My thoughts on the disgusting Modelling industry – Creating a false illusion


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Many young girls are insecure about how they look, older woman also perhaps. The REALITY of “That girl in that magazine” is this above, and the video below. Share so young girls don’t need to feel bad. All parents should show this video to their Daughters at the appropriate time. That ‘Girl in the Magazine” is actually fake. Here is the proof

This is a blog I did a months ago on ShaunyNews and added it here with a makeover. False beauty is something that can destroy a young girl. She looks at ‘That girl on the cover of a magazine’ and wonders why she is not like the image she is looking at, we as adults must teach our Daughter and Sons to a degree that it’s false. I have to Daughters 4 and 5 and when the time is right and I know they are ready to understand I will show them that video above. Below is what I am talking about. Decent looking people to start with but look what a computer programme can do, it creates false and a false that makes young girls anorexic or bulimic, we must spread this news to these girls. Consumerism I hate anyway, sexual consumerism is the Worst kind










Often when I watch TV the adverts come on and we see many adverts and sex sells right? The chocolate bar the “Flake” The advert for that chocolate bar is almost a woman giving oral sex to a bar of chocolate, have you seen it?

Cadbury’s – Flake – Woman In Canoe – Waterfall – UK Advert
Via Nina Perez on You Tube

1960s Flake Ad – possibly banned
Via Aceditor on You Tube

This video speaks VOLUMES for the point I am making, and again, a superb song

We all know the singer in the Video above, she was bullied at School for being ugly. I don’t know her, some of her videos can be “you know” This one is her speaking from her heart.


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Scientists discover vast methane plumes escaping from Arctic seafloor

Methane bubbles discovered on Laptev continental slope of Arctic ocean

Methane bubbles discovered on Laptev continental slope of Arctic ocean

Just a week into the methane sampling program and SWERUS-C3 Arctic expedition scientists have discovered vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor of the Laptev continental slope. These early glimpses of what may be in store for a warming Arctic Ocean could help scientists project the future releases of the strong greenhouse gas methane from the Arctic ocean, their press release states.

  • Results of preliminary analyses of seawater samples pointed towards levels of dissolved methane 10–50 times higher than background levels. ​
Methane megaflare on Laptev Sea slope at around 62m depth.

Methane megaflare on Laptev Sea slope at around 62m depth.

“We are “sniffing” methane. We see the bubbles on video from the camera mounted on the CTD or the Multicorer. All analysis tells the signs. We are in a Mega flare. We see it in the water column we read it above the surface an we follow it up high into the sky with radars and lasers. We see it mixed in the air and carried away with the winds. Methane in the air.” Ulf Hedman, Science Coordinator, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

The discovery was made while the icebreaker Oden crosscut the Laptev Sea along a depth gradient from 1000 m to just 100 m following the continental slope upward to reach the shallow waters of the outer Laptev Sea Shelf. By use of acoustic techniques and geochemical analyses of water samples, the scientists found vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor at depths between 500 m and 150 m. At several places, the methane “bubbles“ even rose to the ocean surface.

Chief scientist Örjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University speculates in his latest blog entry that the leaking methane from the seafloor of the continental slope may have its origins in collapsing “methane hydrates,” clusters of methane trapped in frozen water due to high pressure and low temperature

So, what have we found in the first couple of days of methane-focused studies? 

1) Our first observations of elevated methane levels, about ten times higher than in background seawater, were documented already as we climbed up the steep continental slope at stations in 500 and 250 m depth. This was somewhat of a surprise. While there has been much speculation of the vulnerability of regular marine hydrates (frozen methane formed due to high p and low T) along the Arctic rim, very few actual observations of methane releases due to collapsing Arctic upper slope marine hydrates have been made.  ¨

It has recently been documented that a tongue of relatively varm Atlantic water, with a core at depths of 200–600 m may have warmed up some in recent years. As this Atlantic water, the last remnants of the Gulf Stream, propagates eastward along the upper slope of  the East Siberian margin, our SWERUS-C3 program is hypothesizing that this heating may lead to destabilization of upper portion of the slope methane hydrates. This may be what we now for the first time are observing.  

2) Using the mid-water sonar, we mapped out an area of several kilometers where bubbles were filling the water column from depths of 200 to 500 m. During the preceding 48 h we have performed station work in two areas on the shallow shelf with depths of 60-70m where we discovered over 100 new methane seep sites. SWERUS-C3 researchers have on earlier expeditions documented extensive venting of methane from the subsea system to the atmosphere over the East Siberian Arctic Shelf.

On this Oden expedition we have gathered a strong team to assess these methane releases in greater detail than ever before to substantially improve our collective understanding of the methane sources and the functioning of the system. 

Örjan Gustafsson believes such data to be crucial for making scientific predictions of how the release of methane from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean may take shape in the future.

