the VCF had received 1,145 claims listing cancer, many also with other ailments, according to data compiled for The Post. Of those, 881 claims — for scores of cancer types — were deemed eligible for compensation, with the rest under review. The vast majority are 9/11 workers, but they include 17 downtown residents and five visitors.

So far, 115 cancer claimants have been awarded a total $50.5 million, in sums from $400,000 to $4.1 million. The VCF could not say how many cancer claimants have died. Many more sufferers or their next of kin are expected to file by the Oct. 12 deadline for cancer claims. WTC epidemiologists say studies show that 9/11 workers have gotten certain cancers at a significantly higher rate than expected in the normal population — prostate, thyroid, leukemia and multiple myeloma.


W. House Molded EPA’s 9/11 Reports

Rice Reportedly Signed Off On 9/11 “Safe To Breathe” Documents–safe-to-breathe–documents/

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