Hello friends 💥

Hello friends 💥

“You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting
beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise
to greater heights.” ―Brian Tracy

When it comes to building an incredible life

There is no limit to what you can do

The only thing keeping you from reaching your potential is a lack of self-belief

No matter what shape you want your life to take

Knowing you can have all the things you see in your mind is the first step

This power of visualisation primes you for step two💥

Casting your dreams and desires into the universe with daily, life-changing efforts

If you have any self-limiting beliefs about achieving your goals

Start feeding your imagination with positive truths…

Because if your foresight has no limits

Then neither should you

Don’t limit yourself

Many people limit themselves to what they think
they can do

You can go as far as your mind lets you

What you believe


You can achieve at anything you work for

Living In Scotland. Living With Pain. Just Living. Thoughts? How Do We Define?

Life picture

By @ShaunyNews 

Do you know where you come from? What you represent?

Do you know where you come from? What you represent?

Sheep or loner? Often we do things because it’s “What other people do” or “What society expects from us” We tug along with the rest of humanity and often we do it blindly. Try stepping away, in your mind, from that truth, or lie, and ask yourself how you feel afterwards. I did. Try it, seriously. Is Scotland full of sheep who listen to the media and idiots who think they know it all, or are we a people who keep away from the herd and see clearly what we need to? Curious if ANYONE ever reads this, but more curious to get an answer from EVERYONE who reads it. Sadly by nature nobody will type a thing first. If one other person wrote like I am, many would follow. Trust me. But you won’t…What you scared from? I Just would like to know! I see family and friends on the same path as everyone else, I stepped away from that path and amazing things happened to me. Doors opened I had no idea were even there. 

So why do we stay with the flock Scotland? 

Again, I know I waste my time. Scottish people I guess are as sceptical of social thinking of them than any other populous of any other nation in our World. I used to think “Oh what will people think of me” Now I don’t even ask. I just do. I freed myself from ‘Something’ No main stream God was involved, no religion was involved I read no books for guidance. I hate to talk about my Disability. Sadly many of you, yes you, will define me by my actions and words. I don’t care, so why do you? 😀

See we are all on a journey in life, the mass percentage have no idea they are on one, they wake up, have a shower, go to Work, come home, make tea, eat tea, sit down, watch TV, go to bed, have sex, wake up, have a shower, go to work…….. You get my point. I live in utter agony BUT I AM NOT ALONE. Many who read this are sore or ill or dying. I see a World around me of sheep. I see it more in real life than on-line. Many who really don’t fully understand the Internet will not understand what I am saying here. Bonds I have made 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, last month/week, today and/or tomorrow are still there on-line. Sure we lose people but that is life, that happens no matter where we take our minds. Lately I have started to write, nearly 2 years now, I guess I am the Author of my own being these days. I am almost narrating my own life as I learn to live. Make sense?

I am writing where I am going

I am writing where I am going

I guess I am a free soul, I am not trapped by anything. I was on HEAVY medication till 4 days ago. In the last 4 days I have had less medication in these 4 days than I did in 12 hours of any given day I was on them fully. I came off a few weeks back to the heavy levels, I only really shared it a few days ago. I feel awake now. I read a lot of what I did when I was pumped with POISON the Dr gave me and some made sense, some never. I took a choice to take no drugs and live no matter. I don’t want a groundhog day existence, I want an existence where every living breathing moment I learn. I could not sit for one second and think “I know it all” because I don’t and neither DO YOU. You don’t. you think you do, you don’t 

Many will read this and think “Is this aimed at me” Let me explain something to YOU. If you read this and thought “Is this aimed at me” then the answer is “This is aimed at you” BUT I never aimed at anyone, I aimed nowhere and at nobody. So if you thought I meant you, then look in the mirror, be honest and ask why you thought I meant “This was about you” 



Many deny themselves a true life because they are scared of the hurt that always comes when you REALLY LIVE. I used to turn my back on love and friendship because I was once scared of losing. I didn’t like myself for that. So I changed, I became Shaun, free from medication, pain, loss, worrying, gossips, hate and all that hits us in life. Take hatred. I know many who feel hate, they take a person’s words and feel hated, I ask you to not take that hatred on board. Don’t become what others want you to be. Be you!! Love and take the loss and hurt when it comes. The reason I did this is I realised I am different first of all. I came to the conclusion I am ‘DIFFERENT’ I have changed, but you know, I LOVE WHO I AM NOW! I am happy, blessed in the sense I have feeling(s). I feel, I love, I breath at my own pace. I observe our World now, I write about it, it has become my ‘Art Form’ See when you do ANYTHING that others can’t for WHATEVER reason, inability, hatred, confusion whatever! You become fear, hate, worry, gossip and rumour driven. 

I am free from all that now. I ask simply. Why can’t you be free? What is stopping you? I had one person tell me “I Work for a living unlike you” BEHIND MY BACK, lol. Yeah a person said this about me. I heard about it and smiled then I became sad. That person thinks I sit and pretend to be nothing and take what the World gives me. I feel sorry for you if you feel that way. I want Scotland to be a free country from the British Union. It is my ‘Art’ right now. It is what I research and write about. I write for my place in Scotland for a group of like minded people http://www.scot2.scot/ have a look for your area there. I write for and about West Edinburgh here https://www.facebook.com/pages/scot2scot-Edinburgh-West/361924177307818  So for anyone who thinks ‘Shaun lives for Shaun’ please, think again. I also run this page here for others who suffer, many less, many worse than I suffer, but I have to try and help everyone https://www.facebook.com/groups/699321140156812/ That is my page for ANYONE with any Chronic illness, this is an illness or disease that you will have for life or that will control your life. So please, never say “Shaun only talks about Shaun” to me. 


Where did you learn how to be a person? From and by whom taught you?

