Police in Cameron Security Scare, proving Obama vote video was staged

Inquiry Call After PM's Collision

Inquiry Call After PM’s Collision

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Lets go back a week to this blog here, and video first.

Chicago man to Obama: ‘Don’t touch my girlfriend’ – Obama’s Security does ‘nothing’



Now I stated I believed the above video with Obama and Mike was ‘Staged’ ‘Set up’ to make Obama look like your ‘Average Dude’ No security detail ON EARTH would allow any man to say that, so close to the Worlds most powerful man (If you believe he is)

Now today. A guy out in London running got arrested for running NEAR David Cameron. I wish I was making this up. A man walks past Obam pointing and makes a threat, NOTHING. A man in London running IN A PARK towards a group of men in suits and is arrested. I hear from people in the area that the man was screaming “I am late for my bus, f*uck off” The video is below.

Scotland Yard has launched a security review after a member of the public appeared to collide with the Prime Minister in Leeds. Former close protection officers and MPs have also called for a full inquiry into David Cameron’s security arrangements after the runner was able to get close to him and members of his protection team as they left the city’s Civic Hall. Video footage shows the man, identified as Dean Farley, heading towards the group at speed while the Prime Minister visibly braces himself. Farley then appears to bump into Mr Cameron before security personnel step in and wrestle the dreadlocked 28-year-old out of the way. The PM appears to be alone for several moments before the team got him into a waiting car.

: Man Held After PM Security Alert

Man Held After PM Security Alert

Mr Farley, who is understood to have been on the way to a local gym, was briefly arrested. He has since been released without charge. He later posted on his Facebook page: “So im all over the news as ‘the protester that attacked david cameron in leeds’ yeah if you call brushing into someone while running then assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits attacking…” Speaking from her home in north Leeds, Mr Farley’s mother said she had spoken to him and he was “very upset by the whole situation”. West Yorkshire Police, which is taking part in the review by Met Police, said there was “nothing sinister” about the incident and it was “just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time”. 

A Downing Street spokesman said the PM “has gratitude and confidence in the protection teams who look after his security on a daily basis” and will “cooperate in full” with the Met review. After returning to London, Mr Cameron laughed off the collision as he appeared before MPs in the House of Commons. He said former deputy prime minister John Prescott, who once punched a protester who threw eggs at him, had been with him in the Civic Hall. The Prime Minister said: “John Prescott was in the room as I gave the speech. So as I left the room I thought the moment of maximum danger had probably passed. But clearly that wasn’t the case.”

But in the wake of last week’s attack at the Canadian parliament and with the UK terror threat level raised to severe, there are heightened concerns about the security of British dignitaries. Conservative MP Mark Pritchard told Sky News that a police inquiry must ensure “lessons are learned” from Monday’s incident. “The Met Police have some of the best close protection officers in the world. However, this was a clear breach of security and could have been far more sinister in outcome,” he said. Former diplomatic protection officer Steve Park also hit out at the PM’s security team, saying they took “their eye off the ball”.

Last week's attack at the Canadian parliament

Last week’s attack at the Canadian parliament has caused all leaders to be worried, sadly

They “should have been looking metres ahead expecting an attack like this, especially nowadays,” he said. “Had the attacker coming towards them had a knife or a pistol I think it could have been really grave for the Prime Minister.” Sky’s Home Affairs Correspondent Mark White said: “Maybe it does raise questions about the kind of security bubble you put around VIPs when they are put in the public like this. “But you can see from the video that it did happen very quickly, and the security personnel that were with the Prime Minister did react to pull this person away.”

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Live Steaming from Canada Shooting

More Locations are under attack!

More Locations are under attack!

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews


Ottawa is in lockdown as police search for up to three gunmen after one was reportedly shot dead inside Canada’s parliament building. Police told the AFP news agency that possibly up to three shooters were feared to be on the roof of the building in the capital. It came after a soldier guarding a nearby war memorial was wounded after shots were fired.  Shots have also now been reported at a hotel and a mall in the city. Armed forces bases across the country are being closed to the public in the aftermath of the shooting, according to CBC TV.

