Poll: Should there be another Scottish independence referendum? – Vote Now!

Would you like to see another independence referendum?

Would you like to see another independence referendum?

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

A NEW survey released this week claimed that roughly three of four Scots would want another independence referendum.

However, the exclusive poll by Survation also suggested that as many as a quarter of a million people believe their relationship with a friend or family member has been permanently damaged as a result of a run-up to September 18.

The findings come after the first SNP conference since the vote continued to be dominated by the independence question.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon say another referendum would be held when the Scots people want it and promise supporters it will happen “sooner than many expect” – despite previously saying the vote that it was a “once in a generation event”.  I believe by 2017

The No side claimed victory, winning 55 per cent of the votes on a huge turnout of 85 per cent.

So, now we’re asking our readers for their opinion. Should there be another independence referendum? Have your say by voting in our poll below.


How the vote stands now

How the vote stands now


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**BREAKING** Police probe stolen referendum ballot papers claim

Police are investigating claims ballot papers may have been stolen

Police are investigating claims ballot papers may have been stolen

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyGibson

POLICE have launched an investigation into the alleged theft of documents, including unused referendum ballot papers, in East Lothian.

A video posted on Facebook shows a person with the papers, which it is claimed were found beside a bin outside East Lothian Council’s headquarters in Haddington.

But the council has rejected the claim and said the papers were removed from a storage room.

Under election rules, unused ballot papers from any election or referendum have to be counted and retained for a year.

East Lothian chief executive and returning officer Angela Leitch said the matter was “extremely concerning” and both the police and the council were looking into it.

She said : “There is no implication that there is any concern regarding the integrity of the poll.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland is currently investigating an incident involving the theft of referendum materials in East Lothian. Enquires are ongoing at this stage and anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Police Scotland immediately on 101.”



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Police question Ruth Davidson over postal votes – Reports

I hear she had her rights read to her and was cautioned 

I hear she had her rights read to her and was cautioned

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

As reported by my good self 5 days after the Referendum vote:  http://shaunynews.com/2014/09/23/ruth-davidson-tory-admits-vote-fraud-live-on-tv/ &  https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/10/04/police-probe-claims-pro-uk-campaigners-took-illegal-postal-vote-tallies/

THIS IS HUGE IF TRUE! I seen this yesterday but I was also told Ruth was read her right by the police on Friday (can’t confirm)

POLICE have spoken to Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson in connection with alleged breaches of electoral law in the weeks before the independence referendum. They were asked to investigate after Ms Davidson said pro-union supporters at sample openings of ballot boxes took tallies of postal votes before the count. It is understood the Tory leader was spoken to yesterday as a witness and party sources say there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on her part. A spokesman for the party said: “Ruth had arranged to speak to police in her office to help them with complaints they had received.”

Speaking on BBC Scotland after the polls closed on September 18, Ms Davidson told the Scotland Decides programme: “We have had people at every sample opening around the country over the last few weeks while that’s been coming in and we have been incredibly encouraged by the results from that. This story is expected to get bigger in the coming weeks

“Going into today, from the postal votes that were cast, our side would have had a lead and I think that we have a confidence, I hope a quiet confidence, that the quiet majority of Scots have spoken today.” She said postal votes were not counted until after the polls closed but added: “Different local authorities have had openings around the country. It is illegal to discuss that while any ballot is ongoing, so until 10 o’clock tonight no-one could talk about it. “But there is people in the room that have been sampling those ballot boxes as they have been opened and they have been taking tallies and the reports have been very positive for us.” Postal ballot openings are held to verify the ballots are genuine and that the signature and date of birth given along with the ballots match official records. The Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 states that ballots must be kept face down during the process and precautions must be taken to prevent anyone from seeing the votes cast.

Agents for the campaigns are allowed to attend but are bound by the Act not to “attempt to ascertain at the proceedings in connection with the receipt of the ballot papers the outcome for which any vote is given in any particular ballot paper or communicate any information with respect thereto obtained at those proceedings.”




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British Politicians To Face Criminal Investigation Over Scottish Referendum

In a television interview with the BBC just four days before the referendum John McTernan, a former adviser to Tony Blair said, "It's important to remember that about a fifth of the electorate, that will be about a quarter of the total turn-out, have voted already. They have voted by postal vote. Those postal votes are running very strongly towards 'no'. There is a whole bank of votes in

In a television interview with the BBC just four days before the referendum John McTernan, a former adviser to Tony Blair said, “It’s important to remember that about a fifth of the electorate, that will be about a quarter of the total turn-out, have voted already. They have voted by postal vote. Those postal votes are running very strongly towards ‘no’. There is a whole bank of votes in

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

EDINBURGH, October 04 (RIA Novosti), Mark Hirst – Police in Scotland will formally investigate allegations that anti-Scottish independence campaigners breached electoral law during the referendum held on September 18.

