Smith Commission: ‘More powers’ vow delivered – Claims David Cameron

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shakes hands with Prime Minister David Cameron at the Scottish Parliament

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shakes hands with Prime Minister David Cameron at the Scottish Parliament

By @ShaunyNews Via:

Watered down ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ via the Smith Commission hailed by David Cameron as ‘Fair’ smacks of a liar and a cheat. For a second lets look to the ‘no voters’ in last years Referendum vote for Scottish Independence. People who voted no did so in the belief that a no vote would bring ‘Home Rule’ and a 99% free Scotland. Looking back as we now do we see that it was panic stations by David Cameron but for me the worst culprit in all of this was Ex Prime Minister and Labour Leader Gordon Brown. He stood there on live TV and promised the Scottish populous the Earth then he retired for a nice job working in the European parliament with his Wife. Mr Brown’s house is almost visible from my front door, just over the forth road bridge, he lied, he panicked the over 65’s into voting no, it was this age group in the end that made it a no vote, the irony in all this was in 1979 there was a referendum that Scotland actually won to be free but it never happened on some technicality. In the 1979 devolution referendum 52% of voters said YES as did 43 to 19 Scottish MP’s, The Labour Party said NO, by imposing an unheard of and made up on the spot ‘undemocratic 40% rule’. so back in 1979 Scotland Voted yes with promises as was in 2014 said, nothing was given in 1979, the age group that let us down in 1979 or the people who voted yes or no and seen the lies and betrayal are NOW the over 65’s in Scotland, ironic the generation of people who had lived the lie before, fell for the lies twice. Thankfully in a few years there 100% WILL be another Referendum or Scotland via the SNP with Plaid Cymru and the Green party could join Labour in Westminster for a 4 party coalition. If you don’t know the UK has a 2 party coalition Government at present with the Tory party and Liberal party. The Conservatives won 36% of the vote, Labour 29% and the Lib Dems 23%, They have 306 MPs – they needed 326 for a majority so it was a decision in the end by the Liberal Democrats to use their 23% to add to the Tory 36% and together get a 2 party Government over the line with over 326 seats at Westminster in the 2006 federal election as a minority government, so could we see an SNP/Plaid Cymru/Green Party holding up a minority Labour Westminster Government that will deliver the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and the ‘Vow’ AND MORE!! I say why not!


DAVID Cameron pledged to press ahead with his plans to strip ­powers from Scottish MPs when he came to Scotland to say his pre-­referendum vow on more powers for Holyrood had been delivered.

The Prime Minister said the pro-UK parties’ promise to strengthen the Scottish Parliament had been kept when the UK government yesterday published draft legislation to transfer new powers north of the Border. On a visit to Edinburgh, Mr Cameron said the new powers were “the right resting place” for devolution but added there would be no let-up on his plans to prevent Scottish MPs from voting on English matters at Westminster. The UK government Command Paper, containing 44 draft clauses, was published ahead of its Burns Night deadline and is a key milestone in the fulfilment of the “more powers” vow made by the leaders of all the pro-Union parties in the dying days of last year’s referendum ­campaign.

However, First Minister Nicola ­Sturgeon claimed the draft clauses had been “significantly watered down” from the proposals originally agreed by the Smith Commission, set up to consider new powers for Holyrood after last year’s ­independence referendum. Ms Sturgeon said: “Too much of what the Prime Minister has set out imposes restrictions on the recommended ­devolved powers and would hand a veto to UK ministers in key areas.”

The document, entitled Scotland in the United Kingdom – An enduring settlement, set out the “more powers” package arrived at by the Smith Commission last year. The package, signed off by all Scotland’s main parties, included the ability for Scotland to vary income tax bands and rates, further borrowing powers, control of air passenger duty and control over £2.5 billion worth of welfare. The prospect of a more powerful Scottish Parliament has seen Mr Cameron promise to resolve the “West Lothian Question” – the anomaly whereby Scottish MPs vote on areas reserved to Westminster such as health and education even though they do not affect their constituents.

Mr Cameron underlined his commitment to “English Votes for English Laws” (Evel) yesterday after Ms Sturgeon said this week that SNP MPs would begin to vote on English matters.

Ms Sturgeon said SNP MPs would abandon their policy of not voting on English health ­because NHS funding south of the Border had an impact on Scotland’s budget.

The Prime Minister said Ms Sturgeon was “wrong” to argue that MPs from Scotland should be able to vote on English health and education.

Mr Cameron said: “If I win the election, the government I lead will put in place the measures necessary to make sure that key element of English Votes for English Laws is delivered. “On [that] issue, I have been very clear. I think it is only fair as a Westminster Member of Parliament, I don’t have the ability to vote on Scottish health or education or Scottish housing. “I don’t see why in the future that SNP members, or indeed Labour, Liberal or Conservative members or Alex Salmond himself, should be able to come to Westminster and have a decisive say in English or Welsh education, health service or other ­issues. “So if I am your Prime Minister after 7 May, you will get in full these measures set out in this document, in a bill in the first Queen’s Speech of a government I lead. But there will also be very clearly set-out rules put in place so that English MPs have the decisive say on issues that only affect England. I think that is fair and right.”