Open your feelings, talk, be you. I know family and friends who I can’t speak to on the phone for over 2 minutes, they hide from feelings. I let them be. Like me, like you, they will find who they are. If it means they never show or allow feeling in then that is sad, not “That person is sad” It is sad in the term, unfair. But I can tell you unfair, I got a life taken from me. Did I sit and feel sorry for myself? No! I ran a football club for nearly 10 years, worked with kids for free all these 15 years I was in football. I am not showing off, I wouldn’t and couldn’t do that. All I am saying is, people like to assume, presume and guess with gossip also. So knowing the facts about life will help YOU become you and not the society made version you are told to be

Try it, please. Allow opinion, accept opinion, even if you don’t understand or believe in the opinion. Don’t get all worried about things you can’t change either. Don’t live in guilt, I used to be guilt but in reality is there anything we can do about the past? No, there is nothing. So what I have learnt and just recently as I wean of this Dr’s poison is “To be Shaun” But always look to others feelings best I can. As I come off my poison fully the pain will cripple me, literally cripple me. But I will fight it, not to point score or prove points, but for a Woman I love always. For 2 guys I have watched growing in to men and more so for two wee lassies (Little Girls out side Scotland) 2 wee lassies who are starting to be aware of what and who is around them. I MUST with the help of my partner make sure these 2 wee special princess of mine get to understand the World the same as their big brothers. I have to do that, I will never judge my kids nor show hate. Parents don’t do that, often with one of my sons they see anger, where in-fact it’s ‘Dad trying to teach’ I was that age once so I know what to look out for, lol

There is no book on 'Parenting' or being a good 'Partner' - We learn as we grow, or we lose!

There is no book on ‘Parenting’ or being a good ‘Partner’ – We learn as we grow, or we lose!

Life is precious, I don’t waste moments, I keep them. My Mum recently remarried, that was a moment, I keep it where it should be kept. Same as all moments. I smile and live and be free from the shackles of what life expects and more to what I ACCEPT. Live guys and gal’s, we have no other choice. You may be happy at 20 years old, but please know choices you make aged 20 will define where you are at age 40, I am told my one of my parents “What you do at 40 will define you when you are my age” I am lucky to have that wisdom around me. See that is what it is at the end of the day, we surround ourselves with people we can be ourselves around. We can relax with people we know care about us. Often it is not blood related, but that is fine, as long as you surround yourself with people who will mould you moving forward in life. I tried my best with my sons with my Partner and we nailed it, 2 amazing lads. Now we have the PRIVILEGETO DO IT ALL AGAIN WITH THE GIRLS. I CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

All I said above applied to you, anywhere in our World and whoever you are wherever you are and all in-between 

Learn to smile, and mean it 😀


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A Message To The World, My World

562440_10150895213902350_526362349_9771703_625620720_nBy @ShaunyGibson Used to be @ ShaunyNews This is a news page but below I have tagged in ‘AceNews Personal Stories’ I am a writer now, sports reporter, published columnist and freelance Journalist in the making and moulding.  So here goes. “Shaun, you have changed” is what I hear a lot these days. I am not special in the sense I am above anyone, nor am I below anyone, I am changing, events in my life have brought me here, free will, my choice, I lost people but in reality, they lost, how can I lose someone who didn’t like me? 😀 See the irony? I have reached a place many won’t or can’t. The power of the love I feel today and yesterday and as day turns to night then day again, perpetual motion makes it stronger. I feel alone in the sense I am being taken on a journey of love and enlightenment. I have yielded temptation and turned to the opposite, However, for tempted meaning enticed or attracted, the opposite effect could be repulsion. For the adjective tempted, there is the opposite un-tempted, or even discouraged, so I am going with ‘Self Control’ I am in a place now many don’t get but I don’t expect anyone to get it. I do however hope the 5 special girls in my life try and understand. 3 are adults 2 are my Daughters both below 5 years old, they will love me as Daddy no matter


When you change and there can be many reasons for change, I won’t bore you with my reasons for change, let’s just say 2 things changed me, one is pain the other is medication. I am at the mercy of feelings I have no control over. Let’s just say I know who and why people tell me ‘I have changed’ I get it because I am that change, I became that change. My Editor Ian, my boss, he has helped me more than he knows, he is a very wise man and he has my back as I have his

When I was younger I so wanted to be a singer, I tried to learn the guitar so many times now my guitar has moved house and settled with a new family. Yeah we can still have a little fun, I wanted a stage, I needed to tell my story and I will. I am not a guy who will be mean to a woman yet I am made to feel this way, not by a person, by myself, but am I? I feel both, what is right? what is wrong? The answer is irrelevant because come judgement day none of this matters, but we don’t stop living knowing redemption day is coming, no, we live, breath, smile, talk, love and try and care, life is too short to be like this with each other, this is what I mean


I live in a World now I feel so disconnected to I find it hard to define this World. We look and see evil all around us, yet individual acts of love and kindness exist should we choose them. Yeah, 1387537342we have choice, sadly many make choice out of not fear, but through the thoughts of others. I could say “Keeping up with the Joneses” but I would be wrong, yet close, people afraid to live and free themselves because a friend or loved one will judge, is that right? Are we to live worried and look to others for reactions to our actions? I don’t, I stopped being that guy. I became what I was indented to be. So I ask what stops you? Whoever you are, wherever you are. I asked for a stage once not long ago and I had 1,000,000 people, kind people, read what I write, that blew me away. In an instant I changed but the change is still happening.

When we lose we get something back in return. I will try layman’s terms more so for myself, your house gets broken into, you lose everything you have, but wait, your insurance gives you it all back, so in the end when we lose we gain something. I lost with the brutality of Satan himself but refused to bow at his knees, I took another path that has led me here, taken me to this spot in life, I will change more so YOU have the decision to make, not me. I talk to anyone I know or who knows me. I will go right ahead and change into what I am changing to, I don’t mean to hurt you, I could never do this, you said I changed, you were right.

1095045_10100432982666443_425973773_nPlease don’t deny me the change you don’t understand. I am love now. I left behind criminal life, I left behind idiots wanting to be the ‘The big guy’ This is not my place in life no more. I spoke with a well known guy a while back, he changed also. He said “Same tree, different leaves” and he was right

This, none of this is about me, it’s about ‘US’ and always will be. You are on your path, I am on mine, maybe one day our paths will meet instead of being parallel to each others.

I have my stage now, I have the audience I craved to tell my story. I am halfway through writing a book but have to change it often because the change in me is so fast and drastic, but it will be written in a way where I hurt nobody.

