Sierra Leone Braced For Increase In Ebola Cases

Dead news? Not for a second, the threat still exists

Dead news? Not for a second, the threat still exists

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via:

As we in the first World get ready to buy presents and spend time laughing and having fun with family and friends the Ebola Virus is still a HUGE Danger to us all. It has been removed from MANY countries with the USA being one. Sadly Sierra Leone is being hammered still, thousands more die each week there and families (Can you blame them) there are not handing in loved ones with Ebola symptoms. I say “Can we blame them” because how hard it is to say goodbye knowing you are handing over your loved one to die. Turn the coin around and you say “Well they are maybe going to infect the entire family” And this is where the danger still lurks for us all. It is under control Ebola  but readers please understand it won’t take much to go Global in a week again. We must stay vigilant and understand the danger for a species pandemic is still there. W.H.O and the C.D.C are saying this much still. I believe there was a possible Ebola case in the USA a few weeks ago and this may be my next blog. I will also address this issue here, the USA buying MILLIONS of 3 person, plastic coffins. Remember this:

Expert Doctor says CDC is lying about Ebola virus

Via Karen Elliott on You Tube

Fears of a sharp increase of cases mean even those who have not died from the disease are being buried in Ebola graveyards

Sierra Leone, caught in the grip of the Ebola crisis, is bracing itself for a sharp increase in cases of the killer disease over the Christmas period. The Government is so worried about the situation it has outlawed any seasonal public celebrations and will be putting soldiers on the street to make sure no one disobeys the directive. The outbreak of the virus, which began a year ago in neighbouring Guinea and quickly spread to Liberia, is now dominating the lives of everyone in Sierra Leone.

The western part of the country, including the capital Freetown where around a third of the population of more than six million lives, is bearing the brunt of the current upturn in cases. Authorities have instigated what they call the “Western Surge” to redouble efforts to try to keep the virus at bay.

Ebola Poet Weeps For Loved Ones

Ebola Poet Weeps For Loved Ones

Eunice Peacock, of the District Ebola Response Centre (DERC), admits they are “running to catch up” with the rate of the spread of the disease and would not be drawn on when it would be brought under control. One of the biggest problems is a refusal by what some claim is up to 80% of the population, a figure disputed by the government, to even acknowledge Ebola is real. One of the scores of operators at the UK-funded 117 Ebola telephone reporting line said many of the calls she takes are pranks or abusive. “They will use abusive language on you, they’ll say Ebola is lie, lie, you’re just taking money, most of them that is what they say,” she said. “They don’t believe. Most of the people they don’t believe in the Ebola stuff.”

Take A Tour Of An Ebola Clinic

An Ebola Clinic that is running out of beds and medications 

Ebola Report Dec 16: Permanent Epidemic, Ebola Lie, 4 year old Sweetie-Sweetie

Via spinnerky2 on You Tube

The genuine calls get pushed on to the DERC where they are followed up either as live cases or burials. One of the burial units is run by the Red Cross and again funded by the UK. It aims to get everybody reported to it collected and buried in the central Ebola cemetery within 24 hours. Even those who have not died from the virus are collected and treated as if they had the disease – which means getting accurate figures for the number of Ebola deaths is difficult. We went out with Burial Team 7 into the Wellington area of Freetown – up steep, winding tracks where even four wheel drive vehicles struggled to pass.

Sierra Leone and Guinea Ebola

Sierra Leone and Guinea Ebola

Sierra Leone and Guinea Ebola

Via TV2Africa on You Tube

There we went to the home of Alie Kamara, a 63-year-old father of 16, who had died on the morning we arrived. He had been ill for some time. His family said they had a certificate saying he was free of Ebola – but the body retrieval team still put on their protective suits to salvage Alie’s remains before disinfecting the house. His body was put into two sealed bags after a short Muslim blessing before being lifted on to the back of a truck to be taken to the graveyard. The team moved on to the next body. Here the daughter of 70-year old Allieu Koroma, Marie, was hysterically throwing herself to the ground. Again there was no suggestion of Ebola, though there were raised eyebrows when the dead man’s wife suggested he too had a medical certificate proving he was free of Ebola, but that “rats had eaten it”.

As with Alie, Allieu’s body was swabbed, double bagged and put on to the back of the truck. The bodies of two confirmed Ebola victims were then picked up from a hospital before the team travelled on to a graveyard. The World War II cemetery has been disused for years, but is now Freetown’s central Ebola burial site. There is row after row of freshly filled graves, side by side with row after row of empty ones awaiting a body. No sooner than Burial Team 7 placed Alie and Allieu into their respective final resting places, another group from a different aid organisation turned up to do the same for their Ebola dead.

Preparing a hospital for the Ebola virus disease
Via Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada on You Tube–ECOWAS-leaders-differ-on-Ebola-death-toll–12-630415254-144-lang2-index.html

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CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current flu virus has mutated


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

(CNN) — This year’s flu vaccine is not as effective against the current strain of the influenza virus because the virus has mutated, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday in an advisory to doctors.

The advisory said 52% of the 85 influenza virus samples collected and analyzed from October 1 through November 22 were different than the virus strains included in this year’s vaccine, indicating a mutation, or drift, of the strain.