As soon as the draft legislation was published, the SNP went on the offensive, claiming that the proposals were watered down and gave UK ministers a veto over welfare powers that were supposed to be devolved.

The UK government denied Ms Sturgeon’s claims, while Mr Cameron called on the SNP to start talking about how Scotland’s new powers can be used to improve schools and ­hospitals.

Mr Cameron said: “From my point of view this is the right resting place, we have now got a very strong Scottish Parliament raising the majority of its ­revenue. “There are more powers than most other devolved parliaments in the developed world. I certainly don’t want to spend the next five years debating, is that the right balance of powers. “Of course, some people will argue that there needs to be more changes. The SNP are already doing that. Of course they were never going to accept Smith as an outcome, because they want to break up the United Kingdom. “That is their prerogative, but we have demonstrated through a referendum that is not the will of the Scottish people.”

Ms Sturgeon claimed a clause dealing with the Universal Credit payment, the UK welfare reform that has seen the merger of several benefits into a single payment, amounted to a UK government veto. Although Universal Credit remains reserved to Westminster, under Smith’s package Scottish ministers are to be given the power to vary some of benefits within it. The clause said Scottish ministers should consult the Scottish secretary about making changes to Universal Credit and that the secretary of state should also give agreement about when a change should start.

Ms Sturgeon claimed that the welfare provisions did not enable the Scottish Parliament to create new benefit entitlements across devolved areas and required the approval of UK ministers for any changes to Universal Credit – including action needed to end the so-called ‘bedroom tax’. Ms Sturgeon said: “The proposals on welfare do not allow us to vary Universal Credit without the permission of the UK government. That means we will not have the independence to take action to abolish the bedroom tax. “At the same time, the power to create new benefit entitlements in any devolved area has simply not been delivered, while the Command Paper makes clear that, pending devolution of disability support, the roll-out of personal independence payments and the cut to spending on disability benefits will ­continue.”

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael denied Ms Sturgeon’s claims. He claimed the clause in question had been inserted to ensure that there would be “consultation” between the two governments and added that “consent would not be unreasonably withheld”. He said: “It is going to be more important than ever that Scotland’s two governments are able to work together in a mature, co-operative and collaborative way. “It would be refreshing if instead of trying to kick up dust, the Nationalists would tell us what they want to do with the ­powers.”

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Project fear: Queen’s ‘foreboding’ Scottish independence plea strategically crafted by Whitehall

Britain's Queen Elizabeth

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via:

Surprised? I ain’t. We seen Gordon Brown fool us then retire, we seen Johann Lamont the then Labour leader fool us only to retreat and stand down, she knew she did bad for Scotland. We had so many people telling is it wouldn’t work. David Cameron said “I will not debate with Alex Salmond” but came up to Scotland with a ton of Tory English people to fill a room and beg Scotland to vote ‘NO’ Knowing his and many of his friends jobs would go. So I am not surprised at this. Alex Salmond had no chance looking back but today we have Nicola Sturgeon who actually just refused to pay Scotland’s share to keep the Queen! It is my 2nd link below.  For the record here is all I wrote about the 2014 Scottish Referendum vote:

It REALLY was this crazy!

It REALLY was this crazy!

Downing Street and senior civil servants were so fearful that Scotland’s independence referendum could have sparked the breakup of the UK that they requested the Queen to publicly intervene in the closing days of the campaign, a Whitehall source says. The intervention by Queen Elizabeth II, 88, was scrupulously crafted by her private secretary and Britain’s chief civil servant, a Guardian report revealed Wednesday. The delicately worded plea was constructed in the final phase of the Scottish independence campaign, as Downing Street faced what a senior Whitehall source told the paper was a “meltdown.” Fears ran high in Westminster as polls revealed amplifying support for the pro-independence camp, the source said.

Behind-the-scenes discussions between Britain’s Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood and the Queen’s private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt led to the Queen’s rare public plea, the Guardian reports. Four days prior to the September 18 referendum, the influential Monarch pleaded with Scots to “think very carefully” on their way to the ballot box.

Britain’s cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood (R), and the Queen’s private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt (L)

Britain’s cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood (R), and the Queen’s private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt (L)

A high-level Whitehall source who spoke exclusively to the paper said the government hoped the tense negotiations that preceded the Queen’s cautionary words would serve as a warning to Scots they faced a decision “filled with foreboding.” The Whitehall official’s disclosure echoed criticism directed at the British establishment regarding“Project Fear,” as it was dubbed by advocates of Scottish independence. The strategic project was characterized by a ferocious media campaign, and relentless fearmongering stemming from the City of London and Westminster’s political elite. But few expected its tendrils to infiltrate Buckingham Palace.

