Salmond convinced of second referendum vote

Scotland's former First Minister Alex Salmond

Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond

 By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews – Via:

The article I did below this one leads me to believe what I have all along. Alex has something on the Tory Party. Be it the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ or the ‘Vow’ or something more sinister? 😉 Watch this space people. Another Referendum is coming sooner rather than later. I think this is breaking news, only ITV are showing so far

Alex Salmond has admitted today that he has not given up on his ambition for an independent Scotland and said he believes there will be another referendum vote in his lifetime. Scotland’s former first minister told The Times (£) if England votes in future to remove the UK from the European Union then that will be the “tipping point” at which Scotland will push for another independence vote. He said: “If you believe there are four equal nations, partners in this United Kingdom, then it seems reasonable that no one country should be dragged out of the European firmament against its will.”

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond with Yes supporters in Inverurie, Scotland during the Scottish referendum vote

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond with Yes supporters in Inverurie, Scotland during the Scottish referendum vote

Salmond, who stepped down following the yes campaign’s referendum loss also remained positive that should there be another independence vote this time the outcome would be different and told The Times (£) “I think we would win if there was another referendum.” He added: “Luckily in life, as in politics, people sometimes get a second chance.”

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Looking back on Scotland’s ‘No Vote’ – Why?

English people pretending to be Scottish

English people pretending to be Scottish

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Looking back on the whole year we all wrote, read and tried to free Scotland from a Union we still could and can leave within a few years, it makes me sad. I done so many articles, Audio blogs and said “VOTE FOR SELFISH REASONS WE WILL LOSE” This is EXACTLY what happened peeps Some of us fell for the BBC Lies, the lies about Banks, banks who never actually said these things same as the Oil industry, the BBC tricked us, yet people STILL watch the BBC and pay a TV Licence. Some fell for Gordon Brown’s promises, yeah the same Gordon Brown who has retired a Multi-millionaire not a million miles from me to live his life in utter riches, same as Johann Lamont who after the no vote ran for the hills KNOWING she did wrong and to be fair her conscience got the best of her. Some believed DAVID CAMERON AND ED MILIBAND!  And most of the %’s of people who votes no were lied to in 1979 when we actually freed ourselves but were not allowed to leave. I still shake my head at the selfish people who voted no. Tommy Sheridan is a man I still have TONS of respect for, he did a talk almost every night for 130 days, in the end his voice gave way. I feel for everyone who pushed the Yes vote hard. But listen, we vote SNP next year! We can be free. SCOTLAND, DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES AGAIN, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are nearing an election, so I thought I would start the ball rolling

A modern day Nobleman who went with English kings

A modern day Nobleman who went with English kings

I did this article here 



And one last thing, you who voted no, WE ARE YET TO HEAR 1 REASON WHY YOU VOTED NO! 

This is what happened for real


♫ Stanley Odd Son I Voted Yes ♪

Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!

Alex Salmond – This is our time

Why Scotland must vote yes

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Nelson Mandela said it, we must implement it Scotland


#HopeOverFear is a statement that has become 2nd nature in Scotland over the last year. The Scottish Media should hang their heads in shame. The BBC should hang their heads in shame. So the vote in 10 days is about we as a people in Scotland having no Fear. We must have hope, we must be brave. we as a nation invented the modern World. I say a lot, ‘Let us now go and invent a brilliant better new future’ Scotland we are doing it. The only think stopping a yes vote in 10 days is fear. I urge you once more Scotland. Not give in to the fear being pushed by the no campaign. There will be no Terrorist Attacks on a free Scotland and there will be no Border Guards at the England/Scotland border. Both Miliband and Cameron have since came out and said “We were misquoted” I ask simply, how can someone be stupid enough to not interpret “I will put Border Guards on the border”  Over the next 10 days Scotland we will hear more fear. If Westminster offers us a handful of shillings now, why didn’t they when Cameron signed the ‘Edinburgh ‘Agreement’ Our time is now Scotland. Let’s be bold and brave and give our kids a better life. Give ourselves a living wage not a minimum wage. The amount of reasons to vote Yes are staggering, there are 100’s of reasons to vote Yes, but only a few for no, if we get a no vote. People are voting to KEEP AUSTERITY! HOW DARE THEY? How dare people be selfish and make so my Kids grow up under Tory rule and “Get by” just and no more? I say vote yes and make Scottish History a better more prosperous one. Come on Scotland, the hard work is done, let’s see it through for 10 more days. I have said many times, we can’t be selfish in this vote, this vote is us as a people speaking for our kids and their kids in a 100 years or so from now. We are voting for them and of course us now. If you don’t like Alex Salmond, DON’T VOTE FOR HIM IN 2016! Do what is right Scotland. #HopeOverFear




