SNP: Murphy discounted after fewer than 50 days in post – Liar Gordon Brown to the rescue again

He can't carry the Scottish branch office, he knows it

He can’t carry the Scottish branch office, he knows it

By @ShaunyNews Via:

PLEASE REMEMBER: Gordon Brown was wheeled out, sold a lie then retired. He can’t be trusted, please spread this from the SNP far and wide. We can’t make the same mistake 3 times, Labour are dying, Jim is disliked in Scotland, so all off a sudden the man the UK voters blamed for the financial collapse is now touted as a Saviour. Desperate or desperate? Red Tory’s are gone, WE here in Scotland changed UK politics forever, we won’t be fooled again, in-case, we drive this message home with no hatred, just a love to be free from it all.

Reports today that Scottish Labour are turning to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in an attempt to turn around their fortunes at May’s General Election have been described as “disastrous” for Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy by the SNP.

In today’s Herald, Labour sources say Mr Brown will be Labour’s “secret weapon” in Scotland and will be “deployed” in an attempt to win back support.

Gordon Brown was also described as Scottish Labour’s “secret weapon” in the run up to the Scottish elections in 2011 – which resulted in a landslide victory for the SNP with an unprecedented majority at Holyrood.

SNP General Election campaign coordinator Angus Robertson MP said:

“This is a disastrous story for Jim Murphy – he was supposed to be the person who would turn Labour’s fortunes around, but is obviously being discounted by his own colleagues after fewer than 50 days in the job.

“Just last week, the SNP had a tremendous council by-election victory in Gordon Brown’s constituency, which will no doubt have chilled Scottish Labour to the core.

“Labour have clearly run out of options – and in their desperation to try to hold on to votes they are turning to Gordon Brown as a last resort. Mr Brown of course isn’t a candidate in the General Election, and described himself as an ex-politician.

“Labour are paying a heavy price for their toxic alliance with the Tories – and in recent weeks they have made clear the alliance lives on as they voted with the Tories to support £30 billion more austerity cuts and waste £100 billion on Trident renewal.”

STILL too much red

STILL too much red in 2015

Would be world news in ANY other country with way over 50%

Would be world news in ANY other country with way over 50%

We can remove them ALL

We can remove them ALL

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Jim Murphy, Unionism, Loyalism and Hatred! Has he lied?

Looking back he did get a little angry yeah?

Looking back he did get a little angry yeah?

By @ShaunyNews Via a few sources and words of my own

Below is an Audio I had been looking to find for a few days and thanks to I managed to find the Audio file. Now listen to Jim Murphy then and now. Jim stated “I am not a Loyalist” here it is here: Now I am not saying for one second he is but if you listen to the Audio he certain doesn’t come across as Nationalistic, that is for sure. He did an interview with (Surprise Surprise) the BBC and was asked “Are you Nationalistic or Unionist” He said at the time “I am somewhere in the middle” So the article above is Jim telling lies right? Telling us all he is a nice Catholic boy and would never dare turn to loyalist or Unionism. Below the STV ask the same question I am asking. I will get to the bottom of it, I will find the “I am somewhere in the middle” comment, for now this is all I can offer. And a video of what “Loyalism and Unionism” actually does and is 

Analysis: Is Jim Murphy trolling or is he really not a Unionist?

Jim Murphy vs Andrew Neil, BBC Newsnight, 2 Sep 2014

When it comes to hatred, rest assured the Loyalist and Unionist will come forth and hate.

Orange Order playing the Famine Song at St Patricks Church, New Lodge, 12/07/2012
Via thenewlodge on You Tube

Jim Murphy challenges a National Yes voter


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Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy insists he is ‘not a unionist’

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy

By @ShaunyNews Via

SCOTS Labour leader Jim Murphy has insisted he is “not a unionist”, nice catholic man. Lets see how he handles the Scottish branch of Labour, will he fight for the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ his boss said 10 days ago would be delivered in full? or am I being a fool?

The Scottish Labour leader, who famously embarked on a 100 towns in 100 days tour in support of a No vote in last year’s referendum, rejected the label at a lunch with journalists. “I have never been a unionist,” he said. “It’s never been my political tradition. “As a family of Irish Catholic immigrants we’re not unionists. “I grew up in a family of trade-unionists, but we’re not political unionists.”

Murphy instead said that during the referendum campaign there was a “temporary alignment” of “two different unionist traditions”. He added: “A Conservative & Unionist tradition inside the Conservative Party and elements of the Liberal Democrats, and you had a trade-unionist and socialist solidarity tradition inside the Labour Party.