As the Scottish independence campaign drew to a close, the Queen’s unusual disclosure came as a surprise to many who noted her mostly impartial 62-year reign. Referencing the prospect of Scottish independence while addressing a well-wisher after Sunday service near her historic Balmoral estate in northwest Scotland, the Queen said: “Well, I hope people will think very carefully about the future.”

A seamless design

The strategic intervention was concocted by senior civil servants following Prime Minister David Cameron’s growing concerns the pro-independence Yes camp were gaining an ominous degree of ground in the final stretch of the campaign. As the countdown to the referendum progressed, Whitehall figures allegedly told Buckingham Palace that a few careful words offered by the Queen would help matters.

Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron

Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron

As part of this plan, Geidt and Heywood are thought to have devised the phrase she later uttered. While shrouded in a veil of neutrality, the words ultimately indicate the Queen’s support for the union. The Guardian’s Whitehall source told the paper the intervention was meticulously calibrated.

“She knew exactly what she was doing, which is, there are two possible responses on the referendum. Either one, you buy into this is a fantastic festival of democracy, or two, you suggest this is a decision filled with foreboding.” “So by saying I hope people will think carefully you imply the second … Without her taking a side, it cast just the right element of doubt over the nature of the decision.”

Advocates of Scottish independence claim “Project Fear” was a scrupulously designed establishment scheme created to ensure the union remained intact. Whether the Queen’s intervention was an explicit extension of this pro-union strategy is a matter of conjecture. But the possibility has not been ruled out. The No campaign’s relentless forecasts of economic peril, dwindling national security, an EU membership in jeopardy, and ruptured NATO relations ultimately overpowered the pro-independence movement’s messages of positivity, hope and empowerment. Many argue “Project Fear” was central to this.

In the wake of a referendum that almost terminated a 307-year-old political union, Westminster still faces many challenges. The Yes campaign’s vision of Scotland as a Scandinavian-style state characterized by inclusivity, egalitarianism, nuclear disarmament and clean energy has been denounced by critics as utopian. However, an appetite for independence remains rife across many parts of Scotland and is unlikely to wane. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on Geidt and Heywood’s alleged discussions concerning the Queen’s intervention.

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman also declined to comment, emphasizing the body does not publicly discuss correspondence “between the Queen’s private secretary and civil servants.”


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Alex Salmond Will Donate ALL Pay If Elected As MP – A TRUE STATESMAN

 Salmond To Run For Westminster Seat

Alex To Run For Westminster Seat

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews < The news we ALL wanted 

Then there was Nicola Sturgeon refusing to pay for Royalty

I did an article yesterday called 


What can be said about Alex. I called him the 21st Century William Wallace. I told you Alex would run in Westminster as I had been told. Alex said MANY TIMES he would NOT RESIGN regardless of the Referendum result. Well we all know what happened that day. Back on the early 1990’s, and you can You Tube search this, Alex was on Question Time in London, a 40 year old guy saying “The 1979 election was fraudulent”

Infact here the video is:


Now I know deep inside the SNP they think the same. Only today we seen Nicola Sturgeon fire the first of many incoming political bombs to Westminster by refusing to subsidize the Royal Family in ANY WAY. I will say again, the SNP WILL FREE SCOTLAND WITHIN A FEW YEARS. They have the ammo, they have the will, they have the people behind them. I hope Alex is safe down in Westminster where he will be mocked, but he proved today where many/most politicians use the expenses in Whitehall and abuse them that he will give his money away, right away Alex has the moral high ground. I truly wish I could say more, we will be free, you will see.

Does this make anyone else sad or is it just me? I have grown to love Alex Salmond.

Does this make anyone else sad or is it just me? I have grown to love Alex Salmond.

I will give you a hint, THIS is how stupid it got

I will give you a hint, THIS is how stupid it got

Legal Documents allow Scotland to insert the 'Edinburgh Agreement' on time.

Legal Documents allow Scotland to insert the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ on time.

7th of May 2015. Scotland can insert and act on a legally binding contract

7th of May 2015. Scotland can insert and act on a legally binding contract

Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has said he will donate one of his salaries to charity if he is elected as an MP next May. The ex-SNP leader has formally announced that he will join the contest for the seat in the UK parliamentary constituency of Gordon. It is currently held by Sir Malcolm Bruce, the long-serving Liberal Democrat MP who is retiring in May 2015. Mr Salmond resigned as SNP leader and First Minister last month, having signalled his intention to do so just hours after the Yes campaign lost the independence referendum, and speculation over his political future has continued ever since. He is currently the MSP for the Aberdeenshire East constituency, which covers some of the same areas as the Gordon seat. If elected in May, he will also continue to serve at Holyrood

Mr Salmond set out his plans in a speech in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Alex set out his plans in a speech in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

“If elected with a dual mandate for Holyrood and Westminster I will do as I have done previously and donate one of the salaries to support youth causes in the North East of Scotland.”  Mr Salmond told those gathered that he does not expect there to be an overall majority at the next election and that as a result, Scotland could emerge in a “commanding position”. He said that there is the “prospect of real power for Scotland” if the SNP wins a significant number of seats at Westminster. He added that if “real power” cannot be exerted, Scotland faces the “bleak prospect” of further austerity.

