Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy insists he is ‘not a unionist’

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy

By @ShaunyNews Via

SCOTS Labour leader Jim Murphy has insisted he is “not a unionist”, nice catholic man. Lets see how he handles the Scottish branch of Labour, will he fight for the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ his boss said 10 days ago would be delivered in full? or am I being a fool?

The Scottish Labour leader, who famously embarked on a 100 towns in 100 days tour in support of a No vote in last year’s referendum, rejected the label at a lunch with journalists. “I have never been a unionist,” he said. “It’s never been my political tradition. “As a family of Irish Catholic immigrants we’re not unionists. “I grew up in a family of trade-unionists, but we’re not political unionists.”

Murphy instead said that during the referendum campaign there was a “temporary alignment” of “two different unionist traditions”. He added: “A Conservative & Unionist tradition inside the Conservative Party and elements of the Liberal Democrats, and you had a trade-unionist and socialist solidarity tradition inside the Labour Party.

“For a moment there was an alignment for different reasons of political culture and history, but that moment is gone.” Scottish Labour are behind in the polls with many former supporters appearing to have defected to the SNP after voting Yes in the referendum

 Sandra White

Sandra White

SNP MSP Sandra White ridiculed Murphy’s remarks. She said: “With Labour struggling in the polls, it’s no wonder that Jim Murphy is desperate to rewrite history and try to distance himself from the Tories – who Labour spent two years working hand in glove with in the referendum. “Does Jim Murphy really expect people to believe that despite having spent the entire referendum campaign arguing for a No vote, he does not believe in the union?  “It is utter nonsense and a sign of desperation that he would even attempt to claim otherwise. If it walks like a unionist and talks like a unionist, it is a unionist – and Jim Murphy will never sound like anything else.”


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SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond and Independece for Scotland

SNP conference 2013

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ShaunyNews

As I sat today and watched the SNP party conference in Perthshire. I watched a man I care a lot for, Alex Salmond say goodbye as First Minister. I then listened to Nicola Sturgeon explain what she intends to do in her leadership.
Scotland has always managed to snatch defeat from victory. September 18th gave Scottish people a democratic face and the winner on the referendum debate was Scotland. When the SNP has control Scotland becomes stronger. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon both said “Westminster thinks it’s all over, it REALLY isn’t now” You must be Scottish and know 1966 to understand this.
Scotland is the 14th Wealthiest nation on Earth and our kids aged 4 to 8 are the smartest on Earth. If Westminster does not give Scotland ‘Home Rule’ Westminster will know a ‘Nation scorned’ We shall come again. We shall be free, independence is at hand, home rule is what we have now, but full independence will not, as Jim Murphy said, take another generation. The will of the Scottish people has been ignited by a passion and love for our people and our shores.
We carried ourselves with grace as best we can in defeat on September 18th. As Scottish patriots we now must forget cheating and use Democratic means to free Scotland. The only way this will happen is through SNP rule, over 90% in fact is the target Hollyrood needs to force another referendum. We can do, we will do and Scotland do not forget to fight but fight fairly. Be proud but be fair, love but don’t hate. Through this and a democratic process that Scotland holds near and dear to our hearts our day in the sun will come. Scotland I assure you, vote SNP and we will be free. I ask no voters to now look at what happened, we were cheated.
Scotland, let us not be fooled again. As a democratic nation with socialistic values, we can, we shall rise again.
The videos from the SNP party conference below. Listen, let your heart be filled with nationalistic pride but don’t forget, we must COME TOGETHER. We must understand Westminster tells lies, we were cheated in the vow but a vote for the SNP in March 2015 will being the vow home
Scotland, we can do this, we MUST come as one. The last thing, WE CAN NEVER FORGET THE LABOUR PARTY RUBBED SHOLDERS WITH THE TORY KILLING MACHINE! When the vote comes early 2015 and you are thinking “Well Labour sound good” Do not forget what Labour did on September 18th 2014. This will be a noose around the Labour party in 2015, 2016 in the general election in Scotland and many years to come. Make Scotland SNP and get Scotland out of the corruption. We are better than Westminster and Whitehall. We have politicians with morals, ethics and this will spread to our people. Let us go to the promised land of a Free Scotland!

Key Points:
Living wage.
1M = 200,020, Kids in poverty in Scotland
14th richest country on Earth

SNP will never allow a Tory Coalition.

