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Originally posted on Ponder Younder: Hello awesome people… How are you??Hope you’re good…. I’m super excited today because I just got nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award by my amazing friend Mimicares. She is a Motivational and inspirational blogger, aimed at improving the lives of people through articles, and pictures, please do well to…

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

2 Awards with love attached – Monther who lost her Daughtery – WordPress Family


“Keeping The Memory Of Vicky Bruce Alive Award”

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Shaun here, I don’t do awards any more. I stumbled across this article I did JUST as I was closing my own personal blog. I thought I would re-send as I just spotted a few comments on ShaunyNews I don’t use any more. So with the approval of my Editor I hope this is ok. It just feels right. If you accept awards, please accept these two. I made both. One was to thank people for giving me awards the other for Tersia. As we near Christmas I guess I am thinking about people more than usual. This is a blog I did on November 3rd. I now write here as ShaunyNews is closed as a working blog.


The purpose of any Hospice is death with dignity. Our mission is to provide love and support to our dying patients and their loved ones.

The purpose of any Hospice is death with dignity. Our mission is to provide love and support to our dying patients and their loved ones.

When I joined WordPress 18 Months/2 Years ago, being new to the whole working of WordPress I used to read more than I wrote. I stumbled across this article by a Mother who lost the unthinkable, her beautiful Daughter. The link below the “Vic has left home for the last time/ is the link when her darling child passed. I remember sitting at my laptop on my lazyboy chair all cuddled into Dawn my better half, Tersia will remember me saying all this. Dawn was curious as to what I was writing and right behind me and helped me understand WordPress. We clicked a few links, then appeared and Dawn and I started to read. At first we were drinking tea, smoking cigarettes, usual nighty stuff, then as we red more the cups and ashtrays went down and we hugged harder. At the end Dawn and I were in bits, we cried hard for a good 10 minutes, I told Tersia and we kinda became friends over time we drifted apart, but friendship takes two, and I have been a bad friend to many on WordPress, anyway. We have four kids, two Sons aged 22 and 20, two Daughters 4 and 5. We nearly lost my 22 year old son about 3 years ago now; he had been suffering for a few years in late teens with seizures, Dawn and I couldn’t sleep after he had a seizure, Dawn would sometimes sleep on the floor next to our son, I would stay awake listening. Back to Tersia. I ask you please WordPress to PLEASE ACCEPT THE ABOVE “Keeping The Memory Of Vicky Bruce Alive Memorial” But please Read, Tersia’s link above, It was built as a place of love in South Africa where people were not alone in the darkest of the dark. It is called ‘Stepping Stone’“A place where the terminally ill will be cared for with love, respect and kindness …” I PRAY YOU GIVE TERSIA’S STORAY A READ. She is such an inspiration to me, she will be to you also. 🙂

A picture of Vicky cemented at the doorway of "Stepping Stone" Vicky welcomes everyone in. How amazing? <3

A picture of Vicky cemented at the doorway of “Stepping Stone” Vicky welcomes everyone in. How amazing?

Tersia was, is, in pain, but from that pain, that moment none of us want to live, she built something that will keep Vicky and Tersia alive for ever. Tersia was down but she was not out. What that amazing, inspirational woman did broke my heart and healed it again, then it broke again for Tersia. I was there late but at the time I like to think I was there for Tersia, all I can do is hope I helped even once. What was built was a place to help other people and this will stand the test of time due to Vicky and Tersia, I know it will.

Angel Child Vicky with her Mum, Tersia x

Angel Child Vicky with her Mum, Tersia x

Song for Vicky x 


WordPress Family Award

Created by me on June 24th 2013

Created by me on June 24th 2013

I had been on WordPress say? A year at this point. I used to accept Awards, they excited me. I won “Blog of 2013” The offical website confirmed I was first to get 6 stars. I had 200+ Awards, now all gone. I still thank every person for every Award but, how we say? Awards for writing are often given out ‘Just Because’ These 2 Awards or Memorials mean something. The ‘IN MEMORY OF VICKY BRUCE’ to this day and all the days will have a special place in my soul and my heart. As said, Dawn, my Partner and I read it together and we cried hugging each other. It was a ‘Moment’ Moments come at us all, often the moment can be good, or it can be bad or just a moment we enjoy. All weekend I was in bed, I have not been this sore for, well ever. My Amazing friend Anne from New York has been an amazing friend sitting up till silly ‘O Clock speaking to me, allowing me to talk and vent and it does help. So Anne, you an an Aunt from another Granny (Kinda like ‘Brother from another Mother’) 😀  This is Anne’s blog PLEASE PLEASE GO VISIT ANNE! She is an amazing woman with a caring loving heart!