The most common strain of the virus reported so far this season is influenza A (H3N2). In the past this strain has been linked to higher rates of hospitalization and death, especially for those at high risk for complications, which is usually the very young, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions.

In February a panel of experts decided on 3 strains of the virus to include in this year’s vaccine. The decision is based on common strains circulating around the globe throughout the year. That information is used to predict which strains will be common during the upcoming flu season. Some years the vaccine is a better match to the circulating strains than others.

While the vaccine is not as protective against a mutated strain, it can still decrease the severity of illness caused by the virus. It can also protect against other circulating strains of the virus, which is why the CDC still recommends getting vaccinated.

“The flu is bad, and you want to do anything you can to prevent getting it and to prevent giving it to other people, said Dr. Lisa Thebner, a pediatrician in New York City. “The vaccine isn’t perfect, but it’s the best protection we have for prevention.”

When asked if people should be concerned, Thebner said “people should always be concerned about the flu.”

In the advisory, the CDC emphasized the importance of treating those at highest risk from complications with the antiviral medications Tamiflu and Relenza, which are considered most effective at reducing complications when given as soon as possible once symptoms begin.

During the 2012-2013 flu season 12,337 people were hospitalized with flu-related illness and 149 children died, according to CDC surveillance data. Ninety percent of those children were unvaccinated.


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Ebola: Quarantined Nurse Leaves Hospital. As New York kid, 5, Tests Negative

Ebola: Quarantined Nurse Leaves Hospital

Quarantined nurse leaves angry

Quarantined nurse leaves angry

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

A nurse who protested against being quarantined at a New Jersey hospital has been discharged. Kaci Hickox, who treated Ebola patients in West Africa but does not have any symptoms of the virus, threatened to sue over being kept in isolation. She was allowed to leave hospital on Monday and got into a private car bound for her home in Maine.  Once there, it will be up to local health officials to decide how to monitor her health for the duration of the incubation period, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said. The Doctors Without Borders worker had no symptoms when she arrived in Newark on Friday, but developed a fever that prompted putting her in isolation, the New Jersey Department of Health said in a statement.

Ms Hickox blasted officials over the decision, and her lawyer threatened a lawsuit, saying the quarantine violated her constitutional rights. But legal action seemed unlikely after Mr Christie announced she would be released. “She was quietly happy,” said lawyer Steven Hyman, who said he had spoken to the nurse by telephone. “She wants this part of her ordeal to be over. She wants to return to her life.” Three states – New York, New Jersey and Illinois – introduced the mandatory 21-day quarantine period for anyone who has been involved in treating Ebola patients in West Africa.

Other states, including Maryland, Virginia and Georgia, are also considering whether to impose the same regime. On Monday, the Pentagon announced that US troops returning from missions in Ebola-stricken West Africa are being placed in isolation for 21 days before returning home. “Out of an abundance of caution, the Army directed a small number of personnel, about a dozen, that recently returned to Italy, to be monitored in a separate location at their home station of Vicenza,” spokesman Colonel Steven Warren said. None of the soldiers have exhibited symptoms of the virus, Col Warren added.

Ebola Nurse To Sue Over Quarantine

Ebola Nurse To Sue Over Quarantine

Back in the US, the quarantine policies have come under criticism that they may discourage healthcare workers from travelling to West Africa to help in the fight against Ebola. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday recommended voluntary home quarantines for health workers returning from the region. The agency issued new guidelines that included four risk categories for those returning from West Africa. Under mounting pressure, the governors of New York and New Jersey said on Sunday evening that quarantined medical workers who did not show symptoms could be allowed to remain at home. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said: “We’re doing everything possible. Some people say we’re being too cautious – I’ll take that criticism.” Under the protocols, New York state will also pay compensation if quarantined workers are not paid by a volunteer organisation. The US quarantines followed the positive diagnosis of doctor Craig Spencer, who fell ill days after returning to his New York City home from treating Ebola patients in Guinea. He rode the subway and went bowling the night before he was admitted to hospital.


Ebola: New York Boy, 5, Tests Negative

Five-year-old boy gets taken from his home, thankfully is ok

Five-year-old boy gets taken from his home, thankfully is ok

A five-year-old boy who was under observation at a New York hospital for possible Ebola symptoms has tested negative for the deadly virus. The youngster had returned to the US from Guinea at the weekend and had a low-grade fever, according to City Health Commissioner Dr Mary Travis. The child has “travelled to one of the three affected countries and has a fever, and that’s what triggers an assessment,” Dr Travis said. The New York Post reported that the boy had been vomiting and was transported from his home in the Bronx by emergency medical workers. He is being kept in isolation at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, and will remain there “out of an abundance of caution” until subsequent tests also come back negative, said the city’s Department of Health and NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation in a joint statement.

