Obama Warns Americans Against Ebola ‘Hysteria’

Trying to calm the Country down, only 1 confirmed death after all

By Shaun Gibson @ShaunyNews

US President Barack Obama has urged Americans not to give in to ebola “hysteria”, as he said he has hugged nurses who have treated patients with the disease. In his weekly address to the nation on Saturday, Mr Obama also fended off calls for an air travel ban from affected countries, saying such a move might only worsen the crisis. Mr Obama stressed that the US was not seeing an ebola “outbreak”, following the death of a Liberian national from the disease in Dallas this month, and the infection of two nurses who treated him. In the latest false alarm since then, Hazmat-suited crews descended on the Pentagon on Friday when a woman claimed to be unwell after returning from a trip to Liberia. Federal sources said she later admitted making up the story.


The scene outside the Pentagon on Friday

Mr Obama said: “This is a serious disease, but we can’t give in to hysteria or fear – because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need. We have to be guided by the science. We have to remember the basic facts.” A day after a Harvard University poll found 85% of Americans believe ebola can be spread through sneezing or coughing, Mr Obama said the virus was not transmitted through the air like the flu.  The US President continued: “I’ve met and hugged some of the doctors and nurses who’ve treated ebola patients. I’ve met with an ebola patient who recovered, right in the Oval Office, and I’m fine.” Mr Obama – who has appointed an ebola czar to co-ordinate Washington’s response – also said a travel ban for West Africa, epicentre of the outbreak, was not the solution. “Trying to seal off an entire region of the world – if that were even possible – could actually make the situation worse,” he said. His call for calm was in stark contrast to World Bank president Jim Yong Kim, who said on Friday: “We are losing the battle.”

WHO Admits Ebola Battle Failured

WHO Admits Ebola Battle Failed

The World Health Organization says 4,555 people have died from the disease out of 9,216 registered cases, all but a few in West Africa.  US health officials are trying to contact passengers on two flights between Texas and Ohio boarded by a nurse who later tested positive for ebola. In Ohio, they are monitoring more than 100 people following the visit by Amber Vinson. The other Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, was in a fair and stable condition at a federal facility in Maryland on Friday.  A Caribbean cruise ship is meanwhile making its way back to the US with another Dallas health worker quarantined in a cabin because she handled lab samples from the Liberian patient. The Carnival Magic failed to get clearance to dock in Cozumel, Mexico, and officials in Belize would not allow the woman to leave the ship. The vessel is due to return to its home port of Galveston, Texas, on Sunday as scheduled.

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Scottish independence: Barack Obama warns Scots ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ as he weighs into referendum debate *SURE*

Barack Obama welcomes Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband to the White House

Barack Obama welcomes Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband to the White House

THE US president, who rocked the independence debate last month, gave a further explanation of why he believes Scotland should continue to work together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This is from one of the daily rags this morning. And this coming from a man who has destroyed his own country. He says “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it” Well Mr Obama, you have no idea who hard life is for the people of the UK. The people of Scotland have a massive chance to leave a Union that isn’t working for Scotland any more. Money taken from Disabled, Pensioners, bedroom tax but no Mansion tax. Austerity is killing the UK. Scotland can vote to free ourselves. We can be 100% self serving. We can look after our country on our own. I wonder who asked him to say this. For me any words from this man make it more likely people will vote yes. Doings his criminal friends a favour. Scotland, don’t fall for this crap.

BARACK Obama has set out his reasons for wanting Scotland to stay in the UK, saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The US president rocked the independence debate last month by making it clear that he hopes Scots vote No. In a bombshell referendum intervention, Obama said the UK should remain united and strong. And now he has given a further explanation of why he believes Scotland should continue to work together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Asked about the referendum by Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP Douglas Alexander, he said: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Alexander revealed the exchange in an article for today’s Daily Record. The Shadow Foreign Secretary met Obama in Washington on Monday with Labour leader Ed Miliband. During the 30-minute meeting in the White House, the group also discussed the crises in Ukraine and Gaza. But Alexander said he was keen to hear more of the president’s views on the referendum. He added: “Of course he understands that the referendum on September 18 is a choice for us as Scots.

“But as he spoke, it became clear that he believes we really are better together, as part of the UK family. As a hugely admired progressive president Obama knows and understands the modern world and its challenges. “Perhaps more than any other modern political leader, Barack Obama embodies the idea that diversity is a strength. “Nationalism is not his creed.” Obama first spoke out on Scottish independence when he was asked for his thoughts on September’s vote at a press conference with David Cameron at the G7 summit in Brussels. With the Union Flag behind him, he told reporters that, from the outside, the UK appeared to have “worked pretty well”.

He said: “There’s a referendum process in place and it’s up to the people of Scotland.” But he added: “I would say that the United Kingdom has been an extraordinary partner to us. “From the outside at least, it looks like things have worked pretty well. “And, you know, we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies that we will ever have remains strong, robust, united and an effective partner. “But ultimately, these are decisions that’ll be made by the folks there.” Observers were stunned that Obama publicly backed a No vote when the US is officially neutral.