If God’s Words are a Metaphor, surely ‘Imagine’ is also


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Imagine by John Lennon is a song that will stand the test of time, no argument, it is a masterpiece. One thing that I struggle with is when people say “Why would we want no Heaven and no religion too” I don’t think this was what John was actually meaning, he sang for world peace and like Bob Marley, JFK and his Brother, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and many more who came with the same message, they were killed, or shot, every time someone with a message of Hope and Peace comes along they get killed. Jesus, the good book tells us came to Earth, he was killed, if Jesus came again, I truly believe we would kill him again. Satan runs this blue globe, we just have people who believe in God and too many Religions

There are some lyrics in his song people are offende at. NOW, When I ask a religious person who live by their chosen book about say, Noah’s Ark, we know the story is not entirely true, but there may be truth somewhere in the story, two of every Animal on a boat today would be impossible. I get told “Shaun it’s a metaphor” People dislike that line “Imagine there’s no heaven” but look right over many other lines in the song “Imagine all the people living life in peace” There are other lyrics in the song that just ask for what many want, but sadly many deny themselves and everyone else through religion. I mean two Kangaroo’s, two Elephant’s, think where the location is, we all know the ‘Noah’s Arc’ Story is impossible, even today it’s impossible, so it’s a ‘Metaphor’ Same as “Imagine there’s no Heaven”

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So when people say to me “I don’t like Imagine, why would we want no heaven” I don’t get offended I get confused, not to the stage I want to cry 😀 But I see God as the way, religion was man made, so is flawed. John Lennon believed in God then stopped, he is quoted many times saying religion poisoned his soul, there is a song below, he wanted love and peace, his message was simple, his song’s a metaphor. But when he sang “Imagine there’s no Heaven or religion” REALLY, think, imagine there was not, nor religion, would the World not be a better place? His song was a metaphor, we can’t have our cake and eat it, I ask if the fear of Death makes people add religion to their lives. John also said “We measure God through our Pain” 

All I know is, for me and what I see, people turn to God in times of trouble, I do also, but I also thank God when things are going good, how many don’t do this. My mother told me “Never talk Religion or Politics” Well sadly I am very opinionated and in this blog I cover both subjects. I dislike the fact we can’t talk religion on the presumption it WILL cause an argument, if that is so, then am I right? I am asking here, I mean to offend nobody, my big ‘ol brain just got turning on this one

Religion is not the problem I said it a few blogs ago, people are. I was playing this song earlier and I remember I put it on my Song of the day once and got abuse for it, yeah abuse from religious god loving people

John isn’t saying “Imagine there is no God” IT IS A METAPHOR, he is singing about a World of peace. The exact same metaphor as most if not all of the bible, stories with a truth behind them. We can’t know the bible is true, we can only have faith in its words. If anyone can show me every word is true, bring it on. But I don’t need words to love MY God, same God you love, and to pray every day

Just Imagine a life, a world with no religion, just people loving God, now would that not be good? Also Lawyers and CEO’s, but that is another blog.  I truly believe people who dislike Imagine need to educate themselves on the meaning of the song. I ask MANY questions from many people about God and the Bible and am told “It’s a Metaphor” Also the peace sign, it’s NOT Jesus upside down on the cross, it means Nuclear disarmament People must educate themselves away from a book, I can prove this but many will believe as they do anyway, like the woman I spoke to who didn’t believe in dinosaurs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_symbols

Many times people have unfollowed me for saying these things, I think these people bring my blog to be true. To dislike someone for asking a question, well they were never a friend. If you have faith and believe every Word of your book, I respect that, but open your mind, just for a second and think away from that book. There is a saying here in Scotland “Never trust anyone with one Book” The joke I believe is or was aimed at Islam, again I have no problems with Islam, just the fundamentalists, but we have Christian fundamentalists in the Westboro Baptist Church.

frz7So I ask, if people who hate all Muslims due to fundamentalists are for real, then should everyone hate all Christians because of Westboro Baptist Church. I am asking a question and I would appreciate ADULTS debate. I may even learn something. I also can’t get my mind around people who want to talk about Gay Marriage and Abortion when the World is on the brink of war! STOP FIGHTING OVER WHO MADE THE WORLD AND US AND COME TOGETHER ON WHO IS KILLING IT AND US!! 

JFK was our last hope, our last chance. nobody will come again, he warned us and as you all know, he died 6 days after this speech

I did a blog in my old blog Prayingforoneday and someone, a woman I called a friend said “You can’t ask that, it’s stupid” then unfollowed me. This is a woman of God, but sadly her religion made her hate. I ask, do you think  religion makes people hate? There are over 5,000 religions on Earth, why is this? So many branches coming off the same tree of life and all throwing stones at each other

God I love and pray to every day, religion causes so many issues, but it’s the people in religion who hate over 1 song for example.

It’s easy if you try, to just love and not push people away from Church’s, as many do

This was no rant, this was me writing in the hope of debate and as I say, I may learn something new

Should any religious person get angry at me, you are proving my point 

I know I am right, but so do you, and there is our problem

More love, less hate



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Is There an Older City Under the Ancient City of Cusco Peru?