SWERUS-C3 is a multi-disciplinary program with base funding supported from by the Swedish Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) aiming to investigate the linkages between Climate, Cryosphere (here: sea ice and coastal permafrost) and Carbon release from the sediment, with addition of greenhouse gases (GHG) to the atmosphere. SWERUS-C3 includes principal investigators from Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg,Pacific Oceanological Institute, P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), National Tomsk Research Polytechnic University, the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) at University of Alaska,Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping at University of New Hampshire and Rice University.

Deadly 6.5M Quake Topples 12,000 Homes In China


More than 350 people have been killed and over 1,400 others injured by an earthquake in southwest China. Some 12,000 homes collapsed in Ludian, a densely populated county in Yunnan province, according to the Xinhua news agency.  News reports said rescuers are still trying to reach victims in more remote towns.  The epicentre was in the town of Longtoushan where one official was quoted as saying: “Too many buildings were damaged.” Ma Liya, a resident of Ludian county, which was a few miles away, said the streets were like a “battlefield after bombardment”.  “The aftermath is much, much worse than what happened after the quake two years ago,” Ma said.

Rescuers carry an injuried child on a stretcher in Ludian county

Rescuers carry an injuried child on a stretcher in Ludian county

“I have never felt such strong tremors before. What I can see are all ruins.” She added that her neighbour’s house, a new two-storey building, had toppled. Many of the homes that collapsed in Ludian, which has a population of about 429,000, were old and made of brick.  Xinhua is reporting at least 49 people dead and 102 people injured in Qiaojia county. The US Geological Survey said it had a 6.3 magnitude, while China Earthquake Networks Centre measured it at 6.5. The earthquake hit at a depth of six miles at about 4.30pm (9.30am UK time). Pictures posted online by state media showed troops taking people away on stretchers. Electricity and telecommunications have also been cut off in the county


The US Geological Survey said it had a 6.3 magnitude, while China Earthquake Networks Centre measured it at 6.5. The earthquake hit at a depth of six miles at about 4.30pm (9.30am UK time). Pictures posted online by state media showed troops taking people away on stretchers.  Xinhua is reporting at least 49 people dead and 102 people injured in Qiaojia county. The US Geological Survey said it had a 6.3 magnitude, while China Earthquake Networks Centre measured it at 6.5. The earthquake hit at a depth of six miles at about 4.30pm (9.30am UK time). Pictures posted online by state media showed troops taking people away on stretchers.

Chinese soldier helps old man

Chinese soldier helps old man

UK News TV Anchor Jon Snow makes heartfelt plea for the children of Gaza

Main Stream Media telling it as it should be told!

Main Stream Media telling it as it should be told!

The journalist and broadcaster recounts his time reporting from Gaza, and draws attention to the innocent lives lost during the conflict


What you are about to see and hear from the video below is ‘Humility’ A man, a news man, a TV anchor man, he was in Israel and Palestine. What he tells isn’t a story about politics, wasn’t a story about politicians, wasn’t a story about biblical scripture, wasn’t a story of hate, wasn’t a story of anger. He tells HIS story. And Jon Snow is famous in the UK, we can tell how upset he is. He is a hardened war correspondent. He win’s awards, he win’s awards for speaking like he is here. To ALL Pro-Israel people, I beg…No that is the wrong question. I pray you find room in your heart to watch this. To cast aside hatred, to cast aside evil, to cast aside revenge and to just LOVE AND CARE. If you can’t do this then you belong to no religion, no book, no God. I believe God has forsaken Israel. Why do I think this? Well they are Evil. You can’t commit the crimes Israel are without being evil. Pro-Israel people are stupid, uneducated fools. They say “Hamas hide behind children”

Jon Snow says what no other main stream media has 





As Israel bombs them anyway. They say “Israel will Nuke all our enemies” I think, I believe the USA and the UK are the ONLY friends Israel has. I AM ASHAMED to call myself British. Scotland want’s out of this Union of War. Westminster, English rule are a people of War. Not the English people, they protest the same as us up in Scotland against Israel and to help #FreePalestine. I know for a FACT nobody who is Pro-Israel will debate me on this, because they will lose the argument. I don’t do hate, they do. Many Pro-Israel supporters are from the USA. Many are from the South/East. The bible belt I believe. People of God, yet they act and talk like the Devil with words that are evil and promises of more war and more pain. Israel has turned the PLANET against them. They stand alone in the Middle East. I feel sorry for the people who live in Israel who are against their Government because the day is coming (SADLY) when Israel will be attacked in a big way. I pray I am wrong. But if countries attacked Israel, they would use Nuclear weapons. It is in their nature

After World War 2, the World community gave the Jews some land, rightly so. But look what it has led to, an evil, horrible, country that has no values for life. Most media TV outlets tell us about how Israel had a petrol bomb get thrown at the IDF or other stupid stories. It is about time the media did their jobs and told the cold, hard, harsh, horrific truth. They don’t so it up to people like me, there are 10’s of thousands of us, and we tell the story best we can. I am just a lad from Scotland who is disabled, I have no reporters in the field. I have some contacts, but I tell the truth by what I see, not what I choose to tell. I show Genocide on a people. And the World looks on. I don’t think they will for long, bad times are coming. Bad times are happening now all over the World. Israel are the point of Evil in our World, the top of the Pyramid, the top of the iceberg. They are gone, lost, evil, same as their supporters. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS MUST STOP! Many missed this news item here, the event that started this, Israel said it was Hamas, IT WASN’T HAMAS, ISRAEL ADMITTED THIS! Why still the killing? Anyone? Below is the story the WORLD MISSED! And also a podcast. Me talking, using images to give my take on Israel and Palestine. If you can understand Scottish people, go ahead and listen to what I have to say!

