World has gone ‘PC’Crazy as Shia LaBeouf called a paedophile for what was sociably acceptable 20 years ago

Maddie Ziegler and Shia-LaBeouf

Maddie Ziegler and Shia-LaBeouf

By @ShaunyNews Via My words, Music video’s and a movie that won awards for far worse! Also I have been keeping tracks on the UK/USA Sex Scandal involving TV Personalities, Politicians and Royalty on my Blogs So I expose the bad stuff, the perverts and beasts, this video is not that!

This is the internet at it’s worst. 20 years ago NOTHING would have been said about this, but the PC being the PC and the people on it having to moan and complain every 2 minutes we see this video of 2 actors for a music video and everyone jumps on the ‘Hate’ bandwagon. Remember this movie here? This was ok pre-Internet world

Lolita (1997) Trailer
Via Lula Belle on You Tube

Lolita, commonly shortened to loli, is a cute child (or child-like) character in anime or manga. There are loli in virtually all series that get published as that particular character archetype generally becomes the most popular. The term “Lolita” originated from author Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel Lolita (NOT from a manga, for God’s sake), which was of an older man who had a relationship with a child nicknamed Lolita.

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 1999

CFCA Award
Most Promising Actress
Dominique Swain

MTV Movie Awards 1999

MTV Movie Award
Best Kiss
Jeremy Irons
Dominique Swain

National Board of Review, USA 1998

NBR Award
Top Ten Films

Online Film & Television Association 1999

OFTA Film Award
Best Youth Performance
Dominique Swain

Young Artist Awards 1999

Young Artist Award
Best Performance in a TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series or Series – Leading Young Actress
Dominique Swain

YoungStar Awards 1999

Young Star Award
Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Mini-Series/Made for TV Film
Dominique Swain

21585554_main_zoom.jpegAs you can see the movie won a ton of awards, this was 1999, 16 years on due to the Internet bandwagon of hatred these things are no longer acceptable. For me it’s a music video, it is art, the young girl is an actor playing a part with Shia LaBeouf, nothing more, nothing less. What you see above with ‘Lolita’ is a movie where a 40 year old man falls deeply in love with a 14 year old girl. At this period in our species existence, it was allowed. But thanks to porn and the internet Shia LaBeouf will be getting called all sorts of names. The World has gotten too PC too quickly and people jump on bandwagons. Can I see where people are coming from? Of course, but in reality it is acting. I added ‘Lolita’ to show how much our world has changed over the years. When ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax’ music video was not allowed, we look at some music videos now and it is almost porn. In-fact in many cases the video to the music is porn.

Eric Prydz – Call On Me
Via Embassy One on You Tube

Scooter – Nessaja
Via SteveAATW on You Tube

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty ft. Redman
Via CAguileraVEVO on You Tube

Now ‘Relax’ From Frankie goes to Hollywood, banned for years on UK TV

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Uncensored Music Video) (1984)
Via 80sFlashbackVideos on You Tube


THE paedophile debate is raging once more on Twitter after a video showing Shia LaBeouf scrambling around with a dishevelled 12-year-old for a music video. The troubled 28-year-old wrestles and fight in a cage with Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler featuring in the new promo for the singer Sia’s track Elastic Heart. Sia had already predicted the paedophile criticism for the video, and true to form, Twitter exploded in conservative LaBouf bashing. “I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ cries for this video,” said the Chandelier singer. “All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘Sia’ self states.

The dancer also appeared in Sia’s Chandelier video. In the video for Elastic Heart, shelooks a little worse for wear, wearing a fringed blonde wig and skin-coloured leotard as she goes stir crazy within the cage of her mind

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)
Via SiaVEVO on You Tube

Sia admits, she’s a bit taken aback by the level of outcry: “I apologize to those who feel triggered by Elastic Heart, my intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.”


The stars of the video can be seen climbing up the cage, wrestling, play-fighting and jumping on each other in ‘artistic scenes’ with Shia topless and also wearing flesh-coloured clothing. At one point, he is seen gently touching her hair as the pair lie on the ground before he places one hand on her shoulder and she quickly jumps up and darts off. Twitter users took to the social media site to slam the video, with one writing: “Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video is disgusting. Desperation of Maddie’s mom for her daughters fame and Sia’s leftover brain cells from drugs.”


Hollywood actor Shia, who appeared in the sexually explicit film Nymphomaniac ,classes himself as a meta-modernism and is known for being controversial. He also alleged he was raped by a woman during his ‘#IAMSORRY’ art exhibition last year. Elastic Heart has already clocked up more than three million hits on YouTube after appearing on Vevo. Another outraged viewer posted on Twitter: “So this sia video is disgusting and inappropriate for a 12 year old.”