“For a moment there was an alignment for different reasons of political culture and history, but that moment is gone.” Scottish Labour are behind in the polls with many former supporters appearing to have defected to the SNP after voting Yes in the referendum

 Sandra White

Sandra White

SNP MSP Sandra White ridiculed Murphy’s remarks. She said: “With Labour struggling in the polls, it’s no wonder that Jim Murphy is desperate to rewrite history and try to distance himself from the Tories – who Labour spent two years working hand in glove with in the referendum. “Does Jim Murphy really expect people to believe that despite having spent the entire referendum campaign arguing for a No vote, he does not believe in the union?  “It is utter nonsense and a sign of desperation that he would even attempt to claim otherwise. If it walks like a unionist and talks like a unionist, it is a unionist – and Jim Murphy will never sound like anything else.”


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Jim Murphy: Scottish Labour will put Scots first in new policy


Jim Murphy: Will never apologise for using UK taxes to fund Scottish policies.


By @ShaunyNews Via:

Well I believe this, I mean they always keep a promise right? We do have home rule already and full fiscal respo…..oh wait, they lied. Hmm, so Jim is a liar too? I must ask ALL Labour Members and Supporters “Do you trust this man” IF YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THIS FOOL SCOTLAND WILL FOREVER BE IN WESTMINSTERS POCKET! We don’t need all yes voters here, just people who wan’t what was promised before the referendum, lets make this perfectly clear. Anyway, enjoy the laugh, I did! Anyway lets read the ramblings of the only living breathing Scottish person in a suit who would take the Scottish labour hot seat

Scottish Labour will put the needs of Scotland first when creating policy under a new doctrine the party has dubbed “Murphy’s Law”.

New leader Jim Murphy said he will never apologise for using UK taxes to fund distinctly Scottish policies, such as his pledge to use taxes mainly taken from London millionaires to pay for 1,000 extra nurses in Scotland. He will present a redrafted version of Scottish Labour’s constitution to the party’s Scottish executive today, emphasising his desire to “put Scotland first” without “giving up solidarity with people across the UK”. Tory London Mayor Boris Johnston accused Labour of being “fiscally vindictive towards the south east of England, in order to try to bribe the Scots to vote Labour” with its UK mansion tax and related Scottish nursing pledge.

Mr Murphy said: “Boris Johnson has called Scottish Labour plans for 1,000 extra nurses ‘vindictive’. “Well, I’m never going to apologise for using taxes raised across the UK to fund the Scottish NHS. I will always make policy in Scotland that is for the good of the country. The new Clause 4 sets the principles behind my leadership in stone. “Scottish Labour is now under new leadership. I am determined to meet the real challenge we face to persuade our fellow Scots to support us. By voting for us they will be voting for Scotland.”We’ll be doing all we can in the run-up to the general election in May to show that it is only by voting for Labour that you can get rid of the Tories.”

He added: “When I spoke just after being elected leader I said that Scottish Labour needed to change to be stronger for Scotland. “Under my leadership no-one will be left in any doubt that we call the shots in Scotland, that we stand up for Scotland and we put Scotland first. “I’ve already spoken about Labour supporters who voted Yes in the referendum and how we intend to win them back. “Yes voters wanted change and I will deliver that. With me, voting for and joining Scottish Labour will be supporting a party that is committed to a permanent, powerful Scottish Parliament.”


SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell said: “It seems appropriate that Labour are keen to brand their internal changes as ‘Murphy’s Law’, given it states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Clearly even within his own party Jim Murphy isn’t inspiring much confidence. “The problem for Jim Murphy is that people in Scotland have heard it all before. Johann Lamont claimed to be taking complete control of the Labour Party in Scotland when she took charge, only for her to quit blaming her Westminster bosses of treating Scottish Labour like a branch office. “Actions speak louder than words and Labour’s track record is one of campaigning hand in glove with the Tory Party that has done so much to damage Scotland’s interests. People in Scotland will not be quick to forgive or forget that fact.”

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Labour facing electoral wipe out in Scotland as support for the SNP surges to record high



 @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Various news agencies, links below

A few articles I have done lately. I do believe a new referendum will be 2017, Salmond and Nicola have played a BLINDER! Jim Murphy being made the new “Branch Manager” of Scottish Labour has seen a HUGE surge AGAIN in the SNP. Membership figures must be close to 100,000 now. We could see a 90% controlled Hollyrood, we get that, Alex plays ball with Labour in a coalition, Scotland gets what we were promised and more. As I keep saying ‘Watch this space’

A new poll has put support for the SNP in the UK general election in May at a record high. The Survation poll of 1,001 people for the Daily Record found that 48% of people would vote for the party in a Westminster election, with Labour trailing on 24%.