Tell @JimMurphyMP, this is how it’s done!! @citizentommy



Getting to know Tommy a “Tiny bit” over the last few months has been superb. He was at my Local boozer a few times in Edinburgh, wish I had said hi. I have watched TONS of his video’s and he captures people, his desire ignites our imagination to a Free Scotland. We can see it clearly when Tommy speaks. I know Tommy will be sick to the back teeth of me adding his Twitter into everything, but to be fair, Tommy you deserve it buddy. You have been to the Borders to as far North as a man can go. You explained September 18th is NOT about any politician or political party as many thought September 18th was a vote for Alex Salmond. You explained this vote/election happens in 2016. And I still hear people say “I am not voting for Salmond on the 18th” I used to get all annoyed and stupid, now I just try and explain, same as we all do. But Tommy, if you read this. You speak for a generation of people sick to the back teeth of Austerity cuts, benefit cuts, Bedroom Tax and more. You speak as a person, not a politician who answers a question with another question or a lie. I say fair play Tommy. You have done yourself, your family and Scotland proud. NOW LETS GET OVER THIS LINE ON THE 18th!

Tommy’s 92nd meeting, he has spoken to 18,000 people so far! Worth a watch


1's and 1's and 1's of people listening!

1’s and 1’s and 1’s of people listening!


The Most Emotional Scottish Freedom Video You Will Watch

This is one area, one place, but it's all over Scotland

This is one area, one place, but it’s all over Scotland

I will let the video do the talking here, this is Alex Salmond’s closing statement in his debate with Alistair Darling, there is music in the background and when you listen to what Alex is saying there are images of Scotland and why we should let us Govern ourselves. This Video, be we win or not Scotland will go down as a classic. It is both emotional as it is truthful, please share, please RT, Please, we all must see this. This video stirs both my past and my present and the hope of a better tomorrow for you and I,  the people of Scotland. DON’T LET THIS CHANCE GO, I BEG! CAP IN HAND!

Saorsa don Alba

Scottish Oil Will Run Out in an Independent country, It Will Run Out with Scotland In The Union!



The argument over Scottish oil, for me is pointless. I remember a few months back a friend said “I am voting no because the oil will run out” I replied “But the oil will run out anyway” And it will. All this debate about how many barrels of Oil there are is pointless, in a free Scotland or staying in the Union, the oil is what it is regardless

I don’t understand many arguments the No Campaign throw into the mix to confuse people. The debate over the £ is another one. Scotland have our share of UK Debt to re-pay in the event of a Yes vote (That looks more likely) and with no currency being allowed by Westminster we can’t pay back the debt. So it is stupid to say “Scotland won’t get the £” We must get the pound in order to pay back our share of historical debt
<p style=”text-align: center;”>So can we lay the currency debate and Oil debate to rest now?</p>




Scotland, I speak to you all, in any walk of life on why we must vote yes


We go to the polls

A month from now we all head to the polls with our reasons of ‘why’ we want to remain in this lopsided Union or we want to free ourselves from Westminster rule. My opinion is, if you are voting in a selfish way for today, you are doing the wrong thing. I ask anyone voting no for their selfish reasons to rethink hard. I vote for now, but I also vote for my children and their children, a Scotland 100 years from now and beyond

War Britain

I ask you Scotland, do you put your name to Westminster selling bombs to Israel that kill children?  I say not in my name. As I sit here on this peaceful Sunday morning my mind rolls back to ancient times and what our ancestor, our kin had to go through, the murder, rape and torture our history shows we as a people had to go through. I ask if you want to put your name to these bombs doing this here below. We are the only country to vote to rid our soil of Nuclear weapons, we will save 100’s of Millions of pounds without trident on our shores, Britain is a War country, let us free Scotland from that banner because our name goes on these bombs that kill these kids, like the one below.

Not in my name, how about you?

Not in my name, how about you?


I talk directly to you who may be undecided, 50/50 or leaning a certain way. I ask you to look deep into your soul, close your eyes and really question the reasoning behind a no vote. With most of England protesting to rid their land of Austerity, Scottish people, selfish people, people who maybe have money, are voting NO  to keep Austerity. Austerity is you and I paying for the crimes of the rich. If you don’t believe me just look back to 2008 and the banking crisis where the Government bailed out the banks and banks still threw people in the street, how can you defend this?

The Young

I speak to my two sons who are 22 and 20 and all you young people, I know you are smart enough to understand this vote, I know you understand what we vote for, but I simply ask you, vote with your future in mind. Things in life me be good now but as the question, can you depend on Westminster to help you through life? The answer of course is no.

