Passengers along entire platform burst into song and belt out 1980s Erasure classic while waiting for Tube


Neil Francis, who sings at venues around Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, was waiting at the Kentish Town station when he decided to break into song.By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews – Via:

Think of the London Underground and what springs to mind? Everyone avoiding eye contact? No one speaking? General grumpiness of people desperate to get home? How about a cracking rendition of a classic 1980s song by Erasure – uploaded by one very vocal passenger – and watched by thousands around the world. Yes, it’s weird what can sometimes happen on the Tube.

Erasure fan gets whole platform to sing on the London Underground”
Via fun day on You Tube


Kentish Town tube station
Via TIME NEWS on You Tube

It’s not quite the stuff of Stars In Their Eyes, but when you hear this version of ‘Respect’ by Erasure you’ll know why so many people have watched it.  What starts out as a brave solo performance on the platform of Kentish Town in North London quickly spreads along the platform until everyone’s singing as loud as they can. Listen for yourself – and the next time your Tube’s two minutes from arriving why not give it a go?

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