Feeding Britain: LBC Radio caller shocks listeners by describing how he can’t afford to eat



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

This is a story that has got worse and worse as the years have went on, the addition of Food Banks has risen every year for the last 10 at least. To the people who blame all poor for being poor are out of touch with reality. We here (My partner and I) Give to food banks every shopping day. If I see a homeless person on the Street I will give them £20 or whatever I have or can spare. We can all help this. Sure I can write about it, but acting on it is better



A London radio station has received a distressing phonecall from a man who said he is too poor to feed himself properly, the same day a damning report revealed the shocking scale of food waste in the UK.Mike, 35, from New Cross, London, told LBC’s James O’Brien that after he was made redundant, his marriage quickly broke down, and he now struggles to buy food.  “I live in a tiny room and you have to go to food banks, and sometimes I’m living off a tin of spaghetti a day, or a tin of beans, and there are people out there who really are struggling, and it’s not fun.” He went on to hit back at the idea that poor people are to blame for their situations, and said that he had always lived according to the rules.

Tory and Labour made it worse.

Tory and Labour made it worse.


His voice breaking with emotion, he said: “For these people to sit there to say, “Oh, go and get a job” – I’m out there every day, looking and searching, and you know you’re trying to do it on your own, but you can’t, and it gets harder and harder.”  “Sometimes I can’t eat, I don’t eat,” he said.

Thanks to Tory and Labour rule! Neither have done a thing

Thanks to Tory and Labour rule! Neither have done a thing

Responding to O’Brien’s suggesting that many people regard the UK benefits system as adequate, he stressed “it’s nowhere near” and said he doesn’t own a TV and described buying batteries for his radio as “an extravagance”. “Some of us are proud, some of us are proud and trying to get by, but sometimes you have to go to a food bank. You have to, you don’t have any choice,” he said, before he told listeners that he has resorted to searching for food in supermarket bins.




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SNP – Disabled children going hungry due to welfare cuts

03_21-ipad_carousel-retouched_0By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews – A new report showing that almost a third of families with disabled children are forced to go without food highlights the ‘shocking’ impact of Westminster’s welfare cuts, the SNP is saying today – and comes on the day that the SCVO have demanded the transfer of welfare powers to Scotland.

The report by Contact a Family surveyed more than 320 families with disabled children in Scotland – finding that 29 per cent had been unable to buy food and that 34 per cent had been unable to heat their home.

The survey also showed that around a third of families are going without specialist equipment for their children – and 9 per cent had been unable to attend medical appointments due to increases in transport costs.

The report comes as the SCVO demanded that the Westminster parties agree to the full devolution of welfare powers to the Scottish Parliament to allow action to address poverty and protect the most vulnerable people in society – as supported by the vast majority of people in Scotland.

Earlier this week research from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) showed that disabled adults are also losing out at the hands of Westminster – as average payments for disabled people through the Access to Work scheme are around £700 less than the UK average.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kevin Stewart said:

“This is an absolutely shocking report which confirms the appalling effect Westminster’s welfare cuts agenda is having on vulnerable people and their families across Scotland.

“That almost a third of families with disabled children in a wealthy country like Scotland are going hungry as a result of Westminster’s cuts is nothing less than a scandal. And with even more cuts coming down the line from George Osborne the situation is only going to get worse.

“Westminster has shown time and time again that it can’t be trusted on welfare. It is now abundantly clear that full powers over welfare should be in Scotland’s hands – rather than in the hands of a Westminster establishment engaged in a systematic assault on the poorest people in society.

“Charities, third sector organisations and the majority of people in Scotland are united in demanding that these powers are delivered to Scotland – and with Westminster’s track record it is not difficult to see why.

“With the ‘extensive’ new powers over welfare and the economy promised to us we can take action to make Scotland a fairer place for everyone who lives here – and can ensure that disabled children and their families are treated with the respect they deserve.”

Source: http://www.snp.org/media-centre/news/2014/nov/disabled-children-going-hungry-due-welfare-cuts

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Podcast 2 – Scottish Independence and why we should vote yes! My voice, my thoughts


We will be a laughing stock at a no vote. Stupidest country on Earth and we invented the modern World. Lets go own our own World!

A Podcast of reasons I think we should vote yes, my voice with images and charts and more! 

THIS IS THE VIDEO I SPOKE ABOUT! IF THIS DOESN’T CHANGE THE UNDECIDED TO VOTE YES, NOTHING WILL. I PLEAD YOU WATCH IT SCOTLAND! I BEG, THIS IS REALITY! A Reality many may not be aware about. If you have a comfy life with money and vote no, I ask you again, please! Watch the video below, it tells a story that is both heartbreaking and true and a reason Scotland will be the STUPIDEST country on Earth if we vote no! As I said in the above video, I URGE YOU PLEASE!! To watch the reality in the UK and Scotland regarding food banks, they have went up under the Tory Party. You may say “I am ok Jack” But we Scot’s are better than this, please watch below and understand what people like you and I are going through. If you watch this movie, I guarantee you WILL have a rethink. If not, you are lost and clueless. Why we want to remain in this below is beyond me.


PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT HOW BAD THINGS HAVE GOT AND HOW BAD THINGS ‘WILL’ GET, DON’T VOTE NO OUT OF LACK OF EDUCATION IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY ONLY TO REGRET LATER ON! Also here are some links to decent debating places where you can learn more. Please, please try!!