World’s first Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia centre to open in Scotland

Gartnaval Hospital to become Scotland

Gartnavalto become first Scotland chronic pain inpatient Hospital

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

A national service to help people who suffer chronic pain is to be based in Glasgow. The Scottish government(SNP) has announced that a dedicated team will be located at the Gartnavel Hospital site. They will provide residential courses for patients and carers on how to cope with the effects of chronic pain, and how to manage their condition. In Scotland all medical practise, procedures and medication are free to everyone, this is a boost for Scotland and Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia sufferers

Chronic pain affects about 18% of the population, or 800,000 people in Scotland. Chronic pain is often attached to other conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, back pain or MS, which means it is often left to those specialist departments rather than having a service dedicated to the pain itself.

Currently patients have to travel almost 400 miles to Bath for the level of specialised care that will be offered at the new national centre for excellence. Campaigners had been pushing for Scotland to have its own residential centre, along with better day services.

Last year, Health Secretary Alex Neil announced a consultation on the issue and pledged to improve care. The first patients will be seen by the new service in January 2015 and it is due to run at full capacity during 2016. Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said: “Chronic pain can be distressing and difficult to deal with, but we know that if the condition is managed well, it can make a huge difference. “That’s why this new national service, based at a single location, will have a truly positive impact on people’s lives. “The establishment of this new national service in Scotland is a major milestone for people who suffer from chronic pain.

Prof Blair Smith, national clinical lead for chronic pain, said: “I’m looking forward to working with colleagues to get it up and running. The care and treatment that the residential service will provide represents an important part of our ambition to improve the lives of people living with chronic pain. “This new national service also presents Scotland with an excellent opportunity to build on our experience of developing world recognised research, with the aim being to deliver continuing improvements in the treatment and management of chronic pain. “This will benefit the many thousands of people in Scotland living with pain daily.”

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Podcast/Audio on Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain


I stopped my last blog 5 months ago and started ShaunNews because I was talking about pain far too much. People in my Family and Friends didn’t want to know, so I stopped and to be fair it helped. Only very often will I rant here or Facebook or wherever. I think it’s vital we live and very important we don’t deny our pain. Fight and live.

Podcast/Audio on Fibromyalgia

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20 Years of Fibromyalgia – The Story of Paul from the USA – Very Similar to my story. You?

Sunday morning and I am in bed beat by an invisible monster. From time to time I read what others go through and it staggers me to see and know that everyone’s story is the same. Family belittle us, Friends think we tell lies. This is a story from ALL Fibro sufferers. I find it astonishing how we all tell the same story, have the same issues and battle the exact same demons. For anyone with Fibro and MORE IMPORTANT I THINK, for anyone in a relationship with a Fibro sufferer, I think watching this video will be of benefit. Paul in the video below tells a story I can relate to in oh so many ways. I just watched it with Dawn my partner. I am lucky she kinda understands, I can’t accept the girl to 100% get it, but she tries, she understands when I vent, like Paul says below and like you, a fellow sufferer tells, we all have this story, it matches up all the time. Here is Paul. It is 20 minutes, I ask you watch it and I hope it helps. Sadly many will look at this headline and think “Oh give it a break” Well all I can say to you is, “You get a soul” I can’t and don’t get people who don’t care, who belittle people with this. I had a family member tell me to “Give it a break, your not dying” I won’t speak to that person again. I have no time in my life for people who want to see me and treat me different. That is the thing, people think we want sympathy, NOTHING could be further from the truth, we just need to vent, imagine having toothache for a year without it stopping, now imagine that pain all over your body, all the time, never stops. And people ask “Why don’t you visit” I still have family members myself who get annoyed I can’t do things. Anyone who knows me and is still a friend will know that if I could still do football I would NEVER have started to write. Writing gives my brain a tiny bit of relief. This is one of a few small tricks I have learnt as the years have gone on. Don’t belittle me, I hate gossips, I would rather people, like my Sister said it to my face. Still was wrong, but I rather that that Jekyll and Hyde people. All smiles to your face or when they want something from you then turn around when you are not there and guess on you. It pissed me off no end. How does this all effect you? Watch the video, try and get where Paul is.

Paul Harrison