Day 351 Bible Reading Plan – “Living the Truth Out”

One of the most significant battles we will face in this life is the battle of the mind as we war within and try to defeat sin. But next to that chief battle is the need to be wise regarding the influence of people around us that can pull us away from devotion to God. God’s people need to recognize and resist corruption in order to carry out the mission they have from God. Moses provided a battle plan on how to resist corruption as he handed over the leadership to Joshua.

Day 351 Bible Reading Plan – “Living the Truth Out”

Building: Community Part 2 3/22

The Church is not a building! We are a community of believers, the children of God, and it is time that we showed the World that truth, by being the Church of the Living God to our communities. I am sure you have heard that the Church is to be the hands and feet of God.  Now is the time to be His Voice, to show His love and reach out to your neighbor, to let them know that you are there in this time of tribulation and turmoil. To speak peace, calmness, faith, and trust in the Lord God Almighty.

Building: Community Part 2 3/22

10 Powerful Prayers for Everyone Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis

In Christ, you are approved and qualified. He has you here for such a time as this.

He’s leading you in the good plan He has in store for you!

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10 Powerful Prayers for Everyone Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis
• Beth Ann Baus Contributor

COVID-19 is doing more than threatening our physical health, for many, it’s affecting their mental and emotional health as well.

The coming months will likely be full of disappointment, sacrifice, and mourning. But, as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can also look to the months ahead and anticipate joy, personal growth, and new opportunities to live out our faith.

With that being said, the best thing we can do right now is to pray.
Below are 10 prayers for those affected by COVID-19 (which is all of us!). Use these prayers as a guide to praying for yourself, but don’t forget that being others-focused is a constant theme throughout scripture, and should be a constant theme in the lives of all Christ-followers.

Please let these prayers be a reminder of what others are going through during this time. Let’s take each other’s burdens before the throne of God!

For all of us affected by COVID-19, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” (Romans 15:13)

1. For the Isolated
Father God,
I have never felt so alone. I could never have imagined facing something like this on my own and I’m afraid. Please remind me that you are with me. Allow me to feel your presence. Remind me that, as your child, you have not given me a spirit of fear. Remind me that I can trust you with whatever may come. Lord, this isolation is overwhelming. I know I could pick up the phone and call someone, but I don’t want to be a burden. Please help me to have concern for others above myself. I know I’m not the only one feeling lonely, give me the courage to reach out and offer encouragement to others.

2. For Those Asking, “God Are You there?”
I’ve never really talked to you before. Are you there? Can you hear me? I know people who claim to know you and they don’t seem as afraid as I do. I don’t want to be so afraid. If I knew that you were real, I would want to trust in you. Would you help me to believe? If you’re real, would you open my eyes and heart to you? Would you give me faith to believe in you and trust you? While I’m stuck at home, would you please guide me to online sources where I can learn more about you? I want to know you’re real and I want to know the comfort that you give to your people.

3. For Those Infected
Father God,
I never imagined that I would get this virus. I trust you, but I confess I’m afraid of the unknown. I don’t know how bad my symptoms will get, and I hate knowing I might have infected other people before I knew I was sick. You are the Great Physician, and so I pray for healing. I pray I don’t end up in the hospital and I pray that I didn’t spread this to other people. Give me the courage to face the day. Give me the self-discipline to rest and take care of my body while I’m recovering. Help me to praise you, even in this storm. Help me to glorify you with my attitude even in this trial. Help me to spread hope, not fear. Remind me that while I don’t know what my future holds, I know who holds my future.

4. For the Frustrated
I am so frustrated. I want to make sure I have what my family needs during this time. I see people not taking this pandemic seriously, and I see other people hoarding supplies so that others can’t get what they need. Help me with my attitude towards these people. Help me to hold my tongue on social media, to be a light and an encourager, not a sharp-tongued slanderer. Remind me that we all want to keep our families safe, and we all react differently to fear. Remind me to pray for those who are causing frustration, not to be angry with them. Help me to be an example by following the guidelines set forth by our authorities, and also by putting the needs of others before my own by offering to help my neighbours if they are in need.

5. For Those Who Live in Fear
Father God,
I don’t even have words for what I’m feeling. My stomach is tied up in knots, my thoughts are skipping so fast I can’t keep up. I’m exhausted but I can’t rest. My dreams at night are as stressful as my thoughts during the day. Excessive hand-washing has left my skin raw. Social distancing has left me feeling more alone than ever. I could call a friend, but I’m afraid they won’t understand. I need help. Please help me to calm down. Help me to stay focused on You. Help me to not be afraid. I feel paralyzed. Please take this feeling from me and give me courage, strength, and an unwavering trust in You.