You just can't fault this man.

You just can’t fault this man.

“What has struck me more than anything else, is that in the weeks since the referendum the people of Scotland have refused to give up on the hope,” Mr Salmond said. “For those who voted Yes the referendum offered the possibility of real change. For many who voted No they insist on the vow being properly redeemed. “Therefore it is incumbent on all of us to step up to the plate – to match the spirit being shown by the people. Therefore I can tell the constituency today that I am a candidate for the SNP nomination for Gordon.”

The SNP, as laid out by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, would not deal with the Conservative party in “any shape or form”, he said. “There are other possibilities, and in these possibilities a strong group of SNP MPs will have the capacity to rumble up Westminster.” Mr Salmond said he had no intention of leading the SNP at Westminster and would continue to support Angus Robertson.
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Poll: Should there be another Scottish independence referendum? – Vote Now!

Would you like to see another independence referendum?

Would you like to see another independence referendum?

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

A NEW survey released this week claimed that roughly three of four Scots would want another independence referendum.

However, the exclusive poll by Survation also suggested that as many as a quarter of a million people believe their relationship with a friend or family member has been permanently damaged as a result of a run-up to September 18.

The findings come after the first SNP conference since the vote continued to be dominated by the independence question.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon say another referendum would be held when the Scots people want it and promise supporters it will happen “sooner than many expect” – despite previously saying the vote that it was a “once in a generation event”.  I believe by 2017

The No side claimed victory, winning 55 per cent of the votes on a huge turnout of 85 per cent.

So, now we’re asking our readers for their opinion. Should there be another independence referendum? Have your say by voting in our poll below.

How the vote stands now

How the vote stands now


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The amazing Scottish education system – Why being Scottish is just awesome


The way School works here in Scotland

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

My oldest Daughter Courney who is 5, a few weeks back astonished me when I asked “What did you do today at School sweetie” She replied ‘Literacy’ although both are 5 years Scotland_6d8966_535971 (2)old and 4 years old and still really small children I must say the Education system in Scotland is utterly fantastic. My 4 year old Daughter Chloe is in 2nd year Nursery before she starts Primary school next August, she is doing brilliant, she can do the whole A to Z and Count to 100 and can point out over 20 countries on our Globe ornament we have. My older Daughter Courtney is a smart kid, same as all the kids in her class. They all went to nursery together then the 50 or so at Nursery got split into two Primary 1 classes. She can name 30 words from any letter of the Alphabet, count to 500 or more and can name almost every country on the Globe, she has issues with all the Eastern bloc Countries like Albania etc.

Today we got a letter. We had heard this was coming and what was going to happen. What the SNP have done for Education in this country over the last 10 or so years has been nothing short of amazing! My little Princess is learning Spanish in Primary 1 as of January 2015 after the Christmas holidays. She will learn Spanish at a time her small brain is like a sponge. Then in Primary 4 she will learn a 3rd language. So English, Spanish and we are thinking German, we will let Courtney have a say nearer the time. To think my little baby will be speaking English of course, Spanish and German by the time she leaves Primary School that lasts 7 years till age 12 is just amazing


Language lessons at 5 years old Once in High school they get to learn one further Language, French perhaps? So by the time my two Daughters leave School they will be fluent in Spanish, German and French and one other if they decide to stay on for 2 more years at High school. I was there when both my son’s were born, I was 17, I loved them and cried but I was a kid myself. I made mistakes but made up for them. I taught them to be responsible tolerant young men, I am so proud of them both and love their partners like they are Daughters in law already

Scotland invented the technological world we see today

Scotland invented the technological world we see today

I was there for the birth of my two princess’s 5 and 4 years ago and I remember When Courtney came out, and I secretly wanted a Daughter I cried and hugged Dawn in a moment I will never forget. I live for moments, anyone who REALLY KNOWS ME will know I love moments, I love to be caught in a moment. Recently I walked my Mum down the aisle, that was a moment.

As one of my son’s leave home, the other starts his new job as a chef at a high level we have our work cut out with the girls. Sure they fight and argue but when they are upset I see they are just small bags of emotion. I STRUGGLE to give them a row, discipline them. I really can’t bring myself to raise my voice so I leave that to Dawn unless I really have to. So, to sum up, Scotland didn’t get independence, but we got ‘ALMOST’ Home rule and there is more to come. Within 5 years Scotland will be an independent nation and our Education system will get better still. Scotland invented the modern World, no, really we did.

