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By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

As part of my ‘Taboo’ series I am going to talk about things in life people don’t want to talk about. Suicide is something that has hit many of us, be it a family member or a friend. I had a VERY close family try it a few years back, the person was ok. They came to my house a few days later, we hugged and cried. I jokingly said “Stay away from medicine cabinet” and we laughed. Maybe this is just the Scottish way, I don’t know, I have never left this Island.

I asked  the person ‘Why’ The reply was not what I expected. They smiled at me and said “It felt right, I felt ok, I felt comforted by something” And that was hard to take. I expected a disturbed warped mind out of control for life. But no, the person never tried it again, for a time we all worried they would but over time we relaxed about it. When I say this person was close, it’s a person I have known from birth who I look to as Super Human, a person you just wouldn’t think would do this. I have lived through several suicides in my 41 years from family and friends and people I knew through people. And the question we have is ‘Why’ I hope the comment the person above gave me gives others peace of mind if they have lost someone to suicide. It seems to always be the people we NEVER would have thought would do this, that do it. The strongest people, the strongest willed people. Ever noticed this?

So how do we spot it? How do we acknowledge a person is suicidal? For me it is near impossible, people in my past and present who have committed suicide or tried were happy, they seemed fine, people always say this. But then we have people in Hospital to stop them taking their own life. People who just don’t see this World as a viable place to be any more. All I know is the hurt it leaves behind lasts a life time, but we get through it, we learn to understand a person’s state of mind. And we can say “They are at peace now” Many in religion will say “They go to hell” Well I don’t believe this at all, there is no proof hell exists, but there is proof love exists.

Many say ‘It’s the cowards way out’ I don’t know if I agree with that saying. Thinking about it must take the strongest will a human being can summoned up to do this deed. They must be so strong to go through with it. I often wonder when people do it is there regret. Maybe it was a cry for help gone wrong, they didn’t want to die, they wanted to tell the World something, their World

I have never tried to commit suicide but I was close twice and been there more times. This was when everything I had was taken from me due to disability, things just kept going, every day, week, year, even now I have lost a person so close to me, I have known since birth. I have lost that person due to MY DISABILITY, MY ISSUES, MY WAYS. I don’t sit and cry about it, see it takes two people to see there is a problem and two people to understand it needs fixed. Drugs an Alcohol sometimes play a part, this is something we all must understand also. Don’t PRESUME someone you love is ok, ASK!

Suicide is a huge Taboo and I guess it’s best it stays that way. But we all must look closer, we must pay attention more. Teachers in high Schools must help also, they must look. We must look at depressed family and friends and always ask “You ok?” We must also be ready to listen to people. If we stop and ask and that person is allowed to tell a story we may stop that person committing suicide. We all have a part to play in the most taboo subject there is. We must show love, we must care, we must try. But if it happens we can’t live in hurt, the person who left us made the decision, don’t regret for life, we all have reasons to keep living and moving forward. If we allow life to do so it will kick us to the floor and keep us there, so we fight, we stay strong, we at least try and most important WE TALK! Talk to people you KNOW that will listen to you, this is a must

Suicidal thoughts have left me now, I accepted my new reality, it is so sad many can’t. So please, if you look at someone now, tomorrow, whenever and you think “Could they?” Please talk to that person.

Trust me, you can help so please try.

Shaun x

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Music, Love, Light, Stepping out of the Dark, not letting hurt define us……

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

10441059_10152437574688302_1574105967610397369_nOften I will post a song in an article and later post it on it’s own. I did post this earlier in an article to the people in Washington state School shooting. It is the first time I had heard this song. And I must say it moved me. When we strip a song back to JUST lyrics it becomes more powerful. This song ‘Again’ like many others touched me in a place I can’t describe. It sends a message of something, I think it’s love. I am MORE than man enough to say ‘I cried’ when I watched this a few times. Too often in our World people stop at emotions in every day life because ‘It is not the way’ Well World, to hell with you (I mean people rules) I am a man, I fear no man, I would kill should the circumstances be right. I sometimes wonder if I am the only man on Earth with these deep rooted feelings and emotion, then I realise I am not. I don’t do ‘Tough Guy’ stupidity, I don’t do on-line gangster stuff. I live and feel and love and care and share. Am I wrong to feel this way? I used to doubt, but these day I just say, as I did above ‘To hell with the World’ and be Shaun. Should I refuse my feelings I become fake, I become something and someone else right? I mean if we deny our true feelings and hide them away what are we doing? I grew up rough and tough but life got good, I am a blessed man as I type this. Living in pain is my daily routine but I don’t let it define me. thumbThere is one person in the World I am more, gentle around, and that is my Mum. I ask often to myself ‘Why is this’? The answer I get back in my mind is ‘Respect’ I was brought up with a Father who allowed bad things to happen. I was brought up by a Mother who had my well being in her heart. As I get older the love and caring and sharing pour out of me and onto these screens you read. In real life they do also, but to a VERY limited amount of people. My Dad, My Brother and of course Dawn my Partner. The 3 people who listen to my love and my ever changing self. I say that because every day I change, I learn, I become someone new because I allow my mind to be free and open to love and light. Sometimes I truly wish someone in power, good power, somewhere on Earth would say “Shaun, here is a soap box, go for it” And speak to the WHOLE WORLD in a language that got JKF, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and many more killed and Bob Marley shot. I believe there are many people with this same love, same spirit, same way, same everything. Some of us get a stage, the rest of us try to reach people in other ways. The more I grow as a person, the more the days pass and day turns to night the more I learn and I really do want to spread a message of light and love. When we think ‘What will others think’ We become society, we become part of a notion that dictates who we are, who we become. I am neither above nor below any person, I am equal, I am ‘Shaun’ Take me or leave me, love me or hate me. I lose no sleep over the latter

The World Needs It. My Father says often. “I cry for Humanity” And this guy was a proper criminal in his day, maybe still is? Who knows

Enjoy the message and lyrics of this song.

More love, less hate, Shaun 

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Shaun Gibson

Shaun Gibson

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