Support for the Conservatives was at 16%, 5% backed the Lib Dems while 4% would vote for Ukip and 1% for the Greens. The SNP also continues to dominate Holyrood voting intentions, with the party’s Scottish Parliament constituency vote rising to 51%, more than double Labour’s 25% support. The poll was the first in the series to be carried out after the election of Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader. Survation found that for 14% of those questioned Mr Murphy’s leadership made them more likely to vote Labour, while 18% said they were less likely to do so and 57% said it made no difference.


First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said: “This is a great early Christmas present for the SNP – our best ever Survation poll rating for a UK General Election, as well as being over 50% for the Scottish Parliament constituency vote for the first time. “I warmly welcome this poll, but we take absolutely nothing for granted – and the hard work begins in the new year to ensure that we achieve a strong group of SNP MPs to give Scotland the strongest possible voice at Westminster. “That way, we can use our influence to bring an end to austerity economics, make Scotland free of Trident nuclear weapons, and get the powers Scotland needs to build a fairer society and more prosperous economy.”

Angus Robertson, the party’s general election campaign director, said: “The poll shows that Jim Murphy has had a ‘reverse honeymoon’ as leader of Labour in Scotland – with the SNP stretching our lead even further since he took up the post. On these figures, Labour would even lose Mr Murphy’s seat.”The poll shows that more people are actually less likely to vote Labour under his leadership than more likely – it indicates that Johann Lamont’s admission that Labour in Scotland are just a ‘branch office’ of Westminster has hit home and is widely understood across Scotland.”


Mr Murphy stressed his party was changing, saying: ” We are one week into a new leadership team and really determined to change. We are rewriting the party’s constitution so that decisions about Scotland are made here in Scotland. The days of the Scottish Labour leader having to ask the party in London about things are gone and gone for good.” He added: ” I want Scotland to not only be the fairest part of the UK but the fairest country in the world. That’s why we will increase the taxes of the richest Scots to pay for our NHS and schools. “During the referendum Scotland was divided between Yes or No. But in the general election most Scots will be united in wanting to get David Cameron out of Downing Street. The choice Scots will face next year is between sending SNP MPs to the House of Commons to protest against the Tories, or Scottish Labour MPs who will remove the Tories. Voting SNP or Green in 2015 could accidentally keep the Tories in power.”


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#Scotland – SNP support soars to record 47%



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews


Just can’t fault the SNP and Yes supporters since September 18th this year, we look back to the 19th, the ‘People’ who won wrecked cities, beat people up and caused a lot of damage, these were the winners the loyalists! &

These are all the pre and after articles, the headlines are all you need to remind you Scotland because I will be one of thousands reminding you ! Check some of the headlines, HOW STUPID WERE SOME OF US? Really, if YOU voted no, please just read the headlines here. We can’t be stupid and fooled a 3rd time can we? 1979/2014/??

Through thoughts of cheating and more we stopped and started to do it correctly. We stopped moaning, we stopped complaining, we embraced Nicola and wished Alex well in London where he will fight our cause. Scotland you amaze me, you/we just got back up and started to gather momentum like never before. Membership is as high as it has ever been with JUST SCOTTISH MEMBERS OF THE SNP making the SNP the 3rd biggest party in the whole of Britian, astonishing when you think about it, polls suggest Labour could have as low as 4 seats in Hollyrood.  The SNP figures are climbing, where will we be come General Election time in a few months we can only speculate as being ‘Very Good’ Labour making Jim Murphy leader of Scottish Labour has totally ruined them, and there wasn’t much more to ruin to be fair. Come on Yes supporters, lets get going now! A New Referendum I believe can be as early as 2017, but Scotland we must vote. I said pre-September 18th if we vote with ‘Selfishness’ We would lose, this is exactly what happened. Don’t fall for it again. Your pension is safe, your benefits are safe, your work is safe, your wage will go up, we now KNOW FOR A FACT there is 100% more than enough Oil to make Scotland the Richest planet on Earth. We get tagged with the “United Kingdom” in all polls, take us on our own we sit in the top 10 Worldwide.

I did these leading up to the vote, sadly my fears came true, people were selfish, they know it now and want to right that wrong!
13th July 2014:
10th September 2014:

Article and Video from 16th November

Suggested Poll as of today Via
SNP —– 48

LAB —– 11

CON —- 0

LIB —– 0

Support for the SNP in Scotland has surged to record levels and a majority now back independence, a poll suggests.