To the Rich

I speak to a people who don’t see food banks opening all over the country and don’t see it or care, I speak to people who are comfortable in life and don’t want to change. I simply ask, what if you lose your job, your house, can you depend on Westminster to support you? The hard answer is no. I ask you please to put your feet in the shoes of others less fortunate, open your heart and mind to a different life

The Disabled

Many disabled people depend totally on the state to help them. People did not ask to be disabled, I didn’t. I know there are many Scottish people using and abusing the welfare system, a welfare system so broke it can’t check who is cheating and who isn’t. In a free Scotland we can point a finger to these people who abuse a system where money is there to help people who can’t live like a normal person. I have seen  ATOS stop welfare and seen people commit suicide due to ATOS. Have you seen these stories? if not, please go research. On appeal many got their money back, sadly we lost many to ATOS and the Government, the very same Government to give themselves a 33% wage rise in Westminster don’t care. They don’t care! < That link there is people who have committed suicide due to losing benefits. R.I.P to them all. I ask you do your own research Scotland

The People of Scotland

I ask simply to have hope over fear. To be brave in the face of untrue pressures from the no camp. I ask you to cast aside fear and vote yes to free you and your kin from a Government we know is corrupt and tells lies. I ask you to believe in your own people. Many I have said this to or spoken to about a free Scotland Government say “Ahh but our Government may be corrupt” I think we are speaking ill of our own people when we should not. I believe we Scots are better than that. Many STILL think 2014, September 18th is a vote for Alex Salmond, it is not, it is a simple yes or no. In a free Scotland we vote for Parties and manifestos in 2016

We must be brave Scotland, blood has spilled throughout our history to try and free us and here we are a month away from a chance to free ourselves and the only thing standing between Scotland and a prosperous future alone, IS A PEN! The pen you will use to tick the Yes box. I urge you to look round RIGHT NOW and look at your partner, I ask you to look now at your kids, I ask you now to think of Scotland. I plead with you to vote yes. We CAN go it alone, there is no need for Plan-A or Plan-B, all that will be sorted out in the 18 months between freedom and the vote to see who leads Scotland forward. I ask people who dislike Alex Salmond to understand Nicola Sturgeon may go for power one day. The point I am making is, we all die, Scotland never dies. At the front door to Edinburgh Castle we see William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Sometimes I stand and look at them here in Edinburgh and I can close my eyes and see the bloodshed against an army out to kill us.

Please be brave, be bold, be free, free yourself, free your family, free me, free us all. Scotland I think we can do this, but we need people to vote, we can’t have people thinking “Safe vote I need not” We must get up, rise up and say with the stroke of a pen, NO MORE CUTS TO SCOTTISH SECTORS

We can do this Scotland, so let’s go do this, smile and vote yes. We become rich, we can look after our own. We must cast aside fear of the unknown, UKIP are strong and unknown, I finish by asking, what would you rather gamble on? More Thatcherism and UKIP or a prosperous Scotland


Kindest Regards


Saorsa don Alba

Why ‘Gibraltar’s Pound’ proves Scotland can have it’s own currency

"1:1 with the UK pound = same value, same Quee

“1:1 with the UK pound = same value, same Queen

The argument about “Plan-B” regarding what currency Scotland WILL use when we ARE free from this Union of unfairness, for me is a simple one. Do not listen to lies, do not listen to fear. Gibraltar’s pound has the Queen of Britian and is worth exactly the same as the Pound Sterling. Of course when we are free there is NOTHING stopping us using the Royal Mint and using the UK pound. But the “Bank of Scotland” or “Government Of Scotland Pound” is very easy to do. JUST A REMINDER. On September 18th we ARE NOT voting for any political party or politician, September 18th is a simple yes/no vote. It PAINS me when even yesterday someone commented “I am voting no in September, I don’t like Salmond” I shook my head and heaved a heavy sigh. People are really still VERY uneducated on this vote. It is not an election, it is a referendum, it is a vote by the people on one question. Come 2016 we then vote for all the parties in a Free Scotland and their manifestos. It really is that simple.  So anyone wanting to scare Scottish people about our currency, rest assured we have till 2016 to keep the pound or do what Gibraltar did.

Hope Over Fear 

Remember this: This happened today:

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Scotland, we invented the World – Now let’s go and own our own!


There is a GREAT debate in Scotland just now, on September 18th we vote Aye or Naw be we in the Union of Britain or not. The polls are almost head for head. We need 50.1% and we are free from War, Nuclear Bombs, A Criminal Westminster and we get to actually for the first time ever get governed by a government we vote for. The Tories run the UK right now, but in reality and truth, there are more Pandas in Scotland than there are Conservative MP’s (Members Of Parliament) Sadly many vote no for selfish reasons, many vote for here and now. We must vote for 50/100/1,000 years into the future. We must give our future kin a chance to run Scotland in a modern World for the first time ever. Scotland is the most educated country on Earth, we invented almost everything. The video below explains as do the images below.

