A Daily Eye-Opener 12/1/21 “You may not be able to change a situation, but with humor you can change your attitude about it.” ~ Allen Klein BUSINESSMAN Humor often has a calming effect. It calms the roar inside.  denbee 


Post-COP26: Where are we going now? — The World is On Fire — Barbara Crane Navarro

The graph above displays our choices for the future. Do we keep the planet within livable space for everyone or not? Since the beginning of COP 26 years ago, our paths have never been so clear. More than ever, the science can tell us what different socioeconomic-emissions paths will mean in terms of future temperature. […] […] […]

Post-COP26: Where are we going now? — The World is On Fire — Barbara Crane Navarro

Clip-Clop Ride

In my father-in-law’s things, after he died, we found some sketches he had done some years earlier. This Amish buggy was perfectly drawn down to the minute details. Our d’verse prompt today from Bjorn, is to use onomatopoeia  to create a poem. These are words that sound like they are spoken. I decided to use […]

Clip-Clop Ride
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An Interview: Healing from Betrayal Trauma

The following is an interview with a client, Natalie. When Natalie was pregnant with her third child, she learned her husband had been using hookup apps. That was four years ago. The couple have subsequently divorced. Natalie shares some of her experience of recovery from betrayal trauma here. 1. Can you share some of the […]

An Interview: Healing from Betrayal Trauma


Ace says ……. 🎁 Merry Christmas 🎁 Friends 🎁 Followers 🎁Readers🎁

Dear All , Another year has passed and what a year and as we come a few days before the end and we tick into another l pray and send prayers to all those that have lost loved ones and look forward to a better year next year…… image0 image2 image4 image1 image6 Editor says […]

Ace says ……. 🎁 Merry Christmas 🎁 Friends 🎁 Followers 🎁Readers🎁

Happiness happens when we are grateful of what we had and never lose count on every blessings.💥💥

What you think is the ultimate blessing, God showing out in your life, you haven’t seen anything yet.

That’s just a step in what God is about to do

He has levels you’ve never fathomed, opportunities far and beyond what you can imagine.

You may have seen His blessings in the past. You can say, like me, that God’s been good to you, but you haven’t touched the surface of what He has in store.

The scripture says, “We haven’t seen, heard, or imagined the amazing things God has for those that love Him”! Share this with someone you love and be blessed!