This is what Scotland invented

I guess tonight I am just so happy to be Scottish, live where I do, have the people around me I do, and I mean my Scottish friends, some I know many I don’t. I will say a lot “Scotland is paradise” but just in a fridge 😀 But it really is a wonderful place to live. Many who come here stay here and I think I know why. We don’t have huge immigration issues but we welcome anyone. And we fight on for freedom, it will happen, and it will happen before my Daughters hit high school, we didn’t get mad, we were angry, but we dropped all the side show rubbish, now we are looking to go again. I write for Edinburgh West here Now we want to make brilliant, better, and we will do it, the will is strong, the voice is one. Being Scottish just rocks. I am passionate about being Scottish as you are for your country. Really is that simple, and I can’t hide it 😀

Well I talked more than I wanted to there but being Scottish is a blessing alone. I see a different World when I research, when I turn on the news, when I read news, I see an alien World. So I will leave you with a song I love and it isn’t really Scottish but you will see why. And if you are proud of where you live, MY GOD!! Say so..

2 minutes 10 seconds in, you will understand, this is an amazing song 


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Ex BBC Business Editor Slams The BBC For Anti-Scottish Independence ‘Propaganda’



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

This should come as surprise to nobody, but now it’s official, the BBC did hinder the democratic process in the referendum. Many may know this, many may not know this. If we were in any doubt about paying a TV Licence to the BBC who lied and threw propaganda at us during the lead up to the Referendum, we know 100% now, the BBC were lying and Propaganda was in play, this is 100% official now.

Paul Mason

Paul Mason

The BBC’s former Business Editor, Paul Mason, has launched a stinging attack on the British state broadcaster over its coverage of the Scottish independence campaign. EDINBURGH, September 13 (RIA Novosti), Mark Hirst – The BBC’s former Business Editor, Paul Mason, has launched a stinging attack on the British state broadcaster over its coverage of the Scottish independence campaign.

Mason, who worked for the BBC for 12 years before becoming Economics Editor at Channel 4 News in 2013, wrote on his Facebook page that, “Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there.” Later in an official blog written for Channel 4 News Mason again attacked coverage of Deutsche Bank’s warnings that an independent Scotland would lead to a 1930″s economic depression in Scotland. In an article, published Saturday and titled “Deutsche’s ‘Wall Street Crash’ Prediction Goes Ueber Alles On the Airwaves,” Mason highlighted previous “warnings of doom” by the same bank, but which were ignored by the German government, over the consequences of introducing a minimum wage for German workers.

Mason concludes that Deutsche Bank’s warnings, issued by its Head of Strategy, David Folkerts-Landau, are nothing more than an opinion and “open to debate.” “As I write this I hear the words ‘Deutsche… Scotland… Wall Street Crash’ are being read out by newsreaders on our venerable state broadcaster,” Mason added. “Other opinions are available.” Edward McDowell, a former Risk Manager at Lloyds Banking Group told RIA Novosti that the warnings issued by Deutsche Bank were “misleading.” “They do not take account of Scotland’s strong fiscal position or well established institutions and I believe is another example of misleading information,” McDowell said.

Deutsche Bank also received criticism from one of its former senior managers. “I think people need to remember that this is the bank that failed to forecast the crash in 2008 and what they are saying now is preposterous,” said Ian Blackford who previously ran Deutsche Bank’s operations in Scotland and The Netherlands. “RBS and others have said there is no risk to jobs or investment in Scotland. It is about moving the brass plates and the fact is that this all about the UK government’s panic over the real possibility of it losing the union,” Blackford added.

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How many nations worldwide have declared independence from UK/WM Rule


The image above should give you hope Scotland. I count 65 but I am sure it’s more. Anyway, make sure Scotland is on that list on Friday! 