I live a life where as long as I know what I have done is correct, then I am happy. I have 2 little girls to help grow up and teach the same way I did with my two sons, they are amazing kids so my partner and I did good, now we must take these same values and bring two little girls up in a World where hatred, gossip, idle talk and more are the order of the day. My Job now as ‘Daddy’ are to make two wee girls understand choice is always there for them, then like their big brothers choice will be theirs to make, until that moment, we will help these two bundles of love grow. To you special 5 girls in my life, I love you for what you are not who you are, I love you, just you, I don’t pick and choose what to like or not like about you, I could but if I do I become someone else, see we have choices, love, smile, happy, yet often we, me included get lost in the middle of love and hate, many are stuck there for life, I am walking towards love and I don’t have a care in the world who judges me for choosing to be me 🙂 That is human instinct, I decided to leave that be, so can you. Just live and love and you will see a different world, a world I can see now, I am 41 now, not 21, I see through a man’s eyes but never looking back to talk to a confused kid who moulded me into the man I am today, why should I? He helped me get to this exact stage of my life and I love it, do you? x

Bryan Adams – Straight From The Heart
Via Bryan Adams on You Tube


Yesterday is gone…Let it go, leave it be, you can do nothing…
Today, if you smile, life is good….
For tomorrow we plant seeds today and hope they grow as we intend

Life REALLY is that easy, trust me



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To a special Woman a lifetime and ocean apart



What do you do when you meet someone you would normally look to as family or someone you love but know you will never meet this friend for real, ever. Well I have many friends who fall into this mould. People I love like friends and family, yet I will never see them. I take comfort knowing they are here, the internet, where I can say “Hey” any time. The distances are oceans and time. Sometimes I look at these friends as people I may have met in another life, a lifetime ago, and we somehow managed to find each other again, I have many I can say this about.

But this is for one special woman, and she is a special woman. Anne Bell, her blog is here http://talesalongtheway.com/ We have been speaking for as long as I can remember now. We ask nothing from or off each other. We are just friends. Many years separate us, Anne was a teacher before she retired. Anne is an ocean away but is always in my heart, my thoughts and more. She is a beautiful human being, her soul cries out love, she is special to me as a friend.

Today a parcel arrived, I knew right away what it was. I won’t say what it was, that stays personal, but I cried when I opened it. How often do people 5,000 miles away send us things, small things that they know will mean more to us that anything else. Well that is what Anne did, she touches my heart often, she makes my mind go overtime when we debate, we can debate and have fun for hours on end. As I say I have many friends from all over the World due to the internet. My parents would laugh at this, but this is our World now, the internet is a portal to love, friendship and people who care #NO MATTER WHAT# Anne I love you as a friend, no strings attached, you amaze me with the way you can sit and listen to me in pain, you sit and listen when I cry in pain, that is the new Shaun my family don’t get, you do. I love how you can listen to me try and talk your mind and beliefs away to another level, You know what I talk about there.

Anne this gesture blew me away. I can’t do any more than write this. You are a true friend, you remained a friend when at times my pain, my medication made it easy for you to walk away, as many have done. So I am going to leave you a song I hold near to my heart. I hope you like it. It’s lyrics are for other things, it’s meaning is simple. LOVE



John Legend – All Of Me
Via johnlegendVEVO on You Tube


The Human Mind, Feelings, Emotions and Chronic Pain ‘If you have that’


Dalai Lama


Picture1By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

When you sit and try to define your purpose on this Earth when you ask who and what you are, we all do this. The irony is many will dismiss that they do this, so go look at that image above again, see it? When you are in a state of TOTAL feeling, at one with yourself and life and the universe, you care. When you care you hurt more, it comes with the packaging. I see so many people afraid to ‘Feel’ because they refuse to take on the burden that comes with it, that would be hurt or loss, whatever, you know? People refusing to go the full way and be true to themselves in fear they might get too close to something. I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of dying now and leaving my partner too 8ea41f8ff202634e3ff7445fd86ae973 (1)soon. To get to that way of thinking an ‘Event’ must happen. For me the event happened in childhood and guides me now as an adult, in reality it is amazing, many call it God, I just call it amazing, superb, a blessing, lucky and other such words. When I say this to a friend who knows I live in utter agony they say “How can this be, you are Disabled and in pain” To get something we must first lose something. It can be the death of a person, the death of a habit, to forget someone or something, whatever it is, you need to lose before you feel what many like me do and see our World for what it really is, it’s a total hell hole in every sense of the word, but we do as individuals show and see act’s of love and kindness from others, but to gain we lose first, we must lose to get, for me it’s THAT SIMPLE, I was lost for a long time, it was lonely and hard, but all the time my partner and 2 sons were there, now here I am, smiling, happier than I have ever been, why? Because I lose BADLY. So not much else to lose here, so I love what I have and understand that, the pain will do what it will, so I choose life

Song made from the an Irvine Welsh book, then the movie Trainspotting  For those outside the UK who don’t know this Movie 
Part 1 – The beginning

Part 2 – The end…. Both filmed in my City, Edinburgh, Scotland

We all deny our own existence, many of us are wide awake and watching, listening and learning, I am one of these guys. I had a friends, 17 years a friend may I add, she is from Columbus120380-118513 Ohio in the US of A. She said “Shaun has changed” She wasn’t being nasty or rude, far from it. But I felt in an instant ‘Friends don’t do this’ What this is, is she stopped being my friend. When I got my (YES, YES I AM TALKING ABOUT MYSELF, THIS IS MY PAGE, I WRITE THIS IS OFTEN WHAT I DO, NOT ALWAYS) 😀 Sorry I had to get that out the way. Anyway, when I got my Disability, Chronic Pain Syndrome, it then upgraded to the 22827c360539999fff306fa99d5f1775‘Devils Disease’ Fibromyalgia it took things from me, abilities to do things, loss of many things I would before do, friends, family, respect, love, it gives sufferers the attributes and feelings of Motor Neuron Disease and Parkinson’s Disease I could go on. But I am a great believer in Karma. As I sit here now I would say 80% of my immediate family don’t think I am disabled, the 20% would be my Partner, two sons and closest friends. Not one family member is ‘cool’ with Fibromyalgia at all, they say like my friend in the USA did “Shaun has changed” And it gets boring and you do smile after a while, but you learn to surround yourself with people who don’t talk about it and you just have fun with, my partner, sons, close friends and a few on-line also. It is ‘Normal’ I have friends from School, these guys are all super cool, they mock my disability, so it’s all good, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To one mate I am ‘limpy’ for example 😀 This is how I want my disability to be, sadly around certain people it is near impossible because THEY have the problem you see?

