Allegedly – Alex Salmond threatens Westminster with a new referendum


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Sources

Allegedly: Alex Salmond has threatened Westminster with a new referendum due to the lack of action on the VOW made by the 3 Leaders. I am hearing he made the remark on TV this morning. The ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and the ‘Vow’ have not been given in full and Alex has said a few times “Scotland will get what Scotland was promised” I have said many times that Alex said before the Referendum he said “I will not resign yes or no” So he is on record saying this.

Video and article here:

So we must now ask ‘Why did he step down’ He stepped down fairly early and I felt at the time and I am sure I wrote it here I thought Alex had ‘Something up his sleeve’ He stepped down and I and others said “He will go to Westminster” There was no inside knowledge per-say just reading into things I think a few of us picked up that Alex would indeed go to Westminster.

“I wrote this on  October 15th

Alex Salmond has hinted at another referendum on Scottish independence taking place as he threatened to exact “revenge” if pledges promised by the government are not fulfilled.”

It hit twitter about an hour ago, I am told Alex said this morning on TV or to someone “Due to Edinburgh Agreement and Vow not happening we could call a new Referendum” Now many of us have said this. I have said 2017 for a new referendum and that was an educated guess, but one many others are piecing together. There was a video from after the no vote where Alex threatens EXACTLY THIS.

I am, as we speak trying to find a link or the comment he has alleged to have said this morning. If not, he has said it no matter what. But more to come I guess. Alex didn’t resign as First Minister and go to Westminster for no reason, so lets see where this story goes today.

Alex Salmond and Andrew Marr – the next Scottish Referendum?
This was from early November when we all knew the Vow and Edinburgh Agreement were not going to happen

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#Scotland – SNP support soars to record 47%



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews


Just can’t fault the SNP and Yes supporters since September 18th this year, we look back to the 19th, the ‘People’ who won wrecked cities, beat people up and caused a lot of damage, these were the winners the loyalists! &

These are all the pre and after articles, the headlines are all you need to remind you Scotland because I will be one of thousands reminding you ! Check some of the headlines, HOW STUPID WERE SOME OF US? Really, if YOU voted no, please just read the headlines here. We can’t be stupid and fooled a 3rd time can we? 1979/2014/??

Through thoughts of cheating and more we stopped and started to do it correctly. We stopped moaning, we stopped complaining, we embraced Nicola and wished Alex well in London where he will fight our cause. Scotland you amaze me, you/we just got back up and started to gather momentum like never before. Membership is as high as it has ever been with JUST SCOTTISH MEMBERS OF THE SNP making the SNP the 3rd biggest party in the whole of Britian, astonishing when you think about it, polls suggest Labour could have as low as 4 seats in Hollyrood.  The SNP figures are climbing, where will we be come General Election time in a few months we can only speculate as being ‘Very Good’ Labour making Jim Murphy leader of Scottish Labour has totally ruined them, and there wasn’t much more to ruin to be fair. Come on Yes supporters, lets get going now! A New Referendum I believe can be as early as 2017, but Scotland we must vote. I said pre-September 18th if we vote with ‘Selfishness’ We would lose, this is exactly what happened. Don’t fall for it again. Your pension is safe, your benefits are safe, your work is safe, your wage will go up, we now KNOW FOR A FACT there is 100% more than enough Oil to make Scotland the Richest planet on Earth. We get tagged with the “United Kingdom” in all polls, take us on our own we sit in the top 10 Worldwide.

I did these leading up to the vote, sadly my fears came true, people were selfish, they know it now and want to right that wrong!
13th July 2014:
10th September 2014:

Article and Video from 16th November

Suggested Poll as of today Via
SNP —– 48

LAB —– 11

CON —- 0

LIB —– 0

Support for the SNP in Scotland has surged to record levels and a majority now back independence, a poll suggests.

Some 47% of people in Scotland intend to vote SNP at the general election, against 27% who will vote Labour, 16% who will vote Conservative and just 3% backing the Lib Dems, a YouGov poll for the Sun found. The SNP’s support is 4% higher than the last YouGov poll and up 27% on its 2010 figure. The results – released on the day Scottish Labour elected MP Jim Murphy as its new leader – would see Labour’s Scottish representation in Westminster reduced from 41 to just seven.

Meanwhile, 52% would back independence, once undecided and abstaining voters are excluded, amid widespread scepticism about the latest devolution offering. Some 51% said the powers in the Smith Commission on devolution do not go far enough, against 23% who said the balance is right and 14% who said it goes too far. YouGov chairman Peter Kellner told the Sun: “This looks like something bigger and longer lasting than a post- referendum blip.


SNP depute leader Stewart Hosie MP said: “I congratulate both Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale on their election to leader and deputy leader. “Jim Murphy takes over just as the scale of their problems are laid bare in the new YouGov poll – showing record levels of support for the SNP for next year’s general election. “Mr Murphy spent two years campaigning side by side with the Tories in Scotland, and in that sense he is part of Labour’s problem in Scotland, not the solution. And his strong support for tuition fees puts him at marked variance with mainstream opinion in Scotland.


“Today’s poll also makes clear the scale of the disappointment that is felt across Scotland at the Westminster parties’ failure to meet people’s aspirations for more powers.

“It even indicates that Jim Murphy’s own seat would be vulnerable on these poll ratings.”


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Thousands to demand revote in referendum rally

Thousands of Yes voters joined a rally outside parliament yesterday, with thousands more expected to protest again

Thousands of Yes voters joined a rally outside parliament yesterday, with thousands more expected to protest again

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

THOUSANDS of people are set to protest outside the Scottish Parliament to demand a referendum revote.

More than 9000 people have stated on the rally’s Facebook page that they plan to attend today’s event, which starts at 1pm.

It will follow Saturday’s pro-independence protest, which also saw thousands of people gather outside the parliament, waving saltires and listening to speeches from campaigners.

The SNP has seen its membership dramatically increase in the wake of the referendum.

A petition calling for a “revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties” has been signed by more than 93,000 people on

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