Totally left to rule alone 

Country Date Year of Independence Notes
 Antigua and Barbuda 1 November 1981
 Australia 1 January 1986 Australia Act 1986
 Bahamas 10 July 1973
 Bahrain 16 December 1971 15 August 1971
 Barbados 30 November 1966 Barbados Independence Act 1966
 Belize 21 September 1981 September Celebrations of Belize
 Botswana 30 September 1966
 Brunei 1 January 1984
 Canada 1 July 1982 Canada Act 1982
 Cyprus 1 October 1960 16 August 1960, but Cyprus Independence Day is commonly celebrated on 1 October.[1]
 Dominica 3 November 1978
 Egypt 28 February 1922
 Fiji 10 October 1970
 The Gambia 18 February 1965
 Ghana 6 March 1957
 Grenada 7 February 1974 Independence Day (Grenada)
 Guyana 26 May 1966
 India 15 August 1947
 Israel 14 May 1948
 Iraq 3 October 1932
 Republic of Ireland 24 April (Easter Monday) 1922 Proclamation of the Irish Republic commencing the Easter Rising on 24 April 1916 led to a civil war which resulted in the formation of the Irish Free State. Only country to ever secede from the United Kingdom proper.
 Jamaica 6 August 1962
 Jordan 25 May 1946
 Kenya 12 December 1963
 Kiribati 12 July 1979
 Kuwait 25 February 1961
 Lesotho 4 October 1966
 Malawi 6 July 1964
 Malaysia 31 August 1957 Hari Merdeka
 Maldives 26 July 1965
 Malta 21 September 1964
 Mauritius 12 March 1968
 Myanmar 4 January 1948
 Nauru 31 January 1968 Independence from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand on 31 January 1968.
 New Zealand 6 February 1986 Constitution Act 1986
 Nigeria 1 October 1960
 Pakistan 14 August 1947 Yaum e Azadi. Independence from the United Kingdom on 27 Ramadan ul Mubarik, 14 August 1947
 Papua New Guinea 16 September 1975 Independence gained from Australia the administering power.
 Qatar 3 September 1971 Qatar National Day
 Saint Lucia 22 February 1979
 Samoa 1 January 1962 Independence granted by New Zealand the administrative country.
 Saint Kitts and Nevis 19 September 1983
 Seychelles 29 June 1976
 Sierra Leone 27 April 1961
 Solomon Islands 7 July 1978
 South Africa 11 December 1961 1931 adoption of Statute of Westminster. Not a public holiday. Union of South Africa formed on 31 May 1910 and Republic declared on 31 May 1961 and left the British Commonwealth on the same day.
 Sri Lanka 4 February 1948 4 February 1948, Sri Lanka had their independence. After nearly 150 years of the UK ruling the country. Gained independence as the Dominion of Ceylon
Somalia Somaliland 26 June 1960 Gained Independence as part of Somalia. Unrecognised independent state declared in 1991 during the crisis in Somalia covering the same territory as British Somaliland as the SomalilandRepublic of Somaliland.
 Sudan 1 January 1956  South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011.
 Swaziland 6 September 1968
 Tanzania 9 December 1961
 Trinidad and Tobago 31 August 1962
 Tuvalu 1 October 1978
 Uganda 9 October 1962
 United Arab Emirates 2 December 1971 National Day (United Arab Emirates)
 United States 4 July 1776 Fourth of July. Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776
 Vanuatu 30 July 1980 Independence from United Kingdom and France in 1980
 Yemen 30 November 1967 South Yemen 1967
 Zambia 24 October 1964
 Zimbabwe 18 April 1980

Evolution of Dominions to Independence

Country Date of Dominion Status Date of adoption of the Statute of Westminster Date of final relinquish of British powers Final Event in question. Other important Dates
 Australia 1 January 1901 9 October 1942 (effective from 1931) 3 March 1986 Australia Act 1986
 Canada 1 July 1867 11 December 1931 17 April 1982 Canada Act 1982 Canada Day
 Ireland 6 December 1922 11 December 1931 29 December 1937 Constitution of Ireland1937 Republic of Ireland Act 1948 came into force on 16 April 1949 with Ireland leaving the British Commonwealth.
 South Africa 31 May 1910 11 December 1931 21 May 1961 South African Constitution of 1961
 New Zealand 26 September 1907 25 November 1947 13 December 1986 Constitution Act 1986 Declaration of Independence of New Zealand 1835, Treaty of Waitangi 1840

Scottish independence: The blame game begins in No camp even before the first vote is cast



WELL, WELL, WELL! They are arguing between themselves already in Westminster. And most of the blame is on David Cameron for not allowing a “DevoMax” on the vote we all in Scotland will vote yes on tomorrow. The anger and finger pointing has started down South, this leads me to believe they know they have lost. I think anyone with a brain knows they know. Scotland, I think we have done it. But please, VOTE, AND VOTE PROPERLY, DON’T MAKE YOUR VOTING PAPER A SPOILT PAPER! JUST PUT AN X IN THE “YES” BOX. They are promising Scotland the Earth, but many in Westminster are not up for giving Scotland what English people will argue for in the coming months after the yes vote.

The blame game has begun, even before we know the result of Thursday’s referendum. Even if the Scottish people vote against independence, the way the UK is run is going to change. So politicians of all hues are scrambling to get their excuses in first.  Some Labour figures summon the ghost of Margaret Thatcher, claiming she created fertile territory for the Scottish National Party by allowing Scotland’s industries to die; imposing the poll tax a year earlier than in England and Wales and opposing devolution. But other parties claim it is Labour which has allowed the UK to reach the cliff edge of a break-up. Sir John Major, the former Conservative Prime Minister, last week pointed the finger of blame at Tony Blair, saying his Government left “a deadly legacy” by creating the Scottish Parliament in 1999. If Labour, which won 41 of the 59 Scottish seats in 2010, loses its Scottish MPs on independence day in 2016, “no one should weep for it” Sir John declared.

