See it?

See it?

By @ShaunyNews

I added this as a picture but I don’t think I explained what it was I saw and only one person has so far. Look at the time the BBC changed the page, the updated it 5 MINUTES after publishing it! See the first one was the BBC saying “Being Scottish” is a thing to be, a way of being! They then rushed to change the headline to “UK” Ebola nurse! So people all over Scotland were from the UK. See this is the propaganda right here. Make no mistake this isn’t just some wrong worded article by the BBC. They knew within 5 minutes they may upset their London masters. Saying “Scot’s Ebola Nurse” would give Scottish people a passionate feeling of being Scottish, so they edited that out.


Guys and Gal’s IT’S THE SMALL DETAIL we must look at. We have to take this for EXACTLY what this was by BBC Scotland. Look, it’s right there.  They gave “Scottish People” and deleted them, you and I, to being from the “UK” They nearly gave Scotland, you and I and identity. See it now?

I am glad the woman pulled through, all said, that was the most important thing here, she got better from Ebola. But guys, SEE! This is what they do. LOOK AT IT! Share it, share the meaning. We must see it now. This is UTTER PROPAGANDA against Scotland. Not some ‘Stupid mi-type’ Wake up people. We MUST vote SNP or Yes people into Hollyrood or we will forever have an identity places upon us from the very people we pay and before we know, like the USA we are living in a semi-Fascist state.



It’s the small detail! Share this, share the meaning, please guys!! 

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Clegg ‘guarantor’ for new Scottish powers


Nick Clegg said new powers would be delivered, despite Conservative “noises”

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

More stalling for time? More lies? Bit of good news? Call it as you read it.. I think it’s stalling tactics for a Government who’s back bencher’s are saying ‘No’ to Devomax..

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has declared himself the “guarantor” in government over delivering more powers for Scotland. At the same time, he has expressed irritation with Prime Minister David Cameron in linking the issue with English votes for English laws. Meanwhile UK Chancellor George Osborne said Westminster ministers would soon publish a paper on new Scots powers. SNP ministers have warned of a “backlash” if they are not delivered. In the wake of the independence referendum “No” vote, Mr Cameron said the UK government would deliver the new devolved powers promised to Scotland, but argued that the question of the voting rights of Scottish MPs at Westminster had to be addressed at the same time.

Devolution ideas

Ahead of the UK Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, Mr Clegg told BBC Scotland: “David Cameron did not mention it to me when we discussed across parties about how we would join forces to make that commitment to Scotland. “As the guarantor, if you like, in government, as the party which has the only Scottish people around the cabinet table, I can guarantee you that those powers will be delivered. “Whatever the noises from the Conservative party and others – it will be delivered in full on time, as promised.”

Meanwhile, Mr Osborne said the “command paper” on devolving further tax and spending powers, which the Westminster government had committed to releasing before the end of October, would be published within the next fortnight. Addressing business leaders at the Institute of Directors’ annual convention in London, Mr Osborne said: “There is the argument across the political parties that Scotland should have more devolution coming out of the Scottish referendum. “I can tell you in just over a week’s time, we will publish a command paper which will set out some of the ideas for further devolution for tax and spending to Scotland.”

Draft legislation on new powers for Scotland is due to be unveiled by 25 January.

Lord Smith said he wanted to her the views of members of the public

Lord Smith said he wanted to her the views of members of the public

However, the SNP seized on a report in The Herald newspaper, quoting an unnamed UK government minister who said Scotland would have to wait until 2017 for the full implementation of enhanced powers to Holyrood. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson, said: “The vow the Westminster leaders made to the people of Scotland in the run-up to the referendum promised to deliver substantial and ‘faster’ new powers. “In the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, independence would have been delivered in 18 months. Three years for further powers is simply not good enough. “It is time for the Scottish Parliament to have the powers we need to make Scotland a fairer, more equal country and address the causes of inequality.” Elsewhere, the Smith Commission, which is responsible for agreeing new powers for the Scottish Parliament, will hold its first full meeting later in the month.

Public input

Representatives of Holyrood’s five political parties will gather in Edinburgh on 14 October, ahead of aiming to get agreement on the way ahead by the end of November. Lord Smith has also asked members of the public to contribute their views on strengthening Holyrood’s powers before the deadline of 31 October, using the e-mail address “The referendum showed Scotland to be one of the most politically engaged countries in the world,” he said. “The campaign transcended normal politics with passionate debate happening online, over dinner tables and in the workplace. “Although the referendum is over the discussion has not finished; it has moved on to how the powers of the Scottish Parliament should be strengthened within the UK. “It is vital that the political process now under way properly engages the Scottish public so that their voice is heard as agreement is sought on new powers.”


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Austerity, Nuclear and Foreigners of Scotland, why vote NO and risk being thrown out and making Scotland poor?

So the yes or no vote to free Scotland from a lying, corporate greedy, vile, thieving Westminster is getting closer. Many in England, thousands of people in England are marching in the streets to stop Austerity cuts, sadly many in Scotland are voting no to KEEP Austerity cuts. I don’t get this. Many need educated on why Yes HAS to be the only option

I had a debate with a polish lad the other day on a yes/no Facebook page, he had been in the country for 5+ years and said that people getting bailiffs at their doors are scroungers and deserve it. I will say to ALL Foreign people in Scotland right now, if YOU vote NO, then we all run the risk of UKIP coming into Power.

Let’s be very clear on one thing here, and this for the immigrants who we warmly welcome into Scotland. Should UKIP ever get into power YOU WILL BE SENT HOME. So I am asking all foreign people in Scotland, is this something you are happy to do? You want to test the water on this one? You are prepared to gamble your stay in Scotland by voting no?

Get the Nuclear weapons out of Scotland

Many are actually voting NO and if a no, unlikely as it seems now, happens, Austerity cuts will hurt US ALL! There won’t be a man, woman or child who won’t feel the blunt end of Westminster’s actions. A yes is the ONLY option we have. We must be brave, we must be sure, we must change our minds if we are too proud not too. I know hundreds of people who have changed from no to yes, but don’t know any who have gone from yes to no, so this is a good thing

Also, the Nuclear option, we don’t need it. We will be in Europe, we will have friends, we WILL have a Scottish army, we just won’t have the nuclear option. As the World in many parts fights to GET the Nuclear option, Scotland has the chance to get rid of Nuclear from our soil

Did you know ALL of the UK’s Nuclear weapons are in Scotland? Yeah, it’s true. Should it be a YES today, England would have no Nuclear weapons. England I am told are building Nuclear storage places in 3 areas, I think Westminster knows it’s too close to call.

Vote yes, stop Austerity, get rid of the Nuclear option and help keep foreign people in Scotland and NEVER allow UKIP the chance to govern Scotland. We can’t take that risk

You foreign? Well UKIP ‘WILL’ send you home

Scotland, we get one shot at this, we must be brave, we must go and be free, the other options will hurt us BADLY. Research like many do, don’t be ignorant on subjects, ask, learn. PLEASE!! For the rest of us. I have 4 kids, 2 sons older teenagers and 2 daughters 3 and 5, I want to tell them I tried, but I would rather tell them I helped. We must get out of this vile Union, we stay in, we get punished, there are no doubts. Our Parliament one day will get taken. This is OUR CHANGE, OUR TIME! DON’T BLOW IT SCOTLAND, I AM BEGGING! PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF ON WHY ‘YES’ IS THE ONLY OPTION!