Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? – The Trews

Russell is all over this and fair play to him, brave guy, he is well known

Russell is all over this and fair play to him, brave guy, he is well known

By @ShaunyNews Via: and link below and video, are where I have written as much as I could regarding this ‘Elite’ (Alleged) Sex abuse case, a Worldwide one at that. We will see it get exposed in more countries, too many people know, so this will 100% get worse. They will blame the dead guys for a bit then the living may have to step forward if the dead don’t cover for them, disgusting story about disgusting people who harmed OUR KIDS!! Lets not forget what the story is actually about yeah!

Below is an ‘ALLEGED LIST’ of people who are involved, I can’t say it’s true, it was here:

  1. 16 year old Palace employee, Andrew, Geoffrey Dickens MP said members of Royal Household abused him
  2. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, child abuse allegation (see also Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell)
  3. Sathya Sai Baba, alleged to have sexually assaulted children for decades
  4. Sir Philip Bailhache, alleged to have manoeuvred to discourage CSA victims from testifying / Haute Garenne
  5. Bishop Peter Ball, prosecuted for child abuse Peter Bick, child abuse allegation
  6. Lord Benjamin Britten, questions over relationships with children
  7. Sir Anthony Blunt, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House
  8. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, child abuse allegations
  9. Robert Coghlan, convicted of importing 109 obscene tapes, 70 containing child pornography
  10. Michael Colvin MP, allegation that he ‘arranged’ a fire that killed 5 witnesses to child sexual abuse
  11. Lance Corporal of Horse Simon Wyn-Davies, convicted of raping child under 13 [wife also convicted]
  12. Jeffrey Epstein, convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution
  13. Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged ‘high-class madame’ & ‘co-conspirator’ in Epstein’s sexual abuse & sex trafficking
  14. Michael Fawcett, rape allegation
  15. Reginald Forester-Smith, convicted of sustained child abuse involving his two daughters
  16. Lord Justice Fulford, founder member of a campaign to defend the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
  17. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, child abuse allegation
  18. Patrick Gilbert, convicted of child abuse offences Gary Goldsmith, pimp allegation
  19. Nicholas Greaves, convicted of child pornography
  20. Stuart Hall, child abuse allegation Rolf Harris, convicted child abuser
  21. Sir Peter Hayman, child abuse allegation
  22. Benjamin Herman, child abuse allegation Commander Tom Herman, child abuse images allegation
  23. Charles Nicholas Hornby, convicted for participating in a male prostitution ring that preyed on runaway boys
  24. Paul Kidd, convicted of child abuse offences Richard Langley, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest
  25. House Anthony Lee, convicted of child abuse offences
  26. Lord Louis Mountbatten, child abuse allegation / Kincora Lance Corporal
  27. Mark Neal, alleged conspiracy to sexually assault a child and possessing indecent images
  28. John Phillips, child abuse (incest and rape) allegation Harbinder Singh Rana, convicted rapist
  29. Jonathan Rees-Williams, convicted of sex attacks on children
  30. Dylan Roberts, rape conviction
  31. Sir Jimmy Savile, thought to be one of the world’s most prolific child abusers and sex offenders
  32. Stephen Salmon, convicted of child abuse Douglas Slade, on bail for multiple counts of child abuse
  33. William Tallon, sexual predator allegation
  34. Ross Thomas, convicted of child abuse (Thomas)
  35. George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy, child abuse allegation
  36. David Tracey, charged with four counts of making indecent images of children
  37. Commander Michael Trestrail, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House Sir Laurens van der Post, child rape allegation
  38. Gore Vidal, suspected of child abuse by his half-sister and nephew
  39. The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright, child abuse allegation
  40. Guardsmen (unspecified number) of the Queen’s Household Cavalry, 1967 vice ring allegation
  41. 100 soldiers in the Queen’s Household Cavalry, 1976 vice ring allegation
  42. Coldstream Guardsmen at the Buckingham Palace barracks, 2004 sexual assault and rape allegation

Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews
Via Russell Brand on You Tube

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Defining the Anonymous Movement


Image via all who are Anonymous


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

10 years ago or so I started to add Anonymous stuff to my Facebook feed only to be slaughtered by family and friends (I guess in fun) in my supposedly making up ‘Anon’ I knew Anon from its roots when it was 4Chan, I knew a few people with this ideology we can and will change the World

Today the same people who slaughtered me ask me “What is Anonymous about” I reply “Go Google” or send a link. I am talking close family here. They asked me how I seen it before the media did. All I can say sitting here is, I always have wanted to rebel against corporate greed. Against War and Power hungry politicians and CEO’s. I have a dislike for these people since I was about 10 years old. For some reason the young Shaun seen something others couldn’t