Starter pack for the judgemental or is it just 'mental' :D

Starter pack for the judgemental or is it just ‘mental’ 😀

1dd6d21b566548f6552659025a6749baSome of my friends are people I done football with, coaches, players, players families, kids families, for 15 years till I had to stop 5 years ago now, some from school, guys I knew inside out, guys I held hands with at funerals of their parents, friends who are in-fact blood, people who you treat as blood, like Family. These people I know and they know me. When the Disability hit most were all “Oh Shaun I am sorry” I was like “Don’t you dare, no sympathy’ and it was never mentioned again. They all get it now 100%. I can’t make plans with a good mate who is a chef for example, we are REAL good mates, very close, as close as a brother should be. When I cancel they are all cool. With Family no understanding at all. I am sorry I have to say this, the person who said it will read this. I was told over the phone by a family member “You are always in bed” and “You never go out” At first I was angry but them my anger turned to “They are the ones in pain, not me” So again glance at the image above quickly and read it again

See, when you lose things, and they keep going, doesn’t stop, it becomes your ‘Reality’ and you understand and respect this is the way it is. Once you get to that way of thinking you can moveimgres-5_med on, you begin to smile again and be at peace with yourself and as I say, surround yourself with people who enjoy life, people who laugh every day, people like me who demand we have fun. So I go back to what that person told me, I said above “They are the ones in pain, not me” is when I figured out the nasty hurtful words and other issues. I am 41 and I love to learn, I need to learn, I have an open mind on ALL subjects and I believe this is healthy and needed, both apply. So when I understood the other person, the person who couldn’t get why “I am always in the house” or “I am always in bed” (Neither of which are true, not that I care, I don’t judge others) I understood that they were the ones, sadly, with the problems. See I learnt not so long ago, people who attack others with words, words the target won’t hear, mock or joke about a person in their absence, they are the ones with deep rooted problems

220px-Two_Dimensions_of_Emotion.gifThe people I surround myself with are just amazing people, Partner, kids, mates, whoever but others I can’t figure out, so I stopped. I realized they were figuring me out, or trying to figure me out so I gave in, if a person can’t figure a person out or doesn’t get a certain person I say sever the ties, walk away, stop trying to 2nd guess when you ARE wrong about people. Why spend time and brain power and time trying to figure a person out? 😀 How sad is that? I leave a smile because I have only very recently figured this out. I take the smile back and feel sad for these people. Not many, really, a handful. My parter will say “I don’t and can’t feel your pain or understand your mind especially on medication, BUT I AM HERE AND I LOVE YOU” that is all I needed to hear from the woman I love. She judges nobody, in our 25 years knowing each other as kids, primary school kids to now as adults late 30’s and 40 ish I have never once heard her say 1 (ONE) bad word about another. So ‘Surround yourself with the right people’ comes into play, I am around a goddess in every sense of the word, make no mistake I am the luckiest lad this side of Mars for managing to convince my partner to spend the rest of her life with me, so for that, I am blessed, happy, relieved! and in love. When all is said and done, this blog was fun, it made me smile because I demand I smile, to be the opposite is to not live, so easy choice right? Well not really, I know people who have killed themselves who have what I have, I know people talking about, people who have tried to take their life, people who were laughing one day and dead the next, some hide away from the world, I guess I hide away from MY world, the world I was born into, but I keep hold of the world I created for myself, anyone is welcome in, just knock the door, I will put the kettle on 😀 My partner loves me medicated or not, people actually judge me for being on Dr’s prescribed medication and to top it off most of the people who judge take illegal drugs and get drunk and fight and cause trouble where ‘Sociably Acceptable’ alcohol is allowed to roam free and destroy people, can you feel the Irony? I do, it hurts, wait! I hurt anyway!

This ring true for anyone?

This ring true for anyone?


People die, many are worse, but this is bad, real bad, it makes loved ones not talk. Agreed loved one? I have changed, this changed me, try and be nice aye?

So look one final time at the image above. Makes sense now right? I have defined a meaning to it’s fullest, words from the Dalai Lama, and that’s hard to do right? Some of us can ‘Feel everything so deeply’ We are the ones who hurt the most, who take bad news the worst, we are the ones when say? one of our kids move out takes it hardest. It comes with the territory. To be at total one with yourself, to understand you in any shape, form, health whatever is hard to do. But once you can see it clearly it opens up amazing things in your mind. The pain sucks for sure, the medication sadly is enjoyable as it takes the pain away. I am ready for almost anything, I can take almost anything and I can understand almost everything and I now understand other people, I see them clearly now, lost, pretending to be what they are not, not on purpose, it’s just their ways and I respect others ways. I guess what I am saying is, I respect YOU for what you are, even if I have no time for you or I don’t like you, whatever, I respect you. Respect me back please. So this is for all my friends I lost, who are lost, this is for the people like me who are defined by the images I added. I never ask for sympathy, I would however like certain family members to just walk into my home and say “How you doing today you fragile fool” 1st of January and look what I did, I will leave you with the image of how 2014 ended and how 2015 started, and I wouldn’t have it ANY other way, these are battle wounds, I look at all my bumps and bruises as that, my prize for daring to live for daring to laugh and have fun in life. My new years resolution is to sort my sleeping pattern out, I will try but I am not holding my breath,  for long anyway…. Happy New Year 😉

 I Dropped the hoover on my ankle/shin and ripped some skin and 'I think' tore some ligaments. No break.. But agony and bruised like a break

I Dropped the hoover on my ankle/shin and ripped some skin and ‘I think’ tore some ligaments. No break.. But agony and bruised like a break

Now go have one last glance at that image at the very top and see if you understand it now 😉


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Taboo: Pain, Love, Cowards, Hate and the Festive Period


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

When an artist has a stage to speak to thousands of people they often use it well, I am lucky enough to have such a stage to share my art. Writing is an art and so is music, so read on. I am sitting at 3am here after 5 days of early bed and up early to being up all night on my own. Fibro is killing me. My skin is burning, my ankles and hips feel broken, my back feels snapped, back of my neck and shoulders are gone I can’t turn my head. I can’t type a lot, need to stop typing. Volterol Gel and I have a relationship but I don’t think I will meet its parents over Christmas.

