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The Irony of the Anti-Abortion People

Roe V Wade Abortion Anniversary

OK, Head on the block time for Shaun. This is a short simple blog and question. In America there is a HUGE anti-abortion feeling. I respect that. But I am going to show you the Irony America. Let’s say you are a woman and you are raped, you are against abortion, do you abort and keep the kid, or adopt the kid to another family

In many of these anti-Abortion places you have the Death penalty. So I simply ask, what is the difference in “We can’t kill an unborn child” to “We will kill this person as they are bad” Isn’t that a moral outrage right there? I mean how can a person be against killing life in the form of a fetus but be ok to allow the area you live to kill a living person

The irony really makes me see anti abortion people as people with double standards. To kill a life is to kill life in ANY way. Life is life in any way shape or form. How can a person hate the thought of an abortion but be ok with the Death penalty? Do you all see the Irony here? I do and it’s killer. This shows me how stupid many can be in their belief systems. They will believe what they want to believe but deny turning the coin over and seeing the other side of the argument. Blind faith I Call it

Let me know how you feel

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