 “The chances of the average New Yorker contracting Ebola are extremely slim,” the statement added. Doctor Craig Spencer tested positive last week upon returning to the city from treating Ebola patients in Guinea. Dr Spencer, who went to the West African country with the Doctors Without Borders humanitarian group, is also being kept in isolation at Bellevue Hospital. In New Jersey, an American nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone is being released after being quarantined despite testing negative for the disease. SOME good news again.
Police presence outside the Hospital

Police presence outside the Hospital

‘Who’s the idiot with the clipboard?’ Disbelief and panic as mystery man WITHOUT a hazmat suit

By Shaun Gibson @ShaunyNews

‘Who’s the idiot with the clipboard?’ Disbelief and panic as mystery man WITHOUT a hazmat suit helps second Ebola nurse board her plane to Atlanta, disposes waste and then climbs aboard

Is he with the CDC? Both the ambulance company and Emory University Hospital said the unprotected man with the clipboard (center) is not one of their employees - meaning he is likely a CDC employee Read more:

Is he with the CDC? Both the ambulance company and Emory University Hospital said the unprotected man with the clipboard (center) is not one of their employees – meaning he is likely a CDC employee

  • Man casually dressed in shirt and pants seen on TV walking with Ebola patient Amber Vinson
  • He carried a clipboard and walked alongside Ms Vinson and healthcare workers who were ALL dressed in hazmat suits
  • He has been identified as a supervisor for Phoenix Air, the company that flew Miss Vinson to Atlanta  
  • Miss Vinson walked onto the plane in Dallas and the man without protection also boarded the plane, flying with her to Atlanta, Georgia
  • Social media has dubbed him the ‘clipboard man’ – expressing shock that he came so close to an infected patient and unprotected 

As news helicopters swarmed over Dallas’ Love Field on Wednesday evening to watch the second U.S. nurse to contract Ebola board a private plane bound for Atlanta, one lone mysterious man stood out from the pack. Holding a clipboard and directing the transfer, the unidentified man seemed to be the only person on the tarmac without protective clothing, wearing just a button down shirt and slacks. While Ebola is not an airborne disease, his presence so close to patient Amber Vinson’s medical team sparked fears after he was seen grabbing a container and hazmat trash bag from one of the workers’ in full-protective gear and later boarding the flight.  He then flew with Vinson and the other hazmat-suited medical staff to Atlanta and local television crews spotted him with the stricken nurse as she disembarked at the airport in Georgia to be transferred to Emory University Hospital. US Media reports that the man is a supervisor for Phoenix Air, the company that flew Miss Vinson from Dallas to Atlanta. When the plane landed in Atlanta, the man had still not donned any protective clothing and was seen openly interacting with Vinson and the other medical professionals caring for the nurse.

A man in plain clothes was seen on the tarmac Wednesday afternoon, as the second Ebola patient (in yellow hazmat suit) boarded a flight to Atlanta, Georgia

A man in plain clothes was seen on the tarmac Wednesday afternoon, as the second Ebola patient (in yellow hazmat suit) boarded a flight to Atlanta, Georgia

The man is seen boarding the flight, after exchanging several objects with the hazmat crew

The man is seen boarding the flight, after exchanging several objects with the hazmat crew

Clipboard man appears to have flown on the same flight as infected Miss Vinson, as he is seen in footage of her getting into an ambulance at an airport in Atlanta

Clipboard man appears to have flown on the same flight as infected Miss Vinson, as he is seen in footage of her getting into an ambulance at an airport in Atlanta

Members of the public watching were struck with disbelief at the man’s decision to throw caution to the wind. ‘He needs to be put on watch the second the plane lands so he does not infect anyone in Atlanta. This needs to be contained and I for one will be ticked of I hear a report next week that he is the next victim!’ Dean Pitts wrote on NBC Dallas’ website. Phoenix Air, which operates the special air ambulances that  have also flown all five American Ebola patients from West African to the US, claimed the unprotected man actually made the process safer. ‘Our medical professionals in the biohazard suits have limited vision and mobility and it is the protocol supervisor’s job to watch each person carefully and give them verbal directions to insure no close contact protocols are violated,’ a Phoenix Air spokesman told ABC. ‘There is absolutely no problem with this and in fact insures an even higher level of safety for all involved.’

A CDC spokesman told KTVT that they didn’t think anything was wrong with the interaction since he ‘kept a safe distance’. Miss Vinson’s flight landed in Atlanta around 7:45pm Eastern Time. Social media was as equally impressed as they were dumbfounded by the man who has quickly become known as ‘clipboard man’ online. Dan Hevia said what many shocked viewers must have immediately thought when they saw the brave or foolhardy individual when he wrote, ‘I’d like to know who the dude with the clipboard is so I can avoid him. C’mon! Another incredulous witness was staggered, asking, ‘My infectious disease training may be a bit limited but fairly sure that clipboard isn’t Ebola proof.’ Others went straight to the heart of the matter, with Lib Media Exposed asking, ‘Who’s the idiot who thinks all the protection he needs from Ebola is a f******’ clipboard?’ Another Twitter user, Luke Murray pointed out that ‘clipboard man’ might be the recipient of a dubious prize, should the worst come to the worst. ‘So much for protocols,’ wrote Lurray. ‘Clipboard dude in the pic with nurse 2 is up for a Dawrin Award should something happen to him.’ The mystery man on the tarmac is just the latest questionable practice highlighted in the CDC’s handling of the Ebola outbreak in America, which started when Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan was initially turned away from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital last month after reporting a high fever.