6. For the Parent
I admit I fear the unknown. I fear how others will act during this time of uncertainty, how long this will last, and not knowing what the world will look like for my children when this is over. Father, calm my heart. Help me to trust you. Please keep my children safe from this virus. Please allow me to stay healthy so that I can take care of them. Help me to rest at night, so that I have energy and clarity of mind. Keep me focused on you, so that I can fill my children with encouragement and not panic. Help us to not grow weary of one another while we’re home together for who knows how long. Show me how to make the most of this time and disciple my children with a new urgency.

7. For the Newly Unemployed
Father God,
You are our provider. Everything we have comes from You. But right now I feel like everything is being taken from me. I’ve been laid off from work, and if I can’t make money, how will we pay our bills? How will I feed my family? I’m usually the strong one, but even I feel anxiety now. Please be with us. Please help me to point my family to you, even though I feel so lost and confused. Help me to demonstrate trust in you to my family. Give me the discipline to lead my family in worship since we can’t gather with our church family. Give me peace. Use this time to help us learn new things about each other, about ourselves, and you. I trust you. Help me to demonstrate that to my family so that they feel safe during this crazy time.

8. For the Business Owners
My business was booming just a week ago, and now no customers are walking through the door. I’m feeling the weight of having to make decisions that will affect my employees. I may have to lay off some of my workers. They all have families and bills to pay. I feel so helpless. Please give me wisdom as I make these tough decisions. Please give me compassion as I have these tough conversations with my employees. Help me to be an example to them, to show them that I trust you to provide for us even in these dark times. I don’t know what that will look like, but I believe it to be true. Father, give us courage as we face uncertainties and above all, I pray I glorify you in my response to this crisis.

9. For our Healthcare Workers
I’m exhausted. There are so many people relying on me, and I’m not sure I can be stretched any thinner. I honestly didn’t know I could keep going on such little sleep, so I give you praise for keeping me going! Please, Lord, keep me safe. Keep me healthy so that I can continue caring for the sick. I ask that you protect all the healthcare workers. We need them to be healthy and available. I know that you are the great physician. You are the healer. I ask that you would put your healing hand on our patients. I ask that you would work through us to give them the best care possible. Give us strength when we are weak, endurance to push through the long hours, and tongues that offer hope and compassion to these people who are sick and scared. Some of our patients won’t survive this virus. Lord, don’t let us become numb. Allow us to mourn with those who mourn, but also give us the strength to keep going, to keep working. Give us opportunities to share the hope that is found in you. Help us not to be afraid. Remind us to praise you in this storm.

10. For Our Church Leaders
Father God,
This virus is presenting new challenges every day. The emotions and attitudes of those in our church family are varied. Some are more afraid than others, some are more prone to anxiety than others, some run towards danger with no thought of the consequences. Lord, as a church leader, give me wisdom as I talk with and encourage your people. Give me the clarity to see the needs of the people. Please allow your Spirit to guide me and to speak through me as I offer hope and point them to you. Show me ways to keep our body connected during this time of social distancing. I praise you that we live in a time with technology that allows us to stay connected, yet I know many of our members still feel isolated and alone. Lord, give us eyes to see the needs. I ask that you equip your people to offer hope during this time, not panic. I pray that you would use your church to advance your kingdom, to be examples of your great love and to be ready to explain the hope we have in you.
Father God, there are so many people to pray for during this time. So many needs, so many requests. This can seem so overwhelming to us as your church. Remind us that you can hear all the prayers, you can see all the needs, and you are a provider. Lord, as we face these uncertain times, may you use this time to grow us in our faith and understanding of you. May you use this time to remind us of our mortality and eternity. Life is short. Remind us that we should live our lives ready to meet you at our appointed time and while we fear the unknown, we have the assurance of salvation. We praise you, Lord, for Your goodness, your mercy, and your love. We know the COVID-19 outbreak did not surprise you. We know you are sovereign, even over this. Let that truth give us comfort, and may you give us opportunities to share that comfort with others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Happiness happens when we are grateful of what we had and never lose count on every blessings.💥💥

What you think is the ultimate blessing, God showing out in your life, you haven’t seen anything yet.

That’s just a step in what God is about to do

He has levels you’ve never fathomed, opportunities far and beyond what you can imagine.

You may have seen His blessings in the past. You can say, like me, that God’s been good to you, but you haven’t touched the surface of what He has in store.

The scripture says, “We haven’t seen, heard, or imagined the amazing things God has for those that love Him”! Share this with someone you love and be blessed!