Shots In Canada Parliament

Shots In Canada Parliament

A construction worker at the parliament told the Reuters news agency he heard a gunshot, and then saw a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face running towards the building with a gun. Another witness said more than 30 shots were fired inside the building. Witness Marc-Andre Viau said he saw a man run into a caucus meeting at the parliament, chased by police who yelled “take cover.” This was followed by “10, 15, maybe 20 shots,” possibly from an automatic weapon, he said. Video footage posted by the Global and Mail newspaper showed police crouching for cover as they advanced along a stone hallway, with loud gunfire echoing among the gothic columns.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is safe and has left Parliament Hill.

Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary Centre North, tweeted: “Mom im okay Im in hiding.” Some people fled parliament by climbing down scaffolding erected for renovations, witnesses told the Canadian Press news agency. The cordon has been pushed back and media on the scene have been told they are not safe. Police have warned people in Ottawa to stay away from windows and roofs.  The wounded soldier, who was standing guard at the National War Memorial, has been taken away in an ambulance. The soldier appeared to be seriously wounded and medics were seen pushing on his chest to revive him. The shooting comes two days after an Islamic convert ran down two Canadian soldiers near Montreal, killing one of them. Authorities had raised the security threat level from low to medium after that incident.

Muslim Brotherhood has a ‘significant presence’ in Canada

I did that headline in this Article on May 27th. ISIS have been mentioned on Sky TV (The live stream above) http://shaunynews.com/2014/05/27/muslim-brotherhood-has-a-significant-presence-in-canada/ Was I right? is there a connection? I pray no more die 😦 Canada is under attack

More follows…


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Frankfurt authorities prepare for Ebola – Is it about to get bad?

Are we ready for Ebola? It's a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?

Are we ready for Ebola? It’s a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?

Some of the taxi drivers at Frankfurt Airport feel helpless against the disease

Some of the taxi drivers at Frankfurt Airport feel helpless against the disease

Ebola continues to rage in Africa. So far, the virus has claimed more than 1,500 lives in the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. But the deadly disease has stirred fears on the European continent as well, triggering a string of false alarms. With several airlines including British Airways and Air France cancelling flights to affected countries, European airports have been on the alert for weeks. As Germany’s biggest airport, Frankfurt has come under particular scrutiny. Over 58 million passengers pass through its sliding glass doors and terminals every year. The taxi drivers outside the airport’s international arrivals terminal are concerned that one of those passengers could be carrying the Ebola virus. “I often have a bad feeling about it,” one of them comments. “Every time I leave the airport here with passengers I always say: ‘May I ask where you’ve just come from?’ And then I can usually make up my own mind.” He says he has even considered wearing mouth protection. Two others say they have a duty to take people to where they need to go, and they don’t ask where people have just come from. “What can you do? That’s the way it is. We have to keep working,” says one, and takes a drag from his cigarette.

Emergency medical care

The taxi drivers have to depend on airport safety measures and on passengers from affected countries making sure they get checked for Ebola. But according to Bonn-based

René Gottschalk's team at the health authority meet daily to discuss Ebola measures

René Gottschalk’s team at the health authority meet daily to discuss Ebola measures

journalist Abu-Bakarr Jalloh, that is easier said than done. Jalloh recently returned from Freetown in Sierra Leone, where he had been in close contact with Ebola patients on a reporting assignment. He was feeling unwell and tried desperately to get a blood test to confirm he was Ebola-free. He was shocked by the response of medical staff.

“You go to the emergency clinic and you would sit there for hours and hours and tell them ‘Hey my case could be very serious, take it seriously.'” Even when he explained that he could be a carrier of the virus, he was told that emergency patients are the priority. “As long as you don’t look like you’re dying, you’re not a priority,” Jalloh said. Jalloh says the response he got to his case in Germany has made him think that “the measures that authorities in Europe and airliners are taking aren’t sufficient.”

Staff at the regional health authority in Frankfurt would surely disagree . Chief public health consultant René Gottschalk estimates that employees there have been spending around 30 percent of their time dealing with Ebola-related issues in recent weeks. Every day, Gottschalk and his team meet in the so-called “Ebola crisis management room” to prepare for a potential Ebola case. The team includes infectious disease specialists and a crisis management expert who liaises with the police and the fire brigade. The walls in the room are plastered with maps, health warnings and lists of emergency contacts, flight numbers and airports in Africa.