“We can confirm that Crown counsel has instructed Police Scotland to commence an investigation into alleged breaches of Schedule 7, Paragraph 7, of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013,” a statement issued on Saturday by the Crown Office, Scotland’s prosecution service reads.

The allegations relate to comments made by Ruth Davidson, a Member of the Scottish Parliament and leader of the Scottish Conservatives, in which she appeared to know the general results of postal votes arising from “sample opening” of ballot boxes.

Postal vote opening sessions are permitted before the formal poll is conducted to verify signatures and dates of birth against records held by the local Returning Officer. Agents for the two campaigns were allowed to monitor these sessions, but it is a criminal offense, punishable with up to a year’s imprisonment if found guilty, to communicate any information witnessed during the sample opening sessions.

Thanks to Bill Hay for sending me this, 40 to 47 seconds in he says it! 

In a television interview with the BBC shortly after the formal poll closed Davidson said “we’ve been incredibly encouraged by the results [of the postal vote],” implying the Scottish Conservative leader knew the outcome of the postal votes before the first formal results had been announced.

In another BBC interview just four days before the referendum John McTernan, a former adviser to Tony Blair said, “It’s important to remember that about a fifth of the electorate, that will be about a quarter of the total turn-out, have voted already. They have voted by postal vote. Those postal votes are running very strongly towards ‘no’. There is a whole bank of votes in.”

McTernan told RIA Novosti he had not been contacted by Police adding, “No reason to believe free speech is a crime.”

According to The Herald newspaper, Davidson has been contacted by Police with the paper quoting a Conservative Party source who said there was, “no suggestion she was accused of doing anything wrong at this stage.”

The independence referendum, which took place on September 18, saw a turnout of 84.59 percent. Scotland has chosen to stay in the United Kingdom with 44.7 percent of Scots having voted in support of independence and 55.3 percent having voted against.



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Sturgeon trump card is not in any doubt

A year that will define a countries future

A year that will define a countries future

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

HISTORY is written by the winners, according to the old truism.

Not the history of the independence referendum. Not so far, at least. The SNP has enjoyed considerable success in implanting its story of the campaign in the public consciousness while the winners have struggled to be heard. The Nationalist narrative is clear. The referendum has given life to a new age of democratic and political engagement in Scotland. Despite being pitted against the formidable apparatus of the British state, the Yes campaign came within a whisker of victory by giving voice to a clamour for radical change. It failed only because people were “tricked,” as First Minister Alex Salmond put it, by promises of more powers for Holyrood and frightened, the older generation especially, by Westminster’s scaremongering. A referendum process characterised by mature democratic debate, the argument goes, has empowered and enriched Scotland. The result was a bitter disappointment but the country has been transformed.

The No side sees it quite differently. In their narrative, a decisive majority of Scots rejected the SNP’s sketchy and implausible economic prospectus. Faced with a noisy and often intimidating Yes campaign, people across the country stoically endorsed the advantages of remaining in the UK. They saw through the Nationalists’ cynical and dishonest claims about threats to the NHS and fantastical claims about Scotland’s untapped oil wealth. They now want politicians on all sides to put the referendum behind them and get on with the business of running the country.

There are lots of reasons why the first version is taking root in people’s minds. Mr Salmond’s well-timed resignation announcement the afternoon after the night before has ensured the SNP has remained the story this week. Mr Salmond himself, his sure-fire successor Nicola Sturgeon and the candidates fighting to replace her as deputy leader have all used platforms to tell their story of the referendum.

No campaigners, meanwhile, vacated that particular field. David Cameron moved instantly from the referendum to fighting the looming General Election. His focus has been putting Labour on the spot by talking about English votes for English laws. Labour decamped to Manchester to indulge in its favourite conference-time activity: infighting. The party’s failure to secure a No vote in the heartlands of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire has sparked a bout of briefing against Johann Lamont’s leadership. It has also put Labour on the defensive. The main message from Margaret Curran MP, shadow secretary of state for Scotland, and others has been the need to reconnect with the large minority of Labour supporters who voted Yes.

The SNP’s success has put it on the front foot in the new debate about devolving more powers to Holyrood. Although Lord Smith of Kelvin’s commission was established to reconcile competing proposals from Labour, the Conservatives and the LibDems, it is the SNP’s demands which have grabbed the headlines. The details of a new Scotland Bill will not be known until the end of the year but Ms Sturgeon is already positioning herself to argue, as surely she will, that whatever emerges is wholly inadequate and a betrayal of voters who put their faith in the No parties’ home rule vows.