Towards the end of the video, during a minute of silence, Shia is seen grasping for Maddie through the bars and she tries to pull him through and is visibly upset.

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Erosion of free speech? David Cameron pledges to ban Snapchat and WhatsApp

Our freedom's are being taken slowly

Our freedom’s are being taken slowly

By @ShaunyNews Via:

PM David Cameron may block encrypted messaging platforms Snapchat and WhatsApp if the Conservatives win May’s general election, as part of the party’s agenda to bolster surveillance powers following last week’s terror attacks in Paris. During a meeting with Britain’s security chiefs, the Prime Minister pledged to halt the use of communications platforms that can withstand snooping from security services who are in possession of a warrant.

Such software applications focus on popular messaging and social networking apps that deploy encryption techniques to protect users data. WhatsApp, Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, which encrypt information in this manner, could all be targeted by the Conservatives’ proposed policy. Cameron also pledged to revive the Tories’ much-criticized “snoopers charter” to aid security officials in monitoring online activity.



In April 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled against the introduction of the Snooper’s Charter, warning it would culminate in privacy rights violations. The Court outlined a more moderate data retention program that would aid criminal investigations. But in early July it emerged the government was seeking to push through emergency legislation, which would flout the Court’s judgment and re-legislate for the blanket retention of data.

The snooper’s charter subsequently caused a rift in government, however, after it was blocked by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the grounds it posed a risk to civil liberties. Home Secretary Theresa May accused the Liberal Democrats of “outrageous irresponsibility” for blocking the legislation at the time. Speaking on Monday, Cameron asked whether a platform of communication that is inaccessible by state authorities is wise.

In a climate of heightened mass surveillance, firms such as WhatsApp have remained determined to continue offering encrypted services. Public awareness about the importance of encryption mushroomed in the aftermath of former NSA computer analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden’s disclosures on NSA and GCHQ mass snooping. Civil liberties groups warn attempts to limit the use of privacy tools under the auspices of protecting national security are a violation of citizens’ privacy rights. Privacy rights advocates say encrypted platforms are important tools for campaigners and activists.

NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

In October 2014, Parker Higgern, an activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, emphasized the importance of maintaining such privacy tools in an era of mass surveillance. “It’s essential that the use of encryption, anonymization techniques, and other privacy practices is not deemed a suspicious activity,” he said. “Rather, it must be recognized as an essential element for practicing freedom of speech in a digital environment.” Campaigners say encryption can also help victims of criminal activity and those in oppressive regimes to remain safe and secure.

Ron Paul was of course correct

Ron Paul was of course correct

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(The Alleged) Hollie Greig Cover up – Westminster Peadophile Den/Expenses Scandal

get-attachment-3DISCLAIMER – Before I share images and type words and share what I know, I must first say all this is hearsay, speculation and untrue as things stand today. 

These views are not mine and I have no intention of claiming they are my views – I am here to share what I have researched with anyone wishing to research themselves

The links below are two articles I did on what ‘seems’ to have been and may well still be a peadophile ring involving members of the British Political establishment, TV Stars and perhaps others in famous circles. I am not claiming for one second any of this is true but what I am doing is asking what the thoughts of my readers are on this story. I would appreciate you leave a comment on the blog so we can keep all the replies and PERHAPS  things others want to share. The Disclaimer applies ONLY TO ME. Should you want to add something to this article, please do so at your own risk. I am speculating on what ‘seems’ to be a mountain of evidence. The Catholic Church are involved also and if you dig long and hard enough you will see more, SO I HAVE BEEN READING. I can’t prove any of this, I can only share my research from my chair where I as a disabled person sit and have time to research for days/weeks on any given story. Also I am a severally disabled person. I take strong medication and I use voice recognition for much of what I do. I repeat, none of this has been proven to be true, I am suggesting only that they may be. As a citizen of Britain, a democratic society I have the right to ask questions, the same questions people asked for ME TO GET THIS INFORMATION. This is 2nd hand information I could readily find on the internet with a proper search

Should you ever need to check if there is anyone on the Sex Offenders List in your area or any area in the UK, you can legally do so here:

Alleged, but PLEASE. Google and you will find other media outlets ran the story, not just the People

Alleged, but PLEASE. Google and you will find other media outlets ran the story, not just the People

The Bard Communications office website is very strange and I have 5 PDF Files from their office dated 21st September 1961


List of religious leaders convicted of crimes

L Ron Hubbard makes an appearance here

This is his section in the document:

Make of this what you will. I had to share this. I had the PDF for years and. well, better minds than I may see something else 


The Hollie Greig Cover up


From what I have read and it is very hard to read anything on Hollie Greig that anyone can say “Truth” So again, hearsay. Robert Green I can see tried to expose the story and wasn’t allowed to.  I can share this below. From what I can find, this is the only video of Robert Green speaking about Hollie and her supposed ‘Abuse’

Robert Green: Hollie Demands Justice campaigner jailed today in Scotland.

