Until we vote Yes – ALL Questions are irrelevant, ALL QUESTIONS!



The image and tagline above say it all Scotland. We are all debating Currency, Trident, NATO, UN, Private Sector, Scottish banking Systems monitored in Scotland, Health, NHS, Education, Transport Systems, Living Wage, Free University for our kids, Giving the milk back to School kids, Unemployment, Employment, Scottish Military, Queen as head of State, Who will Govern us, What parties will form in an Independent Scotland…..

….I could go on and on and on

Fact of the matter is Scotland, all the above and much, much more is an irrelevance unless we vote yes. So for me, and this is just my opinion, we first must talk about voting yes, then we can debate all the above and more.

We must first make sure we vote yes, we must convince unsure voters to vote yes.  There is a hardcore No support and I don’t debate them, it’s a waste of time, they vote no AND HAVE NO REASONS FOR VOTING NO. I want to debate voting yes and then debating the why’s and if’s and how’s. For anyone to say it’s a gamble talks nonsense. We must  push aside the fear the BBC and a shocking Scottish media are peddling us and be brave enough to vote yes. We give more to Westminster than we give back, so on that pretence and that pretence alone, we can go it alone.

We have 12 days to go Scotland. It is 50/50 we are told. I personally think through research and watching independent polls come through to Twitter and Face book and more that we stand at 70% yes. But Scotland we must still vote. I heard one person say “Why vote yes if it’s a done deal” I replied “Vote yes to make sure” I am pressing many people who are undecided to vote yes. I have changed the minds of many people. Family, friends and strangers. If half of us can change the mind of one person, we will be free on the 19th September. Many ask “If we vote yes, when will it come into effect” the answer is “The 19th of September” When Hollyrood can tell Westminster “No”

I urge the undecided to watch this video below, it is well over an hour, but if you truly are undecided, this is the biggest decision in your life, this is the biggest decision you will ever make. I will leave 4 video’s below, one is Tommy Sheridan speaking in Livingston and I URGE YOU PLEASE WATCH. The other 3 are minutes long. If you are struggling to decide, please read, listen and watch this, then ask yourself again “Can Scotland be an Independent Country”

Tommy Sheridan Inveralmond Community High School 01 Sept 14

♪ Stanley Odd – Son I Voted Yes ♫

The Most Emotional Scottish Freedom Video You Will Watch

My Generation

Shaun Gibson

Shaun Gibson

David Cameron asked Obama to back Union

 June 6, 2014: Obama Says UK Is Stronger With Scotland

June 6, 2014: Obama Says UK Is Stronger With Scotland

Are we all aware of this story? I was looking at old stories and polls and stumbled across this article from Sky news from Monday 9th June. Obama visited the UK and gave a statement at the G7 Summit while talking to the media with David Cameron. From what I can tell, the Tory’s are that DESPERATE they asked Obama to say “A word or two” And this was 3 months ago! I think Cameron could feel and see the Scottish people rising up and he was right to feel this way as the polls, the official ones have it as the No Campaign at 6% ahead as of today! As I said in previous blogs/articles on http://shaunynews.com/ I believe the Tory’s know the Scottish people have seen through the lies and the Yes Campaign are way ahead of the No Camp. https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/?s=Scotland+Referendum


TODAY! The official poll has it as a 6% swing to no, we are coming on the outside lane FAST! !

Obama when he was in the UK, was he asked there also?

A US government source claims the president’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.

The Poll when we had 100 days to go!

The Poll when we had 100 days to go!

US President Barack Obama was asked to weigh into the Scottish independence debate by the UK government, according to Sky sources. The President was asked about the issue during a joint news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron after the G7 summit in Brussels last Friday. He told reporters: “There is a referendum process in place and it is up to the people of Scotland. “The United Kingdom has been an extraordinary partner to us. From the outside at least, it looks like things have worked pretty well. “And we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner. “But ultimately these are decisions that are to be made by the folks there.” ‘No’ campaigners seized on the US president’s comments as evidence that the UK is better off staying together. Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond also responded to Mr Obama’s remarks last week by insisting independence would in fact give the US “two great friends” and make Scotland a land of opportunity. Sky’s Niall Paterson, in Edinburgh, said: “I have been speaking with a very senior source in the Scottish government who tells me he recently had a conversation with a similarly senior source within the US administration – very close to President Obama himself – who confirmed that President Obama’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.