Today when people say “Are you part of Anonymous” I say “Yes and so are you” A strange look enters their facial expression.  I say “You are against Globalisation of the 99% by the Greed and Wealth of the 1% right” they say “Sure” I reply “Then you are Anonymous” Anyone with the idea that we are enslaved by a 1% of criminals is “Anonymous” I am not active in the sense I do video’s. I am active in the sense I will share what Anon do. A week or so ago I shared an item from ATS ( and I stupidly forgot to link them in. Wrong move, but after having it pointed out to me I fixed the problem

Anonymous is not a danger to you the working person, you the person who wants a fairer World. Anonymous fight for, example, the Republican values I was born into. I hate the English Government, I hate Israel and always side with Palestine and the little guy getting shit upon. The way I see it is the more people like me who speak out the better. But I must make it clear, I have love in my heart and shall never cause another pain. That is not my job, others will do that. I respect my past, do you? Also being disabled with Fibromyalgia allows me to sit here on my mini lazy boy at my Tower and Laptop or lay on my Couch or bed with a laptop of tablet and tell my story. No “Poor Shaun” it is just me reality. I don’t need Government help in welfare but many do and they don’t get the help, so there is one cause I am deeply into for just the obvious reasons. People need help so we try and help them, it’s called Humility or Humanity, whatever

Roll Of Honour With On Screen Lyrics

 Via Old Channel on You Tube

Anonymous has no face but it acts like a hive, we all are protecting the proverbial Queen Bee. The Queen Bee in this instance is Earth. If you want to protect our planet understand Anonymous and have a heart

The bigger the family the more that family can do right? I stand with Anonymous on ethical questions. It is in my will my spirit my being. All I can do is share what is already on the internet to share. And I will keep doing this. Call me a disabled guy on drugs for this purpose if required. If you are against Child Abuse, you are Anonymous

Anonymous #OpDeathEaters: Lord Leon Brittan

Via S.U. WIZARD on You Tube


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An Image That Defines The USA Perfectly

Let's be very clear here. This is EXACLY what I have been saying for a year now.

Let’s be very clear here. This is EXACLY what I have been saying for a year now.

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ShaunyNews

This was today “American voters are stupid”

‘Stupidity of the American Voter’

On my old blog ShaunyNews things got stale and American people could not understand what these images below mean. Now look at the image above, made by an American person so we are sure. I ask American people ALL THE TIME “What do these images mean” And NEVER do I get a word, an explination, a comeback of any kind. The truth is and I can prove it and I will prove it if the Editor here allows is America creates and funds it’s wars. Wars make money and more, so again America, what do these images mean


WHO IS THIS AMERICAN MILITARY CHAP ASKING TO WAKE UP? The Russians? China? Me? What about YOU in the USA? Thoughts?






LOVE THIS ONE, WHEN PEOPLE LIKE ME SAY “America should stop being the World’s police” This American military man says EXACTLY what I say.


“KILL THE POOR, FOR THE RICH” Hmmm, have I blogged this myself? I think I have.

So we look at all this and we KNOW something in the USA is wrong right? But what could it be? Let me tell you America the story I know, the truth MANY know, I linked them in above and in many blogs, is very hard to take, very hard to understand, very difficult to accept. I am Scottish, I have no need whatsoever to care America, but I do. Should I lay it on the line and tell the truth, with proof I think American would do what people are doing in Spain, Belgium, Scotland and many other countries, and that is STAND UP AND BE COUNTED AND MAKE SURE POLITICS WORKS FOR YOU NOT AGAINST YOU. Right now America you don’t get ANYTHING, you can vote but your vote is a flawed vote, Obama knew for a FACT he would lose colour on the America map last week, he was told by the people who REALLY run the USA. I have seen documents telling me Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS in 2016.
I promised to not research too much on America and blog too much on America as it’s a TOTAL waste of time, nobody speaks, you all think things are “ok” Good news this week is the HUGE PANDEMIC (That was a joke) of Ebola has gone and the USA is now Ebola free. The Media had you, the media had me, I should have known better. America is a 1st World war machine, fast becoming a 2nd World people. Prove me wrong, debate me. Sometimes I think the reason people can’t debate me is they know I am right. I get a few come at me but I always get the best of them as they delete me, they can’t debate me and I am like 5 out of 10 Clever here in Scotland. Many say I am smart or clever, trust me I ain’t.
The Obama image above should haunt the very soul of the USA and people should stand up. Sadly the “BIGGEST BADDEST NATION ON EARTH” (Yeah I was joking) Can’t stand up, won’t stand up, refuse to believe the USA are actually the bad guys in our planet. Putin warned the USA to stop policing the World. I keep getting “If it wasn’t for America you would be speaking German” Let’s be clear here ok, America ‘HELPED’ in WWII, HELPED! It was a global effort. So please, anyone to throw that at people need to fast forward 72 years.
Do you know why America ‘Closed down’ earlier this year, the official line was:
October 1 through 16, 2013, the United States federal government entered a shutdown and curtailed most routine operations after Congress failed to enact legislation appropriating funds for fiscal year 2014, or a continuing resolution for the interim authorization of appropriations for fiscal year 2014. Regular government operations resumed October 17 after an interim appropriations bill was signed into law. During the shutdown, approximately 800,000 federal employees were indefinitely furloughed, and another 1.3 million were required to report to work without known payment dates. Only those government services deemed “excepted” under the Ant deficiency Act were continued; and only those employees deemed “excepted” continued to report to work. The previous U.S. federal government shutdown was in 1995–96. The 16-day-long shutdown of October 2013 was the third-longest government shutdown in U.S. history, after the 18-day shutdown in 1978 and the 21-day 1995–96 shutdown.
The images above where America military refused to go to Syria was in-fact the reason for the close down, 100% not some healthcare issue, to refuse to believe the images above where the Military refused and that the real reason for the close down was Obama’s military refusing to go to Syria is blatant ignorance. In my opinion.
See I research hard, I always show proof or proof best I can.
America, if you don’t wake up now you will be a 2nd World county in terms of the Populous while the high and mighty will keep spending and keeping the tax dollars you give them. There is a HUGE power struggle for ownership of America right now and when the Fed is as open as it is this means China for example can buy US Land and they have, go search. Please know America I am only trying to help. Sadly ISP’s like Time Warner don’t allow you to see the truth, America has a watered down version of the internet. I think the Media has brainwashed 10’s of Millions of decent hard working people. The biggest danger to people’s minds is Fox News. Bill O’Reilly is a mad man and Judge Janine is a propaganda monster. Fox News is the most dangerous news agency out there.