Posted on 17. Feb, 2012

Press Release from the Hollie Demands Justice Website

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign very much regrets the decision today of the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven to deprive Robert Green of his Liberty.

Despite breaches of Mr. Green’s human rights and repeated irregularities in law and process by the police, the legal profession and the court system since Robert Green was first arrested in February 2010, the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven, Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen saw fit to curtail his freedom, sentencing him to 1 year in jail (9 months for Breach of the Peace, 3 months for Breach of Bail conditions).

Robert has been a most robust and valued campaigner on behalf of Hollie Greig and her mother Anne, in seeking justice for the wrongs inflicted upon Hollie, exposing the lack of a duty of care from those in positions of trust, the perjury of Grampian Police and highlighting the nefarious nature of the legal system and the Establishment in both Scotland and England.


Anne Greig said today:

Hollie and I would like to publicly thank Robert Green for his bravery, his tireless work and his dedication to Hollie’s cause, her search for justice. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have found such a man of principle to act and campaign on our behalf, whose selfless actions have taken him into conflict with those who would abuse their power and powerful connections to evade justice. Our disappointment with the legal system in Scotland now knows no bounds.

In our opinion Robert Green should be awarded a medal, not a criminal conviction.

It is our hope that Robert’s legal team will mount a speedy and energetic appeal on his behalf to release him from this enforced loss of his liberty that he most certainly does not deserve and we now state publicly that we will have fears for his well-being whilst in p1ison. We will hold responsible and accountable those who have seen fit to incarcerate him should any interference with his being or any harm befall him.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have supported Hollie, Robert and myself during this long and ongoing campaign, especially those who have repeatedly made the long trip to Scotland regularly giving support to Robert during his many hearings.

Both Hollie and myself extend our heartfelt wishes, our thoughts and our prayers are with Robert today.


Far from seeing the jailing of Robert as a setback, the Hollie Demands Justice campaign will be stepping up the pressure as Anne Greig will now vigorously move forward with her High Court appeal and is currently discussing the timing of mounting a series of private prosecutions against those who have abused their positions of trust, many of whom have now perjured themselves in the courts and on the public record.

This campaign will not be silenced, it will move forward relentlessly until every possible avenue is exhausted, no matter how long that takes. No stone will be left unturned until Justice is not just done, but that justice is seen to be done.


I can only share to create debate. I have researched as much as I can on many things, this one many are not aware about, some are. This is the official story, should we believe it below


1. Hollie Greig made serious allegations of child sex abuse to Aberdeen Police in 2000 and named 22 alleged abusers and 7 alleged victims (in addition to herself). The alleged abusers include social workers, a judge, a senior police forensics officer (since deceased) and two Head Teachers.

 2. Until now the Aberdeen Police have refused to interview more than at most 2 of the 22 named suspects and none of the 7 victims named by Hollie.

3. This refusal to properly and thoroughly investigate Hollie Greig’s allegations is despite the fact that 2 medical doctors and 2 clinical psychologists have examined her and their findings have supported her allegations that she was sexually abused.

Furthermore, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority examined Hollie’s allegations, accepted that she had been abused and awarded her £13,500 in compensation for this.

4. All that Robert Green has been campaigning for is for the Aberdeen Police to properly and thoroughly investigate Hollie Greig’s allegations – that is their job and their duty, especially given the sheer gravity of Hollie’s allegations.

Sad sign of our times that if Hollie had alleged to police that these people had engaged in “Homophobic” activity the police would have thoroughly investigated it like a shot but to them alleged child sex abuse is perceived as not important.

5. For his campaigning Robert Green has been arrested by the Aberdeen Police at least 3 times so far. Arrested and investigated by the very same police force he’s trying to get to properly and thoroughly investigate Hollie Greig’s allegations of child sex abuse.

6. Robert Green is definitely innocent but even if you thought he somehow deserved to be arrested that does not alter the fact that he has a human right to have the defence Barristers he needs to defend himself and to have the Legal Aid he urgently needs to hire them.