Opportunity for all.
2014. SNP needs it’s people.
Home Rule in 2016.
Tory attacks on the poor are awful.
Lib Debs shame on them for having any
part of that.

We are the 3rd biggest membership
party in the UK. Democracy means the
SNP should be at ANY and ALL UK debates.

Paying NHS living wage.
SNP cleaning company, 117 now paid
living wage. Or will be by end of

All new Scottish Contacts will have a
living wage. Scotland can become a
champion on ‘Living Wage’

SNP Will pay 1B to help Tory Austerity cuts.

SNP want to keep Scottish kids in the top 5
educated on Earth. Scottish Education is top
of SNP mandate, as educated people can decide

Young people are not getting looked at, SNP/N
will change young people’s lives.

Early Years SNP will get stronger. Kids from age
3 to 6 will be the brightest in the modern world.

We didn’t win the referendum. But Scotland WILL
Become free in my term as first minister /NS

Childcare and Education. Manifesto to add
30 HOURS of free childcare each week.
Capital investment is needed. The new Forth Bridge
was build to help create more east coast business
Health, NHS. SNP will not allow London to ruin
the Scottish NHS. It can’t and won’t happen.
Funding for NHS 80M increase.
Living wage for Nurses.
Pledge to NHS will be a financial and real terms
better for all of Scotland.

Good Government started with Alex Salmond. Fair
Politicians. We won’t steal your tax money like the
London fat cats do.

Grasp the next opportunity for independence will be
before 2020. We must do better. We must double our

Scotland is ready to increase our base camp for freedom.
Challenge is great, but Scotland’s want is greater.
Equality, fairness, the prize is independence .

NC/ I am ready to lead this country, please join me
in taking Scotland into the promised land of freedom


Farewell from Alex Salmond


Welcome to Nicola Sturgeon.
Part 1

Part 2

part 3

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Scotland’s Labour Leader Johann Lamont’s Expenses Double That of SNP’s Alex Salmond

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (R) applauds Scottish Labour Party leader Johann Lamont during Labour's annual conference in Manchester,

Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (R) applauds  during Labour’s annual conference in Manchester

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Scotland’s Labour leader Johann Lamont spent £19,697 on bills including travel, hotels and office costs – double that of the country’s First Minister Alex Salmond.

According to government filings, the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) Alex Salmond claimed £9,691 (€12,301, $15,591) for expenses including travel, stationery, mobile phone charges and newspapers.

MSP expenses rose more than £12.5m in 2013 overall.

Conservative’s Ruth Davidson was the second biggest spender on the taxpayers account as a political party leader in Scotland after claiming £17,184 of travel, office and accommodation costs.

Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie claimed mainly for travel expenses, mounting up to £16,394.

Overall, Scottish politicians spent an extra £262,140 in the 2013-2014 tax year.

Party leader allowances fell but staff costs rose.

“The 2.14% rise in members’ expenses last year broadly reflects the effect of inflation on office costs and on staff salaries,” said a Scottish Parliament spokeswoman

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Sturgeon trump card is not in any doubt

A year that will define a countries future

A year that will define a countries future

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

HISTORY is written by the winners, according to the old truism.

Not the history of the independence referendum. Not so far, at least. The SNP has enjoyed considerable success in implanting its story of the campaign in the public consciousness while the winners have struggled to be heard. The Nationalist narrative is clear. The referendum has given life to a new age of democratic and political engagement in Scotland. Despite being pitted against the formidable apparatus of the British state, the Yes campaign came within a whisker of victory by giving voice to a clamour for radical change. It failed only because people were “tricked,” as First Minister Alex Salmond put it, by promises of more powers for Holyrood and frightened, the older generation especially, by Westminster’s scaremongering. A referendum process characterised by mature democratic debate, the argument goes, has empowered and enriched Scotland. The result was a bitter disappointment but the country has been transformed.

The No side sees it quite differently. In their narrative, a decisive majority of Scots rejected the SNP’s sketchy and implausible economic prospectus. Faced with a noisy and often intimidating Yes campaign, people across the country stoically endorsed the advantages of remaining in the UK. They saw through the Nationalists’ cynical and dishonest claims about threats to the NHS and fantastical claims about Scotland’s untapped oil wealth. They now want politicians on all sides to put the referendum behind them and get on with the business of running the country.