Some 47% of people in Scotland intend to vote SNP at the general election, against 27% who will vote Labour, 16% who will vote Conservative and just 3% backing the Lib Dems, a YouGov poll for the Sun found. The SNP’s support is 4% higher than the last YouGov poll and up 27% on its 2010 figure. The results – released on the day Scottish Labour elected MP Jim Murphy as its new leader – would see Labour’s Scottish representation in Westminster reduced from 41 to just seven.

Meanwhile, 52% would back independence, once undecided and abstaining voters are excluded, amid widespread scepticism about the latest devolution offering. Some 51% said the powers in the Smith Commission on devolution do not go far enough, against 23% who said the balance is right and 14% who said it goes too far. YouGov chairman Peter Kellner told the Sun: “This looks like something bigger and longer lasting than a post- referendum blip.


SNP depute leader Stewart Hosie MP said: “I congratulate both Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale on their election to leader and deputy leader. “Jim Murphy takes over just as the scale of their problems are laid bare in the new YouGov poll – showing record levels of support for the SNP for next year’s general election. “Mr Murphy spent two years campaigning side by side with the Tories in Scotland, and in that sense he is part of Labour’s problem in Scotland, not the solution. And his strong support for tuition fees puts him at marked variance with mainstream opinion in Scotland.


“Today’s poll also makes clear the scale of the disappointment that is felt across Scotland at the Westminster parties’ failure to meet people’s aspirations for more powers.

“It even indicates that Jim Murphy’s own seat would be vulnerable on these poll ratings.”


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Tell @JimMurphyMP, this is how it’s done!! @citizentommy



Getting to know Tommy a “Tiny bit” over the last few months has been superb. He was at my Local boozer a few times in Edinburgh, wish I had said hi. I have watched TONS of his video’s and he captures people, his desire ignites our imagination to a Free Scotland. We can see it clearly when Tommy speaks. I know Tommy will be sick to the back teeth of me adding his Twitter into everything, but to be fair, Tommy you deserve it buddy. You have been to the Borders to as far North as a man can go. You explained September 18th is NOT about any politician or political party as many thought September 18th was a vote for Alex Salmond. You explained this vote/election happens in 2016. And I still hear people say “I am not voting for Salmond on the 18th” I used to get all annoyed and stupid, now I just try and explain, same as we all do. But Tommy, if you read this. You speak for a generation of people sick to the back teeth of Austerity cuts, benefit cuts, Bedroom Tax and more. You speak as a person, not a politician who answers a question with another question or a lie. I say fair play Tommy. You have done yourself, your family and Scotland proud. NOW LETS GET OVER THIS LINE ON THE 18th!

Tommy’s 92nd meeting, he has spoken to 18,000 people so far! Worth a watch


1's and 1's and 1's of people listening!

1’s and 1’s and 1’s of people listening!


Scottish Independence campaigner, 80, attacked as media go with #EggGate

James McMillan shows his injuries, but has vowed to campaign on.

James McMillan shows his injuries, but has vowed to campaign on.

Jim Murphy gets hit by an egg and it’s MEDIA OVERDRIVE! A woman gets kicked in the stomach by a No campaigner, A big gets set alight and thrown at a Yes Shop. Hardly a media mention.



woman-got-kickedNow note I couldn’t find decent links for either story. Now go and Google “Jim Murphy hit by egg” Something is not right here!

A PRO-INDEPENDENCE campaigner has been assaulted on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile by a woman who was outraged at his Yes placard.

• Police examine CCTV footage to catch elderly man’s attacker.

• ‘Monstrous woman’ broke campaigner’s wrist by pushing him to the ground.

In what are believed to have been the first physical blows of the debate on Scotland’s future, frail ­nationalist campaigner James McMillan, 80, was sent spinning to the ground by the woman – after she wrestled a banner supporting a Yes vote from him.

Mr McMillan had been ­entertaining passers-by with an independence-inspired song when his attacker raced at him from the direction of a Royal Mile kilt shop.

It is understood the woman did not say anything to Mr McMillan and then ran off with him lying on the ground.

The attack hospitalised the OAP and has underlined the uglier side of the independence debate.

The Scots-Canadian, who returned to the Capital with his wife, Gillian, three years ago, suffered a broken wrist, severe bruising and cut to his head in the assault which occurred outside John Knox House at 5pm on Tuesday.

Police Scotland last night confirmed they are hunting the attacker and are examining CCTV footage in the area.

A shocked Mr McMillan said: “This makes it clear to me the Yes campaign has got them ­rattled.”


The Yes supporter was wearing a kilt and singing his adapted version of the hymn The Cross of St Andrew while carrying a placard which read: “Time to get rid of the scourge of the Normans. Sign up to the Yes side”.