“More than that, the senior source within the US government claimed that President Obama’s remarks represented the minimum that they could say. “I think, essentially, there are three ways you can look at all of this. First, that my source within the Scottish government is perhaps telling porkies, 100 days out from the referendum, to make political hay. “The second way of looking at this is of course international leaders do speak to each other all the time, officials speak to each other all the time, and frankly, President Obama at a press conference such as that should have expected to receive a question on Scottish independence. “He was never going to say, ‘I think an independent Scotland would be a great thing’. “The third way to look at it, if this is all true, is that perhaps figures within the Scottish government such as the First Minister Alex Salmond would make the point that if David Cameron is having to request the assistance of the US president to weigh into the Scottish independence referendum debate then perhaps it is not the ‘Yes’ campaign that is on the back foot, it is the ‘Better Together’ campaign.”

Russell Brand – Colonialism is what Scotland can escape same as Indian, USA, Australia and more


Scotland is set to leave the Union


Russell brand is a brilliant speaker and thinker and says what needs said. He doesn’t hold back with opinions, in the video below he is heavily behind Scottish Independence because he believes nobody needs to be Governed by another Country. He talks about the Indian and USA breaking away from England’s Empire, so why not Scotland. Scotland won’t change a bit if (And it looks very likely now) we gain independence in 3 weeks. Listen to what Russell says



England’s old empire it stole with murder and oppression

Audio Blog/Podcast – My Thoughts On The Referendum for Scotland


My thoughts on why Scotland should free itself from the British Union. This will be the first of many Audio/Podcasts as we lead up to the vote. Let me know what you think, please. 

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and it was 3am, so please, a few mistakes were said… Gies piece I said ‘Declaration of Montrose” Of course, it’s Arbroath


Saorsa don Alba

Appeal after 12-year-old hit by bottle at Orange Walk as religion rears it’s ugly head again in West Scotland (Video’s)

Typical Orange Walk


An Orange Walk in Scotland, mainly the West is the Unionist part of Scotland, protestants and people strong on the British Union. They happen all over the West and almost where I am. I have never seen one, I just hear about the trouble after them. Should Catholics want to to do huge marches all over parts of Scotland it wouldn’t be allowed. Frowned upon I guess. This isn’t religious nor is it Political, it is hatred. It stems through two football clubs, Glasgow Celtic (Born through Catholic ties, and the team I write for and support) and Glasgow Rangers (protestants and haters)

Police have begun an investigation after a 12-year-old girl was hit by a bottle while watching an Orange Order walk in Glasgow on Saturday. The girl was with a 22-year-old female relative on Glasgow Green when she was struck. Police said a number of people nearby, unconnected to the pair, were involved in a fight which resulted in the girl being hit by a bottle or similar item. She was treated for a head injury at Yorkhill Hospital and later released. Her relative was also hit with the item and suffered a cut to her hand. Det Sgt Ronnie Payne asked anyone with information to come forward and said the park was very busy with bands, followers and members of the public. About 4,500 marchers and 4,000 spectators took part in the event. Eighteen people were arrested, and police said those related to disorder, drinking in public and minor offences.

Medics attend to the 12 year old girl

Many ask why my 2 sons and 2 daughters support/follow or will support/follow Edinburgh team Heart of Midlothian, and my answer is simple. I don’t want my kids to be brought up in this hatred. I was involved in it for many years at various levels before I turned my back on it. Death threats are common. But in Scotland, if someone is REALLY going to kill you, they don’t warn you. But this was many years ago. I just love football, sadly this is the side to it I dislike and many, the majority do also. So it’s time to ask the question ‘Is it time for these Walks of Loyalism to stop’ in Scotland.

This is the trouble these walks cause, is it worth it? One religion marching through another’s?

Loyalists are Protestant, Republican’s are Catholic