This blows my mind away, LOVE this stuff

This blows my mind away, LOVE this stuff

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I totally LOVE this stuff, Inca capital city of Cusco a road has been dug up because they think there is a City below an ancient road! Now this blows my mind. I love to find new things, research new things and allow Science to be right sometimes. It is an old INCA road, it’s possible this pre-dates the Inca’s themselves. Can you imagine? A Pre-Inca civilization! I mean that is as WOW as it gets. I have the short video, I have tons of Images. If this is your thing, prepare to be WOW’d http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cusco

Thanks to http://www.hiddenincatours.com and Brien Foerster Via You Tube 

We can clearly see stairs here

We can clearly see stairs here

A wall under a few thousand year old INCA road

A wall under a few thousand year old INCA road

Whole Street Closed to search and preserve!

Whole Street Closed to search and preserve!


A wall that could pre-date the INCA civilization, now, I mean, WOW, this would throw a LOT of what our species know about our planet into space


A road, under a road, that leads down into, well who knows what, YET! This could be the find of the Century at least


Closer look at the stairway, WOW!

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Giant Earth Crack Opens Up Along Costa de Hermosillo in Mexico (VIDEO)


Costa de Hermosillo in Mexico

The video below, at first I thought was fake but this was filmed with a GoPro, A small camera eye on a model plane or small drone. The images are there, the video is there (Although strange) and links all over the net. I am 80/20 here,, what you think? Many have in the Scientific Community called this “Growing Earth Theory” Now stay with me here! We have Pyramids in Africa and also South America, what if they used to be closer, check the model video below of a growing planet. It’s ‘Interesting’ You don’t have to watch all 10 minutes to understand what the Scientific video model is telling us,  but IT FITS! Check for yourself

crop (1)

crop (2)

cropI am interested in ANYTHING that isn’t main stream, things that others would say “Get out of here” And this fits the bill. I am in bed on my laptop bored so I though, feck it, “Blog it” lol Here is the video. Now keep in mind this is like a spiders eye, the video has been made faster also. Near the end you see a lad/kid running, looks VERY CGI/Game. But I am assured it was recorded by one of these.



Video and links






Life Can Survive In The Vacuum Of Space – PROVEN

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

I LOVE this kind of thing, progress in Science and finding new things and ways about life. To discover life can exist in the vacuum of space is one of the biggest Scientific discoveries in a generation. This proves that life can be on Meteors, Comets or any other planet. This plankton is from Earth (They think) but what an amazing discovery. This is why I am a man of science, you never stop learning, things change, science can’t get everything right but when they discover things like this, it amazes me. The possibilities are now endless in terms of “How did we become a species” Were we on a meteorite? Did we crash land on a barren Earth as microbes? Ahh the questions I have. I shall stop

The discovery was made during a routine spacewalk by Russian cosmonauts Olek Artemyev and Alexander Skvortsov, who were launching nanosatellites into space. They used wipes to polish the surface of windows – also known as illuminators – on the Russian segment of the ISS and later found the presence of plankton and other microorganisms using ‘high-precision equipment’. ‘The results of the experiment are absolutely unique,’ said the head of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev.  ‘We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface. This should be studied further.’ The plankton are not known to be indigenous to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, where the Russian modules of the station blasted off from.

Experts claim that the plankton were not carried there at launch, because they are marine microorganisms not indigenous to the blast-off site in Kazakhstan – but are thought to have been blown there by air currents on Earth. A SEM microscope view of one type of plankton

Experts claim that the plankton were not carried there at launch, because they are marine microorganisms not indigenous to the blast-off site in Kazakhstan – but are thought to have been blown there by air currents on Earth. A SEM microscope view of one type of plankton

Mr Solovyev is not absolutely sure ‘how these microscopic particles could have appeared on the surface of the space station,’ according to Russian news agency Itar-Tass. But he thinks they they may have been ‘uplifted’ to the station at an altitude of 260 miles (420km).  ‘Plankton in these stages of development could be found on the surface of the oceans,’ he said. ‘This is not typical for Baikonur. It means that there are some uplifting air currents which reach the station and settle on its surface.’ Nasa is yet to comment on what this might mean for the American segment of the ISS, and whether similar findings have been made in the past.

Astroecologist Dr Michael Mautner is currently attempting to grow plants in meteorite soil (pictured) which he says is essential to provide food for any future colonies of humans on alien planets such as Mar Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2728979/Never-mind-alien-life-SEA-PLANKTON-space-Creatures-living-surface-ISS-officials-say.html#ixzz3B38BPOr3

Astroecologist Dr Michael Mautner is currently attempting to grow plants in meteorite soil (pictured) which he says is essential to provide food for any future colonies of humans on alien planets such as Mars


Astroecologist, Dr Michael Mautner, thinks it is entirely possible to, in the future, directly grow certain plants on other planets, which he says will be vital for a future colony to survive on Mars.

Dr Mautner from Virginia Commonwealth University, researcher recently told Motherboard  that meteorites often contain phosphate, nitrates, and even water that plants can feed on.

To grow the plants, Dr Mautner ground up meteorites to create something closely resembling soil.

‘A variety of soil bacteria, algae, and asparagus and potato tissue cultures grew well in these asteroid/meteorite soils and also in Martian meteorite soils,’ he said.

His plan is to eventually find several different plants and extraterrestrial soil types that provide the best conditions to farm in space.

Dr Mautner’s experiment is currently at a very early stage. For instance, he has not yet factored in the lack of oxygen on other planets, or the varying gravity conditions.

But, he believes, this is the first step to providing the tools needed for humans to better explore the solar system and beyond.