Astonishingly, then, the week after the referendum was lost and its leader resigned has proved a good one for the SNP. And that’s without mentioning the party’s membership has more than doubled.

It cannot last, the downcast winners are muttering with a shake of the head. Unionist MSPs believe the hangover will finally hit the Nats when they see there is no realistic possibility of a fresh referendum, when people embrace the new devolution package, and when those new SNP members turn out to be vanguards of the so-called “45” movement hellbent on dragging the party towards the electoral wastelands of the hard left. It sounds like wishful thinking. In a perfectly-pitched speech announcing her candidacy for the top job on Wednesday, Ms Sturgeon revealed an acute understanding of all those pressures. And her trump card was this: she left no-one in any doubt she actually wants to run the country, not just petition for independence. That should worry her opponents more than anything.”””




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Podcast/Audio – The day before the vote for Scottish Independence – NO REGRET


My last podcast before the referendum, the links below are from Articles I mention in this 10 minute Audio Podcast. No Regrets Scotland, no regrets! 

Audio/Podcast below

Blog done by my friend Anne from the USA http://talesalongtheway.com/2014/09/16/shaun-gibson/

The Sun Article https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/as-we-all-thought-the-yes-campaign-is-miles-ahead/

1. Boris Johnson Story https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/boris-johnson-vows-to-resist-scots-tax-devolution-as-i-said-early-august/
2. https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/boris-johnson-let-slip-tory-plans-to-deny-scotland-powers-if-we-vote-no-in-the-referendum-share-please/

The Great Dictator – David Hayman – Scottish Independence https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/the-great-dictator-david-hayman-scottish-independence-please-share-rt/

Salmond’s official letter to Cameron over Treasury leaking of sensitive market data


Alex Salmond telling Nick Robinson and BBC how Illegal it was for RBS to talk market issues with the BBC. HM Treasury has questions to answer here! 

First Minister Alex Salmond was marking the anniversary of the 1997 devolution referendum Scotland is on the “cusp of making history” by voting for independence, the country’s first minister has predicted. Alex Salmond described the referendum as a “process of national empowerment”. Several banks have revealed their contingency plans for a “Yes” vote, while John Lewis and Asda said prices may rise after independence. Labour leader Ed Miliband said a “No” vote would deliver stronger devolved powers for Scotland. Mr Salmond has called for an inquiry into what he said was the leaking of sensitive market data by the Treasury ahead of a formal announcement RBS that it would relocate its registered headquarters to London if Scotland votes for independence. He was speaking to the international media at an event in Edinburgh which was taking taking place on the anniversary of the 1997 devolution referendum. A new poll has suggested the “No” campaign holds a narrow lead ahead of next Thursday’s independence referendum. Two previous polls suggested the race was neck and neck.

Scotland – 2 short video’s – Yes has to happen, no will kill Scotland


Scotland, to the no voters, to the unsure, I ask you to watch this video. I ask you to think for Scotland, for our kids future. I ask you not to vote no because of selfish reasons. I know one person who has a LOT of money and simply says “Why should I vote YES, I am fine” Now I got angry with him, no words, just angry, he is a friend. This attitude will undo YOU. I am disabled and never asked to be. I ask all you no/undecided voters a simple question. “CAN YOU TRUST WESTMINSTER TO HELP YOU IN YOUR HOUR OF NEED” If you lose your job, if you become ill or disabled, if you lose your house, if the unthinkable happens and you lose a loved one and you are left alone, think about this, PLEASE! Would you rather hope Westminster feed you or KNOW Scotland will. Do you rich folk know how many families in Scotland depend on handouts from Foodbanks to live? Do you rich folk understand that thousands of kids are born into poverty. Not all poor people are poor through choice. I know a friend who lost his job after a heart attack, before he had a brilliant house, car and went on a Holiday every year. He says now “I took that for granted” Because Westminster told him “You are fit to work” so he gets no help. WHAT IF THAT WAS YOU SCOTLAND? This is why I plead for people to not be selfish in the vote in a weeks time. We must think of Scotland, our kids, our future. I ask you no voters and undecided, do you understand Tory politicians are leaving to join UKIP? What if UKIP had a say in Scotland in the Union? Do you know they will disband our parliament? Yes, they said this, go check. We lose the NHS and we have to pay. Our lives become worse. People are voting for TODAY. I and a few million others are voting for that kid who depends on a food bank, for that family who lost a loved one, for the wife who’s husband died, for our future. WE CAN AFFORD TO BE FREE SCOTLAND. I urge the undecided to think again, I don’t want to leave Scotland for EIRE but like many I will in the event of a no vote. I refuse to bring my kids up in this Union. THINK SCOTLAND, we are the smartest nation on EARTH. Let us not become the stupidest and laughed at and mocked. No voters won’t be forgiven by many. And things will get bad. All that aside, all the blood shed in our past, was that for nothing? Tick the YES box and end Westminster Rule and assure your country looks after each other