Of course, a large chunk of the Ebola-related work at the health authority currently consists of press requests regarding Frankfurt airport’s precautions. His team has been so overwhelmed that it has gone from answering individual requests to arranging larger-scale events for journalists. Gottschalk thinks that reporting on the disease hasn’t amounted to scare-mongering, but that the amount of reports has stoked fears. “People read, see and hear more than twice a day that Ebola is a problem in Germany. But it isn’t a problem.”

Red, yellow and green

Isolation ward 68 at Frankfurt's university hospital is prepared for Ebola patients

Isolation ward 68 at Frankfurt’s university hospital is prepared for Ebola patients

Gottschalk explains that there’s a clear procedure for the event that a passenger suspected of having Ebola comes to Frankfurt airport: The flight would land outside the airport grounds. Passengers on board would then be classified according to how likely they are to be carrying the virus, using a traffic light color-coding system.

“If a passenger is marked red, we will transport him directly from the aircraft to the university hospital. Passengers marked yellow will enter the airport in a specialized area. Only passengers marked green will enter the airport and travel on,” Gottschalk explains. The same marking procedure is used for other viral hemorrhagic fevers, such as Lassa fever, which are transmitted from person to person through bodily fluids rather than through the air. There was a suspected case of Ebola on a flight from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt on August 15, 2014. But the passenger had tested negative for Ebola before flying and was allowed to travel on after being examined on the plane. An elderly couple who had been on the same flight told DW they felt “the airport staff did a good job. We felt safe and had the feeling that they knew what they were doing.”

Isolating the virus

But if there were to be a case of the virus at the airport, an infected passenger would be taken directly to Frankfurt’s university hospital, for treatment in isolation ward 68. The two-bed ward there is sealed off from the rest of the hospital, using airlock doors and negative pressure in the room. Before entering, medical staff would put on sterile protective clothing, including an orange plastic overall, two pairs of gloves, rubber boots and head covering. A built-in hose blows filtered air into the hat and into the entire gown. That way, if the suit ripped, air would blow any potential bacteria out of the suit.

.Not a European battle

Timo Wolf, a consultant in infectious diseases who runs the ward, explains that doctors at the hospital train in the isolation ward every three months. Wolf says working in the gear is “very physically straining,” so staff need to

Staff in the isolation ward wear full-body protective gear

Staff in the isolation ward wear full-body protective gear

practice performing medical procedures in the full-body suits, which he says feel like hot, heavy, scuba-diving suits.

Such preparations are very necessary, Wolf believes. “I think it’s possible, if not likely, that in the next couple of weeks, we will be confronted with a suspected or maybe even a definite case of Ebola.” Frankfurt’s system is tried and tested, Wolf says. The ward has treated Lassa fever and had a SARS patient in 2003.

“I think that there’s no reason to be afraid of anything now in Europe. I think that in the long run, this game has to be won in Western Africa,” Wolf says

WHO warns of W Africa’s Ebola ‘shadow zones’

David Nabarro of the UN says WHO has a new plan to fight Ebola

David Nabarro of the UN says WHO has a new plan to fight Ebola

Families hiding infected loved ones and the existence of “shadow zones” where medics cannot go mean the West African Ebola epidemic is even bigger than thought, the World Health Organisation has said. Some 1,427 people have died among 2,615 known cases of the deadly virus in West Africa since the outbreak was first identified in March, according to new figures released by the WHO on Friday.  Under-reporting of cases is a problem especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone, currently the two countries hardest hit. “As Ebola has no cure, some believe infected loved ones will be more comfortable dying at home,” the WHO said in a statement detailing why the outbreak had been underestimated.

“Others deny that a patient has Ebola and believe that care in an isolation ward – viewed as an incubator of the disease – will lead to infection and certain death.”

Corpses are often buried without official notification. And there are “shadow zones”, rural areas where there are rumours of cases and deaths that cannot be investigated because of community resistance or lack of staff and transport. The WHO said it is now working with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce “more realistic estimates”. On Friday, the WHO said it had drawn up a draft strategy plan to combat the disease in West Africa, and details would be released early next week. David Nabarro, Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola, who was travelling with the WHO’s Fukuda in Liberia, said the strategy would involve ramping up the number of health workers fighting the disease. “It means more doctors, Liberian doctors, more nurses, Liberian nurses, and more equipment,” he said. “But it also means, of course, more international staff.”