Funny I say that there are a few families I didn’t and won’t see over Christmas. Does it hurt? Not at all, I am used to it. I changed when Fibro changed me. The images I have added to this article were not done by me, I don’t know who to give credit to but they are telling the story I try and tell, same as the song below



I live an existence of loneliness. I have no need to feel lonely but Fibro makes my rules also the rules of anyone with Fibro. At this time of the year the last thing people with a Chronic Illness need is stress. See stress makes me angry and makes me sore. See the Shaun everyone knew when I was 25/30 years old is gone and put in his place is a man lost in a World where getting lost is real hard, I say that because often I want to vanish for a time, maybe be a fly on a wall somewhere. I smell rats very easy, I guess when we lose one sense we are given another, just something I have noticed on my travels as I get older

Often I think about just getting in my car and seeing what else life has to offer me, but I know I will come right back here to the people I love. I have not tried this ‘yet’ but I would be wasting my time right? If you read this and have Chronic pain life Fibro you will understand every word. Every word, sentence and paragraph will make sense. I am due medication so I am typing with free will. The thought of a new World scares me, the thought of dating scares me more. I have never lost in love nor asked a woman out as an adult, but something keeps asking me if I should try, anyway………..

Sadly the people we need to understand make our lives worse. They don’t mean it, in-fact they are blissfully unaware of what they do to us. I don’t hold a candle to anyone and judge it’s not my way. But are there days I feel like I want to escape this pain? Sadly yes, in a bad way, but I can’t do that, the pain would allow it in a heartbeat however so I ignore the pain. I know many who are like me, in agony, alone, sad, depressed, I am just agony with the odd visit from Sad, Alone and Depressed and have no other choices, the choice I have ends my pain and brings pain to others. We don’t get choice we get what is on offer every day. My reality on paper is good but in reality it annoys me. The dysfunctional nature of what I call family has been a constant but I am not alone, I don’t think we all need a Disability to feel the way I do. Lately I have become distant with a woman I thought I would never be distant with. She says things that hurt me, she speaks to others, surely knowing I get to hear about it and I do. When people are unhappy they tend to look past the love in front of them and seek it elsewhere, I do understand this, although I don’t agree with the principle. I believe talking cures all, be it good or bad, when we talk things happen, when we don’t talk bad things happen. So I hope talking starts soon, I am nobody’s fool, not even the one woman in my life I would be a fool for, I won’t be a convenient bank for nobody apart from my kids

Eminem Sing for the Moment – Lyrics
Via hahaudied7 on You Tube


At this time of the year I see images of my family having fun and it kills me, it’s a knife through the heart. I get angry with Fibro but I only get angry with myself and that is pointless. So do we give up? HELL NO. The last thing I would do is give the people who would like to see me fall, actually fall, I fight against the people who wish to see me down and beat up. There are not many, certain people should know better. The silence and cowardly acts say it all for me. People saying things to my friends who do tell me. Cowards who would fill their underwear should I stand before them. People who believe you can sit in safety behind a keyboard, annoy people like, say? Me and my friends, maybe family. That Cowards day is coming unless they understand the rule of life in Scotland



I have family and friends, some of my friends are hardened lads who keep me going forward, kick my back side when it needs kicked and I thank them for it, without it I would spiral into deep depression and this wouldn’t be a blog, it would be the last letter I ever write. I refuse to give these sad people the smile on their faces they so need from me. I will beat you, I will outlast you and I may even be behind you one day when you turn around, I truly hope you are understanding my language here because I hate trouble, I am too old and sore to care, but I won’t be a fool for anyone, yeah, I made this clear I hope

My reason for fighting on. Want to challenge me and them 2? Come, bring it, don't be no coward

My reason for fighting on. Want to challenge me and them 2? Come, bring it, don’t be no coward

Anyone to even tries to put a wedge between me and my girls will lose badly. I hope the right person reads this. I know this is a News Page on Ace News but this is news, it’s my news, it’s news I share with hundreds more, many are going through family and friend issues, so I share mine so people know they ain’t alone, people think I share too much, truly I have not. Fibro and it’s medication is a reality that makes you question so we must be sure before we get angry that we are onto the right reality. The old Shaun who did the bad stuff 19 years ago is always on my shoulder telling me if I return to my old ways the pain will leave me, after all the pain arrived the day I promised to behave, truly it did, it tempts me like the drugs I take to help my pain, it taunts me like a person hating you. I refuse to go back, but rest assured, should I go back I won’t be back here. I don’t think I can do this however, them two Princess’s above make me go on. I can’t let them down, I can’t give in to hatred of people who laugh at my ill’s. But then again I do have a phone. I write this to stop me doing the stupid thing here. So it’s off my shoulders and I smile and move forward. The old Shaun must remain silent, he can’t be allowed to run me….

…I can’t do that

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Taboo Series: Disability, being alone and this ‘Spirit of Christmas’ issue


christmas-tis-the-season-jolly-facebook-timeline-coverBy @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I know, I know, It’s Christmas and I probably should be on my sofa chilled out with a beer after Christmas dinner. Well sadly I can’t because of pain and all that amazing Jazz plus I don’t drink. What I suffer from is Fibromyalgia and ‘Fibro’ doesn’t know Christmas day from Pancake day it just keeps giving pain that is unbearable, the effects of Parkinson Disease and also Motor Neuron Disease and other really harsh disabilities like MS and ME and more. So for me I loved the day, loved to see my kids open presents and be with my Son, his partner and my Partner with my oldest son coming late with his partner

Fibromyalgia makes this time of the year almost impossible for people with made up invisible not hurting disabilities, disabilities that people in your life know more about than your Dr, I say that as it’s what society tells us, I find it strange that you often have to be in a wheelchair before someone will understand why you can’t visit them, I know people are dying, I know people who have died and people who have lost so this is where my own personal guilt comes into play, but as I am told by almost everyone, don’t think this way. Here are our symptoms: http://www.fmnetnews.com/fibro-basics/symptoms