There are more reasons


Lets not be laughed at on the 19th Scotland


PRINT THIS INTO YOUR SOUL WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE! They are trying the same old tactics again tomorrow when Davie (Scotland are more likely to have a terrorist attack) Cameron and Ed (Border Guards) Miliband come to Scotland to tell us more lies

Tell @JimMurphyMP, this is how it’s done!! @citizentommy



Getting to know Tommy a “Tiny bit” over the last few months has been superb. He was at my Local boozer a few times in Edinburgh, wish I had said hi. I have watched TONS of his video’s and he captures people, his desire ignites our imagination to a Free Scotland. We can see it clearly when Tommy speaks. I know Tommy will be sick to the back teeth of me adding his Twitter into everything, but to be fair, Tommy you deserve it buddy. You have been to the Borders to as far North as a man can go. You explained September 18th is NOT about any politician or political party as many thought September 18th was a vote for Alex Salmond. You explained this vote/election happens in 2016. And I still hear people say “I am not voting for Salmond on the 18th” I used to get all annoyed and stupid, now I just try and explain, same as we all do. But Tommy, if you read this. You speak for a generation of people sick to the back teeth of Austerity cuts, benefit cuts, Bedroom Tax and more. You speak as a person, not a politician who answers a question with another question or a lie. I say fair play Tommy. You have done yourself, your family and Scotland proud. NOW LETS GET OVER THIS LINE ON THE 18th!

Tommy’s 92nd meeting, he has spoken to 18,000 people so far! Worth a watch


1's and 1's and 1's of people listening!

1’s and 1’s and 1’s of people listening!


Scottish inventions and discoveries – Lets now invent our own future!



Above is a very small percentage of what Scotland invented. I showed all this to my Son who is off work and he couldn’t believe it, so I showed him the list and link below. I am using the truth to gather a yes swell in ANYONE I can. Scotland we INVENTED THIS WORLD!!! LETS NOW GO AND INVENT OUR OWN! We don’t get the plaudits for many more inventions as they come under the “British” Banner, but the list below is mind blowing, from the flushing toiler to cats eyes in the road to Oil prodcution and Penicillin, WOW we went some, I ask Scotland we go one step further. We are a very proud race of people yet we can do much better and I believe come September 19th we will have a chance to become Scotland, we will be free to run our own affairs. As my last blog was about “Cap in Hand” from the proclaimers and NATO saying “We invite Scotland to NATO” I know we can do better still. The Myths just keep getting put to bed one after another. The Currency debate was put to bed, Faslane where the British Submarine fleet are along with Nuclear weapons WILL STILL be used by Scotland, we will need a military. Scottish Military regiments were closed, many of them, we can rebuild these regiments in a free Scotland. As we are now exactly 2 weeks from a vote, I ask simply “What is holding NO Voters back” I know unsure people are voting yes now in a HUGE sway of change, so we have  three week s to put to rest ANY of the doubt about any of the issues at hand. NO CAMPAIGN OFFER FEAR! YES CAMPAIGN OFFERS SOLIDARITY AND HOPE! We can do this and I believe we have an I know Westminster knows it. I will be doing more blogs and articles and podcasts, same as everyone else for the next 2 weeks, the official poll has a 6% lead for no, not counting 18% undecided, so why this here I done, I see a 70% YES VOTE all day long. http://shaunynews.com/2014/08/13/straw-poll-has-aye-over-50-ahead-ahead-in-scotlands-independence-vote/ On the ground it tells us it’s done and I believe it is, BUT SCOTLAND WE MUST FIND THE TIME TO VOTE! Don’t sit at home and think “Ach others will vote yes, I am find” NO! GO VOTE! For now I leave you with what we did for this planet below! NOW LETS THINK ABOUT OUR OWN LAND!


I copied/pasted this into here, would have taken a week to write, but be shocked, I was! 

Road transport innovations[edit]

Civil engineering innovations[edit]

Aviation innovations[edit]

Power innovations[edit]

Shipbuilding innovations[edit]

Military innovations[edit]

Heavy industry innovations[edit]

Agricultural innovations[edit]

Communication innovations[edit]

Publishing firsts[edit]

Culture and the Arts[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

Scientific innovations[edit]

Sports innovations[edit]

Main article: Sport in Scotland

Scots have been instrumental in the invention and early development of several sports:

Medical innovations[edit]

Household innovations[edit]

Weapons innovations[edit]

Miscellaneous innovations[edit]