My Lord 😔🕊

We don’t always realize there’s a weight that comes with favor, a weight that comes with influence. 🕊

If you’re not prepared for it, the favor won’t be a blessing; it will be a burden.🕊

We have to pass some tests before God will trust us with the weight of glory. 🕊

Nothing happens by accident.🕊

Your steps are being ordered by the Lord.🕊

The delays, the disappointments, the bad breaks, those are tests.🕊

Will you be good to people that are not good to you? 🕊

Will you stay in faith when things happen that you don’t understand! 🕊


Shalom my Lord 👑

Humanity 😔

Our minds have been poisoned and our accepted beliefs are unnatural and artificial. Every person’s true identity is beautiful, and much of the ugliness we observe in others was put inside of them by external influences. We all know the true beauty of people everywhere, because we have all looked into the eyes of children, and saw ourselves looking back. When someone is suffering, there is a deep, visceral reaction in the core of our being, a flood of empathy and a frightfully desperate compulsion to give aid. When we see a person in physical crisis laying with a broken body and their blood pouring out, our deepest, most urgent instinct is to rush to them, and put our hands upon their wounds and comfort them. When someone is emotionally upset and crying, nothing is right in our world. Our truest nature is to be helpful to others, and to protect and unconditionally love them. We care about people, and delight in seeing others happy and safe. We see this on a large scale in the aftermath of a catastrophe; the world population is deeply touched by the images of suffering, and many rushes to help financially or in person when there is a tsunami or earthquake. When we see someone laughing, our spirits rise, and the laughter comes pouring into our souls, and we find ourselves helplessly smiling. When we witness someone commit an act of kindness or selflessness, our emotions are stirred and we are touched by the high, noble spirit of what we know is the greatest truth – that we care about others, and delight in seeing others happy and safe.

When we see people without their basic needs being met, who are living in squalor and poverty, a part of us looks down in shame, with the quiet knowing that things are not right in the world. We feel shameful about these disparities in quality of life because we know that there are enough resources for everyone. We know that when we allow abusiveness toward people, creatures, or the environment, we abuse the one hope that we could be responsible, good stewards of justice, and have high human comportment. The lowest human choice form is careless and selfish, but the high human choice form is the touch of graceful leadership toward all that is good and safe. The highest human choice of thought-form is God’s, unconditional love!


#Ace says …….Thou Shalt NOT Kill ……

Hello Readers ……I’m back with what will seem a very different understanding of what this really means and the affect or is it effect is has on the way we act out in our life before and after but …..there’s more ……

Now lets start with the word THOU God was talking in the sense of a question but look at how it sounds THOU could be saying if you do this could or might be the consequences ….so God gives us a WARNING over the future but ……..there’s more ……

Seek and you will find, now that’s a question or once again an answer to the true meaning of the word of God …..we are told he moves in mysterious ways ……..but doesn’t everything we say have a double meaning bar a single word ….AND God is the word and the word is GOD but …….there’s more ……

Lets return now to what we kill ….when we break this commandment we kill the ‘ Word of God ‘ we corrupt it so we are told and in corruption their is EVIL intent and with INTENT comes HATE & PAIN but …..there’s more …….

Who RECEIVES the PAIN first is it someone else or the GUILT that the one who inflicts the PAIN suffers first and the one who the PAIN has been inflicted upon suffers in silence OR plans revenge ….so in the end brother fights brother and eventually without warning it goes too far and someone gets KILLED but …..there’s more ……..

So if we return to the BEGINNING of what was said and we reverse everything inside OURSELVES we find that its either a QUESTION & ANSWER all rolled into one but ……..there’s more …….

Its not the KILLING but the affect/effect that the ACT of DAMAGING someone or something in creation ….end up causing a situation that may become IRREVERSIBLE in the END as in the BEGINNING but …….there’s more ………..

But NO MORE for today …so Friends, Followers & Readers so until next time God Bless ….Amen


You never compromise your integrity by biting your lip and refusing to say what you truly think and feel.

Live A Great Life The only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have done and what we might have been on the one hand, and the things we have done and the things we have made of ourselves on the other.—H. G. Wells The Law of Correspondence is perhaps the most important of all laws in determining your success or failure in life. As we’ve dis- cussed in previous chapters, this law says that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. It says that whatever you are on the inside, you will soon […]

You never compromise your integrity by biting your lip and refusing to say what you truly think and feel.

The World Needs Peace ⚜

⚜I would be deeply humbled if everybody rising our blog that believes in the power of prayer would stop what you’re doing, just take a minute, and post this.

“Lord, we need You!

Please sweep through this nation and heal this land.

Restore our strength, renew our minds, and cast out anything that’s not of You.

In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray, Amen.”
Pray for our world 🌎 🙏

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