The man with the clipboard is seen grabbing various objects from the hazmat team, raising questions about whether he could have been contaminated. Despite telling health care workers that he had recently returned from Liberia, he was not tested for Ebola, and was instead sent home with antibiotics. He returned home to his family’s apartment and continued to get worse over the next several days. It was only when he was taken to the hospital a second time, that time by ambulance, that medics discovered he had Ebola. And in the initial days of Duncan’s treatment, nurses at the Dallas hospital revealed that they were given ‘no protocols’ on how to dress when caring for the Ebola patient. That confusion led nurse Nina Pham, 26, to report to the hospital on Friday when she noticed a spike in her temperature. Just four days later, her co-worker Miss Vinson, became the second nurse at the hospital to contract the disease. The CDC is currently monitoring more than 75 health care workers at the hospital who came into contact with Duncan during his stay. He passed way from the disease last week.

A plane carrying Miss Vinson, who tested positive for Ebola, departs Love Field for Atlanta

A plane carrying Miss Vinson, who tested positive for Ebola, departs Love Field for Atlanta

The worsening Ebola problem led President Obama to abruptly cancel a planned campaign trip on Wednesday, deciding to meet with his Cabinet on the issue instead. Obama’s decision to nix the trip – just a few hours before Air Force One was scheduled to depart – reflected the urgency facing the administration amid the American public’s escalating concerns about potential spread of the virus.

Ebola patient Amber Vinson arrives by ambulance at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta yesterday

Ebola patient Amber Vinson arrives by ambulance at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta yesterday

Miss Vinson's plane landed in Atlanta around 7:45pm Eastern Time. She was then seen being loaded into an ambulance (pictured) to be taken to Emory University Hospital

Miss Vinson’s plane landed in Atlanta around 7:45pm Eastern Time. She was then seen being loaded into an ambulance (pictured) to be taken to Emory University Hospital

Press secretary Josh Earnest said on Wednesday that Obama still had confidence in CDC Director Tom Frieden. However, the president admitted that Ebola needs to be fought in a ‘much more aggressive way’. ‘What we’ve been doing here is reviewing exactly what we know about what’s happened in Dallas,’ Obama said Wednesday, ‘and how we’re going to make sure that something like this is not repeated – and that we are monitoring, supervising, overseeing in a much more aggressive way exactly what has taken place in Dallas initially, and making sure that the lessons learned are then transmitted to hospitals and clinics all across the country.’  This comes as President Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday to approach new cases of the Ebola virus in a ‘much more aggressive way,’ signaling that his administration hasn’t already been doing all it can to slow the advance of the deadly contagion. As pressure grows on the administration to explain how it has failed to contain the disease in Texas, the president said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would launch a ‘rapid response SWAT team’ within 24 hours whenever a new case is confirmed.

A Frontier Airlines jet carrying Dallas nurse Amber Jay Vinson crisscrossed America's skies

A Frontier Airlines jet carrying Dallas nurse Amber Jay Vinson crisscrossed America’s skies

The CDC team, he said, will ‘take local hospitals step by step through what needs to be done.’ Obama’s comments to the press came after a hastily called all-hands-on-deck cabinet meeting that lasted two hours and pre-empted a pair of planned political campaign appearances in New Jersey and Connecticut. The president’s promise to get more serious about Ebola mirrors a vow on Monday from CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden, who said his agency would ‘double down’ on disease surveillance and interventions.

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U.S. health official allowed new Ebola patient on plane with slight fever


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNew

(Reuters) – A second Texas nurse who has contracted Ebola told a U.S. health official she had a slight fever and was allowed to board a plane from Ohio to Texas, a federal source said on Wednesday, intensifying concerns about the U.S. response to the deadly virus. The nurse, Amber Vinson, 29, flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday, the day before she was diagnosed with Ebola, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said. Vinson told the CDC her temperature was 99.5 Fahrenheit (37.5 Celsius). Since that was below the CDC’s temperature threshold of 100.4F (38C), “she was not told not to fly,” the source said. The news was first reported by CNN. Chances that other passengers were infected were very low because Vinson did not vomit on the flight and was not bleeding, but she should not have been aboard, CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden told reporters

Not a big Fox News fan as I believe they scare the USA! Anyway

Congress will hold a hearing on Thursday on the U.S. response to Ebola, with Frieden and other officials scheduled to testify.

Vinson was isolated immediately after reporting a fever on Tuesday, Texas Department of State Health Services officials said. She had treated Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola on Oct. 8 and was the first patient diagnosed with the virus in the United States. Vinson was transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta by air ambulance and will be treated in a special isolation unit. Three other people have been treated there and two have been discharged, the hospital said in a statement. Television images showed Vinson walking from an ambulance to an Emory hospital door with an escort, both of them in protective clothing. Vinson, a worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, had taken a Frontier Airlines flight to Cleveland from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday. She returned to Dallas on Monday aboard Frontier Flight 1143. The CDC said it was asking the more than 130 passengers who were also on the flight to call a CDC hotline.