Pain All Over – People describe fibromyalgia pain as deep muscular aching, throbbing, shooting, stabbing, or intense burning. Muscle groups used the most may hurt more. In addition, the severity of regional pains can make your fibromyalgia symptoms worse. The pain is unimaginable if you don’t suffer Fibro. This is the part that many can’t live with and we see suicide happen. The pain is very hard to describe, the best I can do is ‘All over toothache’ others have other ways of explaining the pain, for me all over toothache pain is what I feel. I feel like I have JUST broken several bones or snapped muscles, but it is only all day every day 😀 so it’s cool really. Many stay depressed and suicidal, I have been there and back, lost friends and family over it, all this  b@stard illness does is take from us all. 3% of the World’s 7 Billion populous suffer from Fibro. In the UK we grade it 1 to 10. Many are 2/3 just having pain in one area, I was 10 and left the pain clinic as it was pointless but I still help the pain team with sitting and speaking to Dr’s and Pain experts from all over the World at the Ashley Ainsley Hospital in Edinburgh, it has a few large halls that sit a few hundred or more. So although I suffer I spend more time helping others. It’s the old adage “To help others is to help yourself”

Fatigue – Exhaustion can be one of the most incapacitating fibromyalgia symptoms. You may feel as though your arms and legs are weighted down by concrete blocks and your body may be so drained of energy that every task requires great effort. I can be wide awake then *PING* Sleeping or sleepy. Heavy dry eyes, can happen an hour or 2 after a good sleep or at night. So too much sleep and not enough sleep. A pain it is, waking early and sleeping early is all our goals but if we are in agony and it’s 3am we have to just deal with it. For me this is the most annoying probably. I think if I fix this (Like now) for good I will live better. But I am at the mercy of Fibro

Sleep Difficulties – It’s not just about falling asleep. Repeat arousals prevent you from reaching deep, restorative sleep, so you wake up feeling as though you have been hit by a Mack truck. An overnight sleep study may show symptoms of repeat arousals, but a specific sleep disorder may not be found. For the past 5 nights I have been asleep early and up early, BRILLIANT!!! Before and I am sure it will come back I am up a day, down a day, I am missing half my life sleeping. That hurts when you miss family as I do. This is the single most difficult one that none of our families can understand and all we really try to get them to get.

Brain Fog – Trouble concentrating, retaining new information, and word-finding are common fibromyalgia symptoms that seriously interfere with daily functioning. You may be easily distracted and this symptom appears to correspond to the severity of pain (as though the brain is consumed by the pain, limiting your ability to perform cognitive tasks). This is the Parkinson Disease area of the disease. I can be talking and half way through talking *GONE* 😀 What I was talking about just vanishes, with friends/family it’s ok as they remind me, with strangers it’s embarrassing and I don’t like that bit. I tend to just not talk much now to strangers unless it’s email or type chat. Just makes it easier. This is the one thing (Pain aside) we all hate, I have to leave notes on my PC/Laptop/Phone etc for things like “Go to the toilet” or “Take Medication”

Morning Stiffness (Now Now 😀) – You may wake up to enhanced muscle soreness with fibromyalgia, but you probably also feel more stiff than usual. The cause of these muscle symptoms is unknown, but warm water and gentle stretching usually help alleviate them. I can’t move much for an hour after awakening. Often I need a cup of tea and medication before I can go about my day. Sometimes I just have to get up and walk like I am made of cardboard in agony. Also amazing fun, lol

Muscle Knots, Cramping, Weakness – No matter how much you try to relax your muscles, they may feel tense. Many contain rope-like knots called my ofascial trigger points, making you more susceptible to muscle cramping and weakness.The pain of fibromyalgia may also be a source of muscle weakness. These are very similar to Motor Neuron Disease, I get this 24/7, my hamstrings, calf muscles are worse but anywhere we have muscles/tendons etc sufferer friends and I get pain a if there has been a partial tear in any given area, go to the hospital, get a scan, all good. Very hard to diagnose us, but they hooked me up to electrical nodes and made pain happen by pulling and pushing my muscles all over, it showed increased pain activity so proving the pain was there

Digestive Disorders – Constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, gas and bloating, irritable bowel, and nausea are found in roughly 40 to 70% of fibromyalgia patients. Acid reflux and a slowed digestion are also common. If you take strong pain killers it’s important to take anti-acid tablets or you will ruin your insides badly.

Headaches/Migraines – Recurrent tension headaches or migraines are present in 50 to 70% of fibromyalgia patients. Headache symptoms are usually rated as severe, occur at least two times per week, and often have a migraine component. This head pain is partly due to trigger points in the shoulder, neck, and head muscles. I get thumping headaches daily and medication does very little, laying down in bed can be the only treatment

Balance Problems – Balance confidence is greatly reduced in people with fibromyalgia. Walking patterns are altered and the odds of falling are increased. I have feel a few times now, once I slipped and knocked myself out in the hall, woke up in Dunfermline Hospital, great fun! lol

Itchy/Burning Skin – Your skin may look normal or it may have itchy red bumps similar to hives. Burning pain, similar to a bad sunburn, is also common in fibromyalgia patients. I personally get ‘Burnt Skin Syndrome’ where it feels like you are in an oven

Other Strange Symptoms? – Do bright lights, sounds, or odours bother you? These symptoms could be part of your fibromyalgia. Learn more by reading our article, “Is Sensory Overload Part of Your Fibromyalgia?”

The reason I mention all this is because it seems the only time of the year any of us with Fibromyalgia or any kind of Chronic illness get approval from family is Christmas 😀 I don’t understand this. But overall we see people being nice to each other at Christmas. My oldest son was in the drive through at McDonalds yesterday and paid for the people in the car behind, about £5 or so but that is the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ When he told me I was so proud of him, that is EXACTLY what I brought Dean and Ryan up to be, decent young men, men who will notice others around them and know love and kindness

Now I don’t speak for myself I have a few Facebook groups I run and this one here for people with Chronic illnesses allows people to get help and it helps me. Knowing we are not alone helps greatly, I guess in any situation? https://www.facebook.com/groups/699321140156812/ I notice every Christmas people are smiling, opening doors for you, letting you drive out of a road or wherever. The spirit of Christmas is true there is no argument because come January everyone turns miserable again. During the festive period everyone is a saint but 2 weeks later we all go back to the grind and hatred starts again. I have always asked myself why can’t we all act like this all year? I know many through support groups in real life and online who find it impossible to be happy, some people are just sad and it’s an illness. It’s like a heroin addict, we jail them, why not help them? This is what I am getting at. We as a species have times when we help and show love and times where we all turn miserable, me included but to be fair I do try to laugh my way through life, we are here once so smile and live for God’s sake 😀