On 9 September 2003 the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found him “guilty of conduct unbefitting a solicitor On 15 October 2009 he voluntarily removed himself from the Roll.

And what qualifications and authority does Bennett have as an officially discredited ex-solicitor who had to leave his profession after disciplinary proceedings, to then appoint himself police, judge and jury in the Hollie Greig case and acquit all the alleged abusers named by Hollie even though they have never ever been properly investigated by the police?

All Robert Green is urging is for the police to do their job which is to properly and thoroughly investigate allegations of criminal activity, especially of serious criminal activity such as Holiie Greig’s allegations of child sex abuse.


The story of a Peadophile ring, expense scandal’s in Political circles are rife and have been doing the round for years. All I am doing here is sharing a story ‘Supposedly’ reported by others and covered up by others (If you believe this to be true) As I said at the outset there is no proof here. All I have given you all is a chance to research should you want to see if there is any truth. I have no intention of taking this story any further. As a Scottish person who voted YES to leave what I see is a CRIMINAL WESTMINSTER, Proved by the lies from Westminster the BBC and many more. When we question the trust of one party and we see inadequate information I believe we can call into question the validity of other stories. All I am doing here is questioning stories you may or may not be aware about. I will leave some information below in Images as well as print












































daily mirror peer splash












Hugo Swire energy Prices


image-9-293038881 (1)image-9-293038881


images (1)


images (2)


images (3)







leon brittan




















peadophile scandal westminster kgb blunt














Yes Complacent Westminster Establishment


If God’s Words are a Metaphor, surely ‘Imagine’ is also


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Imagine by John Lennon is a song that will stand the test of time, no argument, it is a masterpiece. One thing that I struggle with is when people say “Why would we want no Heaven and no religion too” I don’t think this was what John was actually meaning, he sang for world peace and like Bob Marley, JFK and his Brother, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and many more who came with the same message, they were killed, or shot, every time someone with a message of Hope and Peace comes along they get killed. Jesus, the good book tells us came to Earth, he was killed, if Jesus came again, I truly believe we would kill him again. Satan runs this blue globe, we just have people who believe in God and too many Religions

There are some lyrics in his song people are offende at. NOW, When I ask a religious person who live by their chosen book about say, Noah’s Ark, we know the story is not entirely true, but there may be truth somewhere in the story, two of every Animal on a boat today would be impossible. I get told “Shaun it’s a metaphor” People dislike that line “Imagine there’s no heaven” but look right over many other lines in the song “Imagine all the people living life in peace” There are other lyrics in the song that just ask for what many want, but sadly many deny themselves and everyone else through religion. I mean two Kangaroo’s, two Elephant’s, think where the location is, we all know the ‘Noah’s Arc’ Story is impossible, even today it’s impossible, so it’s a ‘Metaphor’ Same as “Imagine there’s no Heaven”

806-in-the-begining-man-made-god-2475 religion_must_die_for_humanity_to_live_by_baybee_snayx-d5sovmr

So when people say to me “I don’t like Imagine, why would we want no heaven” I don’t get offended I get confused, not to the stage I want to cry 😀 But I see God as the way, religion was man made, so is flawed. John Lennon believed in God then stopped, he is quoted many times saying religion poisoned his soul, there is a song below, he wanted love and peace, his message was simple, his song’s a metaphor. But when he sang “Imagine there’s no Heaven or religion” REALLY, think, imagine there was not, nor religion, would the World not be a better place? His song was a metaphor, we can’t have our cake and eat it, I ask if the fear of Death makes people add religion to their lives. John also said “We measure God through our Pain” 

All I know is, for me and what I see, people turn to God in times of trouble, I do also, but I also thank God when things are going good, how many don’t do this. My mother told me “Never talk Religion or Politics” Well sadly I am very opinionated and in this blog I cover both subjects. I dislike the fact we can’t talk religion on the presumption it WILL cause an argument, if that is so, then am I right? I am asking here, I mean to offend nobody, my big ‘ol brain just got turning on this one

Religion is not the problem I said it a few blogs ago, people are. I was playing this song earlier and I remember I put it on my Song of the day once and got abuse for it, yeah abuse from religious god loving people

John isn’t saying “Imagine there is no God” IT IS A METAPHOR, he is singing about a World of peace. The exact same metaphor as most if not all of the bible, stories with a truth behind them. We can’t know the bible is true, we can only have faith in its words. If anyone can show me every word is true, bring it on. But I don’t need words to love MY God, same God you love, and to pray every day