In Washington, President Barack Obama said the likelihood of a widespread Ebola outbreak was “very, very low.” But he pledged a more aggressive response to U.S. Ebola cases. Obama met with Cabinet officials to discuss the government’s response after canceling trips to various U.S. states on Wednesday and Thursday to focus on the Ebola crisis. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said Obama should consider a temporary ban on travel to the United States from countries suffering from an Ebola outbreak.

At least 4,493 people, predominantly in West Africa, have died in the worst Ebola outbreak since the disease was identified in 1976. The virus can cause fever, bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea, and spreads through contact with bodily fluids. Vinson’s trip to visit family members in Ohio put a second U.S. metropolitan area on Ebola alert. She is related to three Kent State University employees and the school’s health services director, Dr. Angela DeJulius, said they had been asked to remain off campus for 21 days.

They will monitor themselves for possible symptoms of Ebola, she said.

Cleveland Clinic and the Metro Health System said they had put on paid leave employees, mostly nurses, who were on Vinson’s flight to Cleveland from Dallas. They were returning from a nursing conference in Texas. The Ohio health department said the CDC was sending staff to Ohio to help coordinate Ebola efforts. U.S. airlines stocks tumbled again on Wednesday on renewed fears of a drop-off in air travel. Ebola concerns also contributed to a 1 percent drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was under pressure from global economic worries. Over the weekend, nurse Nina Pham, 26, became the first person to be infected with Ebola in the United States. She had cared for Duncan during much of his 11 days in the hospital.

National Nurses United, which is both a union and a professional association for U.S. nurses, said on Tuesday that the hospital lacked protocols to deal with an Ebola patient.


Basic principles of infection control were violated by both the hospital’s Infectious Disease Department and CDC officials, the nurses said in a statement, with no one picking up hazardous waste “as it piled to the ceiling.” The hospital said in a statement that it had instituted measures to create a safe working environment and it was reviewing and responding to the nurses’ criticisms. The hospital also said it would offer a room to any affected worker who wanted to avoid the possibility of exposing other people to the Ebola virus. Dr. Daniel Varga, the chief clinical officer for Texas Health Resources, which includes Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, will apologize on Thursday for mistakes made in treating Duncan, the man who died of Ebola in Dallas. “We did not correctly diagnose his symptoms as those of Ebola. We are deeply sorry,” he said in online testimony prepared for the congressional hearing. The Dallas County Commissioners Court is set on Thursday to discuss whether to ask Governor Rick Perry to declare a local emergency. The declaration would help reimburse Dallas County for expenses related to Ebola. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said at a news conference that Vinson, the second infected nurse, lived alone and health officials moved quickly to clean affected areas and to alert her neighbors and friends. A decontamination could be seen taking place at her residence.

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CDC, USA: Second Texas health care worker with Ebola traveled to Ohio

CDC: Ebola patient shouldn't have flown

CDC: Ebola patient shouldn’t have flown

(CNN) — The second Dallas health care worker who was found to have the Ebola virus should not have boarded a commercial jet Monday, health officials say. Because she had helped care for Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, and because another health worker who cared for Duncan had been diagnosed with Ebola, the worker was not allowed to travel on a commercial plane with other people, said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The worker had a temperature of 99.5 Fahrenheit (37.5 Celsius) before she boarded her flight, he added. Health care workers who had been exposed to Duncan were undergoing self-monitoring. They were allowed to travel but not on a commercial plane with other people, Frieden said.

Moving forward, the CDC will ensure that no one else in such a situation travels outside of a closed environment, he said. The worker is Amber Vinson, 29, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. She was confirmed to have Ebola overnight. Now, she will be transferred from the Dallas hospital to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, which has successfully treated two other patients. It is now treating a third: a male health care worker who was infected in Sierra Leone. Vinson is “ill but clinically stable,” Frieden said. The first Dallas health care worker with Ebola, Nina Pham, is in “improved condition,” Frieden said. It has not been determined whether she will be transferred to another facility. Both Dallas health workers had “extensive contact” with Duncan on October 28-30, when he had “extensive production of body fluids” such as vomit and diarrhea, Frieden told reporters in a conference call.

CDC wants to interview passengers

The risk of exposure to the passengers who were on the plane with Vinson is low, since she did not yet have symptoms, health officials said Wednesday. The Ebola virus is not contagious before symptoms set in. Still, the CDC wants to interview all 132 passengers who were on the plane with her. “Because of the proximity in time between the evening flight and first report of illness the following morning, CDC is reaching out to passengers who flew on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth Oct. 13,” the CDC said in a statement. The flight landed Monday at 8:16 p.m. CT. The woman “exhibited no symptoms or sign of illness while on Flight 1143, according to the crew,” Frontier Airlines said in a statement. Vinson flew from Dallas-Fort Worth to Cleveland a week ago, on October 8, said Toinette Parrilla, director of the Cleveland Department of Public Health. Frontier Airlines, however, said she traveled to Ohio on October 10 — and specifically asked people who may have been on a flight on that date to contact the CDC at 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636). The CDC, in a joint news release with Frontier, said it wanted to speak only with passengers on the October 13 flight. The CDC later confirmed to CNN that it is “only interested” in the passengers on Flight 1143. The October 13 flight was cleaned thoroughly after it landed, “per our normal procedures which is consistent with CDC guidelines,” the airline said. After the airline was informed of the Ebola patient, the plane was removed from service. After going through decontamination, the plane was going back into service on Wednesday, Ricky Smith, Cleveland’s Director of Port Control, said at a news conference. Both the CDC and the airline were comfortable that it was safe to resume operations, he said.