Ballooning numbers

Despite initial assertions by regional health officials that the virus had been contained in its early stages, Ebola case numbers and deaths have ballooned in recent months as the outbreak has spread from its initial epicentre in Guinea. “We think six to nine months is a reasonable estimate,” Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Health Security, said during a visit to Liberia, speaking of the time the agency now believes will be required to halt the epidemic. An Ebola outbreak will be declared over in a country if two incubation periods, or 42 days in total, have passed without any confirmed case, a WHO spokesperson said.

World peace? These are the only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict


I often ask “Name a country not in War, at War or in Civil War” And here is the answer, 11 Countries! This means WWIII happening? How many were not at War in WWII? That is the Question

With the crisis in Gaza, the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria and the international stand-off ongoing in Ukraine, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is at war. But experts believe this is actually almost universally the case, according to a think-tank which produces one of the world’s leading measures of “global peacefulness” – and things are only going to get worse.

It may make for bleak reading, but of the 162 countries covered by the Institute for Economics and Peace’s (IEP’s) latest study, just 11 were not involved in conflict of one kind or another.

Worse still, the world as a whole has been getting incrementally less peaceful every year since 2007 – sharply bucking a trend that had seen a global move away from conflict since the end of the Second World War.

The UK, as an example, is relatively free from internal conflict, making it easy to fall to thinking it exists in a state of peace. But recent involvement in foreign fighting in the likes of Afghanistan, as well as a fairly high state of militarisation, means Britain actually scores quite poorly on the 2014 Global Peace Index, coming 47th overall.

Then there are countries which are involved in no actual foreign wars involving deaths whatsoever – like North Korea – but which are fraught by the most divisive and entrenched internal conflicts.

The IEP’s findings mean that choices are slim if you want to live in a completely peaceful country. The only ones to achieve the lowest score for all forms of conflict were Switzerland, Japan, Qatar, Mauritius, Uruguay, Chile, Botswana, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Panama and Brazil. 

 So South America really is not at War, the rest of the World is!


Israel has changed bar code to avoid boycott! Please share


Many people had stopped buying ANYTHING with a barcode starting 729, so Israel have changed it to 871, if you don’t want to support Israel in their Genocide of Palestine, don’t buy with this bar code. The old one is below

OLD Israeli bar code

**BREAKING NEWS** Shelling of UN-run school in Gaza by Israel “totally unacceptable & indefensible” – USA


America, the white house have made a statement AGAINST Israel, they say the bombing of UN School was “totally unacceptable & indefensible” This is a “WOW” Moment, the USA saying Israel is wrong! The US has said that civilian casualties in Gaza are “too high”, and called on Israel to do more to protect civilian life. “The Israelis need to do more to live up to their very high standards… for protecting civilian life,” a Pentagon spokesman said. The UN has also criticised Israel over the worsening situation in Gaza, saying people there are “facing a precipice”. Some 425,000 Palestinians have been displaced by fighting, the UN says. But lets not pretend here, the USA is calling Israel wrong here but is and will sell more war to Israel, this is the Irony!

Meanwhile a senior Israeli official told the BBC that the army had “neutralised” 70 to 80% of Hamas’ offensive tunnel network. Israel says it will not stop its operation in Gaza until all the tunnels – which militants use to infiltrate Israeli territory – have been destroyed. Since Israel began its offensive in Gaza on 8 July, 1,400 Palestinians have been killed, most of them civilians, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. It said 173 people had been killed within the past 24 hours. Some 58 Israelis have been killed, 56 soldiers and two civilians. A Thai worker in Israel has also died.


Israeli Crowd Chants: ‘No school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left Gaza is a graveyard’

Israel people sing about death

Israel people sing about death

In all the articles and blogs and Audio blogs I have done, this article here is the hardest to take. I blogged a few weeks ago about people in Israel having ‘Bombing Parties’

Here’s what’s going on in Israel amongst the people. A racist chant has emerged amongst right wing nationalists, mocking the deaths of Gazan civilians… specifically children. The chant has lines like: ‘Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left.’” Sounds like they support “self-defence” IDF style. The video below shows a racist Israeli mob singing these lyrics celebrating the deaths of Gaza’s children. The tune follows typical soccer fan chants, but the lyrics are much more disturbing and cold-hearted: “In Gaza there’s no studying, No children are left there, Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé.”

