IKEA’s selling strategies

Why You Buy Meatballs and Chairs at the Same Store What do you get when you combine Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, and Agunnaryd? It’s IKEA, an acronym that combines the names of the founder, his farm, and his village. Since IKEA began as a mail order business in 1943, it’s been using some clever selling strategies. […]

IKEA’s selling strategies

Building: Community Part 2 3/22

The Church is not a building! We are a community of believers, the children of God, and it is time that we showed the World that truth, by being the Church of the Living God to our communities. I am sure you have heard that the Church is to be the hands and feet of God.  Now is the time to be His Voice, to show His love and reach out to your neighbor, to let them know that you are there in this time of tribulation and turmoil. To speak peace, calmness, faith, and trust in the Lord God Almighty.

Building: Community Part 2 3/22

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Originally posted on Ponder Younder: Hello awesome people… How are you??Hope you’re good…. I’m super excited today because I just got nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award by my amazing friend Mimicares. She is a Motivational and inspirational blogger, aimed at improving the lives of people through articles, and pictures, please do well to…

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Interesting times still coming? Trump must out the Deep State

TRUMP By Steve Brown – Whether the US 2020 election was truly stolen or not we will likely never know. The president himself doesn’t know since he failed to purge the palace that embarked on the palace coup that has seemingly toppled him. Booting Mark ‘Raytheon’ Esper after the fact simply highlights this fact. Now, […]

Interesting times still coming? Trump must out the Deep State

Oh my gosh I so happy Donald was to busy on Twitter and didn’t see this Article 😁😆😅

Amen for Twitter account of Donald @bestofnatureblog
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PODCAST: Whyte House Daily Devotional Bible Reading Episode #350: Ezra 8, Isaiah 66, and Zechariah 10 with Daniel Whyte III

Gospel Light Society Podcasts · Whyte House Daily Devotional Bible Reading Episode #350: Ezra 8, Isaiah 66, and Zechariah 10 This is Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International with the Whyte House Daily Devotional Bible Reading Episode #350. Where I read three chapters of the Holy Bible in the King James Version […]

PODCAST: Whyte House Daily Devotional Bible Reading Episode #350: Ezra 8, Isaiah 66, and Zechariah 10 with Daniel Whyte III
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Donald Trump is a Fake President .

U.S. President Donald Trump disembarks from Air Force One as he arrives at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, October 19, 2020.
Carlos Barria | Reuters
Trump campaign ad about America’s comeback features footage from Russia and Slovenia
October 23, 2020 by Brian Schwartz
Key Points
President Donald Trump’s campaign used stock footage from Russia and Slovenia in a digital ad intended to convince voters that America is bouncing back from the coronavirus pandemic.
It’s the latest instance of the Trump campaign and pro-Trump groups using footage from other countries in their ads.
President Donald Trump’s campaign used stock footage from Russia and Slovenia in a digital ad intended to convince voters that America is bouncing back from the coronavirus pandemic.
It’s the latest instance of the Trump campaign and pro-Trump groups using footage from other countries in their ads. Trump’s campaign is trying to link Democratic rival Joe Biden to China and blast the prior business dealings of his son Hunter Biden. U.S. intelligence agencies say Russia is attempting to meddle in the 2020 election.
The ads featuring footage from Russia and Slovenia were first flagged to CNBC by Democratic super PAC American Bridge. Trump’s campaign spent over $4 million between October 14 and 20 on Facebook ads, the site’s ad tracker says.
The campaign did not return a request for comment.
One of the Trump campaign’s latest Facebook ads features foreign stock footage from Russia and Slovenia. It was live on the campaign’s Facebook page between October 15 and 16 and is now inactive, Facebook’s ad archive says.
The ad depicted an American flag and then to a scene of what could seem like a tranquil field somewhere in the United States.
The clip of that field is, in fact, from Slovenia, according to the photographer who published the clip on Pond5, a website that collects stock photos and videos. The name of the photographer listed on the site is Airstock. CNBC reached out to the photographer through Pond5’s message portal and was told “it was shot in Slovenia and I am from Slovenia.”
The same footage is also available on other stock media sties, such as depositphotos. Those accounts also label themselves as being from Slovenia.
The voiceover of the ad says, “In a face of a trial unlike any other, America is doing what we always do,” as the clip continues into the scene of the field in Slovenia. It goes on to say, “We are rising to the occasion. Thanks to the bold actions of President Trump, we are on the verge of producing a Covid-19 vaccine faster than anyone thought possible.”
As the ad says, “Together we will beat this virus,” a woman who appears to be a doctor pops up on screen. A review of Shutterstock footage shows that the doctor seems to come from the account of a photographer with the online name of Right Cameraman. After a CNBC inquiry, Right Cameraman said in an email that the woman posing as a doctor in the clip was “an actress, filmed in Russia in a studio.”
The Russia-based photographer also said he had no knowledge that his video was being used in the ad until CNBC contacted him.
The ad, according to data from the Facebook ad, archive shows it did not make many impressions. More than 30% who did view the spot were women between the ages of 55 and 64; 27% of then were men from that same age group.
Another Trump campaign digital ad with stock footage derived from Russia was previously published on Google. It attempts to depict Biden as a strong ally of Chinese President Xi Jinping and suggests that if he becomes president, that allegiance will lead to losses of American jobs.
A scene of a plane flying over a Beijing sign was tagged by Pond5 as being produced in Russia. The person who published the scene says on the website “envato market” they are based out of the Russian Federation.
Google’s Transparency Report, which tracks the amount of money being spent on Google ads, said the ad ran for five days until around October 19. It targeted the battleground state Michigan and made up to 100,000 impressions. Google says it cost the campaign up to $1,000.

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yg1AeNDvQa26Bx5Q5XCJ_221214 GLASGOW BIN CRASH Location Map

 @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via http://news.sky.com/

The link below is a live video stream from Sky News with images, comments and more below the video, it updates up to the second. I am hearing a baby in a buggy was hit. I am PRAYING HARD this is wrong. 6 Dead and 7 hurt badly we know so far. This is so tragic. Police have rules out a Terrorist Attack. It ‘Seems’ the Lorry driver had a heart attack but that is speculation. All the latest is below. This is the same city that had a Helicopter fall into a pub same time last year. Again the link below has all the numbers for worried relatives and friends and interviews from people who were there. Hundreds were there. The Garbage truck was said to be doing 70Mph. One guy said the lorry was hitting people like pins on a bowling green. One thing I do know is Scottish people come together, Glasgow is a very strong city. My heart is with Glasgow tonight and for the people who we lost, my kin, I shed a tear. The families I can only imagine the pain. The 7 injured people I pray are ok. The grief will be with us for a while.


The Scottish spirit shines through

The Scottish spirit shines through



Sky News Live





DsTndhNBQEK0ka9tKbuw_Glasgow bin lorry crash 3

IPby5ipQQhmXvDvGdmm0_Glasgow bin lorry crash2


KytzHF0THO5A1PUy8Y4w_Glasgow bin lorry crash

MmD7vK2eTUiJHM3OKh0m_Glasgow (1)



Glasgow Square to the right. The lorry is between 2 buildings


Police tend to people in trauma


One can only imagine. These guys are so brave. I am PRAYING there is no baby in a pram there.


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