In a sign of growing concerns about Ebola, President Barack Obama canceled trips to New Jersey and Connecticut on Wednesday to convene a meeting at the White House of Cabinet agencies coordinating the government’s response to the outbreak.

Hospital denies ‘institutional problem’

Vinson, who lives alone, is in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. The news that she contracted Ebola cast further doubt on the hospital’s ability to handle the virus and protect employees. It’s the same hospital that initially sent Duncan home, even though he had a fever and had traveled from West Africa. By the time he returned to the hospital, his symptoms had worsened. He died while being treated by medical staff, including the two women who have contracted the disease. “I don’t think we have a systematic institutional problem,” Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer of Texas Health Resources, told reporters, facing questions about the hospital’s actions. Medical staff “may have done some things differently with the benefit of what we know today,” he said, adding, “no one wants to get this right more than our hospital.” People in the Vinson’s office building were informed when officials went door to door, and also through early morning reverse 911 calls, officials said. The health care worker had no pets, authorities said.

More than 120 being monitored

Seventy-five health care workers in Dallas are being monitored for any Ebola symptoms, Varga said. Separately, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who is overseeing the response efforts, said 48 other people in the community still are being monitored after having contact with Duncan, who was Dallas’ first Ebola patient. Those 48 are asymptomatic, and Sunday will mark the end of the window in which they could get sick. The second worker reported a fever Tuesday and was immediately isolated, health department spokeswoman Carrie Williams said. The virus is not contagious before there are symptoms. A preliminary Ebola test was done late Tuesday at the state public health laboratory in Austin, and the results came back around midnight. A second test will be conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.  “Health officials have interviewed the latest patient to quickly identify any contacts or potential exposures, and those people will be monitored,” the health department said. The worker’s apartment and car will be cleaned Wednesday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

Official: Duncan should have been moved

An official close to the situation says that in hindsight, Duncan should have been transferred immediately to either Emory University Hospital in Atlanta or Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Those hospitals are among only four in the country that have biocontainment units and have been preparing for years to treat a highly infectious disease like Ebola. “If we knew then what we know now about this hospital’s ability to safely care for these patients, then we would have transferred him to Emory or Nebraska,” the official told CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen. “I think there are hospitals that are more than ready, but I think there are some that are not.”

Troubling allegations

Also Tuesday, National Nurses United made troubling allegations about the hospital, claiming “guidelines were constantly changing” and “there were no protocols” about how to deal with the deadly virus.” “The protocols that should have been in place in Dallas were not in place, and that those protocols are not in place anywhere in the United States as far as we can tell,” NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro said. “We’re deeply alarmed.” Nurses were told to wrap their necks with medical tape when equipment left their necks exposed; they felt unsupported and unprepared, and they received no hands-on training, union co-president Deborah Burger said. A Texas Health Presbyterian spokesman did not respond to the specific allegations but said patient and employee safety is the hospital’s top priority.

Global epidemic

While the Texas hospital deals with its third Ebola patient, the situation in West Africa is getting increasingly dire. A total of 4,493 people are confirmed to have died from Ebola this year, from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United States, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. There could be 10,000 new Ebola cases per week in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea by the end of this year as the outbreak spreads, the WHO warned Tuesday.

USA – German Dr Accuses CDC Of Lies – Ebola Could Kill 10’s Of Millions And It Is Air born

CDC Director Tom Frieden speaking to a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Ebola virus

CDC Director Tom Frieden speaking to a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Ebola virus

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Here is an American You Tube, well known user giving her thoughts from inside the USA where, Africa aside it has taken toll the Worst. I know many American people refuse to look at bad news or debate it and a sentence I hear a lot from American people is “What can I do” Take Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Garlic, Nano Silver. The only way Ebola will not kill America in a year is if YOU the people take action. Place bleached towels on the entrance to your home, clean your hands with Hospital grade hand gel, wash a lot, and just be vigilant. So America you CAN help. The reason I am speaking to America here is you are very close to a PANDEMIC, this is 100x worse than an EPIDEMIC. America there are many cases not yet seen you as the Media are not scaring you and I can’t blame them as it is awful. I said 2 days before the main stream media. I reported it on Monday 6th This is Wednesday 8th when the media FINALLY ran the story Many people think there are lies being told by the CDC and the video below is of a German Ebola expert telling the truth, it is reported. Basically a German based CDC Dr is accusing the CDC of understating the severity of Ebola Worldwide in a huge way – CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Ebola is hitting Worldwide and every day new cases are being reported. I said a week ago we will know in 21 days how bad this really is, so 10 to 14 days we will know, but the experts expect it to kill 50,000,000 (That is 50 Million) people, less or more depending on where you read, this is an average. AT LEAST WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!