For now…………….


How the UK reacted to Obama’s 2nd term












ConstitutionImage4_xlarge (1)

download (6)


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Israel-US relations in ‘Crisis’ and are ‘Crumbling’

Finance Minister Yair Lapid / Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon

Finance Minister Yair Lapid / Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Well US/Israel relations are going down the toilet VERY quickly. Wasn’t this in the Bible. It is ALMOST like God is making the USA suffer just now right? Not good….

After Ynet learns White House officials prevented defense minister from meeting Kerry and Biden, Lapid says ‘We need to act with more respect. We must remember that US funds and technology helped Gaza operation.’ 

“There is a crisis with the Americans and it needs to be addressed as a crisis,” Finance Minister Yair Lapid said Saturday after ongoing tensions between Washington and Jerusalem led US officials to block Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon from meeting with senior administration officials during his current US visit. “We mustn’t pretend there isn’t a crisis,” Lapid told a crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday. “Our relations with the US are vital and everything that can be done must be done to end this crisis.” arlier on Friday, Ynet revealed that the Obama administration refused the Israeli defense minister’s request to meet with other top officials, including Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Since then, reports have said the same officials tried to prevent Ya’alon from meeting with the US’ UN ambassador Samantha Power – and when the two did meet, Ya’alon reportedly heard mostly of Power’s objection to settlement construction.

During the last bout of US-led peace talks, Ya’alon dubbed Kerry’s diplomatic efforts “obsessive and messianic,” saying “Kerry should win his Nobel and leave us in peace.” Ya’alon’s current treatment is said to be an attempt to settle the score. Ya’alon did hold a successful meeting with his US counterpart, Chuck Hegal, indicating that the reason for the cold shoulder was more a testament to personal tensions between Ya’alon and the White House than an attempt to sabotage Israel’s relations with the US.  Nonetheless, Lapid, who has locked horns with Ya’alon over peace talks and the defense budget, said “I thought knew, but now I know the full extent to which our relations with the US are vital to our economy and security.” “The US needs to be thanked, we must remember that when we talk about Operation Protective Edge, we used technology and funds from America. We need to act with more respect. Disagreements are part of the deal and the Americans respect that,” he said.

No comment
The White House and State Department declined to comment on internal deliberations about who Ya’alon should see. “I can’t speak to any meetings that didn’t occur,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.
The defense ministry also did not issue an official response, but sources close to Ya’alon said that “the aim of the trip was to meet with Hagel and the top security echelon in the US, and that happened. These meetings proved once again the strength of the ties between the defense establishments and between Ya’alon and Hagel.” The rejection was diplomatic blowback from Ya’alon’s remarks on Kerry, which were first revealed by Yedioth Ahronoth in the spring. The Israeli politician had called the top US diplomat “messianic and obsessive” behind closed doors, adding that “the only thing that could save us is Kerry winning a Nobel Peace Prize and leaving us alone.” Ya’alon also infuriated officials in Washington with comments accusing the administration of being weak on Iran and by questioning the US commitment to Israel’s security. That followed reports that Ya’alon had criticized Kerry for being unrealistic and naive in trying to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Ya’alon said he and Hagel had also talked about the conflicts in Iraq and Syria and the US-Israel defense partnership. Between Israel and the United States, he said, “arguments exist, but we must remember that the US is Israel’s most important strategic ally in every respect.”

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