When we place ourselves in a private bubble, we turn to love

Some place themselves in a private space

Some place themselves in a private space

 By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Ths is an old blog I needed to share with a friend. It is from March 5th 2012, odd how I was thinking in that moment looking back

When it became clear to me all these years ago I had Chronic Pain and other stuff wrong with me, I did not think it would impact my life the way it has. When I was told, I was still working and still active as a football coach and manager (Soccer for anyone in the USA)

Then the pain came, and the pride took a mauling. I wasn’t the same me, I had become someone I didn’t like, I had to learn to like myself all over again, and it was the hardest thing I have done, and to some extent, still doing

I speak to many people in pain, and just by listening I am helping them, and sometimes when you really listen you can tell that the person’s life is not what it once was. There is the argument, and this, again, is where my guilt comes from, when I realise somewhere, people are worse than me, people are dying, and live in a worse place than I do. But I have to remind myself this is my life, my story I am writing about, and I do it to help both other people and myself

I am blessed with my home, my kids, my partner, and my close family who I miss terribly. I say miss terribly, because when the pain came I placed myself in an imaginary bubble, where I was safe. And this is common for people to do. I stopped visiting people and made up excuses when people wanted to visit me. This is normal behaviour, and I cry a lot knowing I want to be with loved ones more. I am missing life due to the pain, and the bubble I am in, so I must fight! I must, in my late 30’s break away from it before I am stuck for good, but I am sure too many people care for me and love me for them to allow me to do this

Somewhere in my subconscious I know I had or have to change this. I harbour ideas of getting back into Football management, and then my head drops as I know it will hurt. So I have a decision to make, do I stay in this bubble in pain, or do I get back out there and face the word, and be in a bit more pain. The answer is very easy, but doing it is not. I have tried so many times to break the bubble, close the door on the bubble, only to step back inside when my pride got dented for whatever reason.

When I see people I have not seen for say 10 years, they think I am the same Shaun, and I am, but they don’t know the pain, they don’t know how the pain hurts just me, but the people around me. My family love me and I am blessed in knowing this, just typing it brought a smile to my face. Long story, something happened today, with a family member that made me smile

So we all have a bubble, some stay in it for a short time, some longer, some never escape it.  I know many people who suffer depression do this, they have another word for it, they just “Hide away from the world” I call it “In my bubble” So when I speak to people who do likewise, we help each other.

A girl I know just helped me, a small act of individual kindness from a woman I love. What she just did made my day and put a smile on my face and I can’t thank her enough. So even today, both the girl I am speaking about and I learnt something. And that is what living is, learning to cope, and learning what is happening when you step out of the bubble, or allow someone into your bubble. The people in my house get in my bubble, not many others do. A girl I know just entered it

For anyone living in a bubble, or hiding from the world, know it does not have to be this way, you can show your face, you can go out, you are brave enough and you can do it. Why do I know this? I know this because every time I blog, or share, I open my private bubble to the planet. So anyone who does a blog and hides from the world, you are not alone to the world, you are asking strangers to enter your world.

I hope people understand what I am talking about here, for me it is very personal

More Love, less hate


I dedicate this to a young woman I love more than she knows 🙂

My heart and soul, my reason for being

My heart and soul, my reason for being

My heart and soul, my reason for being

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My message to a sleeping World



By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I often wonder how much my own voice helps in a World full of liars and haters. I often wonder how many people have a voice and should be on a soap box telling the truth. I myself have, for 15 years now been trying to tell the World about a terrible truth many can’t see, refuse to see but have seen. As the World wars over black Gold (Oil) Was it any wonder Scotland were never going to be allowed to have that voice. Guys like Alex Salmond and Tommy Sheridan had that soap box, they told the truth, but the truth was forbidden. A heart of a lion doesn’t matter any more, so many hide, many want to scream till the World listens to a truth that would upset the masses. It upsets me sometimes how fooled we are as a species. How 1% of our species have more than the other 99%. Scotland talks about the 45% where in reality we should be getting some airplay of our version of events. I do wonder where our World is going and I know I am not alone. I am not afraid, so read all about it, like or hate what I write I don’t care, all that matters to me is I try and mould a World for my kids, not me. This song by an amazing girl Emeli Sandé has lyrics so powerful it tells a story all on it’s own. Music does that. You ever noticed how musicians and comedians use their presence on stage to tell the truth? to ask questions others can’t? I do. The lyrics of this song, be you like it or not are as powerful as they are true. Let us not bite our tongues any more, let us tell our version of event. If a useless idiot like me can type words that try and engage the World with truth and to try and wake people up and to not be selfish and greedy then I know YOU can also. The truth IS  FORBIDDEN. And the sad facts are they always will be, until we decide enough is enough. I ask you who hate why? I ask you who sit in small groups pointing fingers as if you are in some important group of haters why? I ask you to think for yourself, be individual and ask the REAL questions that need asked in life. Sure we all get caught up in the World and life gets busy but we need to open our minds and see the World for what it is not what we want it to be. Be warned, if you decide to do this, once that door is open, your life changes for EVER. Because some will listen but sadly some will not, it this HATRED that makes voices with power behind them get closed and silenced. Is this how a World we want to live in? Ask yourself that and you will see the answer is not to your liking

When is enough enough?

More love, less hate



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