Mr Blair was no fan of devolution. But he inherited a firm pledge to set up the Edinburgh parliament from John Smith, his predecessor as Labour leader, who died in 1994. Mr Blair sometimes raised doubts.  “Do we really have to open this can of worms again?” he asked. But a powerful Scottish Labour lobby – including Donald Dewar, Gordon Brown and Lord Irvine – told him he must honour Mr Smith’s memory by completing his mission. So did Mr Smith’s widow Elizabeth, now a Labour peer. “We have to do it,” Mr Blair told close colleagues. But Labour made a series of miscalculations, epitomised in 1995 by George Robertson, the shadow Scottish Secretary, who predicted: “Devolution will kill nationalism stone dead.”

To prevent one party – either the SNP or what he saw as (Old) Scottish Labour – winning an overall majority in the Edinburgh parliament, Mr Blair opted for a system of proportional representation. Labour duly governed in coalition with the Liberal Democrats from 1999 to 2007. Then, crucially, Mr Blair delayed his departure as Prime Minister until after the Scottish Parliament elections, even though he was unloved north of the border. In 2010, he admitted in his memoirs: “With a new leader we could have done better, and in particular it is possible with Gordon [Brown as PM] we would have won in Scotland.” Instead, the SNP beat Labour by one seat in 2007 and formed a minority administration at Holyrood, a vital stepping stone to winning an overall majority in 2011 – and a mandate for tomorrow’s referendum. Belatedly, Mr Blair saw it coming. Prophetically, he remarked in his memoirs: “I knew once Alex Salmond got his feet under the table he could play off against the Westminster Government and embed himself. It would be far harder to remove him than to stop him in the first place.”

Is David Cameron to blame for allowing Alex Salmond a referendum? The question is now asked – like many, with glorious hindsight. The Prime Minister knew Mr Salmond could call his own advisory public vote if he were denied a real one, which could fuel anti-English sentiment and give the independence bandwagon another push. With opinion polls suggesting that only about a third of Scots favoured independence, Mr Cameron judged that a straight choice between Yes and No would settle Scotland’s future for a generation.



He resisted the SNP’s call for the ballot paper to include a third option of “devo max” – more powers for Holyrood with Scotland remaining in the UK –which, he feared, could have been a bridge to independence in another referendum within years. On Monday, Mr Cameron tried to spread the blame to Labour and the Liberal Democrats, telling the BBC’s Newsnight programme that the refusal to include a “devo max” question “wasn’t just my view”.

Cameron aides were jubilant when Mr Salmond backed down and accepted a straight Yes/No. Some SNP politicians now suggest the wily Mr Salmond lured the UK Government into taking its eye off the wording of the question and was less bothered about “devo max”. The agreed question – “Should Scotland be an independent country?” – suited the SNP. If the question had been “should Scotland should remain in the UK?”, the Yes/No roles would have been reversed. The Better Together campaign, led by Alistair Darling, has been dogged by SNP and media criticism that it is too negative. Mr Darling makes no apology for asking searching questions about an independent Scotland. But one ally admitted: “Inevitably, being on the No side makes you look negative.” Mr Salmond has been adept at turning legitimate questions – about the pound, jobs, prices — back into “threats, bullying and bluffs” by “the Westminster parties” in their “Project Fear”.  Some Tory MPs blame George Osborne, the Chancellor, for this negative approach, saying his trump card of ruling out a currency union with an independent Scotland turned out to be nothing of the sort. Better Together has been hampered by infighting and personal feuds between the Labour figures who dominate it. Its own internal blame game is now under way. For now it is mainly behind the scenes, but it is likely to become public after the result is known. Until late in the day, Mr Brown, Labour’s most respected figure in Scotland, did his own thing rather than work with Better Together, which he judged badly run, lacking campaigning nous and too close to the Conservatives. “He loathes many of its leading lights – Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, John Reid,” one Labour source admitted. “In the last two weeks, Gordon has come to the rescue. If Scotland votes No, he will get the credit.”

In a separate blame game, Liberal Democrats blame Labour for failing to deliver its voters, claiming that Labour’s normal election machine is underpowered because key trade unions such as Unite and Unison are sitting on their hands. Labour figures reply that the Lib Dems have nothing to crow about: by joining the Tories in coalition in 2010, they made it easier for Mr Salmond to tar all three main parties with the same “political establishment” brush.