I personally wish I didn’t allow medication to dictate me falling out with people, I don’t do hate, I do love and caring. Sadly Fibro & Medication speaks for sufferers sometimes – Hell!

I created this Award with the help of my oldest son, the image is actually Dawn, Chloe (Dawn’s left) and Courtney at the far right. I am holding a little boy, that little boy has a special place in my heart. He is ‘Almost’ family, he nearly died as a baby and we got friendly with the kids parents due to meeting twice in a Chronic Pain clinic. We hit it off, they are the ones who took the image. So this image, again is a ‘Moment’ Life is just a collection of moments we try and grab and hold or get through best we can. I made it from the Heart. Everyone was giving me Awards at the time and I thought “I want to leave a mark on WordPress before I leave” and that is it. When I eventually find my new calling this blog will close and my love and caring nature will go elsewhere. Or I may write here all my life, we can’t know or say for sure. All I know is I don’t ‘REALLY’ want to do this for the rest of my life. I had a Dr out on Sunday mid-day. In Scotland Dr’s come to your house at out of hours, nights and weekends if you can’t go to a hospital or it’s a waste of time to go to the Hospital. They have Dr’s car or a Dr’s motorbike packed with everything a Dr would need.

Dr on a Motorbike, brilliant medial care in Scotland

Dr on a Motorbike, brilliant medial care in Scotland

I called, sorry Dawn called at around 11:30am because I couldn’t move any of my body. I was on my left side so all I could do was send a Facebook message tagging in Dawn and my Sons in the hope one of them were on the internnet on a Laptop/Tablet or Phone, an hour or so passed before anyone came through, this time I was in tears. Dawn right away called NHS24 – This is an AMAZING service for the sick and disabled in Scotland, on a Sunday I had to wait around 40 minutes for the Dr on a Motor Bike to arrive. What the Dr didn’t want to do was give me medication until she was 100% sure nothing else was wrong. So I got full blood work up, she had a small machine, takes 10 minutes, blood pressure taken, heart checked, basically a good check over. Once she seen it was the Fibro she injected 50ml of Morphine into the top of my spine, right at the bottom of my neck at the back, it was AGONY the needle going in, she had to get it into my central nervous system. Then I was sleepy for hours. So this “Word Press Family Award” is for all the people who have came and stayed or came and left due to WHATEVER reason. In all the time I have been here I have got friendly with hundreds of people and lost friendship with 7 people for good, or until they or I say “Hey” I am open to talking to anyone. So this Award  and the one above I offer to all the people below. Many will have both the Award and the Memorial. If you have both I ask you please just give it to 10 people.

1. Pick 10 people to give both award to. Remember and add the Awards to the 10 people you choose when tagging them into your Award/Memorial to others.
2. Give them The “WordPress Famly Award” and the “Memorial” for Vicky and Tersia.If you have trouble, please add me to one of the Facebook groups I run below, I will happily help
3. Give both Awards to these 10 people. By accepting this 1 Award and 1 Memorial you agree to give to 10 other people. I am giving this to over 100 people.
4. All I ask is you copy Tersia’s blog address and add it when you pass this on. I have a TON of people I want to give this too.
So without anymore talking. Thank you for accepting (In Advance) if you don’t accept either can you at l least tell me please? All I am asking. For anyone new to Awards, you have to host the image here: Go to Dashboard, widgets, add an “Image box” to the right of the page. Then add the URL for the Awards and they will show EXACTLY like the items I have on the right of my blog

Here are the people I award the Award and Memorial for Teria and Vicky x


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