Just Imagine a life, a world with no religion, just people loving God, now would that not be good? Also Lawyers and CEO’s, but that is another blog.  I truly believe people who dislike Imagine need to educate themselves on the meaning of the song. I ask MANY questions from many people about God and the Bible and am told “It’s a Metaphor” Also the peace sign, it’s NOT Jesus upside down on the cross, it means Nuclear disarmament People must educate themselves away from a book, I can prove this but many will believe as they do anyway, like the woman I spoke to who didn’t believe in dinosaurs

Many times people have unfollowed me for saying these things, I think these people bring my blog to be true. To dislike someone for asking a question, well they were never a friend. If you have faith and believe every Word of your book, I respect that, but open your mind, just for a second and think away from that book. There is a saying here in Scotland “Never trust anyone with one Book” The joke I believe is or was aimed at Islam, again I have no problems with Islam, just the fundamentalists, but we have Christian fundamentalists in the Westboro Baptist Church.

frz7So I ask, if people who hate all Muslims due to fundamentalists are for real, then should everyone hate all Christians because of Westboro Baptist Church. I am asking a question and I would appreciate ADULTS debate. I may even learn something. I also can’t get my mind around people who want to talk about Gay Marriage and Abortion when the World is on the brink of war! STOP FIGHTING OVER WHO MADE THE WORLD AND US AND COME TOGETHER ON WHO IS KILLING IT AND US!! 

JFK was our last hope, our last chance. nobody will come again, he warned us and as you all know, he died 6 days after this speech

I did a blog in my old blog Prayingforoneday and someone, a woman I called a friend said “You can’t ask that, it’s stupid” then unfollowed me. This is a woman of God, but sadly her religion made her hate. I ask, do you think  religion makes people hate? There are over 5,000 religions on Earth, why is this? So many branches coming off the same tree of life and all throwing stones at each other

God I love and pray to every day, religion causes so many issues, but it’s the people in religion who hate over 1 song for example.

It’s easy if you try, to just love and not push people away from Church’s, as many do

This was no rant, this was me writing in the hope of debate and as I say, I may learn something new

Should any religious person get angry at me, you are proving my point 

I know I am right, but so do you, and there is our problem

More love, less hate



Sung by the World:
Via Playing For Change You Tube

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Brighton UK: Sainsbury’s lesbian couple were told to leave the branch by security guard ‘for kissing’

What if it was a man and woman?

What if it was a man and woman?

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

A “Big Kiss-In” has been held in the Brighton branch of Sainsbury’s after a lesbian couple were threatened with expulsion by a security guard for briefly kissing.

Dozens of people – men and women, including one couple in wedding dress – descended on the store on Wednesday as bemused shoppers looked on. Video footage of the event shown by ITV News showed a number of couples, some in fancy dress, kissing as people held signs with supermarket-style slogans like “Live well for lez”.

Sussex University’s students union said in a tweet: “Thanks to everyone who took part in the #bigkissin. Great to see people in Brighton and beyond showing we like kissing and hate homophobia.” The incident that sparked the protest happened last week when a customer complained about Annabelle Paige, a Sussex University student, and her partner kissing.

Ms Paige told The Times that she had only given her girlfriend a light kiss, but was told by a security guard to stop or leave the store. “I’m so shocked and upset about it. I get that if another customer is uncomfortable that’s a bad thing… but the problem is the other customer was in the wrong and essentially being homophobic. The guard did not seem to understand that, I was absolutely humiliated,” she said shortly after the incident.

Sainsbury’s had this to say:

It is clear that Miss Paige and her partner were not behaving inappropriately and we are very sorry that they were treated in this way. We have called Miss Paige to apologise and will be making a donation to a charity of her choice.

Video of the Kiss-In

What’s the problem?

stream_img (1)

Man and a Woman, no big deal here right?

stream_img (2)

Woman wore her Wedding Dress, again, man and woman, no issue


Two Woman, told to leave! Man and Woman not told to leave!

Scotland, where I live allowed Gay Marriage last year

Scotland, where I live allowed Gay Marriage last year

Tories Reveal Plans To Scrap Human Rights Act

Tories To Scrap Human Rights Act

Tories To Scrap Human Rights Act

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

This is a VERY dangerous course the Tory’s are taking us on, imagine one day UKIP came into power? This isn’t good 

A Tory government would scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights giving British judges and Parliament the final say on rulings. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling proposed the plans after David Cameron told the Conservative Party conference he intended to end what he called Strasbourg’s meddling in trivial cases. Mr Grayling said the “mission creep” by European courts on issues such as voting rights for prisoners had become intolerable and the new Bill would relegate European judges to an advisory role.