Anyway, hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and all my friends in the USA are having a good day. It is past 7pm here in Scotland now so nearly over. For West coast USA it’s just starting, in Australia it’s already boxing day at that side of the World. I will sit and smoke a cannabis joint tonight as it is the ONLY thing that takes my pain away for any amount to of time. And as this is ‘Taboo’ series why is it people can get blind drunk, hit others, spread STD’s, cause havoc in city centre’s all over the World, lead to partners fighting, society allows this, society says ‘This is ok’ Yet if a person say? Family see me type “I will smoke a cannabis joint” I will probably be judged. This is how backwards our World can be. Our World is truly one big ironic pantomime for sure

Here, a song that I hate and a statement from a movie 😀

Wham! – Last Christmas
Via MASmusik100 on You Tube

Keep the Change You Filthy Animal
Via r2k3982 on You Tube



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Two Songs For Glasgow – I Pray These Help


A Dad saying goodbye to his Daughter…. x

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Sometimes we have no words, all we can try and do is comfort each other. I have many friends and family in Glasgow, today they hurt. I am 40 or so miles East but I feel it. One of the people we lost was from Edinburgh and I know people who knew her. I know the family, we cried when we found out. We are trying to help the people who hurt the most because their loss is forever. I seen two songs about Glasgow and I just hope these songs are ok. I love Glasgow, my Football team Celtic play there, not that stupid football matters. I know the people, the humour but I also know the strength that will be seen in Glasgow today. Glasgow embodies the spirit of Scotland, we all hurt but we will care and try to help, it’s what we do

I share two songs to try and sooth the pain. Bob Marley once said ‘We can inject love through music’ and I believe this to be true. Through music we can make things better. When we go to church the music soothes us, at funerals the lyrics bond us. I don’t know what to say so I will share two songs for you Glasgow. Me and my kin have you in our hearts always x

Billy Connolly I Wish I Was In Glasgow


Passenger Feather on the Clyde Lyric Video


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Defining the Anonymous Movement


Image via all who are Anonymous


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

10 years ago or so I started to add Anonymous stuff to my Facebook feed only to be slaughtered by family and friends (I guess in fun) in my supposedly making up ‘Anon’ I knew Anon from its roots when it was 4Chan, I knew a few people with this ideology we can and will change the World

Today the same people who slaughtered me ask me “What is Anonymous about” I reply “Go Google” or send a link. I am talking close family here. They asked me how I seen it before the media did. All I can say sitting here is, I always have wanted to rebel against corporate greed. Against War and Power hungry politicians and CEO’s. I have a dislike for these people since I was about 10 years old. For some reason the young Shaun seen something others couldn’t

Today when people say “Are you part of Anonymous” I say “Yes and so are you” A strange look enters their facial expression.  I say “You are against Globalisation of the 99% by the Greed and Wealth of the 1% right” they say “Sure” I reply “Then you are Anonymous” Anyone with the idea that we are enslaved by a 1% of criminals is “Anonymous” I am not active in the sense I do video’s. I am active in the sense I will share what Anon do. A week or so ago I shared an item from ATS (www.abovetopsecret.com) and I stupidly forgot to link them in. Wrong move, but after having it pointed out to me I fixed the problem

Anonymous is not a danger to you the working person, you the person who wants a fairer World. Anonymous fight for, example, the Republican values I was born into. I hate the English Government, I hate Israel and always side with Palestine and the little guy getting shit upon. The way I see it is the more people like me who speak out the better. But I must make it clear, I have love in my heart and shall never cause another pain. That is not my job, others will do that. I respect my past, do you? Also being disabled with Fibromyalgia allows me to sit here on my mini lazy boy at my Tower and Laptop or lay on my Couch or bed with a laptop of tablet and tell my story. No “Poor Shaun” it is just me reality. I don’t need Government help in welfare but many do and they don’t get the help, so there is one cause I am deeply into for just the obvious reasons. People need help so we try and help them, it’s called Humility or Humanity, whatever

Roll Of Honour With On Screen Lyrics

 Via Old Channel on You Tube

Anonymous has no face but it acts like a hive, we all are protecting the proverbial Queen Bee. The Queen Bee in this instance is Earth. If you want to protect our planet understand Anonymous and have a heart

The bigger the family the more that family can do right? I stand with Anonymous on ethical questions. It is in my will my spirit my being. All I can do is share what is already on the internet to share. And I will keep doing this. Call me a disabled guy on drugs for this purpose if required. If you are against Child Abuse, you are Anonymous


Anonymous #OpDeathEaters: Lord Leon Brittan

Via S.U. WIZARD on You Tube





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2 Awards with love attached – Monther who lost her Daughtery – WordPress Family


“Keeping The Memory Of Vicky Bruce Alive Award”


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Shaun here, I don’t do awards any more. I stumbled across this article I did JUST as I was closing my own personal blog. I thought I would re-send as I just spotted a few comments on ShaunyNews I don’t use any more. So with the approval of my Editor I hope this is ok. It just feels right. If you accept awards, please accept these two. I made both. One was to thank people for giving me awards the other for Tersia. As we near Christmas I guess I am thinking about people more than usual. This is a blog I did on November 3rd. I now write here https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com as ShaunyNews is closed as a working blog.


The purpose of any Hospice is death with dignity. Our mission is to provide love and support to our dying patients and their loved ones.

The purpose of any Hospice is death with dignity. Our mission is to provide love and support to our dying patients and their loved ones.

When I joined WordPress 18 Months/2 Years ago, being new to the whole working of WordPress I used to read more than I wrote. I stumbled across this article by a Mother who lost the unthinkable, her beautiful Daughter. The link below the “Vic has left home for the last time/ is the link when her darling child passed. I remember sitting at my laptop on my lazyboy chair all cuddled into Dawn my better half, Tersia will remember me saying all this. Dawn was curious as to what I was writing and right behind me and helped me understand WordPress. We clicked a few links, then http://tersiaburger.com/2013/01/25/vic-has-left-home-for-the-last-time/ appeared and Dawn and I started to read. At first we were drinking tea, smoking cigarettes, usual nighty stuff, then as we red more the cups and ashtrays went down and we hugged harder. At the end Dawn and I were in bits, we cried hard for a good 10 minutes, I told Tersia and we kinda became friends over time we drifted apart, but friendship takes two, and I have been a bad friend to many on WordPress, anyway. We have four kids, two Sons aged 22 and 20, two Daughters 4 and 5. We nearly lost my 22 year old son about 3 years ago now; he had been suffering for a few years in late teens with seizures, Dawn and I couldn’t sleep after he had a seizure, Dawn would sometimes sleep on the floor next to our son, I would stay awake listening. Back to Tersia. I ask you please WordPress to PLEASE ACCEPT THE ABOVE “Keeping The Memory Of Vicky Bruce Alive Memorial” But please Read, Tersia’s link above, It was built as a place of love in South Africa where people were not alone in the darkest of the dark. It is called ‘Stepping Stone’“A place where the terminally ill will be cared for with love, respect and kindness …” I PRAY YOU GIVE TERSIA’S STORAY A READ. She is such an inspiration to me, she will be to you also. 🙂

