Australia reveals over 4,000 alleged incidents of abuse by Catholic priests

Australia reveals over 4,000 alleged incidents of abuse by Catholic priests

Interesting times still coming? Trump must out the Deep State

TRUMP By Steve Brown – Whether the US 2020 election was truly stolen or not we will likely never know. The president himself doesn’t know since he failed to purge the palace that embarked on the palace coup that has seemingly toppled him. Booting Mark ‘Raytheon’ Esper after the fact simply highlights this fact. Now, […]

Interesting times still coming? Trump must out the Deep State

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Appeal after 12-year-old hit by bottle at Orange Walk as religion rears it’s ugly head again in West Scotland (Video’s)

Typical Orange Walk


An Orange Walk in Scotland, mainly the West is the Unionist part of Scotland, protestants and people strong on the British Union. They happen all over the West and almost where I am. I have never seen one, I just hear about the trouble after them. Should Catholics want to to do huge marches all over parts of Scotland it wouldn’t be allowed. Frowned upon I guess. This isn’t religious nor is it Political, it is hatred. It stems through two football clubs, Glasgow Celtic (Born through Catholic ties, and the team I write for and support) and Glasgow Rangers (protestants and haters)

Police have begun an investigation after a 12-year-old girl was hit by a bottle while watching an Orange Order walk in Glasgow on Saturday. The girl was with a 22-year-old female relative on Glasgow Green when she was struck. Police said a number of people nearby, unconnected to the pair, were involved in a fight which resulted in the girl being hit by a bottle or similar item. She was treated for a head injury at Yorkhill Hospital and later released. Her relative was also hit with the item and suffered a cut to her hand. Det Sgt Ronnie Payne asked anyone with information to come forward and said the park was very busy with bands, followers and members of the public. About 4,500 marchers and 4,000 spectators took part in the event. Eighteen people were arrested, and police said those related to disorder, drinking in public and minor offences.

Medics attend to the 12 year old girl

Many ask why my 2 sons and 2 daughters support/follow or will support/follow Edinburgh team Heart of Midlothian, and my answer is simple. I don’t want my kids to be brought up in this hatred. I was involved in it for many years at various levels before I turned my back on it. Death threats are common. But in Scotland, if someone is REALLY going to kill you, they don’t warn you. But this was many years ago. I just love football, sadly this is the side to it I dislike and many, the majority do also. So it’s time to ask the question ‘Is it time for these Walks of Loyalism to stop’ in Scotland.

This is the trouble these walks cause, is it worth it? One religion marching through another’s?

Loyalists are Protestant, Republican’s are Catholic