Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy insists he is ‘not a unionist’

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy

By @ShaunyNews Via

SCOTS Labour leader Jim Murphy has insisted he is “not a unionist”, nice catholic man. Lets see how he handles the Scottish branch of Labour, will he fight for the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ his boss said 10 days ago would be delivered in full? or am I being a fool?

The Scottish Labour leader, who famously embarked on a 100 towns in 100 days tour in support of a No vote in last year’s referendum, rejected the label at a lunch with journalists. “I have never been a unionist,” he said. “It’s never been my political tradition. “As a family of Irish Catholic immigrants we’re not unionists. “I grew up in a family of trade-unionists, but we’re not political unionists.”

Murphy instead said that during the referendum campaign there was a “temporary alignment” of “two different unionist traditions”. He added: “A Conservative & Unionist tradition inside the Conservative Party and elements of the Liberal Democrats, and you had a trade-unionist and socialist solidarity tradition inside the Labour Party.

“For a moment there was an alignment for different reasons of political culture and history, but that moment is gone.” Scottish Labour are behind in the polls with many former supporters appearing to have defected to the SNP after voting Yes in the referendum

 Sandra White

Sandra White

SNP MSP Sandra White ridiculed Murphy’s remarks. She said: “With Labour struggling in the polls, it’s no wonder that Jim Murphy is desperate to rewrite history and try to distance himself from the Tories – who Labour spent two years working hand in glove with in the referendum. “Does Jim Murphy really expect people to believe that despite having spent the entire referendum campaign arguing for a No vote, he does not believe in the union?  “It is utter nonsense and a sign of desperation that he would even attempt to claim otherwise. If it walks like a unionist and talks like a unionist, it is a unionist – and Jim Murphy will never sound like anything else.”


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How our species should define each other


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

This is exactly what I mean when I say it is my belief religion can make our World difficult. In American (Example) they say ‘The black kid who died’ In many Middle Eastern Counties they say ‘That Arab or Christian or Jew’ I see the above, just people, humans, people like me and you. Why we have allowed Religion to divide us is a mystery to me, all Religion does is cause conflict and anger. I say that knowing no religious person will say anything now because they will prove my point. Also our World looks at other cultures and mocks. Being Scottish I have been called “Guy in a skirt” Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s in anger.


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