NEW YORK – A group of German medical doctors in a peer-reviewed medical journal article published by Oxford University Press have challenged a key assumption regarding the Ebola virus repeatedly asserted by Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.  The researchers found that a patient showing no symptoms of the disease can still transmit a virus like Ebola by air if droplets containing the virus are transmitted to another person by a sneeze or cough.

As WND reported Tuesday, the World Health Organization has admitted that “wet and bigger droplets from a heavily infected individual, who has respiratory symptoms caused by other conditions or who vomits violently could transmit the Ebola virus over a short distance to another nearby person.” WHO said it could happen when “virus-laden heavy droplets are directly propelled, by coughing or sneezing onto the mucus membranes or skin with cuts or abrasions of another person.” Still, WHO added a qualification, insisting the transmission of Ebola by sneezing or coughing is not within its definition of airborne transmission.

News broke Wednesday morning that the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan, had died in Dallas. The victim’s home neighborhood in the Liberian capital, meanwhile, remained under quarantine. Later Wednesday, a Texas sheriff’s deputy was rushed to the hospital in Frisco, Texas, with Ebola symptoms after delivering a quarantine notice to the apartment where Duncan was staying. WND reported Wednesday Liberia is preventing journalists from reporting Ebola-related stories from health care centers in the country unless they obtain written permission from the government. The news came as the World Health Organization issued a statement warning that the officially reported decline in new cases in Liberia over the past three weeks “is unlikely to be genuine,” because problems with data gathering continue.

‘Not easily detected’

The German physicians, led by Dr. Timm H. Westhoff of the Department of Nephrology at the Carité Campus Benjamin Franklin in Berlin, noted in a virology blog published Feb. 12, 2009, that acute viral infections such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever may cause little or no clinical symptoms in a so-called “inapparent infection” yet may be contagious. “A well-known example is poliovirus: over 90% are without infections,” Westhoff and his colleagues continued. “During an inapparent infection, sufficient virus replication occurs in the host to induce antiviral antibodies, but not enough to cause disease. Such infections are important for the spread of infection, because they are not easily detected.” Westhoff and his colleagues then made the key point that individuals with an inapparent infection, showing no symptoms, can yet spread diseases such as polio.


“During the height of the polio epidemic in the United States, the quarantine of paralyzed patients had no effect on the spread of the disease, because 99 percent of the infected individuals had no symptoms and were leading normal lives spreading infection.” Westhoff and his colleagues also discussed the risk of spreading Ebola by sneezing or coughing.

“An example of a classic acute infection is uncomplicated influenza,” the medical doctors noted. “Virus particles are inhaled in droplets produced by sneezing or coughing, and begin replicating in ciliated columnar epithelial cells of the respiratory tract. As new infectious virions are produced, they spread to neighboring cells.” The point was clear: “Inapparent infections probably are important features of pathogens that are well-adapted to their hosts. They replicate sufficiently to endure the spread to new hosts, but not enough to damage the host and prevent transmission.” Westhoff and his associates conclude: “Acute viral infections are responsible for epidemics of disease involving millions of individuals each year, such as influenza and measles. When vaccines are not available, acute infections are difficult to control – most are complete by the time the patient feels ill, and the virus has already spread to another host.”


The German physicians published in 2008 the fundamental medical research that formed the basis for their blog comments, demonstrating kidney-transplant patients could carry the norovirus infection that is common in cases of acute gastroenteritis, even if the patient was asymptomatic. Westhoff’s 2008 study provided “the first evidence” that norovirus, typically a self-limiting disease of short duration, can cause chronic infection in renal transplant recipients,” even when there are no symptoms of acute gastroenteritis evident in the patient. Dr. Norman M. Balog, D.O., a board-certified family doctor practicing in Silver Spring, Maryland, brought the research of the German medical team to the attention of WND as evidence that the CDC’s Frieden could not prove his assertion air travel was safe as long as a person infected with Ebola were not showing symptoms. An infected person can go as long as 21 days in an incubation period before being infected.

“Dr. Freiden is either completely uninformed of this research,” Balog explained to WND in an exclusive telephone interview, “or he is deliberately lying because he does not want to panic the general public.” Balog pointed out that asymptomatic carriers of diseases infecting others is a phenomenon that has been widely documented in virology studies for decades. “There’s a good potential that on any given day a person you may shake hands with will have Strep Group A Streptococcus that causes sore throats,” he pointed out. “Shaking hands you take the risk you are going to get the Streptococcus virus, even if the person you shook hands with looked perfectly well.” Balog explained to WND much of the fundamental research on Ebola, including the conditions under which asymptomatic carriers of the disease can infect others, has yet to be conducted and reported in peer-reviewed medical journals.

“Dr. Freiden and the CDC have been reassuring the American public from the beginning of the current outbreak that we can contain and control Ebola, no problem; but the first assurances were three continents ago,” he pointed out. “Now we have Ebola in the United States and in Spain. Where is Ebola going to show up next?” Balog was critical of the steps taken so far by the CDC to contain the Ebola outbreak. “Ebola is spreading a lot faster than anybody expected,” he said. “But even today we are not stopping people from West Africa from boarding international air flights; health officials in Dallas did not put up a fence around Duncan’s apartment complex; and it took several days before Dallas health authorities found anyone qualified to clean up the vomit outside Duncan’s apartment. And then the workers just washed the vomit down into the town storm drains.” Balog pointed out the medical literature on virology commonly says asymptomatic but infected individuals can spread a disease to others before showing any signs of being sick. “We have medical models that say a person is capable of secreting a virus like Ebola in bodily fluids before the person displays symptoms of the disease,” he stressed, “and that medical evidence is simply being ignored by Dr. Frieden and the CDC when the public is told repeatedly it’s OK to let Ebola-infected people fly as long as they don’t have a fever.”