I simply ask my Scottish Kin, why do we need to be in a corrupt union of Peadophiles, Criminals, Liars, Power Hungry Eton boys, when we can run our own affairs and become the wealthiest nation on Earth? We produce more Scientists than any other country per populous. When I say this, and I don’t get it. American people get angry and petty. I am using this to ask SCOTTISH PEOPLE why should be free from a broken Union.

So Scotland, we build this modern World, lets go alone and build more 

Scottish people are renowned for being friendly and taking pride in their national identity.  The rest of the world’s view of Scotland tends to centre around stereotypical images of tartan, shortbread, haggis and Rabbie Burns. However, us Scots can also be inventive and industrious. Over the years, our innovations and talent have contributed no end to global culture.  Scotland has been home to some of the most renowned intellects in world history as well as many scientific breakthroughs and innovations. Here we celebrate our talents by looking at ten of the great discoveries and inventions that Scots deserve to take enormous pride in.

1) Television

John Logie Baird demonstrating his ‘televisor’ apparatus in 1926

Soaps, reality TV and live coverage of sporting events may not have ever been available in the comfort of our own homes without Scottish inventor John Logie Baird. On 26 January 1926, this Scotsman became the first person in the world to present a working television system. Just two years later, he gave the first demonstration of both colour and stereoscopic television to the world.

2) Irn Bru

A man from one of Barr’s famous adverts takes solace in a can of Irn Bru

Seen by many as Scotland’s ‘other national drink’, Irn Bru has become part of the country’s culture since its creation in Glasgow in 1901. With it’s 20 secret ingredients, E numbers galore and numerous artificial flavourings, this fizzy drink has become soft drinks business AG Barr’s biggest and most successful brand by far.

3) Penicillin

Alexander Fleming looking through a microscope

Ayrshire-born research scientist Alexander Fleming became the first to discover penicillin, a medicine that kills off bacteria in the body, after a series of improbable events in 1928. Fleming’s made his medical breakthrough following the discovery of a blue-green fungal mould growing in one of his culture dishes that had killed off the surrounding bacteria. This prompted the discovery of penicillin, one of the earliest and most commonly used antibiotics.

4) The flushing toilet

A car made from modern toilets

In 1775 Scottish watchmaker Alexander Cummings was the first to patent a design of the flush toilet system. Cummings invented the flush toilet S-trap, an S-curved water-piping which uses water to prevent odors making their way out of the sewer. This device is still in use today.

5) Fingerprinting

A freshly taken fingerprint – one of the key tools of modern policing

Dr. Henry Faulds discovered the secret to identifying criminals with the first form of noting fingerprints in 1880. The Scots surgeon, working in Japan at the time, published an article on his idea of recording fingerprints using ink. He was also credited as being the first to identify greasy fingerprints left on a glass alcohol bottle.

6) Hypnosis

Television’s Derren Brown, a modern day hypnotist

Dr James Braid is regarded by many as the ‘Father of Hynosis’ after coining the term in the 1840s. The Kinross-born physician came across hypnotism by experimenting with his wife, a friend, and a servant, instructing them to gaze steadily at an object while he induced them into a trance-like state. He later discovered that hypnotism was not just sleep induced, however it was too late to change the name as it was already recognised world-wide.

7) The Kaleidoscope

A boy seen through a kaleidoscope

Edinburgh based physicist Sir David Brewster created the kaleidoscope in 1816. The Scottish inventor arrived at the concept when he noticed patterns and colours were being recreated and reformed into new interesting arrangements while looking at the end of two mirrors. The name for Brewster’s invention came from the the Greek words meaning beautiful form watcher.

8) Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell demonstrating the telephone in New York in 1876

Scottish-born American scientist and inventor Alexander Graham Bell revolutionised world communications when he came up with the idea of a simple receiver that could turn electricity into sound in 1875. Other inventors were working on the same concept at around the same time, but it was Bell who was granted a patent for the first practical telephone on 7 March 1876.

9) Bicycles

Cyclists riding old bicycles in the 1960s

Dumfriesshire-born blacksmith Kirkpatrick MacMillan is believed to have invented the first pedal bicycle based on the idea of a hobby horse in 1839. Despite the extreme physical effort required to ride this creation, MacMillan mastered the art and regularly cycled the fourteen-mile journey to Dumfries on rough country roads. MacMillan never tried to profit from his invention, however others realised the potential and copies quickly began to appear.

10) The Bank of England

The Bank of England on Threadneedle Street

The Bank of England, the second-oldest central bank in the world, was proposed by Scottish trader and banker Sir William Paterson in the early 1690s. The Scotsman failed to further his notion and in 1694, Paterson’s ideas were acted upon by Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax.



















Exhibition 2 069


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