He became engaged in an amicable independence debate with two passing men. However, their conversation was soon interrupted when the woman attacked him. Mr McMillan, who lives in sheltered housing, said: “I was talking to two guys when all of a sudden this monstrous woman – who was around 5ft 9ins and about three foot across – came barrelling at me from out of a shop.

“She grabbed hold of my placard and then pushed me over. As I lay on the ground I looked up at her and she had a look on her face like, ‘My God . . . what have I done?’

“I’ve been waving my placard and singing my songs around the city for the past few months and have never had a confrontation like this. I think it goes to show that the unionists are fearful of us because we have them on the run.”

A tourist who witnessed the incident called for an ambulance and Mr McMillan was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where he was treated for his injuries.


The Pilrig pensioner remains unbowed by the ugly stramash. “Even if I’m in a wheelchair I’ll continue to head out and campaign,” he said. “This has only served to make me more determined.”

A Royal Mile resident who saw the drama unfold said it was an ugly scene. He said: “This woman came storming out of a shop, snatched his placard and then turned to walk away. The guy went to grab his sign back and she pushed him.

“She was quite a big woman so he went flying. He had a cut on his head and looked a little concussed.”

Detective Constable James Philp, of Police Scotland, confirmed they are probing the attack. “We know that a small crowd had been watching him sing, so we are appealing for any witnesses to this incident to come forward,” he said.

While nasty attacks from both sides have been apparent on social media, the Royal Mile assault is thought to be the first physical attack linked with the independence debate.

Comment: Don’t allow it all to get out of hand

By Ian Swanson

FEELINGS are bound to run high over the indep-endence referendum – after all, it’s Scotland’s future that is being decided.

But both sides need to be careful that the debate does not get out of hand.

The attack on a pensioner with a Yes placard in the Royal Mile comes on top of long-running concerns about the level of abuse being hurled around on social media.

The so-called Cybernats have become notorious but independence supporters say they suffer just as much. Even some exchanges in parliament have become a little ill-tempered.

Whatever the referendum result, Scots will need to work together afterwards. When he visited Edinburgh earlier this year, former United States president Bill Clinton knew better than to take sides, however he did urge both camps to behave with respect and weigh up the pros and cons without “tearing the place apart”.

This is the man who threw the egg @ Jim Murphy


The Egg Thrower, cut from a video I was sent

The guy above is the egg thrower. I have the video to prove it below. The man with the ear piece I was told was behind Jim Murphy at another if his campaigns. I am not sure, might be Dundee, this is earpiece guy. I believe this whole thing was a set up (False flag) made to happen to make the #Yes people look bad! The guy with the earpiece is one thing, the egg thrower as well, we have a conspiracy.  There are tweets and rumours starting to be thrown around about a BNP candidate kicking a #Yes woman in the stomach yesterday, NOT CONFIRMED. If it is, I hope the #No campaign are as critical of that as the #Yes people are of Mr Egg thrower! For now it’s guesswork but I think some are clever and are putting it together, we will know soon


BwN5TliIIAAyMN5So we know 100% who threw the egg, so who is earpiece man? Let the debate begin!

Egg thrower appears to the right hand side under the right hand side of the last ‘Yes’ poster on the right. He is the lad circled above at the top, 12 seconds in he appears

Labour politician Jim Murphy MP egged while campaigning for No vote


I think it is safe to say this lad best stop trying to change minds, he is going to get hurt and this is NOT what we want. Egging is bad enough, we are sending the wrong signals, but we are sending the right message. Thoughts?

BwIiZtRCUAAEu81 Untitled

Police are investigating after Labour politician Jim Murphy was egged while he was campaigning in Fife. The MP was campaigning outside the Mercat Centre in Kirkcaldy on Thursday as part of his 100 Towns, 100 Days tour. The politician has taken to the streets of Scotland on his soapbox to campaign for a No vote in the Scottish independence. During his speech on Thursday, Murphy was surrounded by supporters of the Yes campaign who chanted as he made his speech. As he spoke to the crowd, a man started throwing eggs before approaching the MP from behind and cracking an egg directly on his back before walking away. Video taken at the scene shows Murphy continuing with his speech, saying: “Is that the best you’ve got? I will not be silenced.” Police Scotland confirmed they are investigating after being called to reports of a disturbance. A spokesman said: “Police were informed of a gathering at the Mercat, Kirkcaldy, this afternoon, and around 3.30pm received a report of a disturbance where a number of eggs were thrown. Enquiries are ongoing into this matter.”

This video surfaced, I am not 100% if it’s the egging but WOW he is getting abused hard!