There are lots of reasons why the first version is taking root in people’s minds. Mr Salmond’s well-timed resignation announcement the afternoon after the night before has ensured the SNP has remained the story this week. Mr Salmond himself, his sure-fire successor Nicola Sturgeon and the candidates fighting to replace her as deputy leader have all used platforms to tell their story of the referendum.

No campaigners, meanwhile, vacated that particular field. David Cameron moved instantly from the referendum to fighting the looming General Election. His focus has been putting Labour on the spot by talking about English votes for English laws. Labour decamped to Manchester to indulge in its favourite conference-time activity: infighting. The party’s failure to secure a No vote in the heartlands of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire has sparked a bout of briefing against Johann Lamont’s leadership. It has also put Labour on the defensive. The main message from Margaret Curran MP, shadow secretary of state for Scotland, and others has been the need to reconnect with the large minority of Labour supporters who voted Yes.

The SNP’s success has put it on the front foot in the new debate about devolving more powers to Holyrood. Although Lord Smith of Kelvin’s commission was established to reconcile competing proposals from Labour, the Conservatives and the LibDems, it is the SNP’s demands which have grabbed the headlines. The details of a new Scotland Bill will not be known until the end of the year but Ms Sturgeon is already positioning herself to argue, as surely she will, that whatever emerges is wholly inadequate and a betrayal of voters who put their faith in the No parties’ home rule vows.

Astonishingly, then, the week after the referendum was lost and its leader resigned has proved a good one for the SNP. And that’s without mentioning the party’s membership has more than doubled.

It cannot last, the downcast winners are muttering with a shake of the head. Unionist MSPs believe the hangover will finally hit the Nats when they see there is no realistic possibility of a fresh referendum, when people embrace the new devolution package, and when those new SNP members turn out to be vanguards of the so-called “45” movement hellbent on dragging the party towards the electoral wastelands of the hard left. It sounds like wishful thinking. In a perfectly-pitched speech announcing her candidacy for the top job on Wednesday, Ms Sturgeon revealed an acute understanding of all those pressures. And her trump card was this: she left no-one in any doubt she actually wants to run the country, not just petition for independence. That should worry her opponents more than anything.”””’Yes+Scotland’+Independence+Campaign

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Disabled Labour delegate asked to move to make way for party’s ‘bright young things’


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

A disabled Labour Party member claims she and others were ejected from their reserved seats in order to make room for “bright young things” at the party’s conference in Manchester on Tuesday.  Bernadette Horton, a 47-year-old Labour Party member who cannot walk without crutches, fell over after conference organisers made her and two other partially disabled individuals move from their reserved seats. Ms Horton, who has been a Labour Party member for three years, said: “The way we were treated by a party that sets itself up for the most vulnerable was appalling.” The Labour delegate, who works as a career for her autistic son, alleges she and others were moved – despite stewards explaining to conference organisers the floor seats were reserved for disabled delegates – because Ed Miliband was due to pass the seats on the way out. “I noticed at the end when Ed did walk past there were all the bright young things sitting in the disabled reserved seats and shaking hands with him,” she said, “while we couldn’t get anywhere near him.” “Disabled and careers were not mentioned in the speech at all and the feeling among us all of literally not having a seat at the table was very strong,” Ms Horton said. “I am flabbergasted that the Labour party are treating its delegates as second class citizens.”

Ms Horton, who was seriously injured in a car accident four years ago and walks with crutches as a result, explained after she fell – attempting to climb the stairs to new seats rows behind their reserved ones – party organisers “panicked”. Afterwards, seats for Ms Horton and the two other disabled individuals were found elsewhere in the conference hall.

No campaign in meltdown as Labour tries to disown latest border guard threat



Labour said “Ed Miliband” was misquoted. Now I have been saying this for a while now, expect the Media to tell Stories and then for the Political parties to blame the Media for basically getting what was said wrong. I said below in “Scotland the Brave” That we here in Scotland MUST not get frightened by this rubbish. LABOUR HAVE ASSURED US SINCE, THAT THIS BORDER CONTROL WON’T HAPPEN! But does that push me, a Labour voter back to Labour? No chance. It’s been said, it’s how “They” feel in England. The media will tell more stories then the “Oh, em, no, wasn’t what he meant” will come into play, like below. Scotland. SNP MSP Joan McAlpine has said today “Scotland WILL be the wealthiest NATION ON EARTH” Now how do we take that? We take that to the BANK SCOTLAND! Read below how the NO Campaign were their own enemy, they lost it, because they lost thier togetherness, Scotland, we won’t lose this. We are so close now. Lets get through the last 10 days of fear and crap thrown at us ..Article below

Signs of disarray within the ranks of the No campaign have emerged after the Labour party sought to distance itself from comments allegedly made by its own leader in a newspaper interview.