A picture of Vicky cemented at the doorway of "Stepping Stone" Vicky welcomes everyone in. How amazing? <3

A picture of Vicky cemented at the doorway of “Stepping Stone” Vicky welcomes everyone in. How amazing?

Tersia was, is, in pain, but from that pain, that moment none of us want to live, she built something that will keep Vicky and Tersia alive for ever. Tersia was down but she was not out. What that amazing, inspirational woman did broke my heart and healed it again, then it broke again for Tersia. I was there late but at the time I like to think I was there for Tersia, all I can do is hope I helped even once. What was built was a place to help other people and this will stand the test of time due to Vicky and Tersia, I know it will. http://albertonrecord.co.za/13943/hospice-opens-in-alberton/

Angel Child Vicky with her Mum, Tersia x

Angel Child Vicky with her Mum, Tersia x

Song for Vicky x 


WordPress Family Award

Created by me on June 24th 2013

Created by me on June 24th 2013

I had been on WordPress say? A year at this point. I used to accept Awards, they excited me. I won “Blog of 2013” The offical website confirmed I was first to get 6 stars. I had 200+ Awards, now all gone. I still thank every person for every Award but, how we say? Awards for writing are often given out ‘Just Because’ These 2 Awards or Memorials mean something. The ‘IN MEMORY OF VICKY BRUCE’ to this day and all the days will have a special place in my soul and my heart. As said, Dawn, my Partner and I read it together and we cried hugging each other. It was a ‘Moment’ Moments come at us all, often the moment can be good, or it can be bad or just a moment we enjoy. All weekend I was in bed, I have not been this sore for, well ever. My Amazing friend Anne from New York has been an amazing friend sitting up till silly ‘O Clock speaking to me, allowing me to talk and vent and it does help. So Anne, you an an Aunt from another Granny (Kinda like ‘Brother from another Mother’) 😀  This is Anne’s blog http://talesalongtheway.com/ PLEASE PLEASE GO VISIT ANNE! She is an amazing woman with a caring loving heart!

I personally wish I didn’t allow medication to dictate me falling out with people, I don’t do hate, I do love and caring. Sadly Fibro & Medication speaks for sufferers sometimes – Hell!

I created this Award with the help of my oldest son, the image is actually Dawn, Chloe (Dawn’s left) and Courtney at the far right. I am holding a little boy, that little boy has a special place in my heart. He is ‘Almost’ family, he nearly died as a baby and we got friendly with the kids parents due to meeting twice in a Chronic Pain clinic. We hit it off, they are the ones who took the image. So this image, again is a ‘Moment’ Life is just a collection of moments we try and grab and hold or get through best we can. I made it from the Heart. Everyone was giving me Awards at the time and I thought “I want to leave a mark on WordPress before I leave” and that is it. When I eventually find my new calling this blog will close and my love and caring nature will go elsewhere. Or I may write here all my life, we can’t know or say for sure. All I know is I don’t ‘REALLY’ want to do this for the rest of my life. I had a Dr out on Sunday mid-day. In Scotland Dr’s come to your house at out of hours, nights and weekends if you can’t go to a hospital or it’s a waste of time to go to the Hospital. They have Dr’s car or a Dr’s motorbike packed with everything a Dr would need.

Dr on a Motorbike, brilliant medial care in Scotland

Dr on a Motorbike, brilliant medial care in Scotland

I called, sorry Dawn called at around 11:30am because I couldn’t move any of my body. I was on my left side so all I could do was send a Facebook message tagging in Dawn and my Sons in the hope one of them were on the internnet on a Laptop/Tablet or Phone, an hour or so passed before anyone came through, this time I was in tears. Dawn right away called NHS24 – http://www.nhs24.com/ This is an AMAZING service for the sick and disabled in Scotland, on a Sunday I had to wait around 40 minutes for the Dr on a Motor Bike to arrive. What the Dr didn’t want to do was give me medication until she was 100% sure nothing else was wrong. So I got full blood work up, she had a small machine, takes 10 minutes, blood pressure taken, heart checked, basically a good check over. Once she seen it was the Fibro she injected 50ml of Morphine into the top of my spine, right at the bottom of my neck at the back, it was AGONY the needle going in, she had to get it into my central nervous system. Then I was sleepy for hours. So this “Word Press Family Award” is for all the people who have came and stayed or came and left due to WHATEVER reason. In all the time I have been here I have got friendly with hundreds of people and lost friendship with 7 people for good, or until they or I say “Hey” I am open to talking to anyone. So this Award  and the one above I offer to all the people below. Many will have both the Award and the Memorial. If you have both I ask you please just give it to 10 people.

1. Pick 10 people to give both award to. Remember and add the Awards to the 10 people you choose when tagging them into your Award/Memorial to others.
2. Give them The “WordPress Famly Award” and the “Memorial” for Vicky and Tersia.If you have trouble, please add me to one of the Facebook groups I run below, I will happily help
3. Give both Awards to these 10 people. By accepting this 1 Award and 1 Memorial you agree to give to 10 other people. I am giving this to over 100 people.
4. All I ask is you copy Tersia’s blog address and add it when you pass this on. I have a TON of people I want to give this too.
So without anymore talking. Thank you for accepting (In Advance) if you don’t accept either can you at l least tell me please? All I am asking. For anyone new to Awards, you have to host the image here:
http://tinypic.com/ Go to Dashboard, widgets, add an “Image box” to the right of the page. Then add the URL for the Awards and they will show EXACTLY like the items I have on the right of my blog

Here are the people I award the Award and Memorial for Teria and Vicky x


More love

Less hate

Mean it!



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