However, Lib Dem and Tory figures claim that Ed Miliband has failed to get over his message in a country where his left of centre pitch and belief in radical economic reforms should enjoy wide appeal. “He is seen as ineffectual,” one Tory claimed. “People don’t believe he could deliver what he says.” Labour figures insist the buck stops with Mr Cameron. There is mounting evidence that Downing Street underestimated the prospect of a Yes vote until a poll put it ahead just 10 days ago, forcing the three main parties to rush out their devo max plan and take the status quo off the ballot paper. Whitehall is determined to avoid the blame. Sources suggest that senior civil servants did their duty by sounding the alarm that the referendum could result in the break-up of the Union. Officials claim they ran into a brick wall: anything that raised the prospect of a Yes vote was blocked by their political masters, who decreed that all efforts must be put into securing a No vote. That is why – officially, at least – the Government claims it is not making any contingency plans for a Yes verdict. “The PM called the shots,” said one senior civil servant. The Cabinet Office dismissed as “simply not true” reports that Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, pressed ministers to win over putative Yes voters rather than merely shore up No voters. Yet it is also claimed that in recent weeks, Mr Cameron and his male-dominated inner circle brushed aside warnings from female advisers that the negative No campaign was a turn-off for women voters. Allies insist Mr Cameron, dubbed the “essay crisis PM”, is good when his back is to the wall. Despite two powerful, emotional speeches in the past week, his power to influence votes is limited because the Tories are seen as “toxic” by many Scottish people. “Scotland is Labour’s heartland,” said one Tory aide. “If it can’t win over people in its own back yard, that’s not our fault.” If Scotland votes Yes, things can only get bitter.

Scotland – The Pound, Can we put another Myth to bed?


The Pound Scots was the unit of currency in the Kingdom of Scotland before the Kingdom unified with the Kingdom of England in 1770

Seen this on Social Media, don’t want to give the person’s name away, but could it be said we have EVERY right to use the pound? I am trying to get all the lies and show them for what he are, take the currencies below, how is it possible other countries can use the pound but Scotland can’t? Would it be fair to say another Myth has just been put to bed? Thoughts?



Another Myth that we are too small? yes/no?

Another Myth that we are too small? yes/no?

Scotland – 3 days to go, how do you feel? Happy? Hopeful? Sure? Unsure?



Well Scotland we have 3 days to go and the image above captures perfectly the fear the BBC and a few other media outlets are doing, throwing stupid fear at people, SCOTLAND, RISE ABOVE IT. Many think, like me it’s a done deal, we won, yes won, we have gained independence from the Union, a Union of criminals and liars. ANYONE who thought Conspiracy Theorists were nutters need only look at the BBC and other Media to now know what a Conspiracy is. When 3 or more people get together to tell a lie or deceive and to be fair, they have tried EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK! But failed!

We can say for certain now the No campaign has NOT played fair. I have done a few blogs on the in-coming lies, many of the Facebook referendum owners have warned people too. I knew it was coming. We have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get through, to not buy into the lies. I have kept an eye on all the lies and Myths here and Now not all are about Scotland so ignore the other ones

Other know it also...

Today’s Sun Newspaper, small article, but 100% spot on

So 3 days to go. Come Friday Scotland will be in one of two places. 1. Free from a Union of corruption, liars and cheats as we CLEARLY see now Scotland. 2. Part of the Union with HELL to come our way. Make no mistake Scotland, if it’s an unlikely no vote we are in BIG TROUBLE in many ways and Hollyrood can only do so much to protect us. I pray the vote is fair and has no issues at the end. Anyone remember George Bush Jr and his win against Al Gore? Well here is a reminder! When someone becomes POTUS, President of the United States Of America, they get out the car half way up Pennsylvania avenue to the White House

You hear the boos? His car was getting egged and he was the first President EVER to not walk Pennsylvania avenue, why? Well he cheated.

Now George Bush won Florida late on after Al Gore, we were told had won Florida. John Ellis was in charge of Fox News in Florida, his Brother was the Senator for Florida and  Bush’s election team counted the vote in Florida. It was the biggest scam ever. Gore won! Anyone who knows only a small part of this story know’s Bush cheated and 10 Months later on 9/11 the World Changed forever. We need to change our World forever Scotland

Now I know this is America, but Scotland we must we weary that the vote counters are fair. Many are saying “TAKE YOUR OWN PEN AND DON’T VOTE WITH A PENCIL” Now there is a reality to that, many will say “Nonsense Shaun” but think about it, if we all used a Pen and not a Pencil, it would be obvious there was something going on.

So, how do YOU feel about Thursday? You think Yes will win? You think No will win? You confident? You scared? There are so many emotions Scotland. I ask you all right now to not be scared, to 100% know and understand the No camp lied and cheated, but are still likely to lose, why? Because Scotland, we are WAY smarter than that, anyone watching the BBC or reading the Daily record and believing it, please, turn the channel, turn the page

Three days Scotland and we can be free to build a fairer, richer, happier Scotland

Listen and believe the lies and our Children and Grandchildren suffer, badly