Two Songs For Glasgow – I Pray These Help


A Dad saying goodbye to his Daughter…. x

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Sometimes we have no words, all we can try and do is comfort each other. I have many friends and family in Glasgow, today they hurt. I am 40 or so miles East but I feel it. One of the people we lost was from Edinburgh and I know people who knew her. I know the family, we cried when we found out. We are trying to help the people who hurt the most because their loss is forever. I seen two songs about Glasgow and I just hope these songs are ok. I love Glasgow, my Football team Celtic play there, not that stupid football matters. I know the people, the humour but I also know the strength that will be seen in Glasgow today. Glasgow embodies the spirit of Scotland, we all hurt but we will care and try to help, it’s what we do

I share two songs to try and sooth the pain. Bob Marley once said ‘We can inject love through music’ and I believe this to be true. Through music we can make things better. When we go to church the music soothes us, at funerals the lyrics bond us. I don’t know what to say so I will share two songs for you Glasgow. Me and my kin have you in our hearts always x

Billy Connolly I Wish I Was In Glasgow


Passenger Feather on the Clyde Lyric Video


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Robin Williams’ Children and Billy Crystal In ‘Baseball Tribute’ – San Francisco Giants

Zak, Zelda and Cody Williams join the actor's best friend Billy Crystal to pay tribute before a San Francisco Giants game.

Zak, Zelda and Cody Williams join the actor’s best friend Billy Crystal to pay tribute before a San Francisco Giants game.

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Knowing how Sport can bring us together, this really touched my heart, I have been involved in Football in Scotland since I was 8 years old, I am 41 now. I played, coached then managed, now I am just a fan and I understand the connection. The ‘San Francisco Giants Family’ certainly showed Sport is more than just a game, it is a religion in a way to many, a church of Sport a friend from the USA told me, she was right. Sport brings people together. I thought this was just ‘WOW’ We all miss Robin, but his kids, his partner and all his friends must be hurting badly. I have never met the man and I feel sad. He and Scottish Comedian and Actor Billy Connolly were best friends. The last person Robin spoke to was Billy, who also has Parkinson’s disease, Robin and Billy would talk to each other and make fun of it. They would say on the phone “Who are you” 😀 And this was the measure of the man, Robin Williams, ‘Rest In Peace’

Sport, more than a game:

Amazing tribite this:

Robin Williams’ son Zak has paid tribute to his father by throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the start of a World Series baseball game in San Francisco. The late actor’s smiling face, in a variety of his best-loved characters, adorned the big screen at AT&T Park before the San Francisco Giants took on the Kansas City Royals. Zak, the oldest son of the Academy Award winner and comedian, launched the ball at Billy Crystal in front of the thousands in the crowd. He was joined by his siblings Zelda and Cody who all wore jerseys with Williams on the back.



Zak raised both arms into the air before embracing Crystal when he caught the ball. Williams and Crystal were great friends and the pair starred together in the 1997 film Father’s Day. “We are honoured to be here in tribute to our father, someone who loved his hometown and especially the Giants,” Zak, Zelda and Cody said in a statement. “For all of us, it is a tremendous delight and a little surreal to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of a World Series game for our team to our dad’s best friend.” Williams committed suicide at his San Francisco home on 12 August. He had been suffering from depression after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Giants remember longtime fan Robin Williams

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Psychics, Spiritual People, Tarot Card, Ouija boards and all that stuff


I just sat and watched Billy Connolly live in Adelaide Australia, I was crying with laughter, A-Typical Scottish humour, mocks everyone and anyone, brilliant he is. He hit on a subject I don’t really understand, it says it in the title “Psychics, Spiritual People, Tarot Card, Ouija boards and all that shit”

Now I am not going to mock people, well not too much but I think some people are real gullible. Having Fibromyalgia people offer you all the cures under the Sun. One person asked me to sit in the Beach surrounded by stones. I think she meant “Go to the beach stoned” High on Cannabis or something, maybe I picked her up wrong

People who claim to be Psychic kill me “I feel a Steven coming through” Someone will say “Margaret” The Psychic will say “OH AYE, IT’S MARGARET RIGHT ENOUGH” And I get my kill at that. I laugh hard. People use all kinds of things to heal or help and fair play to them but not for me. Anyone who has offered me such help in the past, really! Thanks a lot, but it doesn’t work. If it did Medical Science would have picked up on it

I have tried EVERYTHING with my disability, I won’t tell you what because you will laugh at me and talk about me 😀 Seriously I have tried some shit to conquer this disability it is untrue. Naive I think I was but when you are in pain you will try most things. When people say “I feel a certain energy between us” PUNCH THEM IN THE TEETH, they want to shag you! Say to them “Yeah I can see that certain energy in your underwear moving around”

There is a show in the UK called Most Haunted, they are armed to the teeth with equipment, heat pads, cameras, night time cameras, see in the fog cameras, gamma ray cameras, heat seeking cameras, head seeking missiles, you get the story. They have it all, apart from a Ghost! And I will tell you why, BECAUSE THERE IS NOT SUCH A THING! I hope when I die Heaven is real but there is no proof, only blind faith and a book, in my opinion, all it is, don’t take it personal and cry for the love of God I am just talking out loud here. Ouija board are a lot of crap too, someone is pushing the thing without knowing, it’s been kinda proven

Tarot Card I get a good laugh at. I had a ‘Reading once’ and some of the cards were just fecking ridiculous, the hangman, the 2 of kicked to death in an ally way, the 4 of stabbed in the face and the 9 of shot in the bum, you get the drift. For people that make a living out of this, fair play, who am I to judge right?

Then you have religion. Now I kind off believe in God but not in a traditional way, I believe there is something, but I am going to no Church to give money and buying no books. My way works for me and I am a happy person, if you read down a blog you will see why. I think as a species we have too much spare time many of us. Some are really unlucky and were born into War or Poverty then there are the rich people or people with a few quid, enough to get by you know. I just did a bit of looking there, I did a search for “Psychics in Edinburgh” There was over 300 fecking people. How can you make a living from this? I mean there is no proof of an afterlife, nobody has came back to tell us. It, like religion needs faith.

Sadly I have a sense of humour and find it real hard to take it as real, you?

😀 Here is what I just watched, if you want to laugh for a few hours, please, give Billy a watch, you will laugh hard 😀

FULL DVD Via Billy Connolly, 2008