“We will put in place a provision that will say the rulings of Strasbourg will not have legal effect in the UK without the consent of parliament,” he said. The Bill would include principles from the European Convention on Human Rights, but UK judges would not be obliged to take Strasbourg rulings into account when coming to decisions. “What we have effectively got is a legal blank cheque, where the court can go where it chooses to go,” Mr Grayling added. “We will put in place a provision that will say that the rulings of Strasbourg will not have legal effect in the UK without the consent of parliament. “Effectively what we are doing is turning Strasbourg into an advisory body.” But the plans have come under fire from civil-rights group Liberty which declared the proposals provocative and illegal.

The European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said: “As legally illiterate as politically provocative, this plan would gamble with our fragile Union and put us in breach of international law. “This so-called British Bill of Rights would diminish everyone’s freedoms and make Government even less accountable in the future.” Labour’s shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said there were “so many contradictions, inaccuracies and myths” in the proposal, it could only have been “cobbled together on the back of an envelope”. The Labour MP went on: “Once again, David Cameron is pandering to UKIP instead of standing up for the rights and best interests of the people of Britain. “The truth is that our courts have been free to interpret rulings by the European Convention on Human Rights for 50 years – the Human Rights Act did nothing to change that fact.” “The European Court of Human Rights does need reform, which is why Labour has called for Strasbourg to do more to improve the quality of its judges and give member states the wriggle room to interpret decisions appropriately. “But leaving the ECHR, which the Tories appear to be proposing, would be a disaster for this country – putting Britain in the same bracket as Belarus, Europe’s last remaining dictatorship.”

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling warned of 'mission creep' from Strasbourg

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling warned of ‘mission creep’ from Strasbourg

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Scottish independence: Thousands at Holyrood rally, Edinburgh

Pro-independence supporters gather outside the Scottish Parliament.

Pro-independence supporters gather outside the Scottish Parliament.

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

No chance of trouble in Edinburgh today or tonight as we don’t have any unionists in or around our City, half the people I know were there today, been getting sent pictures and videos all afternoon when I was doing the live football. THIS IS HOW A PEOPLE CONTROL A GOVERNMENT! Take note World, when Government doesn’t work for Scotland, and the English to be fair, we take to the streets. Today passed with no trouble at all in Edinburgh, it was in good spirit. I heard there were a few warned by police to not talk about the ongoing police report with Electoral Commission over vote fraud and there were a few angry voices. Similar to today happened all over Scotland with Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Glasgow amongst others not giving into what we all know to be a rigged Election/Referendum. As the police and Electoral Commission gather findings for possible evidence for the procurator fiscal in the highest court in the land on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, we just won’t accept blatant cheating that has been more than proven, still we wait for DevoMax powers, we were told on Thursday by David Cameron he will 100% hand them to us, but with the SNP (Scottish National Party) a party for Scotland ONLY being the 3rd largest in the UK and looking to overtake  the Conservative party in joined members, I think we all know in Scotland freedom is not too far away, David Cameron and his Westminster buddies made a HUGE error by signing a legally binding document, twice for powers the people of England and Wales now want, it may be that our freedom will come quicker than expected as Cameron tries to save his English vote. We have more pandas in Edinburgh Zoo than we do serving Tory/Conservative politicians in our parliament building above

THOUSANDS of people have gathered outside the Scottish Parliament for a rally in support of independence. A sea of saltires waved as the crowds listened to musical performances and speeches from campaigners. The rally, organised under the Voice Of The People banner, comes just over a week after Scotland rejected independence in the referendum. Many of those in attendance were still sporting badges, signs and banners in support of the Yes campaign, which won 45% of the vote on September 18. They joined in with renditions of Flower Of Scotland and Caledonia, while speakers urged them to carry on with the campaign. Those addressing the crowd included SNP MSP Marco Biagi and Kate Higgins of the Women For Independence group.