The words of the repulsive song have been translated to English

Tibi – Ahmed Tibi
I wanted you to know
The next kid to be hurt will be your kid
I hate Tibi
I hate Tibi the terrorist.
Tibi – is dead!
Tibi – is dead!
Tibi – is dead!

Tibi is a terrorist.
Tibi is a terrorist.
Tibi is a terrorist.

They’ll take their papers away.
They’ll take their papers away.
They’ll take their papers away.
Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé
In Gaza there’s no studying
No children are left there,
Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé,

[Three lines, not entirely clear]

Who is getting nervous, I hear?
Zoabi, this here is the Land of Israel
This here is the Land of Israel, Zoabi
This here is the Land of the Jews
I hate you, I do, Zoabi
I hate all the Arabs.
Gaza is a graveyard
Gaza is a graveyard
Gaza is a graveyard
Gaza is a graveyard


Bomb Parties in Comfort




Israeli people gather to watch the bombings



These deaths were caused by a lie, why are there still bombs?


Does this say a lot about Israel at Government level or it’s people?




As the World watches Gaza in horror, USA Congress fall over each other to support Israel



As I said, it seems American’s are more Pro-Israel than ANY other nation on Earth, including Israel itself! https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/why-are-americans-more-pro-israel-than-any-other-nation/ I ask why American’s support Israel, I ask why people do blindly. Many have a go at me and others for telling the TRUTH! about the Genocide Israel is doing to the Palestinians and when I get a hard time I simply ask questions. I either get abused then blocked or blocked. I will tell you why this is, BECAUSE NOT ONE AMERICAN CAN DEFEND ISRAEL NOR DEBATE ABOUT WHY THEY SIDE WITH ISRAEL! They do it blindly, not all Americans, the Pro-Israel people. Now look what the USA Congress are doing. I have no words for you America. I know many demonstrate against Israel in America, but why all this financial support and blind support?



WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats and Republicans in Congress vowed urgent support Tuesday for a $225 million missile defense package for Israel, boosting the likelihood that legislation will clear Congress before lawmakers begin a monthlong vacation at week’s end. “Let’s stop playing games,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., calling the assistance a necessity for the “life-or-death struggle Israel faces.” Graham and other supporters made their comments as Israel unleashed its heaviest bombardment yet in the four-week war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. At least 1,200 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 100 Tuesday, according to Palestinian health officials. Israel has reported more than 50 soldiers and three civilians killed.

Amid a daily barrage of Palestinian rocket fire, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system has been credited with knocking hundreds of missiles out of the sky. While the Obama administration has pressed for a cease-fire, it also has backed Israel’s desire to replenish its missile defense stockpiles. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel extended Israel’s request to Congress last week. Despite Graham’s admonition, neither Republicans who control the House nor Democrats who command a Senate majority have yet to announce plans for a vote on a stand-alone bill on the issue.

In the House, majority Republicans unveiled a measure to cope with an influx of younger immigrants reaching the United States illegally from Central America, and said funds for Israel would be handled in a separate bill that has yet to be made public. At the White House, press secretary Josh Earnest expressed disappointment at the lack of funding for Israel in the House measure. In the Senate, Democrats have combined money for Israel, border security and wildfire assistance into one measure. But Republicans oppose it because of a disagreement over provisions relating to the immigrants now flooding into the country from the south. Despite the apparent deadlock, there were signs of willingness to compromise.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he was prepared to consider a stand-alone bill providing money for Israel. Across the Capitol, numerous Republican aides said the House would likely pass any legislation the Senate approves on the subject. Despite the potential for compromise on missile defense, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell implicitly criticized the Obama administration for efforts to arrange a ceasefire he said would be imposed on Israel and reward Hamas for a “campaign of terror.” “I support any effort which brings this campaign to an end in a manner that increases Israel’s security,” McConnell said Tuesday. “That means that Hamas cannot be left with a large stockpile of missiles and rockets, cannot be left with infiltration tunnels — they must be destroyed. Hamas cannot be allowed to aggressively rest, refit and build up weapons stockpiles.”