Israel admits HAMAS didn’t kidnap the 3 Israeli teens after all – BREAKING NEWS

My, Video, My Voice, My Thoughts, on a World I stuggle to understand – Audio Blog

Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow has spoken about his recent visit to Gaza, where he witnessed the harsh realities for many of the Palestinian children living in the strip.
Speaking movingly about his visit to Shifa Hospital, which has two floors dedicated to the care of children, Mr Snow said:

“I cant get those images out of my mind.

Jon mentions this girl, one of thousands to be hurt or killed

Jon mentions this girl, one of thousands to be hurt or killed

“They are the essence of what is happening in Gaza.”

Images we all must place in our DNA.

Images we all must place in our DNA.

Mr Snow did remind his audience that many of the Israeli soldiers fighting are in their twenties, and said that since the conflict began 19 days ago, 1,310 children in Gaza have been wounded, and 166 are dead. “That is what makes this something that every one of us has to confront.

“We cannot let it go on. if our reporting is worth anything, if your preparedness to listen and watch and read is anything to go by, then together we can make a difference.”

As The World Stands On The Brink Of WWIII – We must ask why, we must understand why


I believe 9/11 will go down in history as the start date for WW3. I was not writing at all back then but remember thinking ‘Will the World ever be the same’ The ugly answer was no. Since that day the World has went to War on many fronts

I ask you to name

A. A Country not IN war, that have troops stationed out with its borders

B. A Country not at War

C. A Country not in Civil War

Now that is a very hard question to ask anyone, especially people who don’t want to know. I asked myself several times last night if I should carry on writing the news. I was very close to calling it a day. I fear for the children in our World, I fear for my kids. You should fear for yours also. But if you are in Nigeria or Palestine, you already know that fear, the chances are, you have faced it, and we can add many countries to that list where kids die, men and woman die and it is a way of life. These are the battles I can think about right now. There is an argument WWIII has begun already

ISIS vs Iraq
Israel vs Gaza
USA vs Russia/China
US/pick one 
South/North Korea 
Several African nations 

I ask you, wherever you are from, could War be your life? Could you wake up each day like the people in Palestine and live ok? I am not talking Hamas for the IDF here, I am talking the people in both regions, people like you and I. Could you live that life? I couldn’t, but sadly the events of this week and last night in particular have taken us to the edge or WWIII.

This speech below by Charlie Chaplin was adlibed, he forgot his lines and these were the words that came out. This was 1942 when the World was at War

For the first time ever my mind is deep in thought about a possibility that could happen any hour or day now. Do I fear? Yeah of course I do. This is why I questioned myself last night about reporting news. Some of the things I have seen or uncovered I just can’t share. If I was to share I don’t think I would be very safe, this is how bad the issues that surround our World are. I will never talk about them nor write about them. I actually deleted much of it. The new World we are about to see is not a World for the faint of heart. Our kids will suffer more, their kids will be born into a World that isn’t what we were born into. Can you imagine the whole World was like Palestine? Could you imagine waking up each day asking yourself if you and your family will make it through the day? If you don’t question this, I urge you to now do so. I got a hard time for posting this song once. People just miss the message because it doesn’t fit their own ways and thoughts. When I ask about religion I get “It’s a metaphor” Could this song of love and peace be a metaphor? We can’t have our cake and eat it. I got told Yesterday I hate Israel, for the record,  I hate to see kids die, people suffer, on both sides. Governments and Politicians make this happen. But we stood back and did nothing

God has forsaken this Earth and I don’t blame him. Evil has taken over, the worst parts of evil are in control of our World. Often I ask myself ‘Am I on the side of Good?’ Do you ever ask yourself this? Maybe you should. The World is full of people who see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Me? I tell it how I see it. I don’t hide behind a political party or blame any political party because they are all the same. Anyone stupid enough to believe we have choice when we vote needs to question this. Religion has TORTURED our planet. We argue over who made this planet rather than debate on who is killing it. We are a bacteria on this Amazing blue globe

I hope for peace but I can’t see it. We have passed the point of no return. All we need do is wake up to that truth. People still believe certain media outlets and it PAINS me to see that happening. People arguing over this Politician and this political party. What is the point?

WE NEED TO DEBATE WHO IS KILLING THIS PLANET! NOT WHO MADE IT! As a species we have totally lost our way. The lines have been drawn, battle is close.  WWIII is at hand. And there is nothing  we can do

I often ask what would have happened if we had listened to this guy here and his brother. Both killed for wanting peace