Ms Higgins urged people to reach out to the older female generation who may have voted No, and to take the campaign into deprived communities across Scotland. “It’s not over,” she told the crowd. “The dream will never die as long as we have gatherings like this.” Mr Biagi rallied supporters, stating: “True power has not been given back to Westminster, it has been lent to them and one day we will take it back.” Those attending were encouraged to give their backing to the SNP, with the party continuing its recruitment drive by making membership forms available at the event. The SNP – alongside other pro-independence parties – has seen its membership dramatically increase in the wake of the referendum. Meanwhile, another campaigner called on people to sign a petition calling for a “revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties”. The petition on has been signed by more than 93,000 people. A second rally, focusing on the demand for a revote, will be held outside Holyrood tomorrow. More than 9,000 people have stated they plan to attend on the event’s Facebook page. A third rally, dubbed The 45 Plus Rally, will be held outside the Parliament on November 29, with 32,000 people stating they are going on Facebook. Other rallies have been organised via social media in various parts of Scotland, including Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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Smart Kid

A strong message not just to our outgoing 1st Minister Alex Salmond, but to Westminster also, we will NOT take this - Simple

A strong message not just to our outgoing 1st Minister Alex Salmond, but to Westminster also, we will NOT take this – Simple

You kinda need to be Scottish to get this one, but again, take note London

You kinda need to be Scottish to get this one, but again, take note London

These are all bags of food donated by the people of Glasgow today for food banks, something we WILL rid our soil of

This isn’t charity it’s humanity, George Sq Glasgow #the45

Near my last house, the Scottish people sung as the climbed the 'Crags'

Near my last house, the Scottish people sung as the climbed the ‘Crags’

Westminster don't have money to feed the poor, yet they found £3 Billion ($5B) For a War! NOT IN OUR NAME!

Westminster don’t have money to feed the poor, yet they found £3 Billion ($5B) For a War! NOT IN OUR NAME!

Westminsyer thought it was the end of us.Think again thats all I can say.

Westminsyer thought it was the end of us.Think again thats all I can say.

Some Kin

Some Kin

My good man Tommy Sheridan, can't wait!

My good man Tommy Sheridan, can’t wait!

America – Why, When, Where did you become so dumb? Obama has played you all!



America, I have some amazing friends in all corners of your once great Country, I see an America that has been dumbed down so badly, let down so badly by a willing Government that has made you stupid. You were told this by MANY people from your own Country. I will keep the words short and show you 3 videos and some pictures and also some tweets that had me laughing so hard I broke 14 ribs 😀 America, I love you, you are a brilliant people, listen to George Carlin, watch the video of Obama. I AM WASTING MY TIME BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO DARN LAZY TO EDUCATE YOURSELF AMERICA. I AM TALKING TO MYSELF! I EXPECT NO DEBATE BECAUSE I DON’T THINK ANYONE IN AMERICA IS SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE THIS OUT. When I debate American people I get deleted EVERY TIME because they can’t debate. My Country is in the top 3 of cleverest countries and we invented the modern World. Thank Scotland for giving you ALL THE STUFF YOU HAVE! Most of it is made in China but created in Scotland, this is true. I am just saying, this is how I notice your education system has failed you and your kids America, if you REALLY want to educate yourself, watch and read ….Please?

How the Scots Invented the Modern World

The Newsroom – America is not the greatest country in the world anymore…

The Reason Education Sucks – GEORGE CARLIN

Obama Lies Compilation – WAKE UP YOU SHEEPLE!

Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements – THIS IS STAGGERING! 






















































USA – Coroner says man fatally shot himself in the chest while ‘handcuffed behind his back’


ANOTHER Man dead, again “BLACK” Male, what is it with the media? Why do they put a colour on life? Why put a colour to a person? A PERSON DIED! That is the story, do we ever read “White Man Dies” No we don’t, drop the “BLACK” Crap America. Here we have another fatal shooting, a man in the back of a Police car, had been searched we would presumed, been un-armed if he was at all armed, and handcuffed with hands behind his back but managed to shoot himself in the Chest, not the back as Police claimed! You falling for that? No neither am I! This has to be another Police State USA Murder, think about this using logic. Handcuffed with hands behind his back, searched TWICE, finds a Gun that happened to be in the back of a police car and somehow shoot himself in the chest. You have to be stupid or a dog to believe this crap

The release of an autopsy report in Louisiana is raising new questions about the unusual shooting death of a 22-year-old black male who died earlier this year in a police car while his hands were cuffed behind his back. It was reported earlier this year that police in Iberia Parish, Louisiana said Victor White III died in early March after he fatally shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a squad car. White had reportedly been apprehended for possession of drugs, and was searched no fewer than two times before being cuffed and placed in the backseat of a police vehicle. According to the police report from the time, White uncovered a gun while in the car and shot himself in the back. According to a coroner’s report just recently obtained by Media however, White died from a gunshot wound that entered his body in the chest. Nevertheless, Dr. Carl Ditch wrote in the report that White was capable of firing the shot while cuffed “due to his body habitus” and has agreed to rule the death a suicide. Hannah Rappleye, a reporter for NBC, compared the coroner’s story with the official police report from March in an article published by the outlet this week.