Gaza Conflict ‘Is Like An Endless Horror Film’ – Reports Sky News

A Palestinian mourns during a funeral in Khan Younis, southern Gaza

A Palestinian mourns during a funeral in Khan Younis, southern Gaza

Sky News is the World biggest news station and they are showing signs of ‘Empathy’ for the people in Palestine. For the Worlds biggest news outlet to do this is a total shock to me and it comes on the back of UK’s channel 4 Anchor Jon Snow telling the World about what the people in Gaza are going through. Slowly the media is shifting to ‘Feelings for Palestine’ but no hatred for Israel, well not that they say, but a few times you can tell they have wanted to say something. This was the Channel 4 video by Jon Snow. For the first time ever, we are seeing the World slowly, almost, turn against Israel, and I say it’s about time, and the majority of the World will agree. I have said before in my experience that it seems Bible belt Americans are more prone to be Pro-Israel with an Evil I met once but left, they actually would rather Israel nuked us rather than admit Israel is wrong. America is a tiny 4.5% of the Worlds Population, China has 25%, Russia 19% and India at 21.5% make up over half the 7 Billion people on the planet. I don’t think the World is going to sit back and allow USA 4.5%, UK 1% and Israel 0.3% = 5.8% of the World dictating how the World is policed. seeing what I am seeing, reading, listening to about this latest Genocide, I can’t see the World sitting back too much longer and allowing below 6% of the Earth’s population to dictate how we all live or go to war. The World in my view is about to change. People have had enough. When you now realise how small the USA/UK/Israel are, it makes you wonder how 3 countries can dictate so much

Sky’s Sherine Tadros says “the resistance” in Gaza shows no sign of abating, with plenty of support from those living in misery.

“Stay safe,” people keep telling us.

“Where?” I always reply.

One of the harsh realities of this war is that there seem to be no red lines or boundaries. People here are locked inside a tiny, cramped territory while the Israeli army bombs their homes, businesses, schools and hospitals. Some 23,160 buildings have been damaged in the past three weeks, including 560 houses that were specifically targeted, according to the Health Ministry. Most of the time there is no electricity, so at night you can only listen to what’s happening around you in the dark. Parents watch as their children die, children watch as their parents die – it’s like a horror film. The hardest part is how to convey the emotion and explain the events you are witnessing to people who live thousands of miles away and have likely never been to Gaza.  How do you do the story justice, remaining calm and fair? Journalists are obsessed with the idea of balance, but what throws us off is that this is not an equal battle. Israel says it is defending its civilians from rockets indiscriminately fired at them and underground tunnels used to infiltrate and kill soldiers. Hamas says it is defending their civilians from an Israeli imposed siege that has strangled Gaza and affects every part of daily life.

Smoke rises from the Gaza Strip after an Israeli shelling

Smoke rises from the Gaza Strip after an Israeli shelling

The sad reality is that this war will likely end with Israel keeping Gaza under a blockade, which means Hamas will continue to resist – if not with rockets then tunnels, if not with tunnels then something else. And if it’s not Hamas it will be another group. The violence will continue as long as there is a cause. Covering this war has been just as devastating as in 2008/9, the last time Israel launched a ground assault and I was inside Gaza. Back then, people felt they were paying the price for a battle between Hamas and Israel. This time, after seven years of living under siege, many sound hopeless and support Hamas (they call it “the resistance”) because they feel there is no other way to end the misery they are living in. My parents tell me stories of going on holiday to Gaza when they were young.

It has a beautiful coastline and when the drones and jets are quiet you can hear the waves crashing on the beach. But the last few years of the blockade have been especially tough and Gaza is now a ghetto of 1.8 million people with many living in refugee camps surrounded by bombed out buildings. Yesterday, at a UN school turned shelter, a woman asked me where I was from. “Egypt,” I replied, expecting her to lecture me about the country’s complicity in the siege and how much she hates Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi. But instead she said in a strong, sad voice: “Take me back with you.” It’s simple really: people in Gaza, like elsewhere in the world, just want a chance to live with dignity.

By Sherine Tadros, Middle East Correspondent, in Gaza City

By Sherine Tadros, Middle East Correspondent, in Gaza City