Sick Passenger Pulled Off Newark Flight Shows No Signs of Ebola: Hospital

Newark Airport

Newark Airport

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I think it is safe to say in 2 weeks we will know the full extent of where Ebola has gotten to. My fear and I guess the CDC and W.H.O also will be ‘Are there people at home ill scared to see a Dr’ Good news here, twice, this is good news for sure America

A sick passenger and a companion evaluated after their flight from Brussels arrived in Newark Saturday do not show signs of Ebola and will not be tested for the deadly virus, officials said. University Hospital in Newark, where the two people were taken after federal health officials met their flight, released a statement saying the individual who had vomited on the flight had symptoms consistent with a different, minor condition. The other passenger was asymptomatic, the hospital said.

The two will be released with continued monitoring. The CDC referred questions to the hospital. The more than 200 passengers aboard were allowed to leave the aircraft after initially being asked to stay in place while medical personnel boarded to assist the sick traveler, United Airlines said. The plane, United Airlines Flight 998, was carrying 255 passengers and 14 crew members, the airline said. The scare comes amid concerns that the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa could be spread by international travellers. The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States went to a Dallas hospital last week but was mistakenly sent home, despite revealing that he was visiting from Liberia. U.S. health care officials have said the American health system is equipped to prevent an outbreak in the U.S.

This is an up to date map of all suspected and known Ebola cases in the USA 

Lets pray this doesn't get worse America

Lets pray this doesn’t get worse America

Locations of the USA ebola patients





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*BREAKING* First Case Of Ebola Diagnosed In The US


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday confirmed the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the United States.

The CDC will host a press conference at its Atlanta headquarters at 5:30 p.m., ET.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas officials said in a statement earlier Monday that an unnamed patient was being tested for Ebola and had been placed in “strict isolation” due to the patient’s symptoms and recent travel history.

At least 3,091 people have died from Ebola since the West African outbreak was first identified in Guinea six months ago.

This story is developing. Please check back for further updates.



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I was sent this earlier today, IF TRUE, the American Children are being LIED TO OVER MMR AND AUTISM! Your children are being harmed, you are being harmed. Many have the truth and have shared it, I have the proof and I share it. There are other things I could be sent I guess and show more but I was not interested. I am 50/50 on these issues but I spent ALL night researching this and AMERICA PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF WITH THIS ARTICLE ON GOOGLE AND ON YOU TUBE. YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEING HARMED. THE PROOF IS BELOW! Many parents have Autistic kids and say “As soon as they got the MMR jag/needle/injection their kids developed side effects. AMERICA HAS YOUR KID HAD AN MMR jag/needle/injection then fell ill? if so, you must read on. This may be wrong but this all points to the proof. I will leave links below and I ask as always, do your own research





According to a study by Focus Autism Foundation, a CDC whistle blower revealed manipulation of scientific data in regards to the MMR vaccine. There was pressure from the top to get CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention) scientists to support government policies on Vaccine Safety, ignoring and hiding the risks involved.

It turns out that the CDC knew about increased autism rates among African-American Boys who received MMR shot earlier than 36 months.

A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover data manipulation by the CDC that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys. The whistleblower came to the attention of Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, after he had made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on the destefano et al MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and autism study.” –
Dr. Hooker stated “The CDC knew about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003, but chose to cover it up.”

The whistleblower confirmed this.

The CDC whistleblower informant, who has worked for the government agency for over a decade, remarked to Dr. Hooker in phone calls: “We’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated.” The whistleblower alleges criminal wrongdoing of his supervisors, and he expressed deep regret about his role in helping the CDC hide data.” –

For those who don’t regularly keep up with vaccine news, this may come as a bit of a shock. Most of us that are in the know are aware of the fact that the CDC and vaccine manufacturers know vaccines can increase the risk for autism and other very serious health issues. That’s not really news. The news here lies in the fact that the CDC has been exposed as the fraudulent special-interest organization that people in natural health have suspected them to be for some time now. There are also, obviously, huge racial issues implied as well.

We at OLM are not saying that vaccines do not have any value. They may. The problem is that it’s naive to believe the powers that be when they tell you that there is nothing wrong with injecting yourself with ingredients known to be very toxic. Furthermore, we at OLM advocate a level of health that builds natural immunity. We do not believe that good health is a crapshoot, a roll of the dice. We know that good health is a result of eating right, exercise, getting plenty of clean nutrition and sunlight, and getting enough sleep. Health cannot be found in a pill bottle or a shot. Nature weeds out the weak. We choose to stay strong, and we choose not to trade one disease for another.

We suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, remember this. When there’s a lot of money involved, there is always corruption. And there is a lot of money in vaccinations