“White was shot in the front, not the back. The bullet entered his right chest and exited under his left armpit. White was left-handed, according to family members. According to the report, the forensic pathologist found gunshot residue in the wound, but not the sort ofstipplingthat a close-range shot can sometimes produce. He also found abrasions on White’s face,” she wrote. “And yet, despite the contradictions – and even though White’s hands were never tested for gunpowder residue – the Iberia Parish coroner still supported the central contention of the initial police statement issued back in March.” “Although the decedent was handcuffed at the time with his hands to his back, due to his body habitus, the pathologist and investigators agree that he would have been able to manipulate the weapon to the point where the contact entrance wound was found,” Ditch wrote.



The deceased’s father, Rev. Victor White II, told NBC that he had his doubts about the coroner’s report. “You can’t make me understand,” he said. “You can’t make me understand how my son took his left hand, when he was handcuffed behind the back, and shot himself. I don’t believe a thing they’re saying at this point.” According to the coroner, however, White was indeed capable of causing his own death. “As Coroner of lberia Parish it is my duty to rule on cause and manner of death in all such cases as Mr. White’s to the best of my ability and without bias. Based on the forensic evidence and information gained from the ongoing State Police investigation, I have determined the cause of death is a single contact gunshot wound to the right lateral chest, and the manner of death is suicide,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, though, the Louisiana State Police remain in the midst of an investigation launched nearly nine months ago into the shooting death. Writing for NBC, Rappleye wrote that that probe has so far failed to reveal any new information about the tragic death. “Due to the pending investigation, records normally considered public are not available. The State Police will not yet release dash cam footage, or the number of or names of any officers present during White’s death. They will not give any timeframe as to when they expect the investigation to conclude,” she wrote. “You always want to make sure in the end you did whatever you could do possible, that in whatever case you put forward, is the right case, and the outcome is the right outcome,” Trooper Brooks David, public information officer for the Louisiana State Police, told NBC. “So if it takes us eight months, or two months, you always want to make sure that you do the right thing.” According to Rev. White, however, legal action might be the next step if the eventual release of the Louisiana State Police’s report raises more doubts about his son’s death. “I don’t’ think anything is going to be different from what they already said,” he told NBC. “It’s difficult to see that anything else would bring us back what we need. The only thing we want back is our son.”



Hamas executes 18 ‘spies’ – 7 of them in busy public square

Harrowing: Militants with Palestinian before execution

Harrowing: Militants with Palestinian before execution

This is barbaric and not something I think Hamas should be doing in-front of kids. We as a species are growing a generation of hate, when will it end? All this will do is make Israel kill more kids. This is ALL wrong. I won’t defend Pro-Israel people who defend pictures of dead babies. I can’t defend this. Kids seen this. So they will grow to hate and Palestine will get HAMMERED with more bombs again. Going around in circles. I understand why Hamas want revenge but perhaps in a different way, out the way, not in a town square. But when you are land locked you do awful things because you are a prisoner in your own land. This is horrid and I still won’t defend Israel for killing babies and celebrating and defending it, no chance

Hamas gunmen executed 18 people it claimed were collaborators with Israel in Gaza today. The Islamic militant group staged a public execution of seven of them in response to Israeli air strikes which killed three of its top commanders. The shooting of the seven in front of a mosque in a busy square were the first public executions in the Gaza Strip since the 1990s. A further 11 were killed today at an abandoned police station near Gaza City, Hamas security officials said. It came a day after Israel tracked down and killed three top Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to be killed in the six-week war. In the public execution militants wearing masks and dressed in black gunned down the suspects whose faces were covered and hands bound.

It was carried out as worshippers emerged from the Omari mosque on Palestine Square, one of Gaza’s busiest districts. A so-called conviction letter signed by the “Palestinian Resistance” was posted on a wall near to where the bodies lay. A pro-Hamas website announced the killings, saying: “The resistance has begun an operation called ‘strangling the necks’, targeting collaborators who aid the (Israeli) occupation, kill our people and destroy houses.” Israel has reportedly used blackmail or the lure of exit permits to gain intelligence in the territory in the past.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza denounced the killings. Chairman Raji al-Surani said: “We demand the Palestinian National Authority and the resistance (Palestinian armed factions) to intervene to stop these extra-judicial executions, no matter what reasons and the motives are.” Health officials in Gaza said the Palestinian death toll rose to 2,070 of mostly civilians on Friday after a father and his son were killed in an Israeli air strike near Khan Younis. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and three civilians in Israel have also been killed in the conflict.