Shot the no campaign in the foot!

Today the No campaign has been accused of going ‘into complete meltdown’ after an Ed Miliband threat to build border posts with an independent Scotland provoked a spectacular backlash – prompting the Labour press office to try and disown the interview. After Mr Miliband’s comments were reported by the Mail on Sunday, the Labour press office immediately disowned the story and tried to blame the newspaper, tweeting: “Ridiculous splash in Mail on Sunday. There is no Labour ‘plan’ for border guards in independent Scotland and nor does Ed say that. Rather than establishing borders, Ed is focused on keeping the UK together” However, according to the newspaper, Mr Miliband was quite clear on the issue, telling a reporter: “If you don’t want borders, vote to stay in the United Kingdom”.  Asked to clarify if this meant border guards and passport checks, he said “it would have to be looked at”.

Compounding Labour denials, a spokesman for Mr Miliband also said: “The last time I looked there were two sides to the Border – and we would be in charge of one of them.  It would be up to us, not Mr Salmond, to secure our northern border.” The border threat was widely reported in many newspapers and also featured in a BBC article which said a newly elected Labour Government at Westminster would “consider building border posts if Scotland voted for independence.”

“The No campaign has gone into meltdown as Ed Miliband’s latest attempt to scare people into voting No has spectacularly backfired. “Ed Miliband is putting forward the ridiculous proposition that he would share an open border with Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands – but he would erect border posts with an independent Scotland. No wonder the Labour party is running for cover.

“All of these territories have been part of the Common Travel Area since the 1920s, and that sensible arrangement will continue after Scotland becomes independent – because it is in everyone’s interests for it to do so.” Claims by Labour officials that the Labour leader has made no such claims, contradict comments Mr Miliband himself made in June when he raised the prospect of border patrols in the event of independence.

On a visit to Scotland, Mr Miliband said: “It’s certainly the case that we would have to have a look at the issue of a border if we’ve got different immigration policies. It totally stands to reason.” Ms McAlpine added: “The No campaign’s credibility has completely collapsed – the more they try and frighten people into voting No, the more they are moving toward support for Yes. “As the referendum approaches, more and more people are realising that Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world – and a Yes vote next week is the golden opportunity to make that wealth work for the people of Scotland – building a fairer society, creating job opportunities and protecting Scotland’s NHS.”

The apparent contradiction at the top level within the Labour party is being seen by Yes opponents as a sign of panic within the No campaign as a newly published poll has revealed Yes may in fact have overtaken its rival in the referendum race. The poll, from Yougov, puts support for Yes on 51%, with support for No at 49%.  However another survey carried out by Panelbase has shown the reverse, with No on 52% and Yes on 48%. The two polls are being interpreted by both sides as evidence that the result of the independence referendum is now too close to call.  However few are now challenging the fact that all recent polls confirm that momentum is now very definitely with the Yes campaign.

Scottish Independence could renew Labour

Labour leader Ed Miliband with her Scottish Labour counterpart Johann Lamont.

Labour leader Ed Miliband with her Scottish Labour counterpart Johann Lamont.

I have said for a while now I think Labour has to come to a Yes way of thinking, or there will be a Scottish Labour as many Scottish labour people are behind the Yes campaign. 

IN JUST a month, Scots will vote on whether to become the world’s newest independent country.

If there is a Yes vote, serious iss­ues will have to be resolved about whether we keep the pound in our pockets, nuclear submarines on the Clyde and membership of the European Union. These are all much bigger issues than the future of Scottish Labour. But if party members were to cast their ballot purely on the basis of political self-interest, they should vote for independence. Labour badly needs something new to meet the challenge of the SNP in the Scottish Parliament. I was part of Iain Gray’s media team during the 2011 election campaign, when the party slumped to its lowest share of the vote since 1923.

This was a shocking setback. The SNP made gains in constituencies that meet the very definition of “Labour heartland”. Even Keir Hardie’s home in Cumnock is now represented by a nationalist. The scale of the defeat was as unexpected as Partick Thistle picking up a victory at Old Trafford. Labour leader Ed Miliband responded by ordering a “root and branch” review of what went wrong and how it could be fixed. It would be wrong to say that nothing changed – but not enough has changed.

The position of the Scottish leader was enhanced, with Johann Lamont, at least in theory, now in charge of the whole party, rather than just the Scottish Parliamentary Group. There has also been reorganisation at a local level, with constituency Labour parties now based around Holyrood boundaries, rather than Westminster. However, the real challenge was to set out a bold and imaginative agenda that would make Scottish Labour 
relevant again. Instead of hope and optimism we have had “Project Fear”. The referendum campaign seems to have crowded out the space for fresh thinking. Furthermore, as time has gone on there is a growing sense that the party’s institutions have reverted to type, with MPs at Westminster calling the shots. The most obvious example of the “wrong people” winning the argument inside the party is Labour’s lacklustre proposals for further devolution, which were published in March.

Instead of a commitment to devolve income tax in its entirety, which had been suggested a year earlier at the party conference in Perth, Labour published a much more limited plan for Holyrood to be given power to vary the rate of income tax by up to 15p. In addition, politicians in Edinburgh could raise, but not cut, the top rate for the highest earners. It felt like a big chance to define the debate on Labour’s terms had been passed over for an intellectually incoherent internal compromise. The policy-making process in the Labour Party has always been defined by different personalities and interest groups who tussle for influence, but since devolution no Scottish leader has had the ability to break through. I have a lot of respect for Johann Lamont, but she is being out-punched. So long as Labour’s crustiest dinosaurs in the House of Commons are able to set the ceiling on the party’s ambition for Scotland, it will struggle to challenge the SNP.

A Yes vote would end the divisions in the Labour Party between two separate groups at Westminster and Holy­rood and bring its biggest hitters home. A-list politicians like Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander and Margaret Curran would have to stand for the Scottish Parliament if they wanted to stay in politics. Independence would not necessar-ily mean that Scottish Labour moved to the left, or reconnected with communities that feel they have been ign­ored, but it would enable it to offer a much more credible alternative government. With the constitutional question settled, Labour might also stop defining itself in opposition to the SNP and begin to better articulate its own values. «

Outrage as Labour election candidate likens Scots youngsters to Hitler Youth

A Scottish Labour election candidate has caused outrage after comparing Scots youngsters who attended an anti-bias demonstration, to Hitler Youth. Kathy Wiles, who has been selected to stand for the Labour party in Angus, posted an image of German youngsters gathered under a Nazi banner in response to an image of five Scots youngsters pictured at an anti-bias rally. Prompted by a comment which said the picture of the five Scots youngsters was “eerily familiar and unsettling”, Wiles responded saying “You mean this?” alongside the Nazi image.

dedf5f0fae53cd9dcd3037b6b8a01a3313621d57_300x286Within hours of the tweet appearing, the Scottish Labour candidate had deleted it from her account. However alert users of the social media site Twitter, including the mother of one of the youngsters, had saved the image, which has been reproduced on the right. In a letter published by online site Wings Over Scotland, the mother wrote of her anger that her son had been a victim of what she called “vile twisting of facts” by members of the Labour party. The mother challenged claims from No supporting Labour activists that her son and other children had been coerced into posing beneath a banner at the demonstration. Explaining that all had a genuine interest in the referendum and had enjoyed participating in the event, she added: “And the reality of yesterday’s photo was that children having fun at a peaceful, family friendly, anti-propaganda gathering have themselves been subject to vile twisting of the facts by a prospective Labour Westminster MP with a background in education.” The tweet from Wiles came hours before she was declared Labour’s Westminster candidate for Angus

Offending tweet

The episode follows a similar incident this weekend when a No activist suggested First Minister Alex Salmond and the wider Yes campaign had links to sex-offenders. Pro-Union online activist ‘The Kilted Kelpie’ tweeted: “The launch event of ‘Sex offenders for YES’ is tonight. There’s a Yes group for everyone.” Beneath the image was a picture of Alex Salmond stood alongside a young woman with a banner headline which read SEX OFFENDERS for YES. Newsnet Scotland contacted Better Together for